Still plugging along 4/3/12


Just pumped out another 3 images. They were fun and creative. This community sure knows how to upvote some awesome stuff! Be back later tonight to throw a few more up!


Wow, I've gotten more messages in the past 24 hours then I have in my entire life on the internetz. It's really humbling to know so many of you like this stuff. Thank you so much for the love and support. I drew one more this morning before headed off to my day job, and it's posted below. I also plan to come back tonight and knock a few more out. Thank you again. Also don't forget to check out the kickstarter for my latest book!



I never expected this amount of attention. And some people say I've bit off more than I can chew. But do you know what insanity wolf says: bite off more than you can chew... Then chew it! I will get all of these done eventually and I'll work on them every day. Might even be a book in this somewhere. We'll see. But in the meantime, I need to get some sleep. I'll be back tomorrow and like I said before, I will answer you, so if you asked a question or made a request, please wait, I will get to you. Thanks!!!

Some people have asked about hiring me and yes, of course I am a working illustrator and am interested in new work always. If you have a paying project you would like to discuss please PM me your contact information.

Thank you!!!


Front page! Are you serious! Thank you so much. I promise no one will be left behind. Even if it takes me all week I will try and finish every request. I am also trying to read and reply to every single comment. I had no idea I'd get so much love. But I love all of you and I promise that when I say AMA or AMTDA, that I will answer!!!

PS, here is me back at work working on my current request!



Thank you so much everyone for the support. This has been overwhelmingly supportive. I love all of your requests and I can't wait to finish them all. (yes even if it takes me a while I will get every single one done) And I just want to remind all of you that my book is up for a kickstarter @ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/littlechef/little-chefs-at-the-lemonade-stand Please take a look.

I will reply to every single comment in this thread if it's the last thing I do. I am going to take a bit of time for dinner now, but keep the requests coming.

Hi! My name is Leah Ferne Reed. I am an illustrator (so far of children's books) I've also taken home second prize in the Sacramento Anime/Manga contest. Currently, the author of my current book has a kick starter going to promote and fund the book. I'm just trying to help out by giving it some attention. I am also answering any questions you might have about promoting through kick starter, drawing in general, or anything else that I can help with .

I don't know if anyone would want to ask me anything, but I'd be happy to draw all of your requests. I hope if you like what you'll see you'll check out the kickstarter.


Verification (if it's even needed)



And the kick starter


Currently working on:

Taking a break


The Reddit alien wearing a hoodie! http://i.imgur.com/6lPBj.jpg

A chicken dressed as Batman riding a velociraptor. http://i.imgur.com/3jSzN.jpg

A tomato doing terrible stand up comedy with little people being thrown at it by other tomatoes http://i.imgur.com/v6eoZ.jpg

Squirrel in a Top hat and cane, riding a cheetah http://i.imgur.com/2jZ6B.jpg

English Bulldog dressed as a pirate and drinking rum. http://i.imgur.com/HIx08.jpg

my cats wearing mega man armor http://i.imgur.com/ZALv0.jpg

a rock band. Brock on drums, Misty on bass, Ash on guitar and Professor Oak on vocals. http://i.imgur.com/koxAk.jpg

Can I get a picture of this guy, Rick Grimes, handcuffing this little bastard, Carl Grimes, to a radiator in his room with the caption, "STAY IN THE FUCKING HOUSE!". http://i.imgur.com/jCn18.jpg

Gandhi and Squidward having a walk in the park holding hands http://i.imgur.com/A42Qt.jpg

barak obama fisting michelle bachmann http://i.imgur.com/gijR6.jpg

2 skyscrapers with one leaning into the other to tell him a dumb secret as people fall out of the windows? http://i.imgur.com/i1XOK.jpg

a bunch of clowns storming the beach of normandy! http://i.imgur.com/Sedkb.jpg

A woolly mammoth trying to squeeze into skinny jeans! http://i.imgur.com/CBTpt.jpg

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osik752 karma

I would like to see a chicken dressed as Batman riding a velociraptor.

Vallomay1403 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

LetMeShopThat4u624 karma

Vallomay187 karma


osik517 karma

Holy fuck that's amazing. Yeah, 100 votes or not that's getting permanently put on my body.

Vallomay222 karma

Lol, thank you!

Vallomay79 karma

Sounds good. I'll see what I can pull off!

Vallomay75 karma

I'm on it!!!

Mattshere25 karma

You need to get that regardless dude. Good job Leah

Vallomay63 karma

Thanks :)

LittleRedditor488 karma

Here's something...Gandhi and Squidward having a walk in the park holding hands.

Vallomay148 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

totalrecarl452 karma

How about a tomato doing terrible stand up comedy with little people being thrown at it by other tomatoes?

Vallomay794 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

totalrecarl134 karma

Fantastic. Thank you for indulging my terrible joke.

Vallomay152 karma

That's why I'm here :)

I_AM_A_COMMA51 karma

if i ever decide to surrender to the Facebook Timeline Nazis, could i please have your permission to use that image as my cover photo?

Vallomay75 karma

Only if you send me a screen shot! :)

Pottle148 karma

I'm using this as my new desktop wallpaper.

Vallomay73 karma

=) Thanks!

NaughtieFap39 karma

Seriously. Me too. I do stand up (or at least tell myself I do) and am in love with this drawing. Could I buy a color rendition of it from you?

PM me if this is possible?

Vallomay33 karma


smiling_stranger27 karma

Thats so good,i love the tomatoes reaction

Vallomay52 karma

They are not happy lol

Vallomay50 karma

Hahaha, that sounds good, I'll see what I can do.

SaggyBallsHD364 karma

Can I get a picture of this guy, Rick Grimes, handcuffing this little bastard, Carl Grimes, to a radiator in his room with the caption, "STAY IN THE FUCKING HOUSE!".

Vallomay279 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

jamesywamesy312 karma

I always wanted to see a rock band. Brock on drums, Misty on bass, Ash on guitar and Professor Oak on vocals.

Vallomay431 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

Vallomay194 karma

Professor oak is such a lady killer!!! This will be done!

smiling_stranger256 karma

Your stuff so far is awesome!how bout 2 skyscrapers with one leaning into the other to tell him a dumb secret as people fall out of the windows?

Vallomay111 karma

Lol okay.

Vallomay15 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

Bluest_waters245 karma

barak obama fisting michelle bachmann

Vallomay262 karma

Oh my... I'll... I'll see what I can do.

Vallomay32 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

BrazenBull208 karma

The Reddit alien wearing a hoodie!

Vallomay514 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

BrazenBull61 karma

Amazing! Faster than I expected and much, much better quality than I could've hoped for! I'll leave this to someone else to post and bask in the upvote glory.

Vallomay83 karma

You are one of the good ones!

Vallomay37 karma

I'm on it!!!

PezXCore206 karma

It would be fucking awesome if you could draw my cats wearing mega man armor. I know that's a long shot, but here's a pic of them and I would love you forever and buy every thing you ever fucking do.


Vallomay395 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

PezXCore219 karma

This is seriously the best gift anyone has ever given me in my entire life. I am so damn thankful right now. You are the best.

Backing the kickstarter immediately. Everyone should do the same.

Vallomay45 karma

Thank you so much!

suricatta7958 karma

That is just beyond awesome. I think you're the most talented artist to front up a "I'll draw anything" thread here on reddit.

Vallomay58 karma

Thank you.. gonna make me cry...

Vallomay88 karma

Only cause you said that I'm going to start selling solid gold cars after I draw this lol, jk. But yes, I can make this happen.

Vallomay33 karma

I'm on it!

Mattshere204 karma

Alright Jon, ill see your chicken and ill raise you a squirrel in a Top hat and cane, riding a cheetah, same deal.

Vallomay495 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

Vallomay46 karma

I'm on it!

Vallomay44 karma


gilly9209201 karma

a bunch of clowns storming the beach of normandy!

Vallomay117 karma

The greatest generation... of clowns. Ha... I'll try.

Vallomay16 karma

And boom goes the dynamite!


[deleted]175 karma


Vallomay152 karma

So... me trying to squeeze into skinny jeans! lol. I'll do what I can :)

[deleted]57 karma


Vallomay74 karma

Awww, thanks

[deleted]125 karma

Morgan Freeman in a sun dress playing the piano for a crowd of love struck snails?

Vallomay47 karma

id be love struck too!

[deleted]92 karma


Vallomay75 karma

NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!!! IN THAT CASE I'll try my best :)

ShpongleHead77 karma

Every time I see an AMTDA I always ask for the samething! I'm always interested in seeing someone depict Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. Gonzo in the fire apple red convertible! But no one has done it yet! :/

Vallomay88 karma

"Buy the ticket, take the ride" You'll have it this time.

hippopippopotamus75 karma

Could you please draw a sloth driving a convertible, pulled over and getting a speeding ticket?

Vallomay59 karma

The law is the law Mr. Sloth, no exceptions!

WhatWouldJohnWayneDo66 karma

I would like to see an English Bulldog dressed as a pirate and drinking rum.

Vallomay172 karma


And boom goes the dynamite!

Vallomay27 karma

Oh, so that's where the rum has gone! Sure, that sounds good.

Vallomay22 karma

I'm on it!

gilly920966 karma

could you please draw for me pikachu and the reedit alien dueling with lightsabers ?

Vallomay87 karma

There can be only one?

Yes I know that's from highlander before I get mobbed with downvotes. :)

gilly920913 karma

oh wow! haha yay, surprise me =] i didn't actually expect you to reply haha

Vallomay40 karma

I will reply to everything in this AMA.. And maybe, just maybe a few people will check out my kickstarter :)

beefstick8665 karma

Can you draw a picture of you drawing a picture of you drawing a picture of yourself?

It may be time consuming... but it would be awesome to see!!

Vallomay27 karma

I shall try :)

ceanders44 karma

Can you draw JFK fighting Nixon with lightsabers?

Vallomay40 karma

I'm seeing a recurring theme in the requests.. lol. I shall try.

Conky_43 karma

An elephant attempting to open an ice cream sandwich wrapper (with obvious difficulty)

Vallomay21 karma

Lol, sounds cute.

donuts2242 karma

A Donut eating a cop

Vallomay60 karma

Irony wont be the only thing that's delicious.

m3ntale3635 karma

A cat smoking a cigarette riding on the backseat of a motorcycle while a pig is driving.

Vallomay107 karma

Believe it or not, I've actually been asked to draw something very similar to this a while ago...


beingversatile35 karma

Please draw Deadpool from Marvel and Trunks from DBZ sitting across from each other in a restaurant booth eating cereal with their swords at their sides. That would be awesome.

Vallomay31 karma

Lol, only if deadpool lets me :)

kungfukats6931 karma

My username, 69 kung fu kats.

Vallomay33 karma

This... Will be interesting. [kungfukats69]

favorite_joke29 karma

As a children's book illustrator, what is your favorite child appropriate joke?

Vallomay136 karma

A fish swims into a wall. Dam.

d-nj28 karma

I'd like to see a taco dancing with a burrito.

Vallomay83 karma

Taco taco... burrito burrito. taco taco!

RoboNinjaPirate27 karma

A Lego Minifig version of Hello kitty.

Vallomay27 karma

That sounds too cute, I'll see what I can do!

ASlutPuppy26 karma

request: a slut puppy. uh, doesn't have to be NSFW.

Vallomay28 karma

Lol, okay, A slut puppy you shall have!

final_count_down23 karma

the reddit alien as a dog?

Vallomay21 karma

smells like a winner!

[deleted]21 karma

How did you become an illustrator? Are you entirely self-taught or did you go to school?

Vallomay37 karma

I did study art in school and college, but for the most part self taught. Just trial and error. I learned to draw anime from Ben Dunn's books on the subject and I just drew my favorite animes at the time. Mostly now I learn on my own by practice. I find my clients on craig's list or through referrals. And that's basicly how that came to be!

Mugiwara0418 karma

Wow your style is really versatile! I am torn between the Squirrel riding the cheetah and the chicken-batman riding the raptor as my favourites.

And if you're not tired of this yet, I would love to see Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, reading a book out loud, with some kind of gestures for effect... but the book is upside down? (Maybe he's "reading" Lilo a bedtime story)

Vallomay19 karma

One of my favorite movies. I'll see what I can do... And thank you :)

mwuhahaha14 karma

Wooo... could you draw a fancy looking tiger having tea with a princess zebra on the back of a large turtle that's clearly made of candy? Either that or Santorum with pompoms.

Vallomay18 karma

That's a tough choice to choose from. I shall do my best!

Keisaku12 karma

Howabout a Camel Drinking a Coke please pretty please!

Vallomay11 karma

Always cocacola!

Shellshock66612 karma

How bout a Viking in running shoes winning a race after he just murdered the competition?? I like to run races but I look like a viking. Just would like to see how it would look in your mind. How long have you been drawing? Your stuff is great.

Vallomay17 karma

Sure, that sounds fun. I have been drawing all of my 30... some years of life. Even as a very young child. I started with horses. Progressed into nature. Moved on into Anime. Then expanded into everything else. It's what I love, and I'm glad you like it.