Hello, Reddit! I’m Gina Gershon. You might know me from movies like Bound or Showgirls or Face-off or TV shows like Riverdale or New Amsterdam. My newest project Rifkin’s Festival is out in theaters and on digital TODAY!

Here’s proof: https://i.redd.it/f37eu8637be81.png

Let’s do this - Ask Me Anything!

UPDATE - Thanks for stopping by today! This was my first time using Reddit and I had fun, but I’ve gotta run. Catch me in Rifkin’s Festival today!

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sircastic09609 karma

I really enjoyed your role as Melanie Hawkins on Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I think you were the most compelling and formidable villain they had on the show.

Follow-up, what does Andre Braugher smell like?

ginalgershon423 karma

i really had so much fun working on Brooklyn Nine-nine. To be honest, I'm sure he smells great, i just don't recall. Sandalwood would be a good guess! :)

TParis00ap471 karma

Do other people confuse you with Gina Gerson or is that just me?

Lord_Kano58 karma

Eva Mendes?

ginalgershon235 karma

people seem to get me and Eva confused. They often ask me if I'm Eva and they ask Eva if she's Gina. So we decided to just say that we're cousins. I really dig her.

samalynn398 karma

How does it feel to be Jenna Maroney's nemesis?

ginalgershon363 karma

Utterly fantastic.

Kristen8305382 karma

Bound was a big eye opener for me as a 13 yo who was coming to terms with her sexuality. Did you experience a lot of backlash back then for appearing in a 'gay' movie?

ginalgershon805 karma

As I answered earlier, I was strongly advised not to do this film, that it would destroy my career because I would be playing a lesbian. That being said, I felt very moved (and I still feel moved), when so many girls come up to me and share with me how it helped them come to terms with their sexuality. That makes me very happy.

erethangbagel353 karma

Is The Borderlands movie going to be as bat shit insane as it deserves to be?

ginalgershon399 karma

I certainly hope so! It was pretty bonkers shooting it.

Loves2watch324 karma

What was dating Roy Kent like?

ginalgershon385 karma

he was alright. I'd rather date Ted.

33Fanste33251 karma

When working on Curb , is it true that everything is improvised?

ginalgershon543 karma

Absolutely. You're basically just told what's supposed happen in the scene and you take it from there. I.e. "Walk into the cleaners and flirt with Larry."

mermaidrampage180 karma

What was working with Nic Cage like on Face/Off?

ginalgershon338 karma

I've worked with Nick on several projects now and i always enjoy the process. I love and admire nick as an actor and as a human being. I love how bold his choices are and that he really goes for it.

Strout14136 karma

Can you look at fried chicken drumsticks the same after Killer Joe?

ginalgershon187 karma

Sadly, no. I was traumatized by that movie so it ruined my relationship with my beloved chicken drumstick.

mystiquetur107 karma

Hi Gina. Love your work. Especially Bound. Checking out Rifkin’s Festival today.

Out of all the productions you’ve been a part of and characters you’ve portrayed, do you have a favorite and why?

ginalgershon309 karma

I have several favorites for different reasons. Since you mentioned Bound, I'll talk about that. it's one of my favorites not only because it's a brilliant movie but i was proud of myself for not listening to any of the advice i was given, which was basically not to do the movie. Most people said it would ruin my career, I even left my agents because of it and I'm super happy that I did it.

TripleJeopardy351 karma

Gina, you have played a number of confident, aggressive women in roles - someone who doesn't take any shit off anyone. I've noticed that Liev Schreiber has played similar roles, but out of character he seems very calm, reserved, and not like those characters at all.

How does your everyday demeanor compare with the characters you played in movies and TV like Face/Off (Sasha), Showgirls (Cristal), or Rescue Me (Valerie).

Do you bring your natural self to these roles and that's why we have seen you in that type of character frequently or do you think you had success playing those strong characters early and there may have been a sense of type casting - Gina is great at that so let's cast her?

ginalgershon93 karma

the closest Ive ever actually come to playing "myself" is in Rifkin's Festival and it was a bit strange for me to be honest. Having said that, with every character I've played, something either attracts or repels me. In either case, it's interesting to me as an actor and as a human being to explore that. What I try to actualize is something universal - whether it's conscious or not. As human beings, we are all flawed and I'm lucky that I get to examine that through acting.

KRXQ41 karma

How do you feel being referenced on NOFX's "Creeping Out Sara"?

ginalgershon48 karma

that's cool

NessLeonhart41 karma

What’s your favorite crazy Hollywood story that you’ve been involved in?

ginalgershon69 karma

oh my God, there have been so many. You'll have to buy my book after I write it!

Murder_Ballads29 karma

I’ve always heard you’re good friends with Bob Dylan, and that you visited the studio during the sessions of his last album. How did that friendship develop?

ginalgershon68 karma

he was my sparring partner when I used to box.

fuck_off_ireland26 karma

How was working with Bobby Lee? Did you guys have any particularly funny or fun moments together in Hungary?

ginalgershon51 karma

bobby lee and i just met on the set of Borderlands and since then, I'm happy to say we have had some funny times on set and off.

Norva22 karma

Hello! Big fan!

How was working on Eastbound & Down? Love that show!

ginalgershon44 karma

any time they ask me to come and play, i say yes and I always have a great time!

darkisright19 karma


ginalgershon33 karma

that would be my dream! i just finished a playboy podcast that will be coming out in a few months based on the playboy interviews from the 70's. Look out for it - you'll like it.

tDCS_20Mins_PerDay16 karma

Hey there Gina!! I've been a huge fan of yours, ever since Cocktail!!! What's your best advice for keeping your memory sharp when you're on set? Do you do anything specific?

ginalgershon38 karma

make sure you get enough sleep, meditate during lunch and pace your coffee intake.

mensurz14 karma

Hi, Gina. First of all, thank you for all the great work. You’re probably one of the most risk-taking actresses of our time. Your auteur resume is incredible: Verhoeven, Friedkin, Schrader, Altman, Mann, Sayles, Assayas, Hill, Wachowskis, and now Woody. What other director would you want to collaborate with? Also there were some reports claimed you’re in “Don’t Look Up”. Did your scene get cut out or you were never in it?

ginalgershon53 karma

Sadly, my scene with Cate Blanchett and Leo got cut out. The director Adam McKay said he had to cut out about an hour from the movie. The scene was great but that's showbiz! There are several other directors I'd love to collaborate with - to name a few: Guilermo del Toro, Paolo Sorrentino, Bong Joon-ho, Wong Kar-wai, Paul Thomas Anderson, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen just to name of few.

denimlikethejean11 karma

Are you bingeing any good shows right now? Love your work btw!

ginalgershon54 karma

finished squid game -- loved it. loved this French series called Marianne and now binging on the original Danish tv series, The Killing.

h4ck3r3000d1no11 karma

What is your favorite cheese?

ginalgershon30 karma

mozzarella when i'm sitting next to the sea in italy.

Globetrotbedhop11 karma

When you were ten years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? If you could meet yourself as a child, what advice would you give?

ginalgershon37 karma

When I was 10 years old I wanted to be a hit lady. My advice to me would be, don't. Choose a different career.

briefcasefullofbacon9 karma

Showers or baths?

ginalgershon23 karma


DeadWorks3 karma

Were you Beardo or Baddo? I’d love to hear about that album/those days…

ginalgershon8 karma

I was Baddo and Leroy Powell was Beardo. we wrote that album around a kitchen table - we had a lot of laughs it was super fun!