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Have you ever been robbed?

When I was a kid, my dad got a second job delivering for Domino's a few nights a week. It was in a not-great part of town and he got held up somewhat regularly. However it gave my family income for things like private school and small family vacations. If he had a good night of tips on a Friday or Saturday, he'd stop at the 24-hour coffee and donuts place and get us donuts for in the morning. That pretty much made our week.

Anyway, I hope you get some donut-worthy tips and don't get held up.

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This is so cool, thank you for sharing. No, i’ve never been robbed, but i have been trained on how to handle it if it ever happens.

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What state are you in? Why do you think you are at 0 orders?

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I’m in tennessee, and i’m not sure. We usually have stuff to do but today I was mostly on my phone. (so was everybody else)

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Hey, you’re the only ten I see😉

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Are you looking for orders/business ? If so send the store location & the nearest homeless shelter and I’ll happily order $500 worth of pizzas. This is assuming you can deliver to homeless shelters ? 😄 If not my second question is what is like doing delivery ? Especially during recent inflation and gas prices. Hope you see this but if not best of luck!

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oh my goodness! Do you mind if I dm you?

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What’s your customer demographic?

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Mostly parents ordering/picking up food for their family. Fun fact, older people tip the most at the window. I once got a $10 tip from an older guy, and all I do is ask for the name on the order and bring it to the window.

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Do you personally get that tip or is it combined/split with other workers?

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If it’s a cash tip like that I get it all, but if i report it to my manager it gets taken out of my paycheck. obviously i’m a good boy and report it every time :)

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Wait, what. They take it out of your paycheck? WTF. It’s been over 20 years since I worked pizza, but that shit would have never been acceptable.

They sell a shit load of pizzas you don’t get a bonus so why do they get to pay you less for labor because someone was nice to give you a tip?

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I could be getting the facts wrong but on my pay stub it had a deduction section and nearly $10 was deducted from tips. However, this could be from credit card paid tips? Doms has a system where credit card tips are put onto a card that employees can use. I do also recall seeing a $10 tip on the receipt. Overall Im not sure but I’ll ask my GM and get back to you.

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They're not deducting it from your check, but if you report it to your manager (which, legally, you are supposed to do) they are obliged to track it and make sure you pay taxes on it because it is considered income. The taxes for the tips are deducted from your check.

Source: I work at a restaurant payroll processing company which does payroll for about 60 different restaurant chains including Dominoes.

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Thanks for letting me know.

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The tip gets taken out of your paycheck? That sounds illegal......

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check my long reply to the other comment, should explain a little bit.

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Doordash is getting sued for that right now. Can we get some legal advice for OP?

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woah, really? I definitely need to ask my manager about how tips work again and get a clear answer. Might be some money in this if I play my cards right :)

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Is the pizza tracker actually accurate or is it just like an automatic animation that makes us feel like it works?

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We manually press a button when we put a pizza in the oven, and everything goes through the oven at the same speed. So yes, usually the tracker is correct.

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Does the button say “that was easy” every time you press it?

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no, it’s a very boring button.

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How often do you deep clean, like REALLY get in there and scrape all the stuff out?

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We haven’t, since i’ve been working here. i’ve only been here for about a month and a half though, if that means anything. We do sweep nightly also.

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Perhaps now's as good of a time as any

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I’m not at work anymore but next time it’s as slow as it was today I’ll ask about it. Just for you homie

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Got a promo code that always works? ;)

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I’m not 100% sure about this, but next time you order over the phone just ask for a 20% off discount. We have a shortcut for the coupon for it, and some guy came in and asked if his order had the 20% off coupon and I asked him to wait while I asked my manager about it. My manager told me to just give it to him.

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It's the random reddit threads where we get the real treasure

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Do you think pizza hut or domino's taste better?

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Haven’t had pizza hut in a while but i’d probably say pizza hut. just based off my memories of my dad getting home from work and my mom ordering pizza hut with a coke. we never got dominos lol.

Gientry111 karma

What's your favorite dominos food?

BananaBotlol238 karma

I like the deep dish pizzas with extra pepperoni, garlic oil on the crust. Or, some cheesy bread.

RainbowsarePretty59 karma

Are the cheesy breads pre made?

BananaBotlol397 karma

nope, medium dough cut in half, stretched to a rectangle, cheese in the middle, fold it in half and cut into eights, cover with 50/50 cheese.

Therapsid25 karma

Any cool things customers do to make cheesy bread even better?

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either add pepperoni or bacon.

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Last time I went to Dominos (February 2022) there was one guy taking phone orders, cooking food and handling drive-thru and in-store customers. How common is this lately?

Edit: This was mid-day, around 12:30PM.

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In my store we have plenty of people for the amount of work. We have a call center that takes our calls for us, and drivers that step on the makeline if we need them. Can’t speak for other stores.

ElemLibraryLady92 karma

What is the oddest pizza or order you have ever received?

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One guy got a pizza with no pizza sauce, alfredo sauce, no cheese, and jalapeños. Another person got two half-pepperoni, half-cheese pizzas.

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Used to deliver pizzas for Domino’s in college. Y’all still slather the deep dish pans with the sickly yellow liquid butter before slapping a frozen deep dish crust in the pan? Are the original pies still hand tossed?

BananaBotlol110 karma

Yup. But, we make the deep dish pizzas, they’re not frozen. Yes we still hand toss pizzas.

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Which of your toppings come out of cans and which are fresh?

What would you think of a pizza with Papa John's toppings, Pizza hut's stuffed crust, and Dominoes sauce and crust seasoning?

Are you supposed to tip for take-out, and if so how much?

BananaBotlol86 karma

everything we have in our walk-in is shipped to us, but it’s all fresh afaik. most everything is in plastic bags, or shipped in plastic containers.

no. we might be able to compromise if we leave papa johns out.

If by take out you mean drive to the window and tell your name, it’s never necessary to tip. Usually all we do is look on the heat rack for your name, pick it up, see if it’s paid and if you need any dipping cups or drinks, get them if needed and take it back to the window. we don’t do much, but sometimes we have to remake something, wait for stuff to be done, etc and if the person is gone for more than 3-5 minutes that might constitute a few dollar tip or a “keep the change”.

TLDR: Mostly it’s prepackaged for us.


Tip if you want but we usually don’t deserve it because we walk a total of 20 feet. It’s always greatly appreciated though.

Thanks for your questions!

peteroh922 karma

In my experience as a customer and a former pizza place employee, usually when someone has to walk away for a few minutes, it's because one of the employees screwed something up. Would you say that's likely?

BananaBotlol25 karma

Yep. Sometimes a pizza sticks to the pan and has to be remade, other times a pizza wasn’t made right. I’d say most of the time were just waiting on a pizza though.

gremdel52 karma

Ok, tip question based on your previous answer. I always do carside pick up and I usually tip via website order page. Does that get split amongst everyone on shift or some other way? As a former pizza cook, I'd rather not just give the money to the guy walking my pizza out but I don't want it to get dinged too much by taxes.

I'm in WA state where I don't think it's legal to take tips out of your wage. Tips are always in addition to base pay but reported tips are taxed. At least I think that's how it works here.

BananaBotlol46 karma

It gets sent to the person who brings it to your car.

s_c_dub48 karma

Why are the new handmade pan pizzas so fucking good?

BananaBotlol35 karma

Idk man. I love them though.

filthy_lucre47 karma

Can you look at one of your store menus or boxtops and tell me if there is a tiny 6-digit number in one of the lower corners?

I work for one of only three companies that are licensed to print Domino's advertisements and I want to know if we printed your stuff.

BananaBotlol30 karma

Cool! I’d be glad to look. Though, we don’t have a seating area to eat like some other places. Would we still have these menus? We have a menu at the front counter as well as on the screens. I go back into work tomorrow so I’ll check then.

Thanks for the comment :)

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It's probably been at least 30 years since I ordered Domino's pizza. Did they really step up the quality in the past few years?

BananaBotlol88 karma

I believe they have. They’ve really figured out how to make a good pizza for as cheap as possible. Though, I wasn’t alive then, so I have no way of knowing. My parents used to never order doms because every time they did they’d regret it, but recently it’s been a lot better, and sometimes I come home with food. I also like to make customized food for my brother who likes stuff a specific way.

Quantos16 karma

Can't believe nobody asked this relevant question. How does your brother like stuff?

BananaBotlol61 karma

I have him right next to me, let me turn on speech to text real quick:

“extremely cheesy”

I really expected him to say more, he almost always asks for something specific like a personal pizza with extra cheese and 15 pepperonis.

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How stoned are you right now?

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UnadvertisedAndroid63 karma

That's exactly what a high person would say.

BananaBotlol89 karma

you’re high.

sharaq58 karma

You're a towel

BananaBotlol95 karma

you’re the water in the towel

elenchusis34 karma

Has this been a trend lately, or just today?

BananaBotlol33 karma

This is the first day i’ve been back in a few days. From what i know it should be a one to two time thing.

DinaDinaDinaBatman34 karma

have the guys that cut the pizza into slices ever successfully cut a pizza into slices before? or is "close enough" standard practice?

BananaBotlol24 karma

Not sure what you mean by this. I’ve cut a few pizzas that i felt embarrassed about the spacing and evenness, but it’s not like we can in-cut a pizza. :/

aGreenTie31 karma

Why are all deliveries marked as “delivered” long before the driver actually arrives at my house?

BananaBotlol71 karma

No clue. Call your dominos and ask about it, they might give you a free dessert.

danhalka27 karma

How many orders on a typical wed night this time of year? Which station is the worst station at a domino's?

BananaBotlol26 karma

Usually we have stuff to do (usually making orders or catching oven/boxing) but if not that I’ll be picking pits (picking out reusable toppings that fell around the pizza during topping) or condensing sauce bottles.

danimal600023 karma

Have you ever seen a ghost?

BananaBotlol26 karma

I wish, that’d be pretty cool.

garster2512 karma

I worked at a Domino's for 5 years back in the 90s.

Do you still have pan pizza?

Flour or cornmeal to lube the dough?

Do people still call in or are most orders online now?

Do you have anchovies?

BananaBotlol9 karma

Thanks for the questions! Yes, it’s handmade. Cornmeal. Mostly online, we also have a call center though. No anchovies.

darkmeat10 karma

what brand pepperoni do you use? or where is it from?

BananaBotlol46 karma

It comes from a magical place called “The walk in”

In all seriousness i’m not sure who makes it.

BananaBotlol12 karma

happy cake day btw!

Bulliwyf8 karma

What’s your opinion on tips at pickup? Expected or just a nice bonus when it happens?

Context: I picked up pizza from the nearby Papa Johns and the guy shouted at me that I didn’t tip as I walked out the door.

BananaBotlol12 karma

Just a very generous bonus. That’s absolutely insane by the way, guy must’ve had a rough day.

ThrowAway4Dais8 karma

How are tips shared? I'm assuming its different for different places but I'm always curious if my tip is going to the people.

Also, hope you're doing alright.

BananaBotlol10 karma

Most tips are pocketed by the person who receives it. My store doesn’t have a tip jar.

And thanks, I am! What about yourself?

KeepFaithOutPolitics6 karma

I worked there as a driver during high school. Do you still have to fold all those damn pizza boxes?

BananaBotlol10 karma

We do.

todachinnie5 karma

if someone invites you inside their house, are you supposed to go in?

BananaBotlol7 karma

I’m an insider, so it’d be weird for someone to invite me in to their house.

I’m fairly sure the rule is to never go in.

baronvonbee5 karma

Do you judge people on their choice of toppings? If so would you kindly share some of those judgements.

BananaBotlol26 karma

Gonna be honest, I couldn’t really care less what people get on their pizzas. Sorry it’s not more interesting than that, to make up for it, here’s a fun fact. If you frequent dominos, I will recognize you. Even if you just go once in a while, your face seems familiar. I’m not even trying to remember, I just do.

Dont_ban_me_bro_1083 karma

I’ve heard your gluten free pizza is okay. How detailed are you guys about keeping gluten free pizzas away from cross contamination? (Have celiac)

BananaBotlol3 karma

They’re shipped to us in sealed bags, which are blue unlike any other item shipped to us. Our store rarely gets orders for gf pizzas so i’m not completely sure of our policies on this.

Ancient_Database1 karma

What's the tastiest 2 topping combination that people.never order?

BananaBotlol2 karma

Not sure man, I don’t usually stray from my regular pie with extra pep

justcallmetexxx-2 karma

back in the '80s there was a rumor going around that at a Little Ceasars by my house, an employee jerked off into the cheese bin...you ever do something like that or know someone who did?

BananaBotlol5 karma


definitely not