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What kind of data set is used to learn with? I tried with a generic picture of a car - and the image generated was way off - mostly white space with some shadowy outlines.

Does this work best for certain types of images? How are you limiting API usage? Are you hosting with a cloud provider or is this self hosted?

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Did you try the car with the human option or the objects option? One is trained with just humans, other is trained with humans, pets, cars, etc.

In general I would say it works best for images that have a clear or clear objects in focus. If you install it on your own machine, there is no need for API, you can run it. If you want to use the API i offer, I charge per credits, as GPU's are pretty expensive. But you can do it yourself for free on your own machine.

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I used the app you linked to test it, with whatever default options were available. Since you've removed all the links now, I have a feeling you weren't limiting API usage when your own site calls the API.

Are you owing some money to a cloud provider now? :)

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Hi, I didn't remove any links?

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Why wouldn't you release that as an app with ads on mobile and make a lot of money? Just market it as "improve your tiktok shit" lol

This guy's entire post history is self-promotion...

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Because not every tool has to make money?

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So you just made a website out of already existing pretrained model and code which already suggests to try with their model on their own webapp? I don't even know why this is r/IAmA worthy, I mean what questions can anyone ask to you? you just didn't add anything that the original github repo didn't already provide. This just looks like self promo post to me.

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I gave credit to u2net in the readme as well as all the resources I used to make this, as that is how open source projects work I believe. Also the webapp you refernce only does images, this tool does video, as well as allows you to put your image intop of another image. Or your video ontop of another video. And there are also some speed improvements done for video. It's also free to install and run.

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This is really cool! I tested on an image of a chair and it worked pretty well. There was a bit of a harsh halo around the object and it got a small part wrong, but 95% was correct. Can this tool "learn" and get better as it goes?

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Yes, by updating the source u2net models

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Hello. What is your business model?

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It was originally intended to be a project I did in jest, but when I launched it originally, some one asked if I Was going to open source it. So I spent some time making it do more than just image, and video, since I felt that would be more cool to release.

The actual business model, is hope it breaks even, as it was more a project that I did for fun than anything else. If anything I hope people just install it on their own machine and use it for free.

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The project is free and open source

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what is wrong in getting some love after countless hours of hard work... also considering that it is open source

i'm sure he's given more than he's received at this point

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That would be true if that project didn't consist of a few files, the biggest of which is copied from another GitHub that does background removal. This is basically just a client for an existing tool, takes about an afternoon to do.

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I'm unsure why the hostility twords a free, open source project, that had significant improvements done upon applying the u2net ml model, that you can install yourself with no strings. And in terms of credit, the parts of their code I used, are well within the license, just as is ffmpeg, and are referenced in the copyright and readme. I did significant speed improvements and added in many new features, which none of those projects had or wanted to add.

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It's like building a doorway in front of a Walmart and telling people to go into your store. Haha. I'm sure it's a great door, with a nice sign, but it's not your store, it's a Walmart.

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Except, you can littreally see the source code, install it yourself, and see there is no outside decency that isn't free, and can contribute to further the project if you wish or use it at will if you wish instead.

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I know this is a little bit off topic, but.. can i hire you to help me in my master thesis ?

I can pay you whatever you'r asking. All i'm asking is confidentiality. We can talk in private if you want ?

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I'm unsure what help I would be, you can see the source and the references for most things in the readme that I used to build this

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have you received a lot of thanks from pedos? this software will be invaluable for them to avoid capture when sharing their loot

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A tool can be used for anything, it's unfortunate your first view of one is negative, when I made this I had in mind meme's and stickers.

anotherOnlineCoward1 karma

Did you receive a lot of thanks from pedos.

>it's unfortunate your first view of one is negative

you don't know what my first view is. i bet you're proud to help pedos. The old stickers defense lmao

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Well, the only person I believe who is talking about that is you, I hope you don't use my tool for illicit purposes though, and just for stickers, memes and videos. Have a great day.

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