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maxkuthain37 karma

But why?

jowit264 karma

I said i would.

egres_svk27 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, describe your masochism level? Or still grinding for 10?

jowit261 karma

Im not a masochist but if you want me to rank how painfull it felt, i had 5 attempts at this with most of them beeing past the 12-15 hours, one attempt i passed out, in total i spent 70 hours doing this one thing. Time spent on the boss approx almost a month of real life time. 9/10.

SketchyApothecary24 karma

Considering nobody else has ever done what you have, and this subreddit has had any number of people holding AMAs for simply having jobs, hobbies, medical conditions, etc., or people coming here just to promote their company, why do you think you're the most pointless, uninteresting thing on this subreddit?

jowit221 karma

Beacause it was plain stupidity. I spent 70 hours just doing this and i spent about 1 month of real life time playing against this boss.

SketchyApothecary5 karma

Hey man, you followed your dream and have something to show for it. When we have people doing AMAs for working at a fast food restaurant, do you think they can say the same? Or that it requires more intelligence?

jowit28 karma

I'd say this isnt about beeing intelligent, rather then patient and endurant. If you work at a fast food restaurant you have to do your job fast and repeat the same process hundreds of times. I'd say this was about the same in terms of just that.

In case of following my dreams, this wasnt my dream and by no means it was an intention to break a record, it just happened.

Machiavelli12710 karma

How did you handle bathroom breaks? And eating?

jowit213 karma

While playing, i moved furniture around, never put away my controller.

Machiavelli1274 karma

Did you have to have an official monitor you?

jowit210 karma

It was streamed, somebody was actually watching the whole thing front to back.

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jowit26 karma

In the game i play? Most probably terminator666999, it deffinently can be beaten in my main game. There is a boss under certain restrictions which could take 80 hours.

inventionnerd-11 karma

Could be beaten easily. I play runescape and there are super weak bosses you can just afk. Just let the boss attack you forever because it cant kill you. To skirt around his no afk rule, just use defensive abilities that do no damage and run around. Wait 18 hrs and then kill it. Voila. Hardest part of this is being awake or whatever.

nobervu9 karma

I think idling and not actively trying to kill the boss invalidates any actual time spent. Kinda defeats the purpose in the uselessness of doing it.

inventionnerd-2 karma

OP used weakest possible loadout so technically you can use a loadout that just splashes every hit and does 0 damage. But yea, just depends what your standards are.

jowit24 karma

With 0 the boss would be unbeatable there for this challenge would be impossible.

jowit23 karma

The point of this challenge was to kill that boss with the least ammount of damage achieveable, of course you could easily beat it this way tho.

fh301114 karma

Did you have to call mom when you needed food or bathroom?

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ExaltedHamster3 karma

So when should we expect to see the all bosses run?

jowit23 karma

Me and someone else is actually working on it, the only hurdle is yhorm. It takes 80 hours.

SilviOnPC1 karma

any plans of tackling Fire Giant w fists only and no buffs?

jowit25 karma

No, but yhorm was in the plans. Yhorm takes 80 hours. Obviously it would have to be segmented.

Roscoe_P_Trolltrain1 karma

And so what is next for you?

jowit24 karma

My family and work.

3L1T1 karma

Hey! Congrats. Are you not aware in 2004-2005 we had in Final Fantasy 11 some Notorious Monsters boss fights that lasted for days up to 1 week? We basically get in game go to boss, do damage, wait for night shift to come, get to sleep, go to work return to daylight shift, repeat. Imagine going to sleep and not enough damage to counter the heal boss had. 😂 😂 😂

jowit21 karma

Im aware. I know a guild tried yaiazmat or whichever one it was? Beyond the limitation, they stopped after 18 beacause people started vomitting and getting ill.