My name is Jeff Matsuda, I was the Producer and Creative Director for The Batman cartoon series. I started a mobile gaming company and we did this last time we launched a game:

Well, we launched another game - Escape from Age of Monsters, and being the original creative thinkers we are, we thought, "we should do that again!". But we wanted to up the stakes a little bit, so we asked our friends The Binges (see them rock here: who wrote the music for our game to join us.


1) AMA and I'll draw it

2) request a theme song to go along with it, and we'll post the video of The Binges playing the baddest heavy metal version of the theme song next to my drawing projected on a screen (this is the setup: If you have an obscur song, a youtube reference link would be much appreciated :)

This will either the awesomest thing on the internet or the worst. It's all in your hands, Reddit. We'll be doing this from 10am - 4pm PT.

BUT, lest we be accused of doing charity, we are here to promote our game. So if you like the drawings, please tip us by downloading our game - iPhone: and iPad: and if you like the theme song action, download Boost by The Binges (it will blow your ears): Thank you!


Super Reddit: with Boost theme song:

Mario uppercutting Bowser: to Price is Right theme:

Drawing for Robinhooding for the Homeless: with Brian Adams song NOT performed by The Binges: they are hardcore. They would never do Brian Adams. It was someone else.

Gabe Newell arm wrestling Samus Aran to Eye of the Tiger: and song

Batman is happy: and he approves of the Rugrats theme song:

Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus drinking to the theme song "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith ...theme song

Chewie and the Cantina song RAAAWWWWAARRRR

Goomba goomba'ed all over Mario...splat with music

A cat punching the Pope to Money for Nothing and with music:

Neil Patrick Harris riding a rhino wielding the hammer of Thor:

And the final piece - Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones vs Deathstroke: with Game of Thrones theme song as interpreted by The Binges:

Thank you Reddit!!!

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zHellas32 karma

Gabe Newell and Samus Aran having an arm wrestling match while they wear silly hats.

(Include this expression on Gabe's face, please)

For the theme song: Eye of the Tiger

massivejoe75 karma

As you wiiiiiiiiiish: and Eye of the Tiger KABOOM!!!

sinknorad31 karma

Could you draw the Reddit alien?

Also could you draw Morpheus (from the Sandman) with Batman :)

Edit: correction.

massivejoe79 karma

Reddit Alien to kick things off:

Theme song Boost here:

Darth_Hobbes18 karma

Do you watch Game of Thrones?

Do a heavy metal version of the main theme, and draw Eddard Stark, Jaime Lannister, Syrio Forel and Ser Barristan Selmy fighting Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Deathstroke.

massivejoe29 karma

Here it is!! with Game of Thrones theme song as interpreted by The Binges:

Darth_Hobbes11 karma

I try not to use this word often, but that is fucking epic.

massivejoe5 karma

Thanks! When we were sitting there in the garage it blew our ears off...seriously..The Binges had never heard that song before, and they sat there for 10 minutes listening to it, stood up, and ripped what you saw right was fantastic.

massivejoe4 karma

I don't watch Game of Thrones yet, but I am dying to get to it. I still have all the seasons of "The Wire" to see still. Man not enough time in the day!

LostKhance15 karma

How about Wolvie, Nightcrawler and Colossus drinking to the theme song "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith?

Digging AoM Escape, hope it's doing well. Ken R.

massivejoe22 karma

great request.... ...theme song

massivejoe2 karma

Ken, great request! Hope you liked it, you gave me a great excuse to draw my 3 favorite drinking buddy x-men shots. I've liked it since they took out Petey to show him that he was being a punk to Kitty.

bdubyageo14 karma

OK, so this is an odd drawing request (by my standards but not by Reddit standards). Could you please draw a picture of Robin-hood shooting travel-sized toiletries at homeless people using his bow?

It's for my girlfriends charity called "Robin-Hooding for the Homeless". She collects these travel sized toiletry items from people (who travel frequently for their jobs), and then sorts and donates them to local charities such as womens shelters, homeless veteran support groups, and other charitable organizations.

BTW, I grew up watching the 90's batman cartoon, and it is still the standard to which I will hold all future batman media. Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: I forgot to include a link for a theme song to go along with this request. Thanks again!

massivejoe29 karma

Robinhood: with theme song NOT performed by the rock band called The Binges...I repeat, it is NOT the was some other band...

triplejsoul11 karma

First off, Escape from Age of Monsters is AMAZING, so everyone go download it NOW!!!

My dream would be for you to draw my three favorite heroes in a killer action splash page hero shot for all time: He-Man, Superman, and Mike Allred's Madman!!!

I'd love to hear The Binges do a killer version of the He-Man theme song to go along with it!

Thanks so much for making this happen! Been a fan since the Kaboom days!!!

massivejoe2 karma

I'm glad you liked Kaboom, I have fond memories of sitting with Jeph Loeb coming up with wacky ideas for that book. You can see I'm obsessed with kids in enormous powerful gloves!

mithoviel8 karma

Let the Wookiee win! Cantina theme!

reccaikari8 karma

First Off, I love the Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in The Batman series!

Secondly, I am an Asian Male and I hate not having any Asian Male super heroes on both DC and Marvel. I think Sunfire from X-Men is an asshole and I think Shen Li Po on Checkmate was kinda cool, but he didn't do much. Amadeus Cho is kinda cool, but he's like an F-List Character. What is your take on Asian Super Heroes?

massivejoe4 karma

First, I agree there needs to be more likable asian characters, they do seem to be punks. I have always LOVED Sunfire's costume. But he wasn't the most likable guy. I'm going to have to make one up.

slockley8 karma

My oldest son's 5th birthday is in a few days. We're having a Mario-themed party. Would you draw Mario uppercutting Bowser? For theme music, I like the theme song to The Price Is Right.

Edit: Theme Song Link:

massivejoe31 karma

BOOM: with theme song, the rockingest version of Price is Right theme song: HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY SON OF SLOCKLEY!!!

shit_reddit_says2 karma

The theme to the Price is Right actually sounds pretty badass on electric guitar!

massivejoe1 karma

pretty much any song The Binges touch will sound badass...

adsi8 karma

a cat punching the pope? to "money for nothing" by Dire Straits thanks!

massivejoe13 karma

adsi you are like the sommelier of reddit...fine pairing my friend: and with music:

raven124567 karma

Any plans on releasing Escape from Age of Monsters for Android?

massivejoe7 karma

At some point we will, but we're focused on iOS for now.

pilkingtod7 karma

Hi Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for all that you've done throughout the years. I still remember the summer of 1996, eleven years old shopping with my family bored out of my mind in a local mall. Then I see the cover for X-Factor #123, and my mind was blown! I had no idea people could draw like this! Everything was so alive and full of energy, my brain couldn't take it! Anyway I just wanna say thanks-- that comic inspired me to start drawing and started a life long love affair with art.

Thanks man.

Anyway sorry had to get that off my chest :p

question: what really happened with Kaboom! ? I was so sad when I heard there would be no more issues, and to this day I always wanted to know how it ended.

request: could you please draw Sabretooth to Bjork's song Human Behaviour?

Thanks so much Jeff! You're awesome!!

massivejoe10 karma

wow, thanks for the kind words!!! that means a lot!!!

massivejoe2 karma

Thanks again for the kind words! SOrry I was so busy earlier I couldn't get to your reply in full. I'm glad you enjoyed the X-Factor run, I had a blast on those issues. I appreciate the fact that it inspired you to enjoy art more!

senator_mccarthy7 karma

How many people that worked on the Batman cartoon series did you suspect of belonging to the communist party?

massivejoe16 karma

we all know most redditors are communists, so this is the wrong place to discuss...let's talk offline.

massivejoe1 karma

2 or 3

[deleted]6 karma


massivejoe14 karma

Batman is happy: and he approves of the Rugrats theme song:

SeedyROM225 karma

Elvis Presley trapped in a toaster (Elvis Costello trapped in a waffle iron is also acceptable) to A little less conversation

massivejoe3 karma

HAHAHA I'm sad I ran out of time for this!

TheCanadianAsian4 karma

NANANANANANANANANA, draw a rhino riding NPH whilst holding the hammer of thor.

massivejoe13 karma

NPH is always a good call - since you didn't pick a theme song, we took the liberty to pick our own:

waldoRDRS2 karma

Darn, I really wanted it to be a Rhino riding NPH, and the rhino wielding the Hammer of Thor.

massivejoe5 karma

Turn your monitor upside down....two drawings for the price of one!

vulgomar3 karma

Possibly the best AMA I've ever seen. Thanks!

massivejoe1 karma

Thanks you!

noahconstrictor953 karma

Could you guys draw a picture of a Goomba stomping Mario, with the Super Mario Bros. 3 song?

qwestioner1012 karma

Can you draw Spiderman giving a right hook to Joker? Or vice versa? Also music to whatever

massivejoe1 karma

This happens in my dreams every night.

loserdesu2 karma

could you draw batman fighting wolverine. for the theme music can you make it saved by the bell

massivejoe1 karma

How did I miss this?!?!?

stopdropanddrumroll1 karma

What the heck are they shouting at the beginning of every video?

massivejoe2 karma

TURBOMODE!!!! it's from the should download it and check it out...i hear the guys who made the game are awesome and desperate..

willworkforicecream1 karma

I would like to see a fight between Batman and Deadpool, if that doesn't break some kind of DC/Marvel blood feud or something like that.

Also, I was watching Batman: The Animated Series earlier today. It was the episode where the evil computer HARDAC replaces people with robots. Still scares the crap out of me. Have you seen that episode, and what are your views on Batman: The Animated Series in general?

massivejoe1 karma

I love BTAS, it was a genre defining show, and I really enjoyed the designs and stories. Bruce Timm is incredible.

SealRover1 karma

i know im late, i dont care, this is awesome, im drunk, draw me han solo flirting with oliva wilde from tron. come on you know you want to

massivejoe1 karma

thanks! take another five shots, and when you wake up tomorrow morning pretend like you requested that game of thrones drawing...

[deleted]1 karma

What's your favorite type of dinosaur? Would you want it to be robotic, a cyborg, or all natural?

Also, drawing request aside, how'd you wind up as a creative director of something so big? Do you enjoy it? Any regrets about it?

massivejoe1 karma

no regrets, great crew, ridiculously fun environment, and playing with Batmans rogue's gallery was the best. And...Ankyosaurus, all natural.

mighteee1 karma

I wish I had an appropriately-themed question for you... Do you, by any chance, have the ability to draw a stormtrooper and luke skywalker playing mumbletypeg? (holy shit according to firefox I spelled mumbletypeg right!)

Do you guys get to work at all with voice actors or are all of the departments compartmentalized?

massivejoe2 karma

We would be in on the record to help direct the voice actors, since they are such a vital component to the show.

clubfooted1 karma

nice ad on all your drawings\

massivejoe2 karma

a man's gotta eat!

but seriously though, we feel a little sheepish about whoring out (but clearly not enough to prevent us from doing it!), but we're hoping that it's something redditors enjoy and get value out of...and we're a tiny indie studio literally working out of the garage in the video...i understand if you hate us, but please don't hate us for life.

Cameramanmanman1 karma

Link dueling Cloud with the Legend of Zelda main song behind it AKA this

massivejoe1 karma

Crap, how did I miss this too!!!