Greetings from Tromaville Redditors! My new movie #ShakespearesShitstorm debuts in NYC on April 8th at the Museum of The Moving Image. We are also opening at Cinema Village in the West Village April 8th-14th 11pm nightly.



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VHShaven16 karma

What Troma movie has made the most money?

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LloydKaufman10 karma

If you want to see #ShakespearesShitstorm in your town tell your local theater to book it!

Angry_Grammarian8 karma

What's the future of Troma look like? Will it continue after you and Michael Herz retire? Not that I want you to retire, of course, but you have earned some stress-free time with your blue-apron trophy wife :)

LloydKaufman11 karma

Thanks to Toxie and our many other classics, Troma's legacy will continue on without my involvement. Maybe one day some smart young person with 60 million dollars will come along and push it forward into the beyond.

Ok_One_87596 karma

Have there been any established "A list" actors or writers who have expressed an interest in working with you if they could? Any big name fans?

LloydKaufman16 karma

Well the big name fans are the current crop of Troma writers and directors who are going to evolve into the James Gunn, Eli Roth, Oliver Stone's, and the other wonderful talents that have been come from the loins of Troma. In other words, the people who want to work with us are the people who to be the big names of the FUTURE! There are always big names wanting to work with us, but we tend to prefer the unknowns. So Mr. Will Smith, GO SLAP THYSELF!

realdamienpeterson5 karma

One of my favorite videos online is the one where you played the Toxic Avenger game with the angry video game nerd, whens is your gaming channel coming out Lloyd?? Much love to ya

LloydKaufman12 karma

Not playing too many video games these days, but we are in development of our own online TROMAVERSE, stay tuned!

CaptainMushface4 karma

I loved #Shakespeare's Shitstorm. Any idea when it will be released on Blu-ray (I mean brown-ray?)

LloydKaufman8 karma

Its a big job! We want lots of extras and commentary tracks. And a full length documentary called Brown Is The Warmest Color will be included. So it may take some time. First we will focus on theatrical for #Shitstorm!

LloydKaufman3 karma

Sorry there may have been a glitch with the reddit... feel free to reach out on instagram or twitter and i will personally answer you questions!

LloydKaufman3 karma

I have to go off to the MAN HOLE CLUB! So I'll take a few more questions...

georgieramone3 karma

Any chance of TromaNow streaming service getting some original series/movies featuring classic Troma characters? A cop drama starring Sgt Kabukiman? A teen drama series set in Nuke Em High? Something with Toxie? I’m a big fan Lloyd. I love TromaNow but I’d like to see a little more content. There’s so much potential.

LloydKaufman9 karma

First of all, we looked you up, and we don't see that you are a subscriber... Every month we are putting out six premiere movies! Also, Nuke 'Em High has been picked up by a larger company to make into a series! Also Doug Sakmann is developing a Kabukiman sequel!

HorrorAnthony3 karma

Will you be making any New England appearances this year?

LloydKaufman10 karma

If I am invited, and someone can put up some money for liquor and drugs then I would love to come to New England. Isn't that across the channel from France?

Only-Television-5023 karma

Hi uncle Loyd! It's me Pedro Teixeira from Portugal! Any future projects here in Portugal like Mutant Blast? Hugs!!

LloydKaufman8 karma

Mutant Blast is brilliant. You can see it exclusively on Troma NOW! We'd love to come back to Portugal and make another movie that loses money!

CaptainMushface3 karma

Who would you smack in the face at the Oscars?

LloydKaufman14 karma

Mickey Mouse, tired of looking at his stupid ears...Morally he ought to be in the public domain.

ChazRaps2 karma

You mentioned in your book writing a screenplay with Stan Lee called 'Night of the Witch.' Any chance we see the script resurface somewhere or be produced?

LloydKaufman5 karma

Little Spark Productions out of Dallas, TX are working on producing that script...

kwzombi2 karma

What most recent (in past few years) TROMA NOW films are your personal favorites?

LloydKaufman6 karma

The Good Exorcist is a great one! Slutty The Clown if you like beautiful Clown women... Mutant Blast is also terrific! And wait until you see DIVIDE & CONQUER! A real feminist movie, coming to TNOW after theatrical. Slashening II is another hit, from the writer of #ShakespearesShitstorm!

I Need You Dead! is another Troma alum favorite, but thats on Amazon, VUDU, and others.

mattpunkrat2 karma

What’s your favourite “serious” film Lloyd? a movie you put on when it isn’t the right time for laughs, goofs and farts ?

LloydKaufman4 karma

Princess Yang Kwei Fei by Kenji Mizoguchi. John Ford, Fritz Lang, Howard Hawks...Stan Brakhage is most important visual artist of my lifetime.

DrPharmacology2 karma

Uncle Lloyd, The Shakespeare Shitstorm showing with fellow Troma fans / meet and greet in Cincinnati was a terrific time. Thank you again!

Will the classic exploding blue car scene continue to be used when you retire from directing?

LloydKaufman5 karma

That's up to you wonderful Troma fans to keep the spirit of Troma and reel independent cinema alive like #RileyReid does

kwzombi2 karma

How much do you love Maker’s Mark? Hehe

LloydKaufman7 karma

Four shots a day minimum. Is that enough to qualify as love? Thank you Lemmy... we'll see you at the golden gates!

Few_Avocado10972 karma

Hi Uncle Lloyd! A few years back, there was talk of a 4th Toxic Avenger sequel directed by you that was to be a direct follow up to ‘Citizen Toxie.’ I believe the subtitle was ‘The Toxic Twins.’ Are there any plans for this to move forward at some point, or is it shelved for the time being?

LloydKaufman2 karma

Until the kabillion dollar remake starring Peter Dinklage comes out and goes out theatrically, we are holding off on any more toxie feature films. HOWEVER! Toxie is all over Troma Now! First month is free and the fans love it! Subscribe soon, because all the other streaming platforms are raising their prices so we may have to...

egg_breakfast2 karma

What can you say about working with Peter Dinklage, and his acting when playing a character that must be very important to you?

LloydKaufman3 karma

I am totally honored, delighted, and 100% confident. Peter will be the best Toxie yet!

LloydKaufman2 karma

Check out Cyrano! He has a beautiful voice!

LloydKaufman2 karma

Here is where you can get tickets for #ShakespearesShitstorm during its limited theatrical release!

DanTheTromite2 karma

I asked you this at a recent convention but was kind of overwhelmed to take in your response, so I'll ask it again here.

-Troma has a legion of superfans all over the world, but when you were growing up, was there anything you were fanatical about? Are/Were you a collector of anything?

LloydKaufman4 karma

Baseball cards, coins, and porn! I still have my baseball cards and coins. Unfortunately I can't get it up anymore so I had to 'part ways' with the porn collection...

mattpunkrat2 karma

Hey Lloyd, huge fan of the flicks! I’m wondering if you enjoy the films of John Waters, movies like Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble etc. ?

LloydKaufman4 karma

Minimally. They're too squeaky clean...

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LloydKaufman3 karma

I certainly hope so! I was offered, I was offered a role opposite to Margot Robbie, but I've already locked in my commitment with Nurse Meow into my schedule, so I had to turn her down.

TheBigBrapper2 karma

How did James Rolfe find the time to interview you?

LloydKaufman6 karma

I have lips like a woman!

LloydKaufman5 karma

James was kind enough to give #ShakespearesShitstorm a wonderful review, which we will include in future promo!

marmotteuh1 karma

Hello Uncle Lloyd. Saturday, in France, there will be a great music and film festival Toxxic Troma Fest - Chapter One ! And it's awesomely and proydly sold out ! Will you be there at the next edition ?

LloydKaufman6 karma

I will be at the next one if they let me know two months in advance! I speak fluent French since I am a proud bougie.

ChazRaps1 karma

Given your love and passion for preserving classic cinema, was there ever a time when you/Troma looked into acquiring your favorite film 'Princess Yang Kwei Fei?'

LloydKaufman3 karma

Not a chance. That's one of Japan's most prized movies and it's very unlikely that the owners would give it up. And even if we did, Disney would swoop in and ruin it like they do with everything.

ourherocomic1 karma

i think tromeo and juliet is one of the few successful modern adaptation of shakespeare. have any schools taught it? (i mean nudity appropriate school situations)

LloydKaufman2 karma

I've given Masterclasses at schools like Oxford and Yale, many professors have asked us to show Tromeo and Juliet to their students. Kenneth Branagh doesn't make a move without rewatching Tromeo and Juliet.

By the way, we have our latest, adaptation of The Tempest "Shakespeare's Shitstorm" coming to the cinemas soon.

Tickets Here

SpaceJesus_971 karma

Did Igor & the Lunatics ever get a Blu ray release mate ?

LloydKaufman3 karma

Not as of yet. But it is available to stream exclusively on Troma NOW!

cprogger701 karma

Howdy Uncle Lloyd! I'm a big fan of Killer Nerd and Bride, any plans to work with Toby Radloff again?

LloydKaufman3 karma

I love Toby! I tried to get him to be in #ShakespeareShitstorm, Which opens April 8th in NY- I couldn't reach him. Buy Tickets

10110s1 karma

What is your favourite Troma movie? And what about your favourite non-troma movie?

LloydKaufman1 karma

#ShakespearesShitstorm is my favorite and most personal :

However, for non-Troma I watch by Director... Howard Hawks, Charlie Chaplin, etc. I don't believe in ranking films!

IRMacGuyver1 karma

Are there any mainstream actors you want a chance to work with? I think Mark Hamill would fit in great with you.

LloydKaufman2 karma

There are many big name actors that would like to work with us. We prefer to use unknown actors and find our own stars. Plus with the movies we make we like an ensemble cast.

mattpunkrat1 karma

Is the new Toxie going to be a small person ? Dinklage on stilts? A breach of the NDA and inappropriate to ask?

LloydKaufman2 karma

Yes I'm not allowed to say a thing. But I will say that the script will make the fans very happy. It's not the size of the Toxie that counts...

SCJANKO1 karma

What do you see in the future of troma? There will be always place for indipendent movies?

LloydKaufman3 karma

Troma has a life of it's own. The secret sauce is we have the best fans in the world. As long as they keep the support and the spirit of independent cinema alive, Troma will live on!

dylanrod4201 karma

How do you smell?

LloydKaufman2 karma

Through my nostrils.

hpkomic1 karma

Hello Uncle Lloydie!

What are your thoughts about TROMA originals eventually joining the public domain? Do you see Toxie becoming a character in the public domain?

LloydKaufman3 karma

That's a very good question. When Mickey Mouse becomes public domain, Toxie will belong to the public as well. Thanks President Clinton for the messed up public domain laws. Read my book! I go into lots of detail on it...

ChazRaps1 karma

Hey Lloyd, I've always loved the detailed box art on the Troma VHS/DVD/Blu releases. I'm curious, do you recall where the imagery for the original 'Bloodsucking Freaks' releases came from? Nobody on the box/the promotional material was in the film. Was that something shot with interns after acquisition?

LloydKaufman3 karma

It was shot when the movie was made, but the actors were unavailable. So we had to grab some others!

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LloydKaufman1 karma

Stay tuned! We are preparing the master for Carnal Monsters now. #Shakespear's Shitstorm is in theaters now!

LloydKaufman0 karma

Buy tickets at the link below and book #Shakespeare's Shitstorm in your town!!

InstanceNo64430 karma

Do you love Slutty the clown? It's me x

LloydKaufman2 karma

I love you and everything you stand for. I hope to meet you one day! I have my own personal clown nose too...

notoriousAWFUL0 karma

Hi Uncle Lloyd! Trey Cobb here, we met in Cincinnati. Now that Toxie is getting a reboot, how would you feel about potentially rebooting other popular Troma franchises?

Thank you sir! Kernel Trey Cobb

LloydKaufman7 karma

Hola Trey! Happy to report Class of Nuke Em High has been optioned by a major motion picture company! We are also in development of a script for a new SGT. Kabukiman with Troma's own Doug sakmann.