Hey Reddit,

just wanted to thank you guys for the huge show of support for FAT KID on Kickstarter. You changed our trajectory. It's awesome. I love you.

Here's a special clip from our film that I wanted to post for you guys.


Don't fuck with the fat kid! Matt

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DTIT1TD950 karma

It was one of the best celebrity AMA's. You definitely won me over ;) http://i.imgur.com/yCu5h.gif

matthewlillard895 karma

hwy do you have the creep zoom of Jason Segal? Who packs that randomly on a hard drive? WHen was the last time you pulled that shit out?

HappyDays7119 karma

It's from his show. Very popular .gif on Reddit for these kind of situations. You know, the situations where we have undying love for people.

matthewlillard254 karma

i'm gonna get one of those for myself... it will be a creep zoom of ...who?

I'm gonna creep zoom the old german-kneebend-woman? Or... who?

matthewlillard762 karma

ok. i'm out.
I just wanted to drop off a video of a kid puking. spread that shit around... We need to make that movie go.

Capt_Falcon71 karma

Hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go

matthewlillard14 karma

i'm stealing that...

t3dward521 karma

Hrm, It would seems Matt Lillard just became a Reddit superstar.

matthewlillard879 karma

totally. I'm huge.

who's my competition... I challenge them to a death match.

Warlizard808 karma

I accept.

WolfInTheField8 karma

Dr. Awesome Vs. Matthewlillard, round 1: starcraft pop quiz

Round 2: corndog eating competition

Round 3: sexiest gonewild pic, before certified karmawhore judges


matthewlillard11 karma


notjustanymike76 karma

It's pretty much you and Woody Harrelson

matthewlillard280 karma

ok... i will stay in the shadows... when they slip up i will pounce.

Warlizard385 karma

Reddit's a quirky place, but if you give the members respect, they'll bend over backward for you.

I'm glad it worked out. Congrats.

matthewlillard398 karma

I saw no backbends...

Warlizard236 karma

Sorry. Knee-bends.


matthewlillard253 karma

that's the shit old German woman do to warp up before the walk a lap.

lancerevo98101 karma

hey i just wanna hi-jack this and tell you I went and watched The Pool Boys after your AMA, and wanted to let you know i thoroughly enjoyed it. How fun was it to work on?

matthewlillard402 karma

awesome. I think my testicle is in the film. pretty sure we should make a zoom creep on that saggy piece of meat.

StairwayToTruth315 karma

Shaggy piece of meat.

matthewlillard1108 karma

shaggy piece of matt

johnnythecowboy269 karma

Hey, you gave us a brief moment of life for all of us to enjoy your jolly goodness of asking questions, only with the spices of sincerity and gentlemen-like manners, in a place as cruel as the Internet.

matthewlillard607 karma

the internet isn't cruel... at least it wasn't till one of you guys sent me to that ugly place... it's never good when there's fisting on the cover page.

TurboGranny470 karma

Oh shit. Someone got him to go to r/spacedicks? You sick fuckers. I love reddit.

matthewlillard570 karma

i don't. I can never take that moment back... I'm forever changed. (puke)

fishgats225 karma

Matt Lillard, you're tearing up my heart when I'm on Reddit with you, though when we are apart from Reddit I feel it too, and no matter where I go on the internet I feel the same, with or without you.

matthewlillard340 karma

you are Leia.
I am Luke.

We're kin.

Coke_Connoisseur194 karma

We owe you for a fantastic AMA. I expected nothing less from my beloved Shaggy

matthewlillard328 karma

kickstart my heart.

trueTabo188 karma

This was simply the best AMA ever. Though i'm a little disappointed i didn't learn anything more about Rampart. Anyway you could tell me a little more about it?

matthewlillard326 karma

RAMPART... Do ya think he knows his legend?

mushmancat77 karma

Ha. This joke, such a classic!

matthewlillard295 karma

when i run into him, i'm now confident the universe will see to it that its soon... I will inform him of his good standing in this world.
I will report verbatim.

[deleted]161 karma


matthewlillard327 karma

actually, generally I'm pretty normal. LIke in the world... the real world... I'm actaully as normal as it gets. It is only here I rule... and I'm apparently not as cool as Will Wheaton.

men_with_hats124 karma

Saw SLC! Punk as a result of your IAmA. Sick movie. Can we drop acid together?

matthewlillard243 karma

that's how rumors start. (it would be really fucking weird if I said yes.)

C_Obvious110 karma

The woman and I are big fans. We will stop at nothing until FAT KID gets on the big screen. NOTHING I SAY!

matthewlillard175 karma

shit. I need an army of you! We're getting closer, Reddit changed our changes. Tell everyone you know!

(how do you post a link? Ctrl-K isn't working)

Thatoneguythatsnot108 karma

I am so incredibly sad that I missed the AMA. /sadface

matthewlillard212 karma

i'm here now... we have no time for sadfaces. I will be gone soon...

JSlim88 karma

How'd you get away with this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXU46Z4FvUI

matthewlillard133 karma

we had a version of the film that was way more geared for older kids... after testing it the parents weren't down with hit at all.

GiantPandaCunt78 karma

WHY DID YOU GO BAK TO THE BAND? House was just fukin with you, dude. You ARE the hero Reddit needs.

matthewlillard132 karma

I get way more chicks when I'm on the road...

(you win the random reference award)

Robby556671 karma

You get what you deserve for being such a... such a..... pretty ok dude, actually.
Rock on Lillard, good luck with the film!

matthewlillard106 karma

thanks bro.


I was super sadface that I missed your initial AmA. I've been a fan since you were Cereal Killer and def loved the creep you played in that SVU episode. If you'd say hi to me now my life would be almost complete

matthewlillard166 karma


it's all downhill from here on out...

bennn3066 karma

Lillard, touch me in my no-touch zone.

matthewlillard122 karma

can't even see you... how could i touch you....

[deleted]57 karma

You still never answered where Skatemaster Tate is. These are important questions, Mr. Lillard.

matthewlillard120 karma

I saw him like 2 years ago. He's still a DJ in LA. Still big in that world. I think he had health issues a couple years back. Solid guy.

Sgtpierceface56 karma


matthewlillard107 karma

yes. it's a theme in the film... you'll have to see it to get it. But you should see it...

matthewlillard53 karma

i'm back. I wanted to see what the misfits had to say... At what point do you call reddit an addiction?

Filmitforme46 karma

Matt, I met you at a convention in Jersey quite sometime ago. You were nothing but awesome and I think I surprised you by talking about SK8 TV. I am a huge fan of your work and I can't wait to see Fat Kid. I want to get in the business someday myself,hopefully I would work with you someday. You are the man !

When I can I will throw some money to it on kickstarter !

By the way, back when Rami was doing the spiderman saga I kept telling EVERYONE that you should play carnage, it would have been great.

matthewlillard213 karma

you have good taste.

I'm playing Deadpool in the animated Spiderman series on Monday... true story!

matthewlillard15 karma

I'm the only one here huh....waaaayyyyy lame.