When I was younger I was overweight and teased and bullied a lot in school. One summer I got fed up and started boxing to lose weight. I caught the eye of a trainer and he took me under his wing and now I am 50 pounds lighter, unrecognizable to most people who knew me before, and a pro fighter with his 3rd fight on June 2nd at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. AMA.

Here is video of my pro debut (I'm in the blue trunks) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Clv62B9it4 - Yes, the telecast misspelled my last name.

And here I am now http://imgur.com/vsBoL

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TalkingBackAgain231 karma

Have you never felt the urge to visit that one guy, you know the one, and just casually return the favor, now that you're a bit more seasoned in the art of athletic mayhem?

GuadalupeSalcido394 karma

It's crossed my mind - when I've seen one on the street. Or just go up. But I don't think I'll do it.

wetbudha194 karma

How many hours do you train a day?

GuadalupeSalcido265 karma

2.5 - 3 hours. 6 days a week.

amadea5673 karma

Do you do anything else on the side? Day job?

GuadalupeSalcido29 karma

I was attending college and i just finished my AA in criminal justice and I am going to continue in August to get my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.

glitcher21159 karma

Has anyone who bullied you tried to apologize? Would you accept their apology if they did?

GuadalupeSalcido452 karma

No one has because they don't recognize me. If they did, I would accept it.

HighFiveTRex120 karma

How do you motivate yourself? Do you actually want to train so much, or at this point, is it more that you have to?

GuadalupeSalcido196 karma

At this point... because I have to. If I want to be something in this sport then I have to. I'll have to work my ass off.

rum_rum76 karma

Looking pretty wiry, sir. Glad you found a useful outlet for your frustrations.

Have you considered expanding into any other martial arts?

GuadalupeSalcido106 karma

I really have not considered expanding into martial arts. i think it is a very intense sport and entertaining but i never thought about doing them.

peterkingsnuggets60 karma

I've always wondered whether or not it's hard to make weight. I easily vary a few kilos throughout a week primarily because of my sodium intake changing. Do you sweat it out? Rubber suits?

Oh, and what's your opinion on the Pacquiao and Mayweather situation?

GuadalupeSalcido91 karma

So far for me all I've had to do is eat healthy and work out a bit harder. The most I've cut is 10 lbs over 3 weeks.

It would be a good fight. Both would make millions. But I doubt it will happen.

DaveRJr2 karma

What's your diet? how strict is it?

GuadalupeSalcido3 karma

Well for my dad i usually eat fish, meat and chicken. Usually the chicken is just boiled in nothing but water for it wont be so fating. Also the meat just cooked on a pan with no oil or anything added! Some pretty nasty food but it is all worth it at the end. As for how strict my diet is, Mine is not that strict. I usually do not struggle to make weight or I am able to eat a little bigger portions or a hamburger like once a week.