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UnbredWorm473 karma

What's the tightest thing in the world?

erikgriffin1405 karma

a baby ants butthole

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horseman5K271 karma

I don't have any questions. I just wanted I let you know that I was Montez for Halloween. My three friends wanted to be Adam, Blake, and Anders and so I gladly grew my mustache out for a week and donned some glasses and made references to my wife's stingray coochie all night long

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bloodwrage83 karma

For future reference, you probably shouldn't ask people on the Internet to send you pictures. It could get very penisy.

erikgriffin105 karma

Damn you are right then I have to send mine Rule of Ds and all.

Hendoja21253 karma

Out of Anders, Adam, and Blake which one is the most like their character from the show?

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Professor_Neckbeard204 karma

I have no questions, I just wanted to say your delivery has caused me to spit my drink out three separate times from laughing.

erikgriffin463 karma

Well now I know the answer if someone asks you Spit or swallow! ooooooh no he didnt!! haha jk.. thanks!

icelittle182 karma

You have any tickets? I'll give you a t-shirt.

But seriously, how is the environment working on the set, especially from the perspective as someone who's not blake/anders/adam? What has been your best memory so far on the show?

erikgriffin300 karma

Maribeth (Alice), Jillian and I have a blast! our dressing rooms are in the same area. The whole crew is great its very easy, comfortable and HELLA FUN!

AddictiveSoup175 karma

Man you're one of the best characters on the show! How much of the show is improvised versus tightly scripted?

erikgriffin315 karma

Probably 80% script. They always ask me to do the script version first, then have a little fun. But the scripts are very funny, there are a ton of laughs at the table reads.

IAmNotKevinBacon159 karma

How long did it take to grow your mustache? Also, does Blake Anderson's hair intimidate your mustache or are they allies and enjoy activities together, including but not limited to a joint time-share and jet ski outings?

erikgriffin244 karma

They have an off and on again relationship. The Stache, he likes to be called that, is a real diva!

GoatmanEvil147 karma

Do you feel the show will remain as successful as it has?

erikgriffin326 karma

The writers work very hard, and the FANS are so supportive, its a good match, I think we have a few more years in us.

GoatmanEvil96 karma

Right on, I'm glad to hear that. Follow up question, Where do you see the show going in the coming years?

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_pupil_44 karma

6 seasons and a movie!

erikgriffin59 karma

From Reddit to Gods ears.

bxie126 karma

what has been your favorite episode to do? why?

Who do you think is the funniest?

erikgriffin396 karma

The Clippers tickets! Anytime I have to get naked I LOVE IT!

madcat033122 karma

Is Blake okay? I heard he jumped off a roof and seriously injured his back...

erikgriffin258 karma

He is fine and ready to go!

GovernorRickPerry116 karma

is Waymond in real life anything like he is on the show? Does he ever talk?

erikgriffin251 karma

Thats confidential information.

jst3w123 karma


erikgriffin781 karma

Like not following the rules of no rules is No rules too, you dig?

[deleted]110 karma

You tweet fairly often about doing standup in CA. Have you ever had a chance to or have any plans to take your standup on the road? How about anyone else on the show?

erikgriffin165 karma

CHeck my website for dates, I do stand up all over the place. Thanks for asking that one! :)

Agentz10192 karma

where is the best place to hide a body?

erikgriffin377 karma

Eat it.

erikgriffin387 karma

I heard...

[deleted]69 karma

This is the greatest fucking thing.

erikgriffin317 karma

Really? have you been to magic mountain, its pretty sweet.

woofa_q86 karma


erikgriffin239 karma

In my bedroom im HANDS FREE!

Mr_Unknown78 karma

Hey Mr. Griffin, in Season 2 episode 2 "Dry Guys" the stripper with the blurred face dancing for the guys, was that Jillian?

erikgriffin140 karma

I actually dont know, you making me want to find out. I will text Jillian and find out! thanks for that.

sexydeathtime72 karma

How many fingers can you fit up your butthole?

erikgriffin199 karma

Gimme a sec I will find out.


How tight is your butthole?

erikgriffin453 karma

If I am being honest, it could be tighter, it could be tighter.

violentfap70 karma

I love the show. You are my favorite. That is all.

erikgriffin125 karma

Thats nice of you. That is all! im out!

OtherMikeP67 karma

How were you able to transition from Montez into your Character in the McDonalds commercial where you laugh at that guy whose girlfriend calls him embarrassing names?

erikgriffin214 karma

Im like Pacino on a Commercial Set, just ask me where to laugh and lean and its on!

bigazznika64 karma

I have never watched the show - should I???????????

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[deleted]55 karma

Have you ever smacked a bass?

erikgriffin130 karma

Honestly I didnt even know what that was in the script, it said, sing RnB style, "we be smackin bass"

Kozbot48 karma

do you really see Blake's dick?

erikgriffin208 karma

Blake' Dick? You say it like he walks around set with his dick out, and I think you mean Adam, when he did the most epic TV tuck back in history.

NoDiggityNoDoubt48 karma


erikgriffin100 karma

Sup back at you.

Eggs_Tyrone47 karma

Does anybody from the show actually drive the America car featured in 'The Ders' episode?

erikgriffin103 karma

That car actually belonged to the brother of the AD.

madcat03343 karma

How much do I have to pay you to steal the bear coat and give it to me?

Where did you guys even get that thing, and did Blake get to keep it? Does he wear it around in real life?

erikgriffin96 karma

That coat is a trip, i really wanted it! That was improv when I asked him for it.

erikgriffin29 karma

No Problem, thats what i do!

BeardedAxWound41 karma

What's your craziest real life sex story

erikgriffin122 karma

Still waiting on a crazy experience you offering?

straswell90 karma

You really looking for love from a dude named Bearded Ax Wound?? Hahaha

erikgriffin91 karma

I am glad you laughed at that one. :)

CorporateImperialism35 karma

How many/what commercials are you in? I swear I'm always baked watchin tv and I see my main man montez

erikgriffin64 karma

I was suppose to be in a Super Bowl add for samsung and got cut out! booooooo but I have another on coming stay tuned!

LaChicaGo30 karma

How do you feel when people spell your name with a c?

erikgriffin109 karma

O M G!! i freaking hate that, its my name ya know! thanks for letting me vent!

Hobbzor29 karma

How often do they have to do retakes because someone couldn't keep themselves from laughing?

erikgriffin107 karma

The scene Adam is going crazy about getting fired, I couldnt stop laughing in one of those takes, its a scene they cut out. But that happens sometimes, especially with Jillian that lady is HILARIOUS!

Warlizard27 karma

  1. How did you get this gig?

  2. How much do you get paid?

  3. What's CC like to work for?

erikgriffin50 karma

  1. Audition, 2 mmmmmm 3. Its a great job,

Warlizard13 karma

Thanks. Why do you think they chose you? Did you have friends there or was your audition just so spectacular that they had no choice?

erikgriffin41 karma

They looked at a bunch of people, i just really wanted it, it clicked it worked and hear I am!

Echezzychey27 karma

Are you going to be at Bonnaroo this year?

erikgriffin32 karma

Not sure.

canuckgal26 karma

Joint, glass pipe, or vape?

erikgriffin193 karma

I like it on a salad with a apple vinaigrette

madcat03323 karma

What's the least amount of money you'd accept to blow a guy?

erikgriffin83 karma

Thats a two part question, so no to the first part :)

[deleted]22 karma

Are you actually black?

erikgriffin113 karma


TipYourHatToMe22 karma

You can only have one. Which ever one you choose, you can do anything with...annyyythiiinnng...

Now, Bacon...or Kevin Bacon.

erikgriffin100 karma

I stopped eating meat about 8 months ago, so damn.. BRING ME SOME KEVIN!

Canuckfan00722 karma

What was the funniest moment that you had on screen? What was the funniest off screen? Also, I love the show. Seriously, Please PLEASE let's keep this ball rolling for as long as we can.
P.s Did you get to keep the America car that the guys stole?

erikgriffin60 karma

I think Sting Ray coochie was pretty funny and that car belonged to the ADs brother.

FlappyTheNarwhal20 karma

I love you.

erikgriffin38 karma

Back at you!

canuckgal20 karma

Favourite NHL team?

erikgriffin54 karma


captjet2320 karma

How can I get into the industry? I know you all get this all the time.

erikgriffin87 karma

If thats your dream just chase it go for it, practice your craft and NEVER GIVE UP people dont fail, they quit.

misterdirector19 karma

What kind of cameras are used to shoot the show? How long does each episode take? Will we see a full on Montez episode one day soon?

erikgriffin76 karma

I am not sure about the cameras sorry, we usually shoot tuesday - friday and we can only hope there is a full on Montez hour long brought to you by Chevy christmas episode.

nickhere19 karma

can you really make beats with your hand farts?

erikgriffin61 karma

YES! thats was my first talent!

nickhere16 karma

Very tight butthole! cant wait for may, hope you're in more episodes.

erikgriffin42 karma

We can only dream right?

Canuckfan00719 karma

Erik, I am reading your responses and seriously laughing at every single one. Will you ever be coming to Vancouver?

erikgriffin47 karma

I hope so! Stay tuned!

snakewolf17 karma

I heard that a good portion of the show is improv. Is this true at all?

erikgriffin47 karma

Nope. most of the show is scripted we just add tags but the foundation of what we say is in the script. For Instance, I added, love will sustain you and Lord of the Rangs.. but most of what was said before that was all written. The staff is dope!

textanddrive9 karma

I have no questions as of this time, but the show is fucking awesome.

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MisterCroyle7 karma

How has the "Boy Scout Rule of D's" affected you in day to day life?

erikgriffin22 karma

Yeah I have seen way to many dicks!

OscarRose5 karma

You were one of my teacher in high school. Very cool that you are now on a successful television show.

erikgriffin10 karma

Good riddance to that life! Hope you are well!