Hey guys, it's Geoff Keighley, producer of The Game Awards, the video game industry's annual awards show, and Summer Game Fest Kickoff!, a big live showcase of upcoming video games streaming this Thursday at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET for free. Before the show, I thought I'd stop by to talk about it and any questions you have about this summer's video game events. (And no, I can't confirm/deny which games we are showing)..

Proof: https://i.redd.it/3je8sxfcaq371.png https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1401671260027822081

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Garbear119532 karma

How many Elden Ring questions are you expecting today?

also pls elden ring

geoffmk533 karma

Seems like a lot of people are curious about that game. Me too! I am hopeful we will get to see more about it sometime soon, but I know it's been hard this past year for developers, especially in Japan, given work from home situations.

hamasheen459 karma

Do you see it!?

geoffmk454 karma

I don't, where do i Look?

FrozenWaterLily425 karma

So was the solar eclipse just a happy coincidence, or did you change the date to line up with it?

geoffmk425 karma

I honestly had no idea about the solar eclipse until someone told me about it. Cool to see things line up like that with the show date!

Imangery326 karma

I know we are annoying but, are you tired of being in gamer prison?

geoffmk565 karma

It was a long winter.

Cracksun194 karma

How long will the show be?

geoffmk254 karma

I think a little under 2 hours

NotTheSeagull192 karma

From what I can tell, the game awards is prodomently voted on by a sample of games journalists. Do you think the future of game awards will stay this way, or do you see an eventual move towards Academy Awards style voting, with developers and creators honoring winners?

geoffmk348 karma

Peer based voting in gaming is tough -- most developers don't have time to play all the games right when they come out, they are too busy making them. So we prefer our approach. But always open to tweaking.

1Tail-164 karma

does the sky burn?

geoffmk190 karma

It's cloudy and rainy here in LA right now.

LightningKikib153 karma

Hi! Was the event overall easier to organize compared to last year?

geoffmk211 karma

Good question, I'm not sure. It was different. We are doing a big live show this year, last year was more building the airplane as we were flying it. So more stress this year in a lot of ways since we have one big live moment.

nitwitt152 karma

Hey Geoff, I’ve been watching your content since the Gametrailers days and Inwas wondering if you have any plans on possibly being on an Easy Allies podcast or stream sometime? Always enjoyed your work!

geoffmk147 karma

I'd love to go on sometime!

Dr_Decibel107 karma

Any old/classic IPs making a comeback this year?

geoffmk144 karma


Deminator14100 karma

What is Crash Bandicoot like to work with?

geoffmk196 karma

Honestly he's a dream. He smashes his lines every time.

sixthmist97 karma

Hi Geoff! What’s it like being the MC of gaming right now? Does all the hype ever feel overwhelming?

geoffmk155 karma

It's an honor, but I'm also deeply humbled by the opportunity. I just want to make sure we do all we can to support this industry and fans/developers.

Lecter6790 karma

How many of the 30+ games in Thursday's event will be long-awaited updates on games?

geoffmk150 karma

I'm not sure on the total split of net new game announcements versus updates -- It's kind of a mix of a bunch of stuff. Some of the biggest things out there and some cool small stuff too! I like my shows to have a mix.

Beanz12280 karma

Hey Geoff,

I'm a big fan of what you've brought to the industry. Especially how big of a jump in quality "The Keighley's" are compared to what used to be on Spike.

If people still used speed-dial, which video game industry-related people would be on your top 5 numbers?

geoffmk95 karma

Oh wow, that's an excellent question. I'm not sure i should answer that, I need to be friends with everyone :)

whiskey-monk68 karma

What would you say is the most difficult thing when it comes to doing these sort of events? What do you do to destress? Also, do you think there will ever be a physical location for SGF at some point in the future, and if so, would it be open to the public?

geoffmk106 karma

do you think there will ever

Maybe a physical SGF in the future, it's so hard to say. But always digital first.

I like to exercise and listen to music.

The most difficult thing is build these new events when people question why we need to a new format or approach. Over the years I've found that you aren't really innovating unless you are feeling that resistance. We work in the great form of entertainment in the world, so we must make sure our events are equally big and powerful. But it's still hard and stressful.

Tauren33367 karma

What has been the hardest part about making events like Summer Games Fest or The Game Awards a reality? Also what are some of the games you're most excited for?

geoffmk116 karma

I'm pretty excited about Ratchet -- been playing a bit of it!

The hardest part is just the pressure to keep everyone happy -- I'm so deeply honored we get to share games with the world and we are trusted by developers. But there's a lot to do!

Hugaum60 karma

Can you write something to convince my mother that I should not go to school Thursday to watch the opening?

geoffmk116 karma

Could you watch it in class?

mikefullblack60 karma

Will you hug Hideo Kojima the next time you see him? Also when do you think you'll be able to see him in person?

geoffmk119 karma

I'm not sure when I will see him in person again, but I miss him. From what I've heard the vaccine rollout is really slow in Japan. We talked a while back about the new Chvrches album as we were both sent an advance copy of it.

AvvarAugur58 karma

Hi Geoff, thanks for doing this. I'm excited about Summer Game Fest. The trailer has me hyped!

Can we expect BioWare to make an appearance this summer/year at all? I'm not sure how specific on details of what's to come you plan to be in this AMA, but is there a chance that one of this SGF's "long-awaited updates" will be of a popular BioWare franchise, maybe featured at EA Play Live in July? Thank you!

geoffmk62 karma

Nothing to say about content in the show beyond what we've teased so far. Sorry!

TheRadDadThatDabs48 karma

What’s been your favorite memory while presenting?

geoffmk88 karma

I was honored to be there when Ken and Roberta Williams, from Sierra On-Line won our first Industry Icon award in 2014.

usaokay36 karma

Hey there, Mr. Keighley!

I attended several of your Zoom calls a couple months ago and I found the whole stuff interesting and exciting. My favorite time was when Gabe Newell talked about the future of VR, a speech that went on longer than anyone expected.

Any chance you'll do more of these sessions later this year?

geoffmk39 karma

It would be cool to do those again -- I don't know about every week, but will definitely do it at some point later this year I think!

kothuboy2131 karma

Hi Geoff. Does it feel different when you are preparing Summer Games Fest for just one month unlike last year where Summer Games Fest spanned 5 months?

geoffmk53 karma

It's more relaxing in a way to know I won't have to do it all summer, so I can focus on gamescom and TGA.

Dogmeat3821 karma

Hopefully when our planet returns to normal in these weird testing times, Do you plan to hold the Summer Game Fest as an actual convention type event for fans to visit?

geoffmk33 karma

I'm not sure? I like the digital approach so everyone around the world can be a part of it. But it would be cool to have a physical component to some degree in a future year.

Round_Yoghurt750320 karma

Without spoiling anything, do you think there’s any announcements on Thursday that will get the gaming community particularly excited?

geoffmk39 karma

That's always dangerous -- I'm not sure exactly what would excite people. I just pick the games I think will fit and be the right mix.

ohitsmerenz16 karma

Hi Geoff! Thanks for doing this.

In the past 2 years, you guys have been doing virtual game events due to yknow. Wanted to your perspective on how diff it is to organize a huge virtual event like this, as compared to your good old onsite events.

How does it fare? (Sorry reddit is weirdly requiring me to add a literal question)

geoffmk19 karma

I don't have a lot of experience with physical trade show production, so what I've been doing is just an extension of the digital events we've already done -- so it's not THAT different. But I have learned a lot about streaming!

Re-suraz16 karma

Hi Geoff, what is the latest game you finished?

geoffmk36 karma

I think last game I totally finished was Crash 4 on PS5 a month or two ago

Toonami_Faithful2016 karma

Hello Geoff!! Got a question regarding co-streams: Is facecam actually required to have one? I have the kits and most of the kits have a section that have a facecam

geoffmk30 karma

No you don't need a facecam, you don't have to use the overlay. Just an option!

AceXSaibot5 karma

Are you going to begin teasing any of the games at SGF soon?

geoffmk13 karma

We teased a new 2K/Gearbox adventure this AM, and have said there will be updates on Among Us and Call of Duty Season 4. I think there are a few more teases planned this week. We have some cool brand new announcements, and also lots of updates on existing/known/long-awaited games too.

Crabo-995 karma

Why is it always people more related to cinema as guests in your shows than actual people related to videogames?

geoffmk16 karma

We haven't announced all the developers in the show because that would give away their games. If you're referring to Jeff Goldblum and Giancarlo Esposito they both are in video game projects. That's why they are there.