My short bio: Hey everyone! I am Kenna James, a 26 y/o Adult Film actress. I am originally from Indiana & Missouri! I have been on the cover of 15 magazines over the last 7 years, I love to feature dance and shoot content for your enjoyment. When I'm not working, I love to be outdoors or playing video games! Ask me Anything!

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This was so much fun, thank you everyone for asking me questions! Looks like we had a bit of a catfish at the beginning, but we prevailed! I really had a lot of fun, have a great week everyone!

Big thanks to for having me as April 2021 Bang Babe!

Check out my “Behind the Scenes” special project with Bang on their Youtube Channel:

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Aslmx3619 karma

Do you rotate tires every oil change? Seems kind of excessive to me.

realKennaJames2999 karma

I do not. It's too many tires and I don't give a damn.

primeirofilho1886 karma

Is there anything not asked that you would like to share about life in your industry?

Do they have coffee on the set?

realKennaJames2022 karma

Usually there is coffee on set, thank god! I love Coffee Bean!

bigtex20031784 karma

have you ever been recognized by someone who really shouldn't have recognized you for your work?

realKennaJames2533 karma

I guess in my hometown everybody recognizes me. People will come up and tell me that I look familiar and I'm very comfortable!

jebailey1613 karma

What would you have been if you hadn't had gone into adult films?

realKennaJames2258 karma

I probably would have continued on the veterinarian path! I wanted to be a vet that did my own surgeries!

ytosjbeon1435 karma

Is the sex you have on screen usually physically pleasurable to you? Or is it so much a job at this point that it doesn’t really feel like anything?

realKennaJames1672 karma

Depends on the partner, depends on the scene type! So many things come into play with that. I still enjoy sex on camera!

acidjordan1331392 karma

Do normal penises cut it now? Do you prefer guys to be waxed? Do you prefer any certain type of scene like girl/girl or FFM etc. Do you have a limit of what is too extreme for you to do and do you think that will change in the future? Did you watch porn growing up? Sorry for so many.

realKennaJames2291 karma

  1. Normal penises absolutely do it for me! I like average over monster dick. I don't need a big dick!

  2. I mean, I like them to be groomed! Well-maintained.

  3. I really don't, it just depends on the day and the mood! Some days I want to get fucked really hard and some days I want to be romantic!

  4. I thought I had limits when I got in, but turns out I don't have as many things as I thought I did. I 100% have limits on my list but it's changed a lot!

  5. Oh yeah, way too much of it 💕

No worries! This is so fun!

ViralLola1291 karma

What is the most unexpected aspect of your profession?

realKennaJames1667 karma

I guess traveling, I didn't expect that part of it!

LaLaLaRogue1256 karma

What are your thoughts on VR related adult entertainment? Anything exciting?

realKennaJames2001 karma

I do not like shooting VR. Only because it is a really long day and it's really hard angles.

Dora_De_Destroya1044 karma

Do you think onlyfans has changed the industry in a positive way? Or is it destroying the industry?

realKennaJames1665 karma

I think it has changed it for the better! Talent doesn't have to rely on studios as much, but you can also create your own content!

dreamysleepy832 karma

Hey Kenna, what kind of qualities do you appreciate in crew/director and your scene partners ?

realKennaJames1092 karma

I just want everyone to have a good day and be understanding. Sometimes shit happens and I hope that we can dynamic in the process!

Scene partner, I want someone who wants to be there bring the energy!

Nemesiii823 karma

What made you pursue this career? Was it an interest in your early teens or inspiration from something?

realKennaJames986 karma

I started camming, and an agent pursued me! I gave it a try and haven't looked back.

-KFBR-392-800 karma

Is it hard to find a partner that understands what you do for work and doesn't get upset or jealous?

realKennaJames1843 karma

I don't date! It's easier and I don't have the time right now. It's barely fair to my cats!

maskedchimp748 karma

What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

realKennaJames1584 karma

The biggest misconception is that I'm dirty and filthy! I've been tested more than most people in life.

AdEnvironmental3892612 karma

What made u to enter adult industry? And what was the reaction of ur parents when they know about it?

realKennaJames859 karma

I was camming originally and my agent found me on my cam site! I went back and forth on it, and finally I made the decision to start doing porn! Almost 7 years later, I love it!

FancyMFMoses600 karma

What's a question you always want someone to ask but they never do?

realKennaJames646 karma

That is a good one! Idk. A good one is: What do you want?

maskedchimp527 karma

What kind of role would you like to play that you haven't gotten to play or want to play more of?

realKennaJames918 karma

Crazy psychotic Harley Quin type.

numbnuts69420493 karma

How do you deal with people always being creepy in your DM?

realKennaJames984 karma

I get creepy back! I send them funny things back!

Em4gdn3m503 karma

Challenge accepted

realKennaJames646 karma

let's go!

Anakin2984407 karma

What’s your favorite video game/s???

realKennaJames989 karma

The Borderland series! I play on the PS4! Ideally I would want to ideally have each console!

TJHJR1323383 karma

As an Indiana native, are you a Notre Dame fan?

realKennaJames817 karma

Meh, I'm not.

I have two teams that I root for, St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, Las Vegas Knights too!

Teamduncan021378 karma

Do you enjoy the sex? Or you see it more as work?

realKennaJames446 karma

I absolutely enjoy it! I love my job.

markomni376 karma

Has the pandemic made it easier or more difficult to work as a performer this past year?

realKennaJames523 karma

I would say it's kinda made it easier for me. I didn't get into OnlyFans until the pandemic began but it has made me get into it!

Mihwc328 karma

Whats your next big adventure?

realKennaJames667 karma

I want to go on a 10 day trip to Ireland. I've never taken a vacation just for 'me' without working, I'm looking forward to that.

RicardosLlama323 karma

What was the strangest experience you've had on set?

realKennaJames723 karma

I can't think of a specific experience, but there was a time where a girl had changed her stage name in the middle of the scene!

realKennaJames548 karma

Also drove a prop car one time around Hollywood at 3am!

playpet94 karma

What’s a prop car?

realKennaJames268 karma

haha, a prop car is one that is meant to use as a prop on set 😂

Good times!

[deleted]-20 karma


realKennaJames9 karma

Love you!

dankdooker321 karma

What is your exercise routine?

realKennaJames542 karma

I don't really have a routine I just kind of go with the flow! I just bought a mirror and I'm excited for that!

kid_tiger318 karma

What's your favorite position?

realKennaJames649 karma


whothefuckisthis-304 karma

What does getting fucked up the ass feel like?

realKennaJames754 karma

Uhm, well, it feels like you really have to take a shit, but in a really good way 😂

Intense pleasure.

satanklaus297 karma

What's your top three:

-Places you have been?

-Places you want to go?

-Places to have sex (on or off camera I guess)?

realKennaJames460 karma

Places: -1. Australia, 2. South Africa, 3. Budapest

-2. 1. Ireland, 2. New Zealand, 3. London!

-3. 1. Sex in the forest, 2. On the river on the sandbanks, 3. In a bed!

MailStrict271 karma

What are your fetishes and kinks in your off camera personal life? Do you want to shoot more of them?

realKennaJames635 karma

I'm pretty vanilla in my off camera life! Fuck me missionary while looking at my face. If I had to say, I would watch solo guy masturbation!

nVeeGreen237 karma

Hi Kenna! What is the best way for a fan to approach you (or any adult film actor) in public if they want to request a picture or an autograph?

realKennaJames407 karma

Just be polite! Treat us like a human, be nice and it'll all be good!

NotRonnieRay229 karma

What's the best thing to eat after filming?

realKennaJames340 karma

Pasta is my favorite! Or chinese! I haven't found one yet! I have my place for delivery in LA though so I get my fix there!

maskedchimp219 karma

What is your guilty pleasure?

realKennaJames431 karma

My guiltiest pleasure is eating! Probably mac and cheese! I make some great mac and cheese! I love me some Kraft!

the_forgotten_spoon162 karma

What can porn consumers do to best support working actresses? What things are in place in the industry to support and protect actors and actresses?

realKennaJames330 karma

Buy our porn!! Pay for it!

PayasoFries159 karma

You going to the Mars colony or nah?

realKennaJames206 karma

Oh hell yeah!

Mtlyoum155 karma

Any exciting hobby? Horse riding, Lego, Playing the guitar?

realKennaJames252 karma

I am learning to play guitar, and I love Legos! I also have ridden horses. I really don't, I love to sit around and read!

LasagnaFarts92143 karma

Are you excited for the Apex Legends update? If you do play, who’s your main? Pancakes or waffles?

realKennaJames175 karma

I never got into that Apex! Waffles!

Alexinejter106 karma

How has social distancing affected your job?

realKennaJames168 karma

Mostly the COVID testing protocols and social distancing (less people on set etc) are the major new ways that it's affect my job.

ResolutionOk4566102 karma

I've seen you wear and eternity collar, are you into the BDSM lifestyle?

realKennaJames163 karma

mmmm, a little bit. i'm not too deep into it. I do like to get slapped and choked!

r00t199 karma

I’m an accountant and people joke about having me do their taxes all the time! Do people joke about you doing your work for/to them?

realKennaJames99 karma

Yeah, yeah they do!

energyinmotion98 karma

What's your favorite food?

realKennaJames187 karma

Tacos! Plain beef with cheese and salsa!

maskedchimp27 karma

How's the new house? What are you looking forward to having that you didn't in your camper?

realKennaJames60 karma

Ah I love my new house! I am excited to have space again! I am looking forward to having the space to play in my house! My cats love them too!

ThomLarsson16 karma

Any advice for a male wanting to get into this industry?

realKennaJames39 karma

Talk to a male performer, i'm not sure on the logistics for them!

MinMunMon14 karma

Do you regret getting into adult industry?

realKennaJames16 karma

Absolutely not.

alman300712 karma

What's the largest animal you think you could win against in a fight?

Love your work btw!

realKennaJames18 karma

Awh thank you! I probably wouldn't win in a fight against a Great Dane, hehe!

beachtrader9 karma

What house would you be in if you went to Hogwarts? And who would be your best friend from the books while learning magic?

realKennaJames19 karma

I would be in Slytherin! Malfoy might be a really good friend of me 😈

yoganerd4 karma

Is there any secual fantasy you have not explored?

realKennaJames11 karma

Let me think! Hm. I would like to do a sensory deprivation scene.