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cp51841 karma

It's machine learning, isn't the whole point that you'd use machine learning algorithms to extrapolate any data you would learn from vaccine micro chips?

You would need some baseline data as I understand it but the point would be to use machine learning to take that baseline and extrapolate it to the global population.

disoriented_traveler6 karma

Ya theoretically if there were data, that would be true. Although I'm not sure what kind of data we would even get. Heart rate? Cholesterol? Tough to get sales insights from that 🤷‍♂️

Koda_201 karma

How do we know you haven't been chipped yourself?

disoriented_traveler5 karma

Well, if I get data on myself I'll let you know!

imlaggingsobad1 karma

Is Microsoft working on any moonshot ideas, such as driverless cars, virtual reality, etc? Are you involved in any of that?

disoriented_traveler3 karma

I'm sure they are, but my work focuses mainly on sales and trying to predict what people will buy. ML gets used for all kinds of mundain stuff :)

gandalfpensieve1 karma

How is it to work on Microsoft? Can you describe a typical day?

How often do you use Linux to do something that is just not working on windows? Does it feel weird?

disoriented_traveler2 karma

It's actually great. I feel like I have a good work life balance and I generally work 40 hours a week. I haven't run into anything I need to use Linux for. Most of what I do is in python and everything works fine in Windows 🤷‍♂️