for the dozens of requests and PMs, the coupon code for this AMA is 'reddit'... And they approved a large discount... 25 percent

I work for an online sex toy company,

A giant part of my job is to review toys and do web stuff. I started pretty recently, but a lot of my reviews can be seen at More are queued up for when the new site launches.

Ask me anything about this industry, reviewing this stuff, and whatnot.

Proof: (I blurred out my real name and phone number, obviously). This is what I use as a business card.

-WOW GUYS- what a fun thing.... seriously having such a blast... my fingers hurt from AlienBlue (buy it) and now I'm back on my PC Computer for some next level answers.


"Your girlfriend's DAD got you this job?"

  • he sent my resume to a networking group blindly and we haven't spoken much of it since

"Can we have a coupon code?"

  • request sent to web devs

"How big is your DICK lol?"

  • as someone did the math for me, 3.5" by 5", just under average

"Favorite thing?"

"Can you sponsor our thing?"

  • I would love to look at trying, who knows... we might be able to do it. No promises, but I will read and forward every PM!

"How did you get this job, can I have it?"

  • a bit of luck, a lot of writing experience, networking, and a healthy view of sex... right place right time and right skills sort of thing... sorry I can't do more than that for you

"nobody cares, go kill yourself"

  • will do, niggereater (or something)

** reddit, you rule, man **

more proof, as requested: one of the boxes beside my bed... reviews for these are coming up soon

Also, how did I forget this! if you liked this AMA, make my life easier by checking us out on Facebook ( and Twitter (!/Condomania_com) because we JUST had to restart the Twitter due to a poor naming issue ... we only post relevant stuff and deals, I swear.

**well folks, I'm exhausted... I'll give it a few more minutes then shut it down for the night. Thanks for everything. If you need to know more stuff or I didn't answer your question please PM, this is what I do for a living :)

Thank you also to those with tips on the business/products/my reviews and personality ... It has all been noted by the important folks and we aim to always evolve**

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CrunchCrunch25485 karma

Do you get a lot of accidental web traffic for people looking for condos since your website is condo

rusty_reviews_sex875 karma

Not a word of a lie:

I'm more of a marketing student than anything, and my girlfriend's dad sent my resume to some friends.

I got an email from my (now) boss asking if I would be interested in doing

"Sure" I thought, "I can learn about condos"

I was very fucking stoked to learn I wouldn't be writing about Real Estate :)

M1LK3Y468 karma

Your girlfriend's dad sent your resume to a sex toy company?

Skeezer19911502 karma

"The more he fucks those fleshlights, the less he'll fuck my daughter."

khasiv223 karma

Guess this guy doesn't want rusty_reviews_sex as the father to his grandchildren.

rusty_reviews_sex107 karma


rusty_reviews_sex82 karma

He knew she owned "some businesses"... Sent it to a networking group

rusty_reviews_sex419 karma

I should say that I don't mean to come across as whoring out our company, but there isn't much else I can do to provide proof.

OP surely must deliver.

CannedBeef70 karma

You could show us a huge collection of sex toys.

rusty_reviews_sex86 karma

Will upload from home

Bombini411 karma

I bought a vibrator once, and it was shipped to me in a bubble envelope. WTF?

rusty_reviews_sex421 karma

Oh man. Like... not in a box...??!!

Bombini389 karma

Yes, not in a box. You could tell exactly what it was.

rusty_reviews_sex847 karma

Did you... sanitize... it?

That's the equivalent of when you buy shrimp out of the trunk of an '84 Cutlass 500 miles from the ocean.

ranzLbsgiS188 karma

whoa... true story: Just a few hours ago a guy came to my house selling seafood out of his van. I live in St. Louis...

rusty_reviews_sex375 karma

How many pounds did you buy? Under ten and you lose.

[deleted]130 karma

i like you

darkdoom51 karma

I love you.

[deleted]74 karma

Can we kiss yet?

rusty_reviews_sex222 karma

Haven't we? At that thing at Dan's house?

Bombini111 karma

Yes, I hope so.

I might recommend sanitizing any sex toy... right?

edit: It was properly sealed and in a plastic package within the bubble envelope. I'm more asking why a company would be so negligent enough to not recognize it's an intimate thing.

rusty_reviews_sex88 karma


Asherbanipal276 karma

How do you review them? Like test em on yourself?

rusty_reviews_sex435 karma

Yes. Everything reviewed (and more) has actually been tested in the bedroom/living room/bathroom by me. Usually pretty extensively.

Asherbanipal243 karma

What all do you test? Like... You're a guy... Soooo I'm not sure if there are limited things you test? Did things just get weird with that question?

rusty_reviews_sex436 karma

My girlfriend is a willing participant if I need to test things. No vibrators (yet), but she's be cool with me doing everything except publishing her name... she rules :)

rusty_reviews_sex332 karma

That being said I'm sure vibrators are on the way with the site redesign.

Grumpy_Puppy195 karma

So if you break up are you out of a job?

Just sayin'

rusty_reviews_sex232 karma

Naw, I'll just keep reviewing solo stuff. Lube is underused by single dudes.

obvious_stroll264 karma

How many toys have you put in your butt?

rusty_reviews_sex467 karma

At this job: zero

At life: two, and each time I vow not to ever again (no disrespect to anyone who does)

IHartRed428 karma

Is that like "I'm never drinking again"?

rusty_reviews_sex321 karma

Haha exactly :)

imperial87112 karma y did you break your vow the first time?

rusty_reviews_sex440 karma

I got re-curious like a re-cat

[deleted]434 karma

You must have felt a little re-tarded after the second time.

rusty_reviews_sex183 karma

Sized down.

But yes.

Shweddit187 karma

What is your favorite product you have tested?

rusty_reviews_sex229 karma

Gun Oil :)

zephrin99 karma

Best lube out there. I manage a brick and mortar store and have a close relationship with the Gun Oil (Empowered Products) sales rep. Great guy, great company.

Edit: spelling.

3030threat137 karma

close relationship

Care to elaborate?

Quaping183 karma

they like to cuddle and watch mlp together on weekends

rusty_reviews_sex31 karma

Love it.

howerrd48 karma

I want a building made of books!

rusty_reviews_sex267 karma


Asherbanipal175 karma

Do you get special deals? Do you pass those savings on to loving

rusty_reviews_sex361 karma

My deal is that I walk into the warehouse and take shit as 'marketing costs', which they truly are.

I always say the same thing to people who ask for free stuff, usually women: "if you aren't going to use it with me, I don't really benefit"

That being said if you run some sort of sex charity or fraternity, or run an influential blog... maybe!

Colonel_Gentleman672 karma

I run a sex charity called Toys for Twats.

rusty_reviews_sex172 karma


Semen-Thrower649 karma

rusty_reviews_sex364 karma

thanks, semen-thrower

fridgeridoo247 karma

Sex charity lol

nlsun72 karma

Actually, the College Democrats group I used to be in gets condoms donated from Trojan or Planned Parenthood or other sexual health clinics around town each year & gives them away around campus on Valentine's Day. They attach facts about STIs to the condoms (no staplers are allowed near the give-aways!). They go through around 2,000 every Val's Day.

Note: It's REALLY strange how many people will REFUSE a free condom.

TheChedda52 karma

Free condoms = awesome. Some weirdo who pokes holes in condoms and gives them away = not awesome. Why take the chance? Just buy some.

rusty_reviews_sex41 karma

You SHOULD own some, but I mean... if you are GOING to do it anyways, grab the free one and check for marks and holes.

adjones66 karma

Do prostitutes ever do work pro-boner?

rusty_reviews_sex18 karma

If I've met a prostitute she hasn't told me :(

Asherbanipal163 karma

Does your family know what you do? If so, how do they feel about it.

Friends know?

rusty_reviews_sex329 karma

Great question!

My mom knows WHAT I do, but I refuse to let her read my reviews, so she doesn't know WHERE.

My name is actually a reference to Rusty Shackleford (KOTH), but I quickly realized it was also her husband's name and she wasn't impressed.

My GF knows, obviously.

In general everyone around me is cool. Some of my friends RSS the blog and text me after they read new submissions.

rustyshacklford683 karma

In that case, I need you to sign some paperwork so that I can get on with my life.

rusty_reviews_sex100 karma


CaptainBipto105 karma

Rusty Shackleford is the name I use to order pizzas, as well as the name I use anywhere on the internet where I expect SPAM. Well done on KOTH refrence.

rusty_reviews_sex22 karma


etherealmorning155 karma

What do people know about your dick that you would rather they not know?

rusty_reviews_sex364 karma

I stopped caring. I think that most people know the size (we sell custom fit condoms that you size with a printable chart) so my boss knows the EXACT specs of The Pentagon. It made me uncomfortable at first, but now we just talk so openly about sex. I think they also know I'm circumsized?

"So last night (girlfriend) and I we getting really rough and I think I accidentally choked her too hard"

"Hmmmm... safety word?"

CerpinTaxes384 karma

Personally I found it pretty amusing that the custom fit "sizing chart" goes to great lengths (no pun intended) to avoid embarrassing the user by not using real standardized measurements in cm or inches but also by making their own measurements non sequential. "A" being the smallest girth then D, W, E, M, J, S and the smallest length being 61, the largest 59 and 36 being in the middle.

I've never seen so much effort to make a chart so unintuitive.

rusty_reviews_sex114 karma

It's a really good system. It keeps ambarassment " " down ever though there's nothing to be unhappy about. It's more value than effort to sort.

ramlion188 karma

our safety word is (MORE) never seems to work

rusty_reviews_sex219 karma

Haha ...


Celery_Waffle668 karma


rusty_reviews_sex206 karma

this is my favorite part of this entire AMA

rusty_reviews_sex94 karma

Literally lol

afreemind6999 karma

Since everyone is thinking it, what are the specs of The Pentagon?

rusty_reviews_sex91 karma

Coripa Custom Fit 36N. Do some googling or go on our site to the fit guide :)

thatfilthyfive408 karma

That was really intimidating before I sized the PDF down to 100%.

rusty_reviews_sex118 karma

Hahahaha hahahahaha

ThatUnoriginalGuy134 karma

36 Newtons? The force is strong in this one...

rusty_reviews_sex233 karma

I train in 40 times normal gravity.

JonathanMerklin63 karma


rusty_reviews_sex109 karma

That technically makes me just under average. Darn!

cocato113 karma

You said something about having to test vibrators soon, would you do that? Or would you have your girlfriend test it and see how it works? Also, do you have any toys where you would not try it, such as anal beads?

rusty_reviews_sex187 karma

Good questions!

I will try anything on her, and (sadly) I don't think anything large is going in my ass.

Vibrators: I'll use them on her/play around and she can tell me her thoughts. I'm a good writer and she's not.

Anal beads I would use on her, for sure, but like I said, not me. I can't really think of anything I WON'T try on her.

cocato165 karma

And she is cool with you putting things up her butt?

rusty_reviews_sex255 karma

She seems to be so far, as long as it doesn't hurt

Peniswrinkleintime106 karma

What's the worst review you have given?

rusty_reviews_sex325 karma

They will be forthcoming.

I used one pocket pussy and it gets stuck between my balls and the head of my penis. It's so tight that it's like a lube-y chinese finger trap.

I will only be moderately kind to such a device.

PVT_Asshole209 karma

Have sex with a finger trap. My god it's so simple. Brilliant.

Only 5 tickets each too.

rusty_reviews_sex44 karma

Literally lolling. Fuck.

Always_be_awesome94 karma

•As a woman I automatically think of what's out there for us. Is there as much diversity in products for men? •My favorite brand is Lelo, but man their stuff is pricy. What would a lower priced alternative be?

rusty_reviews_sex116 karma

Men have a small amount of diversity. A lot of pocket pussies and vibrating rings. We benefit a lot from lube (go Gun Oil) and sometimes anal beads.

My boss (woman) replied to my text about the Lelo alternative and said to try Wabbit stuff.


I'm not sure how I feel about the name "wabbit" being associated in sexual activity... it's like elmer fudd is trying to fuck you in both holes

rusty_reviews_sex67 karma

Hahaha right?!?! And now I've made that association forever.

Cannot unsee.

IViolateSocks63 karma

Hey-yo for Gun Oil. 9/10, would jerk with again.

rusty_reviews_sex18 karma

Giant bottles man. Like a litre of gun oil lasts so long.

GuanYuber71 karma

This is weird, since I recently took a short trip to Tokyo and found this store.

Not a question, I just thought you'd find it interesting. Also, it is a condom shop, not a condo shop. ;)

rusty_reviews_sex30 karma

We are the original. We see a bit of it. Good find!

dutchesse58 karma

What are the best products you've come across?

rusty_reviews_sex103 karma

There are some insane novelty items we have. Penis lollipops, condom hats, dick glasses. That stuff cracks is up like we are ten.

crisk2111 karma

I once ate a penis lollipop. NO REGRETS!

rusty_reviews_sex14 karma

Bravo. Me too. But I hate the flavor of the one I had.

Gryphon5913 karma

Actually taste like penis?

rusty_reviews_sex27 karma

I wish ?

SwellFellow51 karma

How would you review female toys if you and your girlfriend broke up?

rusty_reviews_sex50 karma

I would have to ask someone else to! Like I said, I don't do any now, but there are plans for that in the future...

HotDinnerBatman43 karma

Are they hiring? I can review vibrators!

rusty_reviews_sex71 karma

Are you Batman?

Kotofosho40 karma

How much do you make a year?

What do you look for when reviewing a product?

What is your average day?

rusty_reviews_sex47 karma

It's enough to get by comfortably. I'll ballpark at 30-50k.

Typical day is a lot of writing and responding to occasional social stuff. I do a bit more but it's not as fun to write about.

fathobo39 karma

I know you've already stated that you haven't worked with vibrators yet, but have you heard of the new ones that vibrate to the intensity of the music you're listening too? If so, have you heard good things about them?

Also, not in a number sense, but in a general sense, do a lot of Americans use sex toys, whether it be male or female? I still feel as if it is taboo in the U.S. to masturbate, ESPECIALLY with a sex toy.

rusty_reviews_sex47 karma

I think that that taboo nature helps keep places like us in business. If you call, someone will talk comfortably and openly about vibrators all day long. Maybe me.

I think it's more common than we think, but sadly too taboo.

willface35 karma

What's your family life like? Do they know what you do? What's their opinion/reaction?

rusty_reviews_sex94 karma

I live in a different city. My family rules. I could show up for Christmas with a tranny and they'd be chill.

I don't want my parents READING my reviews, so they don't know which site I work for.

The only people who don't know the details of what I do are people I don't like and my GF's family (very conservative at times)

Skeezer199155 karma

Didn't you say your gf's dad got you the job?

rusty_reviews_sex70 karma

He didn't know EXACTLY the details

imperial8739 karma

Christmas with a tranny

Ha I wish I could say the same. I was having breakfast with my dad and my transgender coworker came in, I spoke to her for a few min...and I could see the look of horror/confusion growing on my dad's face. The second she was out of ear shot my dad put his hand on my shoulder and said "son, I know you are desperate, but she isn't even passable."

If you mom knew what site you worked for, would she actually read the reviews? It seems like it would be even more awkward for her.

rusty_reviews_sex57 karma

I thinks it's like not looking at a car crash.

publ1c_stat1c23 karma

This is what I use as a business card.

Has this ever got you laid, or any funny stories associated with this? Personally, if a client handed me a condom as a card, more than a few questions would be raised.

rusty_reviews_sex31 karma

Haven't yet given it out for real. Soon. Will report.

talentedtraveler22 karma

What are some of your favorite items?

How would you describe fleshlight type items?

What is a Rub my ducky?

edit* ducky

rusty_reviews_sex32 karma

Gun Oil and the dream sleeve.

Read my dream sleeve (pocket pussy) review :)

Rub my ducky is a vibrating rubber duck you can leave in plain sight :)

Good gift

ICCON19 karma

What's your favorite color?

rusty_reviews_sex71 karma