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A lot of folks try to game the Spotify list process, since it’s so important for discovering new music and breaking out as an artist now. Did you have any kind of strategy/approach that led to this, or was it mostly organic?

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A few months ago Spotify started a tool in the spotify for artists program where you can pitch your new release to their team. Through that i was able to get into a big and two smaller official playlists. I think that was the part that matters the most

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I know earnings are not high but i never thought i would earn even a penny from my music. You are right, the system really needs a big overhaul to pay independent artists more fairly.

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Hey actually just a big fan of your music, I don't even remember how I found your music but I do know the first track I heard of yours was, "Temple of Eternity". I even used the album art as my phones wallpaper for a while!

What would be the best way to support you? I couldn't find a patreon or anything like that.

Keep being awesome!

dumar195964 karma

Thanks a lot, this makes me so happy to hear =D I do not have a Patreon. But i will think about it, maybe i do that in the future. For now i think listening to my music and sharing with others is the best support you can give me =)

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This is more music production related, what are your go to vsts and plugins and how did you teach yourself to produce?

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I only use vst, no hardware (exept my midi keyboard and audio interface) My favorite virtual synth are massive, sylenth1 and serum

When i first started with 14 i just played around and mixed elements that fits together for my ear. When internet came up i watched a lot of tutorials or livestreams where you can also ask questions

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I think I listened to one from you, “Aether” iirc? I know it was one that you posted on here within the last few months.

Wasn’t really my cup of tea (synth isn’t majorly in my wheelhouse) but objectively it seemed good.

What made you get into the business in the first place I guess? I always wonder if there’s a catalyst moment that does it for someone or what exactly occurs.

dumar19598 karma

I made techno-like music first and somehow i ended up making this music. I did not knew there was a whole genre for this.

I always was a big fan of synth scores, maybe that lead me.

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so is the strategy to just pray you get on one of the big spotify playlists?

dumar195924 karma

You defiantly need a big potion of luck

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Who are your biggest influences/favourite artists in synthwave?

dumar195912 karma

I love chill synth, artists like Home, Forhill or Rosentwig

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Wow. Big fan of ur music. What are your biggest influence for your unique music?

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I think it is a combination of some media i consume. From surreal art of dali and movies of Bunuel to scifi soundtracks of like Blade Runner.

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what DAW do you use?

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yes it´s ableton =)

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Congrats mate! So happy for your success and to see how fast you are growing! Do you do all the graphic design or do you have a team to help you with the marketing strategy? Do you have any advice to give that you wish you had been given when you were starting out?

dumar195912 karma

I do about 50% of the graphic design, the other part i buy from other artists.

I do not have a team, i do everything alone. From marketing, producing and mixing / mastering.

Best advice is keep your music your vision. Bring quality but do not change your music just because there is a trend that tent to go the other direction.

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Any recommedations for getting into creating your own music via keyboard and software? (As a private hobby)

dumar19597 karma

Yes, when you start try out a music software before spending much money. Ableton for example has a trail where you can test out their full software. Mostly free or cheap music making software lakes somewhere.

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Software / Hardware you use?

dumar19595 karma

I only use software. Maybe someday i will get a sweet 80s synth, but those are damn expensive

rsplatpc4 karma

I only use software

You don't have a MIDI keyboard?

dumar19596 karma

Yes a midi keyboard and an audio interface. Everything else is software

rsplatpc4 karma

Yes a midi keyboard and an audio interface

What keyboard and interface do you use?

dumar19598 karma

For the keyboard it is a small akai pro and UR 22mk II audio interface

RecoveryEmails4 karma

Hey! First off, thanks for the hours and hours of amazing driving music. I use your songs in every one of my commute and distance driving playlists (will be 4 hours today!)

I think you’re a massive artist and could benefit from a wider audience. Have you had any approaches from “formal” music channels like record companies or agents? Are you interested in that?

Thanks again!

dumar19595 karma

I actually have to thank YOU. To know others enjoy and putting music on their playlist is such a great feeling.

I did not get contacted by other music channels or companies yet. I wrote to some but only got down puts (most of the time you did not even get an answer, but that´s what it is)

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Eyy that's pretty good stuff!What programs do you use?

dumar19593 karma

I use ableton together with some VSTs like serum or sylenth1

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Your music is really interesting!! I could totally imagine it in a game, especially weird reality warping ones haha. Have you ever thought about something like that? :D

dumar19593 karma

Thanks! I would LOVE to do a soundtrack for a game =D

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Thanks for taking the time to have this AMA. Since ads on social are quite different for music than other conventional businesses, I was just wondering about your approach to social media? Do you run ads to drive traffic to your spotify or do you rely only on organic traffic from playlists?

dumar19593 karma

I did not run any ads on social media yet, i heard that it is not worth the money.

I think organic and growing normal, (using keywords and such) is better when you start.

vrgorrilla1 karma

Interesting. Thanks for the insight. Where would you rather invest your money in if ads are not the best avenue?

dumar19592 karma

I would say a music video with your own vision. That is what i do next.

Or a pro photoshooting. I do not have that cause i am shy haha, but i would recommend that 100% if you show your face

clairvoyantbat1 karma

How long did it take you to reach your first 100k monthly listeners?

dumar19593 karma

It took some months. But that was very quick, i know that. Had a lot of luck to get added to some bigger playlists

liamemsa1 karma

What genre would you classify your music as? I've been trying to guess from the album artwork aesthetic.

dumar19592 karma

Hard to say, i make some 80s inspired songs (synthwave / retrowave), but in general i would say lo-fi electronic music.

Tovell1 karma

I always wanted to start small music related project as I am a big retrowave fan. Any tips how to go about it with no music industry experience?

dumar19593 karma

If you have no exp, you should get some basics (from youtube for example, there are great tutorials) With that basics you can discover on your own and develop your own style

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Sorry, but i mean there are game devs and other creative people posting, i thought it would fit here aswell