Hi Reddit- I'm Greg Porn, an MC from Philadelphia. You may have heard my work as a solo artists, or in my work on The Roots albums, including3 tracks on the critically acclaimed 2011 release, undun. Also, i have been on the Roots album, how i got over and rising down.

I'm here to share my work, my life, and my story with you.

Thanks for all the love. This has been a lot of fun! Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to find out about new stuff, and look for a brand new track on the Bon Rappetite mixtape coming out next month.

Talk with me @porndmc!

Oh, proof, if you need it.

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greatexpectations28182 karma

soooo, porn is your family name?

IamGregPorn150 karma

hell no lol my mom doesnt even curse lol

greatexpectations2839 karma

haha, then i'm sure she is very proud of your work...

IamGregPorn93 karma

she is on the low lol

sperdoj23 karma

So your last name is actually Spearman... I'll be the one to ask then: where did you get your name from? Why did you switch your name from P.O.R.N. to Greg Porn?

IamGregPorn55 karma

ok i hate that acrynem shit that was an atempt to help ppl google me Porn is my nickname on the streets it started as joke and just stuck ppl dont even know i rap call me tht and my full rap moniker is gregory allen porn lol

ArniePie131 karma

Not a question, just have to say Undun is an awesome album. You guys packed more amazing lyrics in 45 min than most MCs rap in their whole career.

IamGregPorn98 karma

that was the goal thank u

schneebaybay113 karma

How awesome is Questlove?

IamGregPorn149 karma

absolute genuis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! andd funny as hell

IamGregPorn108 karma

i have to go record now so if u have any ? ill b here same time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanx for your time

robobot82 karma

Would love to see a Roots/Madlib collab in 2012. Any chance you can make it happen?

IamGregPorn93 karma


howNowBrownSow53 karma

Your verse on "I Can't Help It" is sick. That is all.

ArniePie69 karma

I never said I'm ready to die, but I accept it, Never said I"m ready for war, but I'm protected, I don't even know when it's coming but I expect it, Lost thoughts innocent hopes an now I'm left with Nervous conditions, addictions, in addition To vixens that mixed in to the wrong crowd, My life is on a flight that going down, My mother had an abortion for the wrong child, With the time I felt loved, that's gone now, That's replaced with purples rays some storm clouds, Misery love Misery, so why make friends let's make enemies, An now I got a habit that's wasn't meant for me, Now I'm in a marriage that wasn't meant to be, One more reason to change identity, The cars, the crime, K's, penalties.

One of my favorites as well.

IamGregPorn94 karma

damn i havent heard that in years it feels surreal to say i wrote that thank u for that

IamGregPorn67 karma

if u knew how many ppl tied to remove that verse lol but it was jay z's fav off that album also

ArniePie25 karma

If they tried to remove a verse that good, I have to imagine you've got some great verses that have never been included in an album.

Can you share some of your favorites that never made it in?

IamGregPorn213 karma

my mother had a baby the baby came wit a sicknes the sicknes the sumthin viscious malicious devil delishes trysts hotter than pisses with misses wit poisen kisses snakes wit out hisses witches sexy submissive, scammin and schemin dreamin swayin and swervin slurrrin flirtin wit murkin myself who wanna help

Zippy_The_Chimp12 karma

what do you mean tried to remove that verse? As in they wanted it to be featured on their song instead? Also that verse was fucking dope

IamGregPorn49 karma

as in i am a group of the dopest lyricist you will ever meet and the challenge yyou its hoow we stay dope

t-why42 karma

On undun, you rapped as part of a larger narrative and concept. How was writing your verses for that project different than writing other verses? Were you part of planning the overall concept of undun or did the band plan it out and bring you in to rap your specific role?

IamGregPorn48 karma

my verses on undun r more evolved than the previous works and i was used to bounce ideas off of for the concept with tariq and ? and u audition for roles like those

hexualsealings42 karma

what do you think about up-and-comer rap crews such as A$AP and oddfuture? do you see them as talented kids or snot nosed punks? love the roots. pass the popcorn. yep.

IamGregPorn91 karma

i am a supporter of youth movements without them society would become redundant so asap has a vibe that is invigorating and oddfuture is sickly talented

Wexican1238 karma

How much "trouble" did you and The Roots get in for the michele bachmann thing on Jimmy Fallon? Also what is it like working on the show?

IamGregPorn61 karma

they got a stern talkin to lol i just work on the albums

mofovo38 karma

Sup Greg, can I get some feedback on some beats I produced?


IamGregPorn154 karma

i like the hitman the most and they all had a good vibe

creativebaconmayhem28 karma

Damn, I've been a Roots fan forever. How I Got Over was one of my favorite CDs to paint to last year. I'm just now getting into undun. What song have you done in your career that was the hardest to write/record? What line recently have you done that you are most proud of? What kind of lines do you draw between your real life and what you put on a record?

IamGregPorn25 karma

first this album was the hardest one of them all and stomp was the most challenging second the line im most proud of " hardy har har, jokes on u dog, tell the world to kiss my blue balls, cuz i dont give a fuck" lol i right like im watching my life on tv or the net or puppet shit and then i report on it in song form lol

ArniePie14 karma

Fuck getting fuck Immaculate conception Now what’s beef ain’t even a question Calico kisses, cold blood and crime tape Flirt with death every night it’s a blind date One night stand paybacks a bitch Shit have you skinny dipping in a pool of your piss Blood sweat and tears broken teeth and spit Put the barrel in your mouth Blow the devil a kiss Put the knife in ya back cut down to the red meat Daddy should’ve let me be a stain on the bed sheets I’m one shot short of a Molotov cocktail Kick in the door like welcome to my world I’m an evil genius when it comes to this dumb shit Half of the time ima keep it one hundred Don’t play chicken when I’m driving them crazy Get hit in the wing thigh breast or drumstick We like<

How long does it typically take you to write something like this?

IamGregPorn19 karma

depends that was me learning that style so it took me a few days to perfect it but now i can do it in a few hours

localsomal5624 karma

how do you feel about were hip hop is right now and were do you see it in the future?

IamGregPorn41 karma

i like hip hop now its evolving into sumthing else tho like a mesh of the future and past and singing i c it becoming more segregated and at the same time more definitive

FrancisDollarHyde22 karma

I don't know who you are, so what tracks would you like to recommend me to listen to?

IamGregPorn53 karma

i cant help it, the otherside, singing man, radio daze, walk alone or go to gregpornmusic.com and hear me rant about all sorts of decadence lol

silverbackjack22 karma

Have you ever taken crack while fucking a midget dressed as a t rex?

IamGregPorn42 karma

who takes crack lol and no i never dresseed as a t rex lol

americanslang5919 karma

What is it like working with ?uestlove? Dude seems like a character.

IamGregPorn26 karma

he is, when im fortunate enuff to work with hime its an electricity in the room the synergy is amazing

AbsurdWebLingo19 karma

Whenever I google you I get really distracted.

IamGregPorn26 karma

try greg porn u should get redistracted lol

caffeineTX18 karma

Thank you, How I Got Over was my favorit album to drop in 2010 as well as Shabbazz Palaces double lp.

IamGregPorn25 karma

never heard shabbazz palaces i will check it out

caffeineTX17 karma

its one of the guys from Digable Planets solo projects, raps over some really cool abstract beats. If you are looking into him check the song Gunbeat Falls (one of my favorites) off the s/t and the album Black Up released last year.

anywhose, keep making awesome music. the roots really have to a large extent saved R&B/rap imo with an actual band that plays real music and mc's with meaningful and intelligent lyrics/themes, I don't see much of that anymore within the rap genre, atleast from the popular crap that is spewed out for the sheep masses.

caffeineTX10 karma

also, your reply made my day. thanks

IamGregPorn30 karma

thank uuuuuuu bro i will chk that

[deleted]15 karma

Let me just say I searched your name on google images to see exactly who you were and I got gay porn among pictures of the whole Roots crew.

I'm stupid.

Edit- Question: Were you featured in the "Roots watch 2 girls one cup" youtube video?

IamGregPorn27 karma

uh heeeelellllllllllllllllllll nnooooooooo lol

IamGregPorn3 karma

o google greg porn and u should b able to avoid that gay porn prob lol

meluvulongtime15 karma

Thanks for the AMA A few Questions:

  1. How/when did you get the moniker?

  2. What is your favorite roots song that you're on, and favorite that you're not on?

  3. What/who did you listen to growing up, any artists that historically have influenced you?

  4. If you're not listening to hip hop are there other specific genres/artists you like?

IamGregPorn54 karma

i got caught eating a girl out at a homey house and it started as joke and stuck ppl call me porn and have no idea i rap lol around the way i listend to prince, nas, big, nore slick rick jada wu, jay, riq, mos, nirvana, audio slave, p e, and i luv frank ocean, mia, adele, sum dream, eminem, and i reallly fux wit alot of indie rock but i get so busy i dont get a chance to look em up

kazakhpimp13 karma

Hey Greg, thanks for doing this AMA. Long-time fan. You and the Roots are incredible. How long have you worked with ?uest and BlackThought? Are y'all friends? Do you have anything planned for 2012 or 2013? Love you man, thanks again.

IamGregPorn24 karma

thank u, i am incredible no no i kid im really a self consciouus ocd prefectionist so i never think i am good enuff and i have known those guys for 20 years the last 7 or 8 closely and we r fam in 2012 i planned to put out music til everybody starts talking about me on twitter trending topic lol

gr00ve8813 karma

I LOVE UNDUN! Listened to the free pre-release you guys had online three times, then bought it the day it was released. Such a powerful album, incredible vocals and meaningful lyrics. Job well done.

IamGregPorn18 karma

thankkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

dhaft8812 karma

Favorite cheesesteak spot?

Also: what's good bro

IamGregPorn21 karma

im good and jims steaks or larrys

shanedabassman12 karma

What's your favorite bassline?

IamGregPorn22 karma

the one on singing man, right off the back oh and all in the music

TajPo12 karma

What's it like workin with phonte?

IamGregPorn23 karma

he is super super kool me and him will always b good

unknownfy2411 karma

do you wear a bluetooth headset?

IamGregPorn26 karma

no those r for snobs lol i kid i kid but no they look a little to obvious

DCH101310 karma

Whats the craziest expierence you've had on tour?

IamGregPorn38 karma

got paid in drinks and got so drunk i forgot all my words lol

scalzo199 karma

I saw you guys when you came to Ottawa for bluesfest this past summer. I had no idea who you guys were but after the performance I was a fan! Just wanted to say you guys are awesome.

IamGregPorn19 karma

thank uuuuuuuuuuuu

bobaf9 karma

No questions, just wanted to say in a fan! Thanks for the music!

IamGregPorn14 karma

thank uuuuuuuuuuuu

NGRoachClip8 karma

It's great to have you answering questions! I've been listening to the Roots for a long time now. Two questions 1. What is your process for writing a verse? Does it largely depend on the song you're hopping on or is it a situation where I hear J. Cole talking about how a lot of his raps were written years before he put them to a record. 2. What was it like working with Black Thought? Is he as unreal live and in the studio as he sounds on the record?

Thanks, you make great music

IamGregPorn15 karma

thank u and tariq is a monster talent live and studio, my process starts with me listening to the beat and coming up with a melody and then a perspective based offf the vibe the melody and beat then i block out my surroundings and wa la and i have a million rymes all over the place i draw from if i need to

subtleWASP8 karma

Would The Roots ever consider a follow-up to "Double Trouble" with Mos? I've always imagined some insane song with The Roots x Black Star (Mos + Talib Kweli). What's Black Thought like in real life? And most importantly, when can we expect announcements for THE ROOTS PICNIC 2012!?!?!? Keep reppin Philly, brother. We love ya!

IamGregPorn12 karma

i never say never as long as the track is right i can c thought and mos doin it and he is kool as shit and aroound may early april for those announcements

BunnyMcintosh7 karma

How old were you when you started writing?

IamGregPorn19 karma


bwilkz7 karma

Hey man, what's your favorite Black Thought verse where you were just like "God damn this dude blacked out"

IamGregPorn15 karma

its to many to name

tnuts4207 karma

who are your top 5 favorite all-time lyricists? any popular rappers right now that you feel have no business making music? are the roots as cool as they seem (huge fan)? what was it like working on Rampart?

IamGregPorn17 karma

nas, mos, chuck d, fab, riq and i think everyone should make music who can predict the future and the roots r cooler than they seem lol i luv them they r by far the coolest world famous ppl u will ever meet and i wasnt their for the ramport movie

t-why7 karma

Also, are the Money Making Jam Boys dropping anything new this year? I love the mixtape you released last year. Thanks for doing this AMA.

IamGregPorn12 karma

thank u and yes we will b dropping in may or maybe sooner depending on schedule

[deleted]7 karma


IamGregPorn11 karma

xibit "thiss is it now"

HermanCain696 karma

What was it like working with big krit, I know you weren't on the track "make my" with him. but i think the kid has so much talent and soul comin outta mississippi and bringin southern hip hop back to its roots

IamGregPorn12 karma

i was there for post production and part of the decision pprocess in making the song and he was more than wat we asked for super dope

fredcai66 karma

First off, Undun is amazing. My favorite track is Stomp, since you guys use Derrick Moore's motivational speech for the Georgia Tech football team (I'm an alum). Is that actually his voice, or is it someone else's?

Edit: I just took another look at which tracks you are on on the album, and those three are hands down my favorite. Great stuff, made all that much greater with your lines.

IamGregPorn12 karma

that is actually tariq and thanx

kingac6 karma

are you at all involved with the production of the music side at all or just vocals? how much money have you made off the album so far?

IamGregPorn21 karma

i do not play any music at all buuuuuttttttttt i help in peicing play parts together in post production with the powwers that b loll and i made around 15000

BeardedAxWound6 karma

It's a shame you aren't Russian and your name isn't Ilov Porn or something

IamGregPorn20 karma

for real? sumbody should check that out for me lol

britheguy6 karma

Saw the roots in San Francisco this past summer, one of the best shows I've ever seen, quest can play like no other.

How do the roots write, is it a jam process? I can imagine you guys are fast.

IamGregPorn7 karma

its constant process everyday and in the moment

JMangina5 karma

I'm a fan of your appearances on The Roots' albums, are you scheduled for any shows in Northern California this year?

IamGregPorn9 karma

im trying give me a few months im setting greg porns world now lol

Uberslaughter5 karma

Huge fan, loved How I Got Over and still remember hearing The Next Movement in middle school, which got me into hip hop.

What was your inspiration for your verse on Walk Alone (probably my favorite song on the album) and what's it like working with Black Thought?

IamGregPorn10 karma

i was broke and goin out my mind at that timee and thought is like working with a ice cold legend

Walterchron4 karma

Have you get heard of the Philly rapper Kev Turner? He's super dope, mad lyrical and has a very oldschool hard hitting style. If you have time check his mixtape Soul City Music. He's mad underrated so I'm always tryin to rep him and what better chance than to the legendary Greg porn lol.

IamGregPorn7 karma

i never heard his stuff i think i know hin tho

BeardedAxWound4 karma

What's your next project? Any desire to work with other Philly artists like Meek Mill

IamGregPorn13 karma

im a big meek fan and i have the feelin we will so sumthin by the end of the year and my next project is called "porn and dame" its a ep

bodean554 karma

What is your biggest inspiration for rap? Who are your favorite collaborators? Thanks for doing this, big fan!

IamGregPorn13 karma

thank u and these days rick ross mos def kanye who i forgot to put in my top five, and frank ocean ger me excited and wat do you mean about collaborating? with who or someone i have already

goodbyeart4 karma

So... your last name is Porn.

Just thought I'd say it.

But questionwise, how did you end up in this line of work?

IamGregPorn23 karma

lol i have always had the music bug, i hear things in my head all the time that no one else can hear, i am a natural poet meaning i neveer had any formal training writing i just play with words its like i digest everything i hear and make art out of those thoughts

goodbyeart4 karma

Cool, thanks for the answer.

AMA virginity broken. I shall go inform the men.

IamGregPorn30 karma

wow it took me so much longer to lose my virginity when i was young lol

Zippy_The_Chimp4 karma

Are you working on any solo projects? Where can we find new material from you?

IamGregPorn15 karma

yes i will have solo stuff all year long aand gregpornmusic.com

mutatedfreek3 karma

What are your favourite hip-hop albums from the past few years, and who from this generation do you think will influence the future hip-hop movement the most?

IamGregPorn11 karma

carter 2, your welcome, jeezy first, undun, twisted fantasy, and kanye and drake will b the influence

rootsfan443 karma

awesome u are on here dude. undun is killer. got any new projects coming up? u gonna be on jimmy fallon soon? i saw u mentioned on twitter with bon rappatit, that shit's hilarious

IamGregPorn8 karma

it is funny to me to, i migth make fallon next album

smithsknits3 karma

Hey Greg, I just came in to say that I love you guys and Undun is a great album. Keep it up!

IamGregPorn13 karma

thank u i luv luv

EssenceLom2 karma

First off, Undun was awesome. Secondly, how do you feel about the underground movement? A lot of groups/rappers such as you all ride on the line of being considered mainstream or underground. Would you consider yourself more one way or the other? How do you feel about mainstream rappers such as Lil Wayne/Gucci/Flocka vs mainstream rappers such as J Cole, Kanye, Jay Z, etc?

IamGregPorn2 karma

am not totally defined either way yet and i apprecialte all rappers they all have at least one thing they do well and thanx

ItGotRidiculous2 karma

Where can I get the acoustic/unplugged sessions you did with Jay-Z? I have searched for a lifetime.

IamGregPorn11 karma

actually idk sorry reach out to okayplaer.com

dm422 karma

  • What's your favourite Roots album?

  • What song are you most proud of?

  • Bonus question - what's your favourite album?

Love the Roots by the way.

IamGregPorn9 karma

thank uuuu and undun is my fav, singing man is the song im most proud of cuz that was my idea as far as the direction of the song or my first one actually, and llife after death, illmatic and nirvanas second album with teen spirit 3 way tie

Bendeutsch2 karma

did scott storch really get kicked out of the roots for being white? heard that once, wanted to known if it was true.

IamGregPorn23 karma

hell fuckin no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he just got into a main stream loop and became his own entity

Pokemon08912 karma

Whatever happened to malik b.? did he leave the group cuz of drugs..thats just what i heard.

IamGregPorn11 karma

he left for many reasons drugs was just passenger on his journey

shun-162 karma

Hey I've been a huge Roots fan for years, I really think you guys are one of the few groups in any genre of music who don't put out weak albums, you have amazing consistency and diversity going on. My question for you is regarding the song The Roots did for Yo Gabba Gabba. Did you have any involvement in the song? I really love that song even before my daughter was born and to me it really speaks to the diversity you guys are able to put out there musically. Thanks for doing this.

IamGregPorn7 karma

i didnt have any involvement any that song but they r really into their craft i will relay the message

TyluhS2 karma

I know most artist get sick of their own tunes but you guys always look like you're having a good time ...

What's your favorite track to play/ what's your least favorite?

IamGregPorn8 karma

i dont play but the otherside is my fav to perform

ChuckYoCouch2 karma

First off, I'm big fan of the roots, and I appreciative you guys holding it down for real hip hop.

Ignore if someone else has asked this, but how long have you been writing/rapping? How long were you doing it when you knew you were talented enough to be a professional? How often do you write now? And would you ever want to get into the more production side of things?

Also, last thing, what was it like working with hot sugar? He seems so crazy yet cool yet talented yet indefineable haha.

IamGregPorn5 karma

20 years, like 3 years, everyday, no i do post production tho and thanx

eseb12 karma

Any chance of releasing Undun on vinyl?

IamGregPorn3 karma


MegatronsAbortedBro2 karma

Do you tour on your own? You planning on making any trips to NYC anytime soon?

IamGregPorn6 karma

yes and asap like may