Dancing in my speedo was front page reddit. Thanks guys!! ♥ http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/pshu5/ill_never_be_half_as_cool_as_this_guy/ Ask me anything. -- Still answering questions. TIGHT & BRIGHT

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Was told to create this and get involved. TIGHT & BRIGHT

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You should post a link to the video thread in the text of your post:


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Dude who taught you to thrust like that! I had a gf before she saw you dance :(

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Power of the Pelvis!

applause8777157 karma

Who or where is this so I can learn your technique!?

SanguineHaze490 karma

This is the first time in my reddit life I've seen anyone post a link to Hard Gay.

I fucking love you.

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Hey Spandy Andy! Why are you so gosh-darn swell?

Seriously, your videos are awesome and your attitude kicks ass. I laughed nonstop when watching the vids, and can't imagine the positive impact you have on a person's day in real life. Kudos to you, and keep it up!

Also, I feel like Ellen should have you on her show.

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I would love to dance with Ellen!!

cometh_the_kid520 karma

Does this get you laid? Seems the girls love it

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Yes! Women love a man that can dance!

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Ok - have a serious question then. When are you coming to brighten and tighten the UK?

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Summer games 2012! Look for Tight and Bright!

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Man, I live in Vancouver, been seeing you around town for years. Just wanted to say it's cool stuff, still living here?

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Currently traveling! But Vancouver owns my heart!

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Do you work out?

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I dance every day!

atcsean376 karma

I DARE you to respond to this without using any exclamation marks.

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SPANDEX 4 LIFE (cap-locks has the same effect) ;-D

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On a scale of Tight to Bright, how much do you love life?

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Were did you find that speedo?

P.s You are the man

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Custom made! Thanks bro!

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Do you do birthday parties?

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YES hire me

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Airport security was the toughest crowd by far! It is not funny to moonwalk through customs!

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Did you ever take dance lessons or choreograph in advance, or do you just go with whatever feels natural?

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I go with what feels natural we all have dance inside of us!

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Is bringing back the worm a passion in life? If not, it should be.

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YES! Long live the worm!~~~

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If you could rate your fucks given on a scale of 0-10, how many fucks would you give?

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Nothing matters! Keep it TIGHT and BRIGHT!

WhiskeyBiscuit216 karma

Just watched your videos and find them absolutely hilarious.
My question is:
Where in the hell did you get that boombox? I love it.

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Ebay! Lasonic i931 Ghetto Blaster!

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So I posted your video on my facebook page. Does that give me a pelvis thrust in my direction?

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This thrust is for you /thrust

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You've mentioned you were pursuing an IT carrier. What field were you working in?

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I am a MCSA, network security and technical support.

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I've known about you for years. I was once sitting at English Bay after my girlfriend broke up with me. I really had nothing to smile about, and it had to be one of the worst days of my life. As I sat there, looking at the ocean, I could hear the faint sound of 80's dance music approaching me. It slowly got louder and louder, until out of no where, I saw you. This was before you had your newer fancier spandex suit; you're boom box was bumping, and everyone around you looked scared. I watched you dance and moon walk on cement while making everyone around you smile. At one point, you were dancing next to a homeless guy, who pushed you down to the ground. It didn't even phase you: you just got up and kept dancing! Looking at you dance for those brief few minutes made my day a little bit better.

Thanks for being so freaking positive. Can't wait to see you randomly in the summer.

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Super cool story, thnx for sharing. I'll be at English Bay this June!! TIGHT & BRIGHT 4 LIFE

Quake48169 karma

If you could only have three items on a uninhabited island what would you bring?

spandyandy437 karma

Spandex, Boombox and internet!

circusartist167 karma

Where is it all going? Will there be an unveiling of some giant spandy andy masterpiece somewhere in the future? Do you feel like you are still developing as an artist, or have you reached a plateau?

Also; what dancers/performers have inspired you? video links would be appreciated, but i'm sure other redditors can dig them up for you.

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I never thought I could get to where it is so who knows where it could go! I am still developing. I am a student in all areas of performance and I am constantly evolving. Micheal Jackson and Jim Carrey!

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How has the spandy andy gig factored into your sexual success?

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Increased it over 9000!

dicb132 karma

Hi, Andy. Why are you so Spandy?

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Because Andy+Spandex=Spandy!

SubjectAlpha131 karma

I saw your I'm Sexy and I Know It video. Did you hook up with anyone after that? And how does most of the women react when you go that close? Ever been punched by a boyfriend?

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Yes I hooked up with Lycra! Their panties get wet ;) I am to fast for anyone to hit me!

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Yay! Hello SAndy (Rebecca here) - do you have a girlfriend?

spandyandy255 karma

Ya I do Lycra Lindsey

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How close do you think you are to selling your special spandex suit? :)

spandyandy207 karma

I think I have to die first lol.

mosheisley104 karma

spandy andy! big fan checking in here. tell us about your craziest encounter with the joykills that are law enforcement? Also, you seem like the kind of dude who doesn't need weed or booze to have a good time. Truth?

spandyandy210 karma

This was my favorite crazy encounter with security and it happened in [Niagara Falls] (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq_QdUruAnE). Truth! I am high on life!

Rbeplz96 karma

Whats your favorite song to dance to and what brand of tooth paste do you use to keep that smile so damn TIGHT and BRIGHT!?

spandyandy194 karma

Colgate maxfresh! My favorite song to dance to right now is "Everybody Dance Now"

thank_bossy2292 karma

Have to ask, what was the best crowd reaction you ever got?

spandyandy226 karma

My favorite is when kids dance but the best was when everyone started dancing in Red Deer at Westerner days at my final show! I had everyone thursting!

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Exactly! There is no reason to be sad and I appreciate every moment!

pollenatedfunk88 karma

Will you come to New England and be my BFF?

spandyandy192 karma

I don't know about New England but YES we are now BFF!

MrAsymo86 karma

May I call your genitalia "Spandy Andy's Expandy?"

spandyandy78 karma

YES! lol

jdosbo570 karma

You have amazing dance moves, where can i learn them?

spandyandy182 karma

Just practice every day as lame as that sounds.

_Scarecrow_64 karma

As a fellow overactive (disruptive) kid, after watching this documentary you've become my rolemodel. I'm so happy to see people dedicating their lives to just making other people feel good. No questions from me, just thank you.

spandyandy56 karma

Thanks! Keep it Tight and Bright!

blahblahblasphemy52 karma

Have you always been a performer? Is this something that just comes easy to you, or has it ever been embarrassing? It looks like so much fun :D

spandyandy160 karma

I learnt at young age that there is nothing to be embarrassed of. I always liked to shock and surprise people like wearing tiger outfits and being shot at with a fake gun by a guy named Cole!

[deleted]50 karma

How do you keep so enthusiastic? Every post has an exclamation point. I wish I was enthusiastic about something.

spandyandy157 karma

Be excited to be ALIVE!!!

maximus10149 karma

One last question: have you thought about doing a charity auction of your past gear (like your glasses) and donate the proceeds to a childrens hospital or something like that?

spandyandy183 karma

Tonight I am performing at an event for Ovarian Cancer in Melbourne Australia. I do what ever I can to help out!

FrogOverlord48 karma

You're good at what you do. What would you say it is that you do?

spandyandy251 karma

I put the MINT in entertainment and that's FRESH!

rackhoun47 karma

Was there a pivotal moment when you worked at IBM when you just broke and decided to pursue street performing?

spandyandy203 karma

Yes it was when they wouldn't let me have time off or wear spandex in the office!

VeritFN46 karma

Do you enjoy pizza?

spandyandy142 karma

Stick with Bananas

realwords46 karma

How long can you hold that facial expression that you do while dancing?

spandyandy200 karma

What face? That is my natural look. Keep smiling :D

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Equipmunk39 karma

I just saw the video where the old man kicks you in the 'gold thrust', as you put it. My question is, what are the worst reactions you've got for your performances?

Awesome videos by the way. Tight & bright!

spandyandy113 karma

I've had people try to fight me. Worst reaction was a man smashing my boombox and afterwards he got arrested.

yuhju38 karma

I'm exhausted just from reading your replies. Are you always that enthusiastic, or is it something you turn on and off?

spandyandy175 karma

I can't help but be excited!! They call ADHD a hyper disorder, I call it HIGH ENERGY EXCITEMENT!!!

julianf091838 karma

Have you ever teamed up with any artists for a live show other than street performing?

spandyandy146 karma

I opened for Ryan Gosling's band!

Clovyn30 karma

What reactions do you get from kids in your persona? What do you want to convey to them?

spandyandy96 karma

Kids love it! Kids are the ones who start dancing. That it is OK to be different and to do anything you want!

RedPandaJr28 karma

Will you ever come down here to San Diego maybe for comic con?

spandyandy58 karma

Maybe? The closest I will get this year is Vidcon

FattyMcButterstick27 karma

I saw on your website that you sell personalized videos. How many requests have you gotten today?

Seriously thinking of doing one, but I understand if you're getting tons now.

spandyandy69 karma

Thanks, yes the orders are a bit crazy right now (90+), but I can't stop dancing anyway. :-)

ThousandPaperCranes23 karma

I think what you're doing is fantastic! When are you coming back to Vancouver?

spandyandy48 karma

Thank you! June I'll be dancing in English Bay

Mr_Fahrenhe1t12 karma

I just moved to Melbourne, where/when can I come and see you perform? My girlfriend's a dancer and would love it! You're awesome!

spandyandy32 karma

Thanks! I'm performing tonight at an event in the CBD and tomorrow (Saturday) at Bourke St. Mall. Stay posted to my facebook and twitter for future performances.

izzyhearts11 karma

I saw that you tried out on You Think You Can Dance Canada and it gave you a quite a bit of exposure. When do you think you'll be hitting American reality tv to get a bigger boost?

spandyandy43 karma

American reality TV usually requires American citizenship... one day!! :-)