Thanks for all the great questions! And for the crappy ones too! Have to go film an episode of Yahoo! ODD NEWS filling in for my friend Greg Proops will try to answer more later. If there's anything that doesn't get answered here you can always reach me on Twitter:!/phillamarr Facebook or at

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gtjini792 karma

If Marvin hadn't got shot in the face, what would he have made of all this?

Imphillamarr1010 karma

Dude, he just watched these two guys lay waste to ALL of his friends and now they're bantering about COPS? He was so far away from being able to process any of this. NOt only did he not have an opinion, he barely had a coherent thought.

[deleted]116 karma

Wait, I though marvin was an undercover double agent type of dude, who was on the two guys' side, and they accidentally shot him.

potatowned63 karma

Yea, seems like they knew him.

DutchPrisoner52 karma

Well, they knew him because they were friends with him. Either he was friends with them first and then Marcellus Wallace got him on the payroll, or Marcellus Wallace got him on the payroll and then he befriended them. But either way, he was undercover and their friend and also not as experienced as Jules and Vincent at watching mass murders.

LetsGetRamblin42 karma

They call him "our guy" when they're at the car preparing to enter the building so yes he is on their "side."

But also, after Brett is shot, Marvin seems shocked, but I always felt he was just staying in character because he knows there's another guy in the back. Then again, maybe it's that shock that led him to forget to warn Jules and Vincent about the other guy. I've always wondered about this.....

Imphillamarr425 karma

The back story that Quentin and I talked about was that Marvin and Jules had people in common and when this briefcase thing went down Jules was able to get in touch w/ Marvin and offered these guys who were holed up, scared and obviously way out of their depth a way to resolve this. "All you have to do is make sure the door is unlocked at 7:45." He didn't know exactly how it was going to be resolved and he wasn't street-smart enough to figure that the resolution might have a significant cost.

TKtheknight471 karma

Hey Phil, a huge fan of your work and I have some questions I hope to get answered.

  1. What is your favorite or toughest character/role you've voiced in your career?

  2. I'm a huge Samurai Jack fan and was wondering if you have any plans on returning to the role in the future? I really hope the series returns to finish.

  3. Which TV Show or any Animated Series you've done has been the funnest to be part of?

Also, loved you in Static Shock/Justice League, grew up watching that show on Kids WB! :-)

Imphillamarr833 karma

  1. Vamp from Metal Gear Solid is one of my favorites because it's so far away from anything I or anyone else would ever have thought I could do.
  2. If they start it up again and want me back, I'll be there in a heartbeat. 3.Weekenders was a lot of fun because it was my first ongoing series and it was a great group of people (Jason Marsden, Grey Delisle, Kath Soucie, & creator Doug Langdale) Justice League was fun because of the quality and the amazing guest stars and Evil Con Carne was wonderful because I got to work alongside Frank Welker. Thx!

TKtheknight226 karma

Thanks for answering, Phil! Metal Gear Solid is one of my favorite game series. By any chance you've played it? Have you met David Hayter (Snake)?

Imphillamarr874 karma

Of course, I played it. I auditioned for MGS2 because i loved the previous game so much.

JohnWad407 karma

Hey phil. Whos your favorite voice to do on Family Guy? Ollie williams? And whats the weather like where you are? Haha

Imphillamarr1011 karma

Wow. You actually bothered to type that. I have to give you points for sort of making it a question. Kinda. IT'S RAININ SIDEWAYS!!!

foxc2152 karma

What has been your favorite Ollie Williams quote?

adamaniac2200 karma


Imphillamarr257 karma

That's not an Ollie line. Is it?

Imphillamarr157 karma

Is that a real Ollie line?

Jstbcool135 karma

Yeah, its after Tom Tucker gets fired he returns to the station with the video of Stewie and Brian after they got drunk and Stewie crashed Brian's car through the wall of the Drunken Clam. Tom Tucker comes in and says something about getting his job back, also he couldn't figure out how to check his e-mail from home so their conversation goes:

Ollie asks him "Did you check your TCP/IP settings"

Tom: "Yes I did Ollie"

Ollie: "Did you enable Cookies"

Tom: "Yes"

Ollie: "You want this dog?"

Imphillamarr28 karma

Ah! Thx!

WithJuiceYouLose366 karma

What's it like to have done work in every video game and cartoon in existence?

Imphillamarr729 karma

Omnipotence is it's own reward, but immortality is bittersweet. No, I've been lucky to work on a lot of really good ones. And two bad ones.

ydiggity193 karma

Would you consider your work in C+C Music Factory - Make My Video a good one or a bad one? For the record, I liked your outfit in that one.

Imphillamarr631 karma

THAT would be one of the VERY bad ones. Also, 50 CENT: BULLETPROOF a game so bad I couldn't even get to my character. Not because it was hard but because of the horrible gameplay.

JohnWad346 karma

And how did you like your MadTV stint? Was Artie Lange always as fucked up as he says he was?

Imphillamarr722 karma

I really enjoyed the work we did in the first two years of MadTV. Unfortunately, I was on it for 5. They had some enormously talented people on that show in front and behind the camera, many of whom I'm still friends with. Artie hid a lot of what was going on. I knew he was messed up but how bad wasn't clear to me until he bottomed out. And even then there were details I didn't know until I heard them on the Stern show years later

EnderVViggen80 karma

Were you present for the pig suit/coke story? One of the funniest stories I've ever herd on the stern show!

Imphillamarr160 karma

Took me 10 years to find out where the hell Artie was while I was freezing on a windy beach trying to pretend to be hot.

recklessfred319 karma

Did you make a conscious decision to become the most ubiquitous voice actor to ever live, or did it just sort of happen?

Also, you're awesome.

Imphillamarr446 karma

I'm still trying to catch up to Tom Kenny and John DiMaggio! I started in VO when I was still in high school but then didn't start pursuing it as a career until well after I was making a living as an on-camera actor. It was something I knew I could do and wanted to do but spent years NOT doing it until I got a VO agent by accident (Thank you Doug Ely)

tcsuperstar315 karma

What's your favorite "sweet something of someplace" line?

Imphillamarr738 karma

The first one "Sweet Lion of Zion!" because that's when I knew the writers had finally found a voice for Hermes. Which increased the chance of him being used and decreased the chance of me being out of work.

[deleted]307 karma


Imphillamarr519 karma

Usually on Futurama we the actors spend an hour reading through the script for the writers and producers, then later we spend between 2-6 hours recording.

Young_Queasy295 karma

What was in Marcellus Wallaces' briefcase???

Imphillamarr983 karma

a 25 watt bulb

Imphillamarr403 karma

Actually asked Quentin that, his answer: "it's whatever you want it to be"

jsellout179 karma

And also would YOU say he looked like a bitch?

Imphillamarr297 karma


yrddog248 karma

Oh my god oh my god oh my god.

You're so PROLIFIC! I am slightly freaking out here.

I love your work. Tell me your funniest/most fun time working on Futurama, please??

Imphillamarr531 karma

God there have been so many. Listening to Billy and John doing Bowie's SPACE ODDITY as the Professor. Also there was the time I heard that Katee Sackhoff was coming in to do a voice so I stayed at the studio for an hour after I had finished recording pretending to make calls, etc. so I could "run into" her and then didn't have the guts to ask for a picture :/

radda159 karma

Dude, you got shot in the face by John Travolta once. I think you've got enough name power to get a picture with Katee Stackhoff.

Imphillamarr267 karma

Met her a 2nd time through Seth Green, STILL couldn't ask!

mrmaddness218 karma

Hey Phil, huge fan of Family Guy/Futurama/Harvey Birdman! Few questions:

  • Since you are on two of the EXTREMELY FEW shows that came back to life after cancellation, which one do you think deserved its resurrection more?
  • What was is like to work on the Pee Wee Herman broadway show?
  • Also, what was it like to work on the best game of all time, and by that I mean Make My Video C+C Music Factory?

Imphillamarr258 karma

•There are tons of shows that deserve resurrection or even better, deserve more of a chance to find their footing or their audience before getting canceled. •Pee Wee on Broadway was literally a dream come true. I finally got to live and work in NY, on Broadway, in a show I knew was going to keep running, with a genius/pop culture icon. It really doesn't get much better. •It was slightly less fun to make than it was to play.

KevinBaconAndEggs208 karma

What's your favorite current comedy that you have nothing to do with?

What's a funny movie I probably haven't heard of that you recommend?

Imphillamarr579 karma

Community (well, it was) Funny movie? No idea what you haven't heard of but you should see everything Peter Sellers (original Pink Panther, Dr. Strangelove,The Part, Being There) has ever done

mattisondan198 karma

Phil, you're one of my favorite voice actors. How many moderately sized green grapes can you fit in your mouth at once?

Imphillamarr497 karma

You could have just stopped with the compliment

tragic-waste-of-skin189 karma

Hi Phil.

I'm a big fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and I was lucky enough to watch some of the British version before the American one and saw a couple of your performances. I just wanted to ask you if you could tell us about your experience working on that brilliant show.

Can you give us an idea of how it was working with those improv clowns that had me laughing my ass off for all those wonderful years. Any juicy secrets you'd like to share?

Imphillamarr325 karma

I had a great time. I knew Ryan but I think that was the first time I'd met Colin and Greg all of whom are not only astonishing improvisers but great guys as well. They shot here in LA. We spent about 2 hours filming various games in front of the audience then they cut them up into 2 or 3 episodes. The only juicy secret I can think of is they asked me what impressions I could do but didn't say why then in the middle of one game, Greg labels me as James Brown as a weatherman I think. So they must have told him. It wasn't technically "pimping" but close.

thunderbrand178 karma

What's up, Phil? Long time fan of yours and of Mad.

No question here, I just wanted to celebrate one of my favorite characters of all time: Jack the UPS man.

Seriously, you paved my childhood with gut-churning laughter! Thank you!

Imphillamarr305 karma

Thanks! And just for you a little secret: it's spelled J-a-q after a friend of mine from the Groundlings. Most of the writers never realized it either but I would make sure in every script that they changed it.

deepwank176 karma

Did you ever try to make it with Katie Segal or Lauren Tom?

Please Phil, I need this.

Imphillamarr517 karma

Both of their husbands are much larger than me.

draibop166 karma

what is one thing you would do differently if you could?

Imphillamarr320 karma

Create more work of my own. Which I can and am.

krakens115 karma

Care to elaborate?

Imphillamarr367 karma

I'm working on a comedy webseries called INSIDE THE LEGEND with Vanessa Ragland. It's an interview show with characters from history, literature, & mythology but none of them are quite how you remember them.

Imphillamarr147 karma

I'm working on a webseries called INSIDE THE LEGEND with Vanessa Ragland (did I write this already?)

Bret16156 karma

Hey, Phil. Thanks for doing this. What's your favorite work, as an actor? Who is your inspiration? And if you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Imphillamarr439 karma

Favorite work changes from year to year, sometimes Samurai Jack, some of the stuff we did on MadTV, sometimes Justice League. My inspirations? Bugs Bunny, Sidney Poitier, George Carlin. I would be a carnivorous cyborg whale - because really how much further up the food chain could you be?

bunnymonster129 karma

Has there ever been a role that you have regretted doing or that you wish that you could have done differently?

Also do you have any special rituals that you do when you are/were recording certain characters?

Imphillamarr318 karma

The only role I think I ever regretted doing was Policeman #2 in the Terminator 2 VG and that's only because I lost my voice doing all the death screams. No, actors are a superstitious and cowardly lot but I'm not so much.

Pandamobile119 karma

Hi Phil, long time fan of your work. My only question is what is your favourite medium to work in? Video games, cartoons, live action? What are some of the perks or drawbacks of each?

Imphillamarr316 karma

The medium is far less important than the quality of the storytelling. I'll take a SAMURAI JACK over a bad feature film any day. It's always harder to do bad material. Good material doesn't always wind up as good as it starts out or it may not find an audience but it's always a better experience.


What was it like doing voice acting for Metal Gear Solid 2? Did you get to meet Hideo Kijima or David Hayter?

Keep up the amazing work!

Imphillamarr187 karma

MGS was a blast! Got to work with Hayter, Jennifer Hale, Paul Eiding all of whom are great and nice. Met Kojima briefly.

quappucinno97 karma

Thank you for all your great voice acting!

Imphillamarr394 karma

Thank you for all you internet typing!

JoeyTheLipsFagan94 karma

First I have to say thank you for everything you've done, especially Jack, Wilt, and Hermes, but also especially Cowboy Curtis. Seeing you on stage was a tremendous pleasure.

I have to ask about Spider-Man 2. Your appearance was so fleeting that it felt like you were placed as an Easter Egg, a flash of someone we'd recognize in the chaos. Was that deliberate? How did that appearance come about?

Imphillamarr144 karma

I think I told this story on the UNTITLED MIKE & LAURA PODCAST but I had auditioned for the Hal Sparks part (Elevator guy) and didn't get it. Then later Sam Raimi wanted to hire a group of actors to mix in with the extras on the train scene so he could be sure to have real emotional reactions to cut to throughout. There were no lines specifically assigned it just changed as the shooting went on. But there are a handful of us who show up in certain moments.

2th83 karma

Have you heard anything new about the Samurai Jack movie. Please please PLEASE say yes!

Imphillamarr223 karma


rampantdissonance79 karma

I caught some earlier Futuramas recently, and I loved your voice in the beginning of the series. Like when you were admonishing the pigeon in the blernsball game (Get away from me, ya filthy bird). Why'd you change it so much?

I still love everything about Hermes Conrad, but I miss his old voice.

Imphillamarr224 karma

I think it's changed about as much as any person's voice would change over 10+ years

IndubitableGentleman74 karma

How does one get started working as a voice actor? I'd like to do it someday, so I'm interested in hearing how you got into that world.

Imphillamarr177 karma

Listen to Rob Paulsen's (@yakkopinky) TALKIN' TOONS podcast. Tons of invaluable information and entertaining interviews from THE best voice actors in the business.

impurethoughts68 karma

Do you have a favorite MADtv sketch that you were a part of?

Imphillamarr247 karma

THE GREATEST ACTION STORY EVER TOLD - The Terminator goes back in time to save Jesus. It's a really good Terminator parody and it's not sacrilegious at all

draibop67 karma

if you could portray a character you did again who would you want to do?

Imphillamarr146 karma

All of them!

[deleted]61 karma

I saw you on my Taco Bell training video getting sexually harassed by your boss. Do you remember that shoot? Can you tell us what it was like?

Imphillamarr132 karma

That was the best acting of my career because the person playing my sexually harassing boss was Playboy Playmate Rebecca Ferratti and I had to act like I didn't like it!

time25658 karma

Thanks for the AMA Phil. What sketch (or character) did you like to do the most on Mad TV? Do you think Mad TV still had a few years left (and go on like SNL) or did it end at the right time?

Also, if John Stewart makes an appearance in the new Green Lantern: The Animated series, would you want to voice him?

Thanks again.

Imphillamarr114 karma

I liked doing Prince even though we never came up with a really great sketch for him. Canceling Mad TV was a Kevorkian mercy-killing. Of course, I would.

MisterHandy55 karma

Was the UBS guy a character you created? If so, how did it come to be?


Imphillamarr78 karma

I did it at the Groundlings Theater before Mad TV. The first sketch we did was basically the same one Mary Scheer and I used to do onstage. Except they made me change the ending so that he didn't get the girl. I'm still not sure why. And they made us say UBS so we wouldn't get sued but it is in fact, UPS. Cause really who're we fooling?

slightlyuseful52 karma

Not exactly a question but the song at the end of "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back" is the best. song. ever.

Do you share any similarities with Hermes' personality?

Imphillamarr71 karma

Emmy winner Ken Keeler wrote that. Almost none at all.

JeremyF44 karma

What's up with Foster's? Is there any chance of any new projects?

Imphillamarr92 karma

Foster's is done. But Craig McCracken has a new show for Disney

Greensauce41 karma

Hey Phil! Loved you on MadTV and in Futurama.

What role are you most recognized for? Do some people not realize who you are until they hear you speak?

Imphillamarr226 karma

It depends on who it is, there are MAD TV fans who've never heard of Futurama and vice-versa. No, I have a special voice that I reserve only for non-recorded conversations. That way the machines can never steal my soul.

melllvar9338 karma

Hi Phil! Thanks for doing this AMA & for making my childhood awesome!

My question is: which role are you the most proud of and why?

Imphillamarr145 karma

Maybe Samurai Jack just because it's a project that I feel confident I can show to pretty much anyone and they will find something to enjoy in it.

_Race_38 karma

Favorite Samurai Jack episode?

Imphillamarr91 karma

The first one. What other American animated show would have 10 min. without dialogue?

Direnaar33 karma

Hey Phil, you're awesome!

How did you end up in the Make My Video CNC music factory game? Did it make any sense to you when you read your script?

Imphillamarr138 karma

I auditioned for it. No, it stil doesn't make any sense. The game is "edit your own music video?" Who thought that was a good idea? Do they also have a game where you can do the lighting for THE GODFATHER?

aptrapani31 karma

What was it like working with Gary Cole and Stephen Colbert on Harvey Birdman? Also, was the environment nearly as hectic as the humour on the show? Was there a lot of improv?

Imphillamarr46 karma

Unfortunately, I never got to work with any of the other cast. Although since then I have worked with Gary Cole & Peter MacNicol several times. (They're brilliant) Still haven't met Colbert.

Don_Ozwald23 karma

I can't say I know your work in detail, but I liked you in Pulp Fiction. So my question is, how much time did you spend on the set of the movie? And how is it to work with John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson?

Imphillamarr63 karma

Thank you for taking the time to write to someone you vaguely care about! I shot for 10 days or so in Hollywood and Culver City. They were both great - generous and easy-going.

Klepto66621 karma

A little bit of gushing before my question... the first time I really "recognized" you was in Mad TV. Watching re-runs all the time, you were great, and from then on I began to recognize your name in other works. Metal Gear Solid, Futurama, Static Shock, The Wild Thornberrys, etc. Your different voices throw me off everytime, and had I not seen your name in the credits I wouldn't have believed it was you.

Even now your IMDB page is astounding, with a list long enough to clear a small forest if I attempted to print it out. You're an extremely talented live actor and voice actor.

That being said, is there anything in particular that you credit for your vast array of work? Perhaps to be more precise, do you feel that people have acknowledged your talent and brought you on for that reason, or was it through contacts and your resume that you were able to seek out more work?

Imphillamarr48 karma

This ratio of 2 paragraphs of compliments to 1 paragraph of questions works for me. Hm, getting work remains a mystery. I believe it is a combination of what you did before and what you do right now. If you go in to audition for a part you have to be really good at that part, but if you have done work in the past that people liked I believe they will be more inclined to think you are really good right now. That can also work against you, if people have seen you be hilarious but now you're auditioning for a dramatic part they may have a hard time taking you seriously. So, in short, I have no idea.

Bit_416 karma

What was it like doing the voice of the Earth King in Avatar: The Last Airbender? How much of the cast did you get to meet? Was it a good experience?

Imphillamarr28 karma

It was a lot of fun. Got to see Mae Whitman & Grey Delisle (two of my favorite actresses) The hardest part was Andrea Romano really wanted the Earth King to sound like my natural voice - and I couldn't remember what it was!