To all you lovely people,

I am happy to begin the Reddit AMA this Sunday 06/19 @ r/Iama

I look forward to discussing all things Nacho Varga from Better Call Saul, Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3 & 6, Vic from Orphan Black, or Gargan from Spiderman – Upcoming projects, music and more!

We can also talk about acting advice, the film/tv industry or even life philosophies and lessons that I’ve gathered throughout my career.

My objective is simple: to spend a fun and insightful morning with a community of people XO

A bientôt !


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Sirshrugsalot131252 karma

Hello, hope your day's gone well! Super excited that you're doing this, I've enjoyed your content since Vaas and Nacho has only gotten better and better.

  1. Have you and Giancarlo ever talked about the fact that you both got to play Far Cry villains as well as working on BCS together?

  2. What do you think Nacho would think of Jesse Pinkman?

  3. How do you think Nacho joined the cartel business in the first place, and what do you think was the reason that he came back to it?

MichaelMando1991 karma


  1. We did briefly at the San Diego Comic Con. I think it's wonderful that we both got to interpret characters in two franchises together, and bring our own spin and flavours
  2. I think Nacho would be inclined towards Jesse the way he is towards Crazy 8. I feel those three could be friends.
  3. I believed it has something to do with his mother... She is not around, his father is very family oriented and there are no pictures of her anywhere. I feel whatever happened to her must have made Nacho want to make more money for himself... maybe feel like he belonged in a group... or maybe simply escape his pain of missing her.

razapriest1231003 karma

does Jonathan Banks know about the ‘Kid named finger’ memes?

MichaelMando2185 karma

I am still trying to convince Banks about the internet

MichaelMando958 karma

Thank you all for the wonderful questions - I've had such a great morning with all of you!

I am going to sign off but notice that people are still typing; I will sign back in a few hours and try to answer a few more.

With love, always XO


IWontChangeUsername773 karma

Nacho's character, and your acting are both phenomenal in BCS!

This season, both Rhea Seehorn and Giancarlo Esposito directed an episode each. If you get the chance, would you ever be interested in sitting behind the camera? If yes, what attracts you about being a director? And if no, why not?

Love you.

MichaelMando1118 karma

Hello and thank you!

That's a great question - I am very interested in directing and did so when I first stepped out of theatre school. I wrote, directed and edited a short film we shot over a weekend (this has no budget of course but it was one of the most fun experiences I've had) Here is the link:

What I love about directing is that you get to express the world as you subjectively see it as full heartedly as possible... I guess in a way it's a deep form of first trying to figure out your point of view, feelings, passions on a subject, and then communicating with others.

SAGEMOD756 karma

Hey Michael 👋

How was it like to shoot the oil tank scene?

MichaelMando1359 karma

That scene was so much fun to shoot!

Here's a behind the scenes link to it - hope you enjoy:

MichaelMando214 karma

It was a lot of fun!

Here is a link of the behind the scenes:

Hope you enjoy!

Rikard_532 karma

If you remember, was there any improvisation involved in this scene with Bob?

Hope you're doing well. Awesome work on this final season of BCS! ⭐️

MichaelMando1090 karma

Very little improvisation on Better Call Saul. The writers spend months and months working very hard to get us those scripts. By the time we get them, they've thought of almost everything :)

The fun part for the actor is in colouring the inner world and emotional context of those words.

THANK YOU! Hope you're well as well

daymanahhhahhhh505 karma

Hey man! Just wanna say I am extremely impressed with how you brought Nacho's character into the universe. Incredible acting on your part.

I just have one question.

Who you got winning in a fist fight. Vaas Montenegro, or Nacho Varga?

MichaelMando694 karma

Thank you my friend!

The immediate answer would be Vaas would whoop Nacho... but when you think of it, Nacho has never lost and was able to get out of the whole cartel situation. He willingly came back and sacrificed himself for his dad.... That's a bad mf. Would make a good movie hehe Who do you think?

lord-spider-boy481 karma

Do you think a second Nacho could perhaps sprout from the blue flower?? Get revenge against Gus?? Please???

MichaelMando783 karma

Nacho is...... Groot? Except that he has a Rambo attire... I dig

MichaelMando172 karma

Nacho comes back as Groot with Rambo attire and fs stuff up! Lol I dig

thekeyboardstunned419 karma

Hey Mr. Mando! Can you say hi to my mom? Have a good day!

MichaelMando800 karma

Hi mom! Love u

vScorchy419 karma

I heard the character vaas was made specifically because of your audition

How did it feel to get that call? “hey, we liked your audition so much we made a whole character based off it”

MichaelMando633 karma

It was so much fun!

They had asked me to co-create the character in improvisational scenes. I explored with a mohawk, taped my fingers with electrical tape, tucked my pants in my boots, wore necklaces and wooden earrings during the rehearsals - I was so happy it all made it into the game.

Sirkoolio398 karma

Hey Michael! You do such a great job performing as Nacho, but I always remember your role as Vaas in Far Cry 3 as being one of the most dynamic and memorable antagonists I have seen on screen, even in your promotional work for the game.

My question is a twist off a boring question:

Most actors consider their big break to be their breakthrough role thst lands them in the public eye as well in the view of bigger/better roles. What role do you think would be your own personal big break? Which role solidified your desire to want to continue down the path of a thespian?

MichaelMando785 karma

Thank you!

My international break came with Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3. I was lucky enough to have co-created that character with Ubisoft. Truth is, no one knew he would become so icnonic - it all picked up after the Definition Monologue went viral within a few days after the E3 convention. I was never supposed to be on the cover of the game sleeve either... It's honestly thanks to the fans...

It was really a surprise.

PS: Vaas is my power animal ;P

MichaelMando86 karma


I received my international break via Vaas Montenegro, a character I was lucky to co-create with Ubisoft. No one saw it coming, he was never supposed to be on the cover of the game and was initially just a random character the gamer would come across. After the E3 convention the Definition Monologue went viral within a few days. It was really thanks to the fans that I was brought back and incorporated in the marketing of the game. We then went out to shoot The Far Cry Experience movie in Thailand and the Asylum piece - and that helped me cross over into the film/tv world. It's really thanks to the fans!

PS: Vaas is my power animal :p

throwRA2847821929227 karma

Have you played Far Cry 3 (or any other Far Cry games)? If you did, how was the experience like?

MichaelMando447 karma

I've never played Far Cry 3 but I've watched friends play it. I think what they can do with the video game world is fascinating and I'd be interested in taking on new a character in that realm again. It's a very rich and still new form of storytelling - one that will be around for a long, long time and will only keep evolving...

lord-spider-boy217 karma

With the growth of the Sony Marvel Universe, is a return as Scorpion a possibility? Would you consider it?

Key_Sort_1002214 karma

Can you share any secrets to get your body ?

MichaelMando642 karma

Honestly, I feel staying in shape is about two things: 1) consistency in your training (maybe 3 to 5 times a week for about 45 minutes to an hour) and 2) eating well. High protein, vegetables, fruits etc

u got this :)


Hi Michael! Love your work as Nacho in Better Call Saul.

Speaking of which, what would you say was perhaps the single most challenging scene to shoot in the series for you? Not just from an acting standpoint, but maybe from a physical, or emotional one.

MichaelMando433 karma

Hello :)

I approach every scene with the same amount of dedication. And I think of them as painting a canvas, every stroke, colour adds to the whole portrait. So you need a whole set of strokes and shades to make a great three dimensional character.

That being said, top 3 scenes in Season 6 in terms of meaningful to the character's arc:

1- Phone call with his dad at garage

2- Final Soliloquy

3- The last moments with Mike

(the gun fight was also fun! lol)

Faster10202 karma

What is the definition of insanity?

MichaelMando517 karma

Knowing the definition but never learning from it... :)

cplcarlman170 karma

I don't really have a question Mr. Mando, I just wanted to let you know that your death on Better Call Saul made my wife one very sad lady. Could you say 'Hi Marlene' for me? (I guess that is a question.) Thank you you good sir!

MichaelMando213 karma

Hello Marlene :)

Sending you lots of love

wattato144 karma

Hello Michael! Loved you in Far Cry 3 (and the new dlc) and Orphan Black. While filming Better Call Saul, were you able to have a say about Nacho's character, action, fate, etc? Also did he affect your life in some way?

+What kind of perfume or cologne do you use?

MichaelMando205 karma


I am wearing Noir de Noir by Tom Ford.

Thank you :)

My conversations with the writers/directors in season 6 was mostly about assuring Nacho's integrity. But it was effortless because we were all on the same page as to who he was and what he represented. It really felt like a celebratory season of the past 6 years.

PS: shout out to the best crew in the business!

Plkj63129 karma

Hi Michael,

I was wondering if you knew from the beginning that Nacho would pass away. If you didn't, when did you find out and how did you feel about losing that connection to the character?

If Nacho could relive his life, what do you think he would change? Would he avoid the cartel all together?

What stopped the Salamanca's from killing Ignacio's Father? In breaking bad we see the twins obsessed with "blood for blood." Mike Ehrmantraut promised he would keep him safe from Gus but what can Mike do against the cartel? If Gus protects him, they would question why he cares at all?

Finally, how did Nacho's opinion of Mike change throughout the show? Did they develop a friendship? It appeared like they were somewhat close in the scene nacho was eating his last meal. How would you describe their relationship?

MichaelMando428 karma


I received a call the winter before starting Season 6. I was in Montreal.

Vince, Peter and Melissa Bernstein (our producer) called. They said it was going to be a Tour De Force performance (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual) and that it would "break the internet". We laughed and I was immediately locked in.

I didn't know they meant it literally haha The episode trended for over 8 hours the day of it's release with over 300k organic engagements. "There are good deaths..."

I believe Nacho knew quite quickly that his moral disposition wouldn't allow him to live a life of crime. But his intelligence and charisma made him an asset to both sides and he was stuck between a rock and a hard place - essentially, man vs corporations.

I believe there is mutual respect between Mike and Nacho. Though at the very end Nacho transcends that relationship and they both go separate ways. Nacho "breaks good" and Mike continues into "Breaking Bad".

MangoPresident127 karma

Hi Michael! Can we get an update on your comment about reprising the character of Vaas Montenegro? We need him back!

Also, can I be one of your gfs 🥹

MichaelMando333 karma

Would love to play Vaas in a feature film!

Yes, we are officially dating. My birthday is July 13th. Gifts are expected ;)

itayfeder112 karma

I have one small question about your role in the MCU. You might not be able to answer it though.

Has Kevin reached you for playing Gargen again in a future project? The tease at the end of Homecoming left me confused about the future of your character.

Also, how are you today?

prolelol100 karma

I strongly consider that Vaas Montenegro is one of all-time the greatest video game villains ever. Did you personally play Far Cry 3, and what are your thoughts on the game and did you enjoy voicing/playing your character?

MichaelMando117 karma


What I loved most about playing Vaas was the freedom to co-create the character, change the lines and give my input. It was also full motion capture, so voice, face, body simultaneously. Like walking into the computer hehe

False-Fisherman91 karma

What was your favorite line on the show to deliver?

MichaelMando429 karma

"School bus for 6 year old pimps"

Musty-laegs90 karma

Hi Michael! I love Vaas in Far Cry 3 so I was really happy when I started watching Better Call Saul and realized who you were. I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan of yours every season and now you’re one of my favorite characters in the Breaking Bad universe and also one of my favorite actors.

Has playing Nacho and working with this amazing cast and crew changed your approach to acting in any way? Is there anything specific you do now that you didn’t do before Better Call Saul?

MichaelMando152 karma

Thank you! That's very sweet to hear :)

I believe as I stepped in the role of leading man towards Season 6 and had to carry an episode by myself; I applied what I felt was a very valuable lesson: how to include the crew, motivate and lead by example. To always champion other peoples ideas and to protect those who are being treated unfairly.

I am much more aware of the business/development side of my acting career and am developing scripts with other writers/directors. One of them is an action drama thriller in the same tone as episode 603.

lapideous83 karma

Do you want to start a tequila brand?

MichaelMando164 karma

"Think Of Me"

CA, Mezcal

bretellen78 karma

Best character and certainly tied for best actor in BCS! Nacho's demise had me looking at the screen open mouthed for quite a while lol. Have you ever been to Belgium?

MichaelMando59 karma

Thank you!

I have not been to Belgium but would love to!

authii68 karma

Hello Michael, I'm one of your biggest fans with my desktop wallpaper being your still from BCS 6x03 where you point a gun and your name is written below it.

I'm also an aspiring actor and I know how much in depth you guys go when it comes to your character as if it becomes a part of you. And based on this symbiotic relationship between you and Nacho, my question is...

Q. What according to you is Nacho Varga's opinion on Saul Goodman? Cause I think he doesn't see him with any respect (even though Tuco still appreciate's his persuasion skills)

Also if you can answer this as well then what do you think is Nacho's opinion on Mike? Cause as an audience I think he tries to relate him to his father (an older man looking out for Nacho maybe that's why).

Really hope you answer, I got an exam tomorrow but here I am, needless to say, Huge fan.

MichaelMando181 karma

Hello and good luck with your career! Everyone's path is unique, focus on yours and know that wherever you are is exactly where you're supposed to be. The most important journey in my opinion is the inward one towards our true self.

I don't think Nacho has interacted with Jimmy enough to have a fully formed opinion of him. He knows he is smart and quickly sees through his "persona". I think deep down Nacho doesn't understand why Jimmy is seeking the thrills that Nacho is fighting to escape.

Nacho respects and even likes Mike... I think Mike lets him down in a way - but that's the beauty and tragedy of the characters. One transcends his archetype and "breaks good", the other gets pulled further down the slippery slope of morality and cartel life.

vaporwavedgran65 karma

Hey Michael - what contribution to the series are you most proud of? Be it a specific performance, a discussion with cast & crew about a an alternative way to take a scene.

I also remember a scene from Series 1 Episode 4 "Hero" where Jimmy gets you off the Kettleman abduction, Bob justifying the camping explanation by saying "They're very woodsy", which causes you/Nacho to crack up laughing. Was this intentional or did it genuinely catch you off guard?

MichaelMando140 karma

Thank you!

I am most proud of turning the archetype into an iconoclast. Flipping your expectation from cartel to a man deeply fighting to break good and do the right thing. Also how he ends up sacrificing everything in such a regal way for his beliefs.

That laugh was acting haha - but this laugh was real ;)

amayzstudio63 karma

Hi Michael, so happy to get connection with you here! May I ask

  1. Of all characters you've played, which ones left a trace on you and even made you feel you had better understanding of human natures?
  2. Have you thought about creating your own stories? If you will, what kind of story will you start with?

Thank you so much!

MichaelMando102 karma

Hello my friend!

  1. I am always more connected to the last character I've worked on. In this case, Nacho. He has taught me how to endure the tribulations of life with Grace and how to never loose yourself even when the world around you is crumbling.
  2. Developing projects is something I am very interested in. My team and I are seeking fresh new directors, writers. We looking into action-drama thrillers, sci-fi genres.

Ceaselessheadache48 karma

Good morning! “I love you to the moon and back ❤️” Where did you harness that pure hatred for Hector in Nacho’s final moments? In other words, what was going through your mind? Regret, fear, fulfillment or anger? (The performance was breathtaking and literally meant everything to me.)

MichaelMando109 karma

Thank you so much! Love you MORE

That final monologue to me represented a man who was doubling down on his decision to sacrifice his life for that of his father's. The chore if it all is the depth of love, that is essentially the power that gave him the courage to do what he did.


launchcode_123445 karma

Hi Michael! You steal the scene in every role you play and I hope to see you in a new project soon! I’d love to see you play a happy character, maybe in a comedy or romance?

  1. What is your ethnic background? I always read that your parents are from Mexico, but now your IMDb says your father is from Germany and your mom from Guinea.
  2. if you could play any classic film character in a remake, who would it be?
  3. who was your first celebrity crush?

MichaelMando114 karma

Hello and thank you!!

  1. Yes my mother was born in Guinea and my father grew up in Germany. I was born in Quebec City, Canada. French is my mother tongue.
  2. I really like the story of the cop Serpico. I believe that's a film I would like to remake.
  3. Celebrity crush? Hmmm lol Not gonna tell!

aline1-44 karma

Bonjour !!

Je n'ai pas vraiment de question pour Michael Mando. Je voulais juste témoigner de mon admiration pour cet acteur talentueux !!!!! Aura t'on la chance de le voir bientôt en France ? Tout de même une petite question : quels sont vos futurs projets ? Aline

MichaelMando66 karma

Merciii! XO

Mon equip et moi cherchons un bon script pour un drama-action thriller. Peut être dans le genre de science fiction?

TeronsRICKman42 karma

Hello! С:

I don't know if you've seen this, but I just wanted to show you my art, which I was inspired by after your story on instagram

For you and Giancarlo Esposito <3

MichaelMando45 karma

Haha that's beautiful! Very talented my friend

garfieldisgod238 karma

Howdy, Mr. Mando! Now that your time on Better Call Saul is over, how do you feel on the experience as a whole? If you could, is there anything you’d change about it?

MichaelMando124 karma

Hello :)

I am very proud of the arc of Nacho. I believe we accomplished what we set out to do: turn the pre-conceived notion of the archetype upside down and keep his integrity against all odds. He is not perfect of course; but his desire to "break good" while the show is "breaking bad" is genuine. That responsibility was a dream role for me and I feel grateful of the way it all came together in Season 6.

trix270534 karma

Hey man, what advice would you give to yourself if you could start over with acting, and why? Cheers!

MichaelMando90 karma


My life philosophy is to live without regrets. So I would not want to start over - I feel we do the best with what we know.

My advice to anyone is: 1) Find what you love more than anything and practice being great at it 2) The open frequency of love and virtue are superior than evil deeds - build a strong mind and know thyself so that you won't be easily swayed away from your chore

Xenopoopet33 karma

Hey Michael! I absolutely loved your performance as Ignacio Varga on BCS, you freaking killed it in S6E3!

I'd like to ask: Did you ever see Breaking Bad before getting cast for BCS? If so, what were your thoughts on it? And how did it feel to be cast as a part of the Breaking Bad universe?

MichaelMando79 karma


I had only seen the last two episodes of BB when I auditioned for BCS. It is after I was being considered that I started watching it. By the time I had a call back I had reached Season 3. And of course finished and loved it!

I was grateful! There was a lot of pressure but we approached it as S1 of a new show and not S7 of BB. That helped us stay grounded.

Massshhk32 karma

Hi Michael 👋,

I understand that I may be writing a question unrelated to the general context of the questions here, but I would like to read your answer as the answer of my idol, whose opinion is quite important to me.

I'm sorry if I suddenly wrote something wrong, I'm from Russia, and frankly I don't write well in English, so most words have to be translated in a translator.

My name is Masha, I've been singing since I was a kid. From about 7 years old. I'll be honest, I really like this activity, I even went to music school. My data is not bad, very even, my vocal teacher always said that "you have a God-given talent, and it's just unforgivable not to develop it." And everything would be fine, but all these years I am very afraid of the stage and I can't get rid of this fear. The scene simultaneously gives me pleasure and at the same time my punishment. I went to psychologists, but they constantly say that I'm just making up fears for myself, and if I'm so afraid, then it's worth giving up. The question is, what would you do in such a situation? Maybe you have a couple of tips from life, how would it be possible to cope with this?

Honestly, it's embarrassing to write this, but I just don't know where to look for an answer anymore

MichaelMando102 karma

Hello Masha,

I have a similar situation. Stage freight can be overcome with small exercises. Example smile to strangers. Start a conversation with a kind lady at a bus stop or in an elevator. Learn to understand that rejection often says more about what the other person is looking for/their mood than about revealing something "bad" in you. Learn to smile and not be affected so much by what everyone thinks of you - and realize that you have some people championing you as well! Why let those who are putting you down be the voice of reason and not those who are loving you?

But, ultimately, I would say it's up to you. If you genuinely want it, then put your head down and start by doing the work. One small step at a time.

Whatever you decide, if you put your heart, mind and soul, I am sure you will reach a satisfying mastery of your chosen craft.

asiantap198529 karma

Hello Michael!

After Breaking Bad ended, I am so grateful for Better Call Saul and how amazing it is as a spin-off show. Your character had phenomenal transformation, growth, and I enjoyed how he evolved and how my opinion and perspective changed about him from the beginning to the end. Very emotional and moving. How did playing Nacho's character and being part of the show impact you and your life?

I truly have been a huge fan and took a trip just to take the Breaking Bad RV tour in ABQ and it was a dream come true. I never thought I would get that opportunity and would love to take the BCS tour next time!

MichaelMando56 karma

Thank you for the sweet words!

Nacho has had such an impact on people, it's changed my life in that it connected my inner emotional world with a lot of fans from around the planet. I get recognized and people are always so loving because of how the character made them feel.

At the chore of what I do, I always try to bring out the best in the characters I play - the best in our humanity. So that was an achievement I feel very proud of and grateful for.

rusty_warhorse28 karma

Since you are basically the face of video game villain, so what are your favourite video game villain?

MichaelMando86 karma

I don't play a lot of video games, but I am always having a good time when someone pulls up a Nintendo and we play Super Mario Brothers ;)

roxy-regent27 karma

Hi Michael! Hope you are doing well. My question is: Out of all of the people you’ve worked with, who have you learned the most from, and what was one thing that stuck with you from them?

Thank you for your time, sir! You are so genuine in your craft, and the love & passion for what you do comes through both on and off screen. Saw you at this past Paley Fest and even got to ask you a question! I will always be grateful for the opportunity to hear such insightful conversations from you and the rest of the BCS cast. Love you! Take care! 🤍 - Gabby

MichaelMando109 karma

Thank you Gabby!

I learned from everyone - very first person I learned from was Raymond Cruz who played Tuco. A sandstorm hit and we waited in our actor tents. It was my first day. I asked him for advice and he said: you see all these people (the crew), their lively hood depends on what you do in front of that camera.

That's a lesson I took to heart and never forgot.

PlasticTowel540023 karma


MichaelMando62 karma

Thank you!

  1. My father convinced me to get into acting by asking my gf at the time to plant the idea in my head. I only knew that he did so years after when my career picked up. God bless him, he died on this day two years ago :) XO
  2. Vaas and Nacho are very different other than they both share the color red :)
  3. I am close with everyone and talk to everyone for different reason. I think Bob and I are in contact the most as we like to discuss things and enjoy getting analytical about topics
  4. At first I thought it was about a guy who wanted to rise up the cartel. I was pleasantly surprised that once he gets up there, he turns it all down for "true love".

CutrCatFace19 karma

Hi Michael! Finished playing Far cry 6: Vaas - Insanity (you were great btw) and I have a question considering Vaas' fate.

How did he survive exactly? Last time I checked humans don't tend to survive being stabed in the chest 4 times. Will we get at least some kind of explanation of how he survived?

MichaelMando41 karma

Thank you!

The question at the end of the Vaas DWL is that it is not clear how much of all of this is inside Vaas' mind and how much actually happened.

He has a very powerful and imaginative mind (also very serious substance abuse) - and it is not clear what is real and what is fantasy.

tomyang111719 karma

I have been amazed by your performance as Vaas in Far Cry 3 in 2012, and ten years later, I have been amazed again by your performance in Better Call Saul in 2022.

You have one of the best performances I have seen in both video games and TV shows. I really hope you get to be a major role in a TV show or movie so more people can appreciate your performance

As for the question, for Vaas and Nacho, which one do you like more, and are there any things you wish you could do differently for both characters?

MichaelMando30 karma

Thank you very much!

I like them both equally. They are complete opposites. Nacho is utterly stoic, Vaas is explosive and unpredictable. I feel I would have never played Nacho that way had I not played Vaas earlier. I wanted to do something completely different.

wokewednesdayy16 karma

What's your favorite episode with Nacho, and your favorite episode in general?

MichaelMando39 karma

603 "Rock And A Hard Place". I feel it plays like a feature and every department was just stellar. I also love the final score by Dave Porter

dust_filter16 karma

If Kim and Nacho have encountered in the show, what context would it be? (sorry my english isnt good...)

MichaelMando48 karma

At a bar... she would be second guessing her schemes and he would be there seeking a moment of peace

Certain_Reading417613 karma

How has playing the role of Ignacio Varga changed you as a person?

Were there any story lines you wanted to see for Nacho that did not get written into the show?

What was the most challenging scene for you as an actor?

Thanks for all the great acting over the years! Excited to see what's to come for you.

p.s. I named my French lop rabbit Ignacio as a result of this wonderfully complex character you played.

MichaelMando36 karma

Thank you!

Nacho has changed me in the way that it demanded I go deep within myself and become more aware of my moods, energies... The character very rarely speaks, sometimes for about 10 to 15 minutes of screen time on a row. I learned to seep into my subconscious and get to know myself a little bit better.

I never live with regrets - I believe we always do the best we can and the past is the past. It is only useful to learn and grow.

midnightmacaroni13 karma

Hi Michael! What was your favorite moment from filming BCS? Have any fun stories from either on or off set?

MichaelMando40 karma


The day of the soliloquy , before they turned the cameras on Nacho, a huge sand storm hit! When I got home lightening had struck the tree in front of my house and blocked the entrance to the driveway. That whole final episodes was filled with strange events lol

From season 6 I liked the scenes

1- phone call with dad

2- final monologue

3- quiet final moments with Mike

(and gun fight & oil tanker were loads of fun!)

shrombus311 karma

Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?

MichaelMando25 karma

No... please do

Soulhaste11 karma

Hello Michael! I've been in love with your characters and performance ever since I came across Vaas!

Here are two questions that I'd love to get some answers for, if possible.

  1. What is your favorite music genre and song from said genre?

  2. The same question but applied to Vaas Montenegro. What kind of music do you think he'd listen to?

Amazing peformance in BCS, can't wait to see what else you have in store for us in the near future!

MichaelMando27 karma


  1. I don't have a favorite music genre and listen to absolutely everything. I tend to enjoy more positive music. However my favorite vocalist is Marvin Gaye.
  2. I don't know what Vaas listens to... Maybe something in the realm of punk rock but with melody and groove because of his sense of humour.

JoeyShrugs10 karma

It seemed like in your final scene, you really took the intensity up to a level Nacho hadn't been to. Did you know you might have to save a gear, and had been sitting on it for years? Or did that just come about naturally?

MichaelMando28 karma

That's a great question. I had come into playing Nacho off of a performance of a character named Vaas Montenegro that I co-created with Ubisoft. I wanted to play something completely different so I stayed away from that kind of intensity and instead was more interested in exploring nuances and a deeper inner world.

The soliloquy demanded Nacho unleashes and would not have been effective had he not. The audience always felt he had it in him, and it was cathartic to see in many ways. You realize that he can be like them - maybe even worse too - but chose not to.

BruhHorse10 karma

Do people in Mexico really see the world through an orange tint?

MichaelMando32 karma

Yes, the moment you cross the border!

CecileMtier10 karma

Hellooo Michael 🇫🇷, First my question I wanna said you are a great actor and thx you for your performance, my question is : did you keep an accessorie/souvenir from Nacho? And what do think of the evolution your character ? Thx you again, love from France ♥️

MichaelMando31 karma


I had bought a silver ring of a Lion claw from an native jeweller in the desert. I convinced Jenn Bryan our costume designer to have me wear it as Nacho.

I took it back and still have it :)

I love the evolution of Nacho - from bad to good - the antithesis of Walter White

PerlativeCeronometer9 karma

What's something in the entertainment industry that really deserves criticism in your view?

MichaelMando30 karma

Positive messaging is important for me. I feel the entertainment industry tends to help shape culture. So stories that are empowering in an honest way.

cakeswindler8 karma

Hi Michael- It’s been amazing watching Nachos character arc. Did you know what the producers had in mind for the character since the first season? Or did your role develop as you became one of the fab favorites?

Who are you closest to on set?

MichaelMando19 karma

Thank you!

I don't think anyone knew Nacho would become an anti-hero type. At first I thought it was about a smart and ambitious guy who would rise up the ranks.

To have him get everything he set out to do and then sacrifice it all for the love made him more noble and iconic than I could have imagined. That's why I like "organic story telling" - you encourage the actors choices to inform the character as well as the dynamics and vice versa. Hats off to Peter & Vince and that whole team!

Internet-Specialist7 karma

Hello thanks for doing this, Nacho is my favorite character from BCS. I was wondering 1. Who is your favorite character from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul? 2. Which character would you want to play In BB/BCS besides Ignacio? 3. What is your favorite scene in the show? 4. What is your favorite quote from the show?

Much love

MichaelMando23 karma

Thank you!

  1. Nacho, of course haha
  2. Nacho, only haha
  3. Nacho scenes
  4. "A school bus for 6 year old pimps"

Haha I'm kidding I love all the characters, choose your pick!

NikolasKage36 karma

Hello, u/MichaelMando!

How did you feel after you guys finished shooting EP3 in Better Call Saul Season 6?

What do you think of vegan food and have you ever tried that diet?

MichaelMando9 karma

Hello Nikolas!

After episode 603 I felt a deep sense of peace. I was fulfilled with the experience and grateful to the Universe. I wanted to protect Nacho's integrity and not have him "break bad". I also really wanted him to protect his father - the character became iconoclastic in that way - he was being offered everything his archetype could desire: power, money, etc. But turned it all down for "true love". He ends up sacrificing himself for it and it makes him a tragic yet heroic/romantic figure.

I like Vegan food though I am not one :) I also love foods from all cultures!

greatwhite_1824 karma

Hi Michael!!! Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

You have a very unique voice and very memorable. I was wondering since you’re involved in music as well, who are your main inspirations in music? What is your favorite genre?

Much love!

MichaelMando8 karma

I love all music genres - favourite male vocalist is Marvin Gaye

SamsamGrujag4 karma

Which is the last book you read ?

MichaelMando13 karma

The one with the colouring pictures.

Joking :) Presently reading "Breaking the habit of being yourself"

MasteringTheFlames3 karma

Hi Michael, thanks so much for doing this AMA. I hope you and your loved ones are well, after whatever family emergency caused this to be rescheduled.

If you'll indulge me, I have two questions. First, in the lead up to season six of Better Call Saul, Vince (or maybe it was Gould?) said that every character on the show would receive the ending they deserve. Do you believe that Nacho deserved his ending?

Now for my second question. I'm an alternate timeline, Nacho Varga survives long enough to see a fully realized Heisenberg enter the drug world of ABQ. For whatever reason, Walter White is hell-bent on killing Nacho and everyone he loves. Ignoring the plot armor of Walt being the protagonist, who wins that encounter? Walt, or Nacho's desire to protect his father?

MichaelMando12 karma

Thank you!

I don't remember reading Vince and Peter say that hmmm Maybe they meant it in the iconographies of the character. Meaning in order for Nacho to transcend himself, he must take matters into his own hands, save his father, and put an end to all the evil in his life - AND he must do it bravely and in a regal way. In that sense he becomes the Icon of self sacrifice and true love/redemption?

I feel Walk and Nacho would actually get along fairly easily. Nacho pays on time, has always kept his word with Mike even to the extent of putting his own life in jeopardy. Thoughts?

PrinceTanglemane1 karma

How were the behind-the-scenes on BCS? How's Bob and the others

MichaelMando5 karma

Here's a BTS video you might enjoy:

Bob loves mint ice cream... I like chocolate. But we get along just the same :)

TheOneWithTheOne1 karma

Hi Michael!

You grab an eggs benny. How do you like your eggs?

MichaelMando8 karma

Man... depends on my mood. Right now in a French restaurant, with Hollandaise sauce and salmon, tomato on top... Maybe at Carette in Paris... why. are. you. doing. this. to. me. YUM

Pleased_to_meet_u1 karma

Michael, what are some of your favorite foods?

MichaelMando3 karma

Haha I often eat sardines and eggs. Not the glamorous answer some might give. But I love skinned and boneless sardines with tomatoes, avocado and legume based pasta :)

Airoehead1 karma

I'm such a huge fan of your acting in Better Call Saul! I never stopped thinking about your performance in season 6.

my questions are pretty simple,

1) what were Ignacio's last thoughts on Saul Goodman? 2) what would he have thought of Kim Wexler?

I theorized for the longest time he would be the one to resort to Saul and Kim to get ahead of Gus and the cartel. I also really like the alternate universe video you shot with Rhea. again great job on an amazing character, have a nice rest of your day _^

MichaelMando2 karma


Nacho's final thoughts were about the after life. I believe his Aztec roots where men willingly sacrificed themselves to convince the Gods to bring down the rain to nurture the community's crop is in his DNA. His relationship to death was different than our western fear of it

StopReadingMyNamess1 karma

How do you feel when you do evil things while playing characters like Vaas or Nacho? Do you feel bad or does it help to match the character’s feelings and thoughts during the scene? P.S. Your acting makes Nacho one of my favorite characters in the Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul universe so whatever your strategies are keep them up!

MichaelMando4 karma

Thank you!

I am always seeking the humanity of the character - I rather see someone struggling to overcome his lower natures than simply indulging in them. I find it more compelling to go up hill then down. Everyone loves to see a train crash, I like to see someone climb up a little more hehe

drseltsam20011 karma

How do you feel about Nacho? Do you think he's a good man?

MichaelMando2 karma

I believe Nacho has been through more than most and was persistent in doing the right thing. Turn down money, power, greed, in the name of a noble and innocent life. He was human, not all 100% good - but was 100% serious about trying his best to be, given his circumstances.

_wolfmother1 karma

Michael, your passion for creating art, both in music and on screen, is so inspiring! It was your stellar performance on BCS that had me fall in love with Nacho and left me genuinely distraught by his death. Music helped me harmonize those feelings. If you could choose one song that best represents the HEART of Nacho, what would it be?

Thank you. Je suis amoureux!

MichaelMando2 karma

THANK YOU! I love you too :)

It's hard to pick one song to define Nacho, but right off the top of my head maybe "Wild Horses - Rolling Stones"

beesareflieschaku1 karma

Hi Michael!

Loved you in Far Cry 3, the best villain in the whole franchise.

And now loving you in BCS!

Are there any Video Game projects in pipeline for you?

MichaelMando4 karma

Thank you!

Would love to take on another full motion capture video character - VIDEO GAME WORLD, business is open, call us :)

Camib313-431 karma

hopefully I can make this short ..about 4 months ago I feel in love with the late great Nacho (Rip Ignacio 🤧) the performance’s you were giving in BCS made me want to know more about you as an actor so I googled you and discovered Vaas Vic and so on but what stood out to me the most was the video Gone it blew my mind..your writing and directing skills are perform not only in front of the camera but just as well behind it as a director and writer .. your short films are incredible… I watched wake up first and it instantly moved me and made me feel something ..brought me to tears even..when a writer/director can move people like that it’s a sign of greatness.. I hope to see more of that from you in the future ..I guess my question is are the 2 short films Wake up and conditional affection connected in some way? And ..What is red Barlo .. I thought I read that it was your production company ?? Sorry my post is long …You’re amazing thanks for the beautiful art you have given this universe Much love Cami.. from Detroit 💋

MichaelMando3 karma

Thank you!

Here is a link to WAKE UP:

Red Barlo is my production company. We are currently developing projects - looking into scripts for an action-drama thriller.

The name comes from an ancient times when people were living on a self sufficient island and no one was allowed to leave. A group fo thinkers, warriors secretly built a ship in a cave and sailed out into the unknown. The ship was never found, it was call "The Red Barlo"

Desert_bluebell0 karma

Hi Michael! Huge fan of yours!! ❤️

Existential questions incoming! You could answer either of the first 2 questions( written in capital letters) or both! -WHAT'S YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE? (MBTI, Ennegram) Have you ever done a research on that?

I saw somewhere that you are an ISFP, but I think you might be INFJ considering your regular mention of coincidences and that sort of experiences [Introverted Intuition (Ni)] and your mention about having the feeling of responsibility towards others and keeping the group comfortable [Extraverted Feeling (Fe)- Objective values and morals; making decisions based on how others in the group would be affected by it]

That's a very vague and short description of it. Anyway, if you are not sure about those things, it's fine. I hope you would answer this one: -HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A PERSON? (Who ARE you, Michael!? 👀)

I got one more question (not an existential kind ;) - HAVE U EVER WATCHED ANY INDIAN MOVIES? IF SO, WHICH ONE? DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE INDIAN ACTOR?

I would be really happy if you responded to these! 🙏🤍

I hope you'd get that well-deserved Emmy for your spectacular performance in Better Call Saul. Can't wait to see you in more and more amazing, unique and impactful roles! Also, you're the reason I finally decided to watch all the MCU movies 😅! So you better be back as the Scorpion! Or I'll be very sad :'( And please keep making more music!! ☺️Love your voice <3 Stay blessed!✨

Sanjana :)

MichaelMando6 karma

Thank you for the sweet words Sanjana :)

I am not familiar with the personality types. But I will look into it, sounds interesting.

I would describe myself as someone who is constantly searching... trying to fit a macro vision of the world into my micro motivations... Constantly wondering what our purpose is here on Earth and what part am I supposed to play to making things better. Of course, it is very hard to answer these timeless questions but one of my most important conclusions is that being "just" and training yourself to see the positive especially when things are going bad is a very necessary asset. That alone is a contribution to the world.

I love movies and people from all cultures and I am in the process of educating myself on Indian cinema XO