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Hi Vlad. Do you think Ukraine will ever be the same after this war is over?

Would you be okay with your government making land concessions such as Crimea, Luhansk and Donbas if that's what it took to stop this war, or would you rather an 'All or Nothing' approach?

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Hey, thank you for questions.

  1. I think Ukraine will be much better than was before war. Our citizens now all together.
  2. You need to understand, that if Ukraine will give them those territories, they'll get more, like with Cremea, Donbas, Luhansk. Also you need to understand, that there's no country who'll give it's own territory to the nazi-terrorists. For real all we want this war to stop, I wish we can fight with word and law, not with weapon, don't give russia to breath with sanctions untill they back territory and will pay for the rest of their lives for our citizens and soldiers lifes, for our cities, for our children and women. We always were peacefull country, like any other without any difference.

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Hey Vlad, thanks for doing an AMA at such a time.

You said you had friends in Russia. Have you been in contact with them, or has this war negatively effected your friendship? I would hope they are against this attack on Ukraine.

Also fuck Putin.

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Hey, thank you for question. Probably only one reason I still not want to kill all russians because of friends and understanding that there's a small, but percent of nice citizens I respect. I also understand if they could know the truth, they could be good friends, but now they are just zombies. I hope they'll understand what they did, pay for that, for all stuff they did, do everytigh to appologise for that, for decades and may be than we can be friends again. About my friends, I don't talk to them, because it's risky for them to get into prison, but they just live like nothing happens, you understand and you know, that they know what's going on, you 100% know that it's really hard for them too and they hate all this stuff, but... I don't know how to explain. Imagen you're in country where president is nazi terrorist - you do anything wrong - you're in prison for 15 years or even killed, you have family, friends, work and dreams for future. Is it enough to justify silence? No. It's really difficult question. They all should stand up and rule their country, but currently they're just zombies. And also you can understand, they were born in russia, who can they believe besides their president, when whole world hate them? So easiest way it's just to do nothing for them, watch propoganda TV 24/7 and believe it. (ps my friends doesn't believe it, but still silent).

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Just wanted to say thank you to all of you brave Ukrainians for fighting and not giving up. I'm from Georgia, and if Ukraine had capitulated, Georgia would have been the next target. You guys are literally fighting for our freedom as much as yours. And I'm glad I can help at least by donating to UA and fucking with Russians who moved to Georgia.

Question: how does it feel being trapped in your own country? I know that males are now forbidden from leaving now, does this make some people resent the government?

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Hey, thank you for support! About your question. For me, it's not good, I haven't any experience in army, also I do project with Ukrainian-Canadian team for Ukraine and for me better to leave Ukraine to finish it much faster, because till I here project is frozen. But I understand why they don't let us go, not because they want us to fight. Imagen family. If the man move from country, whole family move also, so family will spend money in another country, also they can find job and home in another country and stay there, and now imagen millions of refuges who'll leave Ukraine forever, what will be with economy. And also I'll explain, they leave not because life in Ukraine is bad. Because they lost everything they had here because of war, or they understand that first time after war will be difficult and they should feed their family, or just spend so much time outside country and just even lazy to move back to home, etc. So if you'll let men leave the country, he'll move from country with whole family, spend money outside, work ourside and probably will stay outside. But most likely will say outside small % of refuges, almost everyone will come back to Ukraine, but problem that they don't support economy in war time because they left. About resent, yeah, some citizens don't like goverment for that, also I didn't like on start, but after I understood why they do that. It's still not really fair, I want to leave and I don't have any experience in army, also I support Ukrain and I'll leave country, I'll bring much more profit, but this way we can only belive. Sorry for weird explanation and much grammar issues, unstoppable answer on questions and even didn't check for mistakes in text. Thank you for question

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From where are you getting food and water?

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Hey, thank you for questions. We don't have any problems with food, water and any other stuff, on this side almost nothing changed - import sure. For citizens biggest problem - fuel

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+1 to this question. Do you have to pay for food, or are basic essentials provided by he government? If you have to pay, are people still going to work? Are shops and restaurants still open? I’m really curious what the day to day life is like for you right now.

Best of luck, Vlad. We’re all hoping for a quick end to this senseless war.

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Hi, thank you for questions. Yes, you pay as usual, but goverement pay everyone who need money, like, if you need food, money or something, goverment assist online without any problems, if your house were bombed, they'll give you new one, you can get food and water in any city for free. Much citizens lost their jobs, but people still work, even restaurants, cafe, shops, markets, etc. are open, even when they bomb city almost everyday. We can be proud of our citiziens and also, I don't know how to explain and how to give all of you that immense gratitude for support. We love you with all our hearts, thank you! Hope to be the best friends!

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Hi thank you for taking your time to do this during a horrible time in history. 1. How safe do you feel ? 2. Is getting food and water a challenge at this time ? 3. If you're seen by opposition, do you plan to fight back? Take care and be safe.

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Hi, thank you for questions.

  1. Just 30 sec ago I heard explosion, currently sirens. We're not in safe and constantly on edge. But when the air sirens is over, the mood is much better.
  2. No, we have enough food and water. Our neighbour city is under unstoppable attack, they don't have water and our city support them as we can.
  3. Our city protected pretty well, it's like second capital of Ukraine. But anyway they killed children and women here and bomb pretty often.

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Thanks for doing this AMA! Here in the US, we are grappling with an extreme, violent right wing ideology that has taken over a political party and has a foothold in law enforcement and even the judicial system. Ukraine has been accused of being a haven for these same extremists. Is there any truth to this?

Hey, thank you for your question. First time I hear that US says something this way about Ukraine. From start, russia doing everything to show Ukraine as nazi country, so russian citizens stay away from war and let goverment do what they want. Most funny thing, that russia became fully copy of nazi. They have signs "Z" and "V", they send their own citizens to prison for any dumb stuff (15 years lol), they made up a story about Ukrainian nazi and spread it, they kill children, women and always say on their TV: "we never kill citizens in Ukraine, it's fake". They also say so much bullshit stuff like even kid can't believe it, but russian zombies do. For real I didn't know that someone except russian zombie believe this stories. From me, I don't know much about Azov, but I can say for sure, we never had extreme or violent ideology. At least me, who live in Ukraine almost whole life, I never saw anyone even close to that, we never had nazi signs, our native language was russian and there wasn't any problems, also we still use russian language. Let me explain shorted. Imagen, tomorrow russia say that US it's nazi country, on every house they have nazi sign, US citizen are nazi, they kill their own people, than they come in your country and kill your children, women, bomb cities and say "we didn't kill anyone, they did it". Also you can easly find much russian famous arists or just citizens, who left russia and blame it, hate it, everyone who were in Ukraine at least one time knows where's the truth.

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What is the number one way individuals in other countries can help Ukraine? I'm assuming financially is best, so more specifically which cause, charity, or industry will make best use of the funds based on your experience so far.

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What is the number one way individuals in other countries can help Ukraine? I'm assuming financially is best, so more specifically which cause, charity, or industry will make best use of the funds based on your experience so far.

Hey, thank you for great question. For real I would recommend (if you can), help to our people or soldiers directly, send body armor, ammunition, aids, etc. Because I saw few stories when some representatives of the state stole money from donations, like they could buy food, body armor, etc., but after they boguht Gucci, Prada and other excepncive stuff. And it's only news we know about those cases for which they were punished. However, we understand that there are quite a few cases where bad people still managed to steal some of donated money. If you can't, you still can support our soliders and people with official donations, hope your donation will be safe and reach the point.

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Thanks for your AMA!

Do you feel that the war will end with Ukraine preserving its national territory? Why, or why not?

Western media depicts the Russian as evil idiots. What would you correct in this overly simplistic assessment and why?

Again, thank you and slava Ukraini!

GoldyNoble35 karma

Hi, thank you for questions. It's really difficult question. You should understand that Ukraine doesn't have nuclear weapon and russia all the time threatens with it. Our soldiers are the best and can return our territory, but you also need to remember, that on our occupied territory - our citizens, if we'll attack - our citizen may suffer and our country can be counted as an agressor. For Ukraine on first place - citizen's life and peace, but we'll fight for our territory if not with sword, so with word and our friends like you

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Hi thank you for doing this I have 2 questions

1) Do you see the war ending any time soon and if so what do you think Ukraine will be like as a country after the war especially compared to how it was pre war

2) Do you believe the people of Russia support this war? And if you could display any message to the people there what would it be?

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Hey, thank you for questions.

  1. I'm afraid like everyone of us, that this war can be much more dangerous than it ever was. russia is that country what can kill all their own citizens, just to show other countries their power. I think theres few options (ps it's only my opinion): 1. russia come up with a new idea of victory, for example they'll say that they want to reach "Prednestrovie" and they'll use all weapon they have to reach it, than they'll say "Victory, we did what we wanted" and freeze war. 2. They'll understand that they lose and use nuclear weapon. 3. Long war, they understand that this war and sanctions are not easy for whole world, so they'll try to check how long other countries will want to support Ukraine. 4. Long war - ~4-6 months bombs and months or years of slow war like on Donbas 8 years. 5. russian zombies wake up and move their goverment, ask Ukraine for appologise and pay the rest of their lives for our dead children, soldiers, cities. 6. Nuclear weapon. 7. I can say much more options, but no sense. No one didn't believe that russia will attack Ukraine, so we can't even think about what will be tomorrow.
  2. Yes, they definetly do. We really don't understand how it's possible to make them such zombies. Like, you need to watch much videos from russian TV lol. They say unreal bullshit, like Ukrainian mutant birds, or Ukrainian Kid `s camp where 5-9 years old kids are training to be nazi killers (IT'S NOT A JOKE, IT'S TRUE, their politicians say that on official TV and that I said just flowers lol). How it's possible to believe in that. For real, I never met so dumb people, even more, so much dumb zombies and everyone in one country. Also russian people write on youtube, instagram, telegram, everywhere "We love russian army, kill Ukrainian children, rape women Z, V" and it's not propaganda from me (just open youtube and find propaganda videos from russia) you'll see alot of comments how they want to kill and rape Ukrainian children, women, that our citizens come to other countries and do shit (yeah, here I can accept, any country have some pc of sht citizens who who doesn't respect himself or others, and yeah, from all of us Ukrainians, you can throw our citizens like that in jail or just give them to us back, they'll understand what they did on the first line of this war). Also you should know, A LOT of ukrainian citizens you can find on streets (foreign countries), it's russian who hide, or tring to make bad reputation for Ukraine, etc. (I repeat, I accept that you can find some dumb ukrainian people, it's possible, it's more exception because in my life I saw not much bad ukrainian people, but can be) (bad people means not nazi or killer, just bad as person, doesn't respect others etc.). Also I know there's a part of good russian citizens I respect and other our citizens do, but this percent is so low

WelpSigh4 karma

In your judgement, how do people in Crimea feel about being under Russian governance? Do you think attitudes have changed at all since the war started?

GoldyNoble5 karma

Hey, when I was in Cremea it was under russian controll. I can say trully, Cremea citizens were happy about that. But it's only because of situation in Ukraine, we had a very bad president who paid to bad people, created small team who did shit in Ukraine (also russian tv or zombies like to remember that stuff, but never say that this presedent who did all this shit were pro-russian). Now we have a great president, we have gread country and as always great citizens, and now we are all together. About Cremea, there's part cititzens who want to go back to Ukraine and part who want to stay, but in general most of Cremea citizens don't care, they just want to live, work and care about family, they don't care which flag and currency they have, just my opinion).

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Як справи?

GoldyNoble3 karma

Добре, дякую. Як ти?

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Light question for levity. Do you have a favorite character on “Servant of the People?” I just saw season one on Netflix and I adore it.

GoldyNoble2 karma

Are you talking about Ukrainian series? Didn't know it's on Netflix, nice

lost_in_life_34-30 karma

why aren't you in the military helping out?

GoldyNoble25 karma

Hi, thank you for your question. I'm volunteer, on war beginning I helped our old people with products and also our soldiers. Further, in my work, I began to help people understand what is happening in our country, and they began to help us. Now I'm working on new project for Ukraine with Ukrainian-Canadian team.

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what are your thoughts on the CIA/NATO backed coup that occurred in 2014 to establish this more pro-NATO regime that is one of the big causes of this current conflict?

GoldyNoble15 karma

what are your thoughts on the CIA/NATO backed coup that occurred in 2014 to establish this more pro-NATO regime that is one of the big causes of this current conflict?

Hey, thank you for question. We had really bad presidents who did much bad stuff, like "Odessa incident", "Maidan", "Donbas". russia really love to put them everywhere they can to justify shit they do. There was president, who created small group of people he paid too, and they did this shit. This doesn't apply to Ukrainian citizens and Ukraine. In any country, you can find right same stuff. Now we have a great president we belive and sure about, he knows that and will never forgive criminal activity of his predecessors. About your question, why I talk about that, just to notice, Ukraine join NATO is not a reason of this war, everyone knows that. russia change reasons of attack everyday and they even forgot about this one.

egorlike-57 karma

If you are not prejudiced why do you spell Russia in lowercase?

GoldyNoble28 karma

Hey, thank you for your question. I'm not prejudiced to russian citizens who doesn't support war. Also I'm not prejudiced to russia as well, it's pretty understandable that they kill citizens, children, rape them, bomb everything, seize territories and in the most stupid ways they make their citizens believe that Ukraine is nazi country. Most funny thing, that russia nowdays is "clean" nazi country. So yeah, it's not prejudiced as possible. Our citizens blame all russian citizens because they do nothing. But I'm trying to understand them, that small percent of russian with brain are around nazi, if you go on rally you'll be arrested or killed by your goverment, if you say word "war", if you go on the street with clean poster, if you do anything that goverment doesn't like - you're in prison or dead. And I can understand when 70-80% of russian. I can understand that some people around the world can't believe that it's possible to have nazi country nowdays and it's even russia. But if you want real proofs, real facts - you can ask me for them. Also in my city they killed children, families, women, men and I heard those explosions, I saw them.

PS It's not a grammar issue, russia doesn't have any rights to be written from big letter.