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Vyni503529 karma

I haven't been inside a JCP since I worked there a decade ago. Do they still judge your performance on how many credit card apps are filled out? Do the men still wear a button down and tie?

LiamCastellano478 karma

Yes yes, the credit applications are still EVERYTHING. And no, we just wear polos now

token711398 karma

Do you actually have that size in the back or not?

LiamCastellano630 karma

Nope, all our items are actually out on the floor 😂

primeirofilho314 karma

I didn't know that JCPenney was still around. How busy are the stores?

LiamCastellano184 karma

Not too busy now because of all our social distancing measures, but yeah, we have limited locations still open

emilouwho687224 karma

JCP seems like it’s just… not doing well. What’s the attitude of you and other associates about this? Do you feel concerned for your jobs or does the company tell you everything is fine?

*former corporate retail employee for other brands who always felt under pressure because of how the company talks about sales=jobs

LiamCastellano154 karma

Our store is doing well individually of the whole corporation, so no, we're not too concerned :)

Gonzaloooo3168 karma

You think JC Penney will go under soon like Sears?

LiamCastellano32 karma

Hopefully not lol

spaghettilee2112120 karma

There's gotta be something more interesting in your life you'd rather do an AMA about. What'd you eat for breakfast this morning?

LiamCastellano110 karma

Reece's Puffs

cotxscott119 karma

What’s it like working in an industry that was already suffering pre-pandemic?

LiamCastellano170 karma

It's rough- we're ridiculously understaffed and management is always stressed out

catjugglinpimp93 karma

May we talk about RAMPART?

LiamCastellano29 karma

No clue what that is

rhackle72 karma

When's the best time of year to buy different things? I remember when I worked at Macy's, we hiked the price of jeans after Christmas.

LiamCastellano122 karma

Back to School Tax-Free weekend- all the sales of Black Friday without the traffic

Knightmare2562 karma

How does it feel to be an endangered species?

LiamCastellano74 karma


MillorTime59 karma

How many customers should retail workers get to punch a month?

LiamCastellano164 karma

At least 28, 29 on leap years

tzimmerm41 karma

What is your biggest behind the scenes secret you'd like to share with us?

LiamCastellano82 karma

The clearance section is messy and gross on purpose. I'll let you decide why :)

G_man25227 karma

Ever killed a man?

LiamCastellano6 karma

I wish /j

Ethandrul21 karma

Liam, I gotta say...JCP sales are killer. Is there any tricks to save even more?

LiamCastellano33 karma

We always have coupons on the JCP website or mobile app, and if you find a slightly defective item, the cashiers are allowed to give you an extra 10% off. Also the rewards program and JCPenney Credit Cards, but those are advertised like hell lmao

dlauri6521 karma

Do you get in trouble if they catch you wearing a Macy's or Kohl's store brand item at work?

LiamCastellano42 karma

Nah, they just judge you silently and take note when choosing who gets promotions 😂

1d0m1n4t316 karma

Do you carry men's 40x30 slacks?

LiamCastellano5 karma


Decabet12 karma

Level with us: head-to-toe St. John's Bay?

That's what I'd do. Hashtag gangsta shit

LiamCastellano11 karma

Literally my work uniform

mrnotu8 karma

Is it true that JCPenny Department Store was the first to mark up their items just before a "Storewide Sale" so they could sell them at the actual regular cost?

LiamCastellano17 karma

Not sure if we were the first, but we DEFINITELY do that, yes

rv49er5 karma

Every catch a couple having sex on the changing room?

LiamCastellano7 karma

Not yet, dreading the day 😩

chompchompnomnom3 karma

What sort of shop is JCPenny, is that like our UK Debenhams?

LiamCastellano7 karma

It's a retail department store, comparable to Macy's

lostsoul20161 karma

What is the one thing you absolutely hate about customers?

LiamCastellano5 karma

People don't realize that we too are humans, and we make mistakes just like anyone else

SFM_irl1 karma

Liam Castellano, with that combination of names was Italia 90 a contentious time in your family?

(Reference to soccer match between Ireland and Italy)

LiamCastellano1 karma

Oh no, that's not even my legal name lmao

atomskfooly-13 karma

Where do you work?

LiamCastellano8 karma


TheKrispyJew-18 karma

Why are y'all JCPenney workers so pretentious. You peddle Macy's priced clothes while providing forever 21 quality?

LiamCastellano7 karma