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wbsred68 karma

what do you want me to write on the poster board at the russian embassy in washington dc later today?

Hakunin_Fallout31 karma

I've heard this message from the military command today, they asked the Red Cross to assist in picking up the dead bodies of Russian soldiers.

That - or any take on that - could be nice. The Russians do not report any casualties locally and deny outright the mere fact of bombing our cities.

Hakunin_Fallout49 karma

Also, naturally, if more proof is needed - I can send my passport or something to the mods. Not sure that helps...

i_getitin126 karma

I wouldn’t be sending pictures of your passport to random people on the internet

gederz70 karma

Especially Reddit Mods....

Hakunin_Fallout16 karma

haha, noted

Exact_Sport40 karma

Is it true they are conscripting all males between the age of 18-60?

Hakunin_Fallout34 karma

Currently it's the 'general mobilization', so anyone CAN be drafted. So far, there's enough of people with the experience (reservists/ operative reservists) and volunteers that this seems hardly to be necessary. That being said, adult males cannot leave the country - which, I think, is fair.

saymyname_jp34 karma

Seeing your president Zelensky fighting. I am so pumped up. How are you feeling and are you fighting as well to protect your motherland ?

Hakunin_Fallout56 karma

I'm not fighting, I had to take my family to the safety first, so we moved south-west. Now I'm considering joining the local 'territorial defence' forces, but from what I've heard both here and in Kyiv there's just too many volunteers for them to handle.

cnralex29 karma

I've seen videos of Russian soldiers attacking innocent civilians for no reason, is this something you've seen? Is it common?

Hakunin_Fallout29 karma

I haven't seen that. I've seen the video you are probably referring to - two dudes trying to flee on the highway, with kids and a woman in the back, getting shot at. That seems to be fairly rare for now, but the occupied locations aren't really well-covered by journalism or anything.

pixelburger21 karma

What do you need from the West, and what is your evaluation of Russian soldiers' commitment to this invasion?

Hakunin_Fallout10 karma

I've seen about a dozen of videos with captured Russians. All of them - kids at the age of 18-20, all of them telling they didn't want to go. Their commanders told them Ukraine attacked first (or so some of them claim). I also think that I'd invent anything at the gunpoint to say I'm a victim too. They are not welcome here, so fuck them.

thetravelingchris111 karma

What services do you have? (Like tv, cell, electricity, etc)

What has the mood been in Ukraine for the last couple of months?

Hakunin_Fallout15 karma

We've got everything we need, although access to cash is next to non-existent, as people decided to go and raid the ATMs en masse, withdrawing all cash they can. Credit card service is limited / not available, withdrawing your savings is difficult, and access to petrol is still there, but requires you to wait in a long line.

In Kyiv, surprisingly so, everything is available as well, including electricity, food, petrol and water.


What's the damage like? Is it relatively simple to drive around and get to where you need to go? What about shops and services? Are they open?

Hakunin_Fallout7 karma

I guess I'll be answering these questions in two lines, one for Kyiv, one for my current location

Kyiv: driving - big no-no, dangerous, although people still do it. Streets are mostly empty. Shops are open, with a slightly reduced supply of goods and food (e.g., eggs and bread is harder to get). Basic services like hairdressers etc. are harder to come by, and service hours are random.

Damage - extensive to the N-W outskirts. The road I used to commute to work (just outside Kyiv) was taken over Russians yesterday - and their armored vehicles were wiped out by UA forces. Absolutely enjoying the fact, but the road is also heavily damaged. Military targets within the city are bombed regularily as far as I know, including last night - very close to the house of my close friend. People report gunshots and airstrikes constantly. Sirens go off every few hours, and some people have stopped going to shelters, calling it meaningless.

Current location: everything closes at 7pm, no shortage of food, same issues with petrol.

No damage whatsoever