I have since moved to the overflow room. It is packed, hot, and angry in the committee room. Let me know how to prove it.

Edit: Wow, fantastic response. We'll see how long this thing goes on tonight. Here is a good Livefeed if you aren't currently following at home: KeepTheWebOpen

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thenearfuture841 karma

Rep. Issa is going for blood.

thenearfuture649 karma

The opponents of SOPA are trying to draw this out so a vote will not occur today.

thenearfuture617 karma

Now rep. Issa (CA) introducing another amendment. He said "I'm baaack."

thenearfuture359 karma

And yet another amendment (addressing the issues of SOPA) fails.

thenearfuture330 karma

Sorry guys, my phone is nearly dead an I have not eaten since this morning. It looks like this meeting could keep going into the night. Keep up the discussion and hopefully I will return soon having eaten an found a charger for my phone.

atd205 karma

Have there been any references to how other countries prevent piracy?

thenearfuture218 karma

Yes, several.

thenearfuture182 karma

Lofgren amendment up now, on the issue of DNS security.

mage2k173 karma

Who's angry? The people/politicians opposing or supporting it?

thenearfuture249 karma

The meeting has been going on for more than five hours.

reddddditer138 karma

Why are you there? Are you a page or something like that?

Are you pro, anti, or neutral?

thenearfuture269 karma

I'm just in DC visiting. I am not in support of SOPA.

ProudLikeCowz78 karma

They are voting right now "No" for what? For the bill to move on?

thenearfuture124 karma

Yes. The vote today would be to send it to the floor.

thenearfuture114 karma

I made it back, but lost my seat. Watching the livecast now...I wish I had some popcorn.

gathmoon70 karma

is there much positive talk about sopa in the committee.

thenearfuture125 karma

Right now the supporters are defending against amendments trying to change it.

nunoyo56 karma

What sort of vibe would you say you're getting? Do you think it will pass? And how do you think people will react if it's passed, or if it's not passed?

thenearfuture141 karma

Well it is only in committee. If it passes here it would go to the floor. Many objections are being raised on how quickly it is being pushed through. Right now several representatives are trying to amend it.