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Just got a call from my representative at the Bone Marrow Donor Center. You wonderful SOB's never cease to amaze. Just last night they had over 650 new registrations that they think are from Reddit. I personally think we can do better. She said they often take weeks to plan donor drives and you guys/gals did that in a day with nothing more than an IaMA post! She went on to say that this will definitely result in more matches.

If you are thinking about registering do it!

For America you can go to: DKMS Americas

Let's get some other countries going. I will edit the submission as people add it to the comments.

Edit 1/2: If you are on twitter there account is @getswabbed

Edit1: Formatting and I am not giving credit to those outside of America. I don't know the numbers for other countries, but I am sure it is high as well.

Edit Countries:

Germany (Thanks PsychoPinkPower)

Sweden (Thanks OhSeeDee)

United Kingdom (Thanks BFG_9000)

Another UK (Thanks jruston90)

Ireland (Thanks Rokco)

Brazil (Thanks Xiko)

Italy (Thanks Sf4tt)

Denmark (Thanks WalkingHawking)

Canada (Thanks BlackMessa)

[Norway](www.giblod.no) (Thanks ghettogranny) (For some reason the formatting isn't working on this one)

Another Canadian (thanks groundbound_petunias)

France (Thanks Aracknar)

Finland (Thanks AnalConnection (Really?))

Map of Spanish Donation Centers (Thanks Saturga)

Active Duty US Military (Thanks obpwrx)

Netherlands (Thanks PostProduction)

Czech's (Courtesy of Zephiron)

Greece (Appreciate it Piroski)

Chinese-Canadians (Thanks trashManFive)

Another American (Thanks Bobaxos)

Belgium (Thanks PerfectLengthUserNam)

South Africa (Thanks MasterofEscapism)

[Switzerland](www.sbsc.ch) (Thanks ElectricMeatStick)

India (Thanks yunosaveusername)

Australia (Thanks totallystuffed)

Japan (Thanks bcbrz)

For the Jews (Thanks iamriptide)

Edit 2: Have to get ready for the Christmas drive, will update when I reach my destination. Thanks everyone!

Edit 3: Sorry I didn't update last night, we got in late. Working on it now.

Edit 4: It doesn't cost anything to register. They request a donation to help offset the cost of the testing, but it is not required. If you are chosen as a donor there is no cost to the donor. Travel expenses are covered. If there is a complication you fall under the recipient's insurance.

Edit 5: If you have registered with Be The Match you do not need to registry with DKMS Americas.

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chickeni3oo139 karma

Can't believe it's so expensive per registration.

I signed up to help but couldn't help feel bad that the influx of redditors was gonna cost them, so donated to cover mine and designated it: 'To support the efforts of reddit: DonateYourMarrow'. Let's do it to it reddit!

DonateYourMarrow36 karma

Thanks man.

PsychoPinkPower61 karma


DonateYourMarrow74 karma

Out of 15.3 mil possible donors worldwide, 4.1 mil are from Germany

Now you're just bragging.

gueriLLaPunK18 karma

Do donors usually meet the recipient of the bone marrow? In your case, it would be a baby, but if the parents wanted to meet you, would you?

DonateYourMarrow31 karma

They can apply for my full info after a year.

MissMatronic9 karma

I'd really like to register, but I haven't decided on an organization.

Do you get a lot of calls after registering with the DKMS, or just if/when you're a match? Red Cross won't stop bothering me, to the point where I'm starting to resent them. And that's kind of a shitty feeling, being resentful towards a charity.

DonateYourMarrow10 karma

This is the very first contact after I registered. No spam emails, no newsletters. Nothing until the match.

injuredtoad8 karma

I am a 20 year old 0- blood male. I have already registered for BeTheMatch blood marrow registry.

Does anyone know if I can also register with DKMS?

DonateYourMarrow6 karma

I don't know, I would hope they all go to a centralized database.

eiraly6 karma

I just registered, and I've heard that it's better if certain ethnic/nationalities are matched, is this true? My mother is half-Korean and I'll have her register as well.

DonateYourMarrow5 karma

Minorities are in short supply, especially Asians and Pacific-Islanders

oldworldcafe3 karma

I have a blood disorder and am not in ....that great of health. What are the risks of donating and would I be able?

DonateYourMarrow7 karma

If you have a blood disorder you would probably be exempted.