AMA and I'll draw it.

Edit: Wow! Lots of responses- thanks everyone! I'll do my best to keep up! ;)

Edit: Front page! Not sure what to think since "Catdog pooping" is the highest voted drawing...

Edit: What a blast! I've been a reader of Reddit for only a few months. Today I signed up for an account to give this a try- I thought it'd make for a nice warm-up session before I did my day's work. Well, I should've known better. I drew for about 5 hours and got tons of requests. I wish I could've drawn everyone's but hey, maybe I'll just have to do this again sometime. I just finished drawing a request for a little girl's birthday this weekend and I think that's a good note to go out on. Thanks Reddit- you guys rock.

If you liked some of the drawings today, you might enjoy this: It's a comic book series about a bear-riding cowboy.

Here are the drawings:

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haddock4201417 karma

Can you draw Catdog pooping?

thewondercat547 karma

Cat ate "Colon Blow" for breakfast.

permanent_throwaway1211 karma

My daugther's 4th birthday party is Saturday - she's having a Rapunzel party, but was torn between that and Sponge Bob. Can you draw Sponge Bob and Rapunzel on their way to Lily's 4th Birthday party? You'd be Epic.

thewondercat1303 karma

How can I say no to that? Happy Birthday Lily!

thewondercat508 karma

Thanks so much everyone! Wow, Reddit sure knows how to make an artist feel happy. Once my ego deflates after all these comments, I'll be panicking knowing that I've accomplished hardly any "real" work today! ;)

blastbeatz1009 karma

Spongebob making this face.

Cptn_Janeway569 karma

And a meme is born

thewondercat943 karma

Oh god, oh god, what have I done?!?! Nooooo!

bridgedsuspense761 karma

Question: What shows have you worked on? Which were you favorites? Least favorites? Why?

Can you draw: Beavis and Butthead as the characters from your favorite Nickelodeon show?

thewondercat2200 karma

Haha, great suggestion:

Bilbo_Baggins636 karma

Gollum digging through a box of Cracker Jack for a plastic Ring.

khamir-ubitch471 karma

Draw a self portrait of you drawing a self portrait of yourself.

born_lever_puller792 karma

thewondercat258 karma

I've actually seen this painting in person. The sketch on his canvass in the painting is just that, a pencil sketch. For some reason I thought he would have tried to paint it and made it look like pencil... but that doesn't make sense.

Optimash_Prime436 karma

Can you draw Sterling Archer in a shoot out with James Bond (with Sean Connery as the actor), both of which are atop a speeding semi with terrorists in a 70's volkswagon van shooting AK's and RPG's at them?

thewondercat1102 karma

TIL I can't draw Sean Connery.

Optimash_Prime273 karma


but admit it, you had fun drawing this.

thewondercat383 karma

Ha! You know it! Thanks dude.

barbehque410 karma

Could you do a drawing of me onstage doing stand-up? That would be really cool to have.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I feel like a jerk for not even asking a real question.

What old Nicktoon would you want to work on if you could go back in time, and what(if any) changes would you make to it?

thewondercat360 karma

I'd love to go back and work on Ren and Stimpy- seems like those guys had a blast. I'm lucky to work with some of them.

I've tried stand-up and it's crazy tough. My hat's off to you- keep up the great work!

barbehque153 karma

holy shit, you even put my hand in my pocket! that's like, MY THING.

I'm ecstatic, thank you so much for this.

Also, Ren and Stimpy terrified me as a child, but if it meant I could work with Billy West I'd do it in a heartbeat, thanks for answering my questions also.

thewondercat80 karma

You're very welcome!

A buddy of mine got to direct Billy West once. I will forever be jealous of him.

montecristo345406 karma

A pretty girl in a yellow dress walking down a crowded street

NMcAdams613 karma

My favorite part is how you gave up on the last two people.

gfixler1044 karma

He didn't give up. They're Canadian.

thewondercat420 karma

No, he's right. I gave up!

jakreitz402 karma

Could you draw a self-portait of you watching Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill?

sninapeters376 karma

Draw lindsey lohan being punched in the face by a belligerent monkey

thewondercat1005 karma

Haha, this is a super rough drawing but I hope it fulfills your hatred towards Lohan:

masstermind304 karma

Your visual interpretation of what I look like in real life.

thewondercat935 karma

The_Chaos_Pope249 karma

As a story board artist, do you have any input to the script? Or does some writer's lackey drop a pile of unstapled pages on your desk and say "Get to work!"?

Also, can I get a Spongebob wearing a pope hat, standing in front of a crowd with a semi-confused look on his face?

thewondercat838 karma

On most shows, storyboard artists are encouraged to make scenes more funny and add more gags. Some shows are based of scripts and are more rigid but a lot of shows, the writers simply give the board artists an outline to work from. The storyboard artist is then required to write most of the scenes and dialog. That's much more creative and in my opinion, seems to lead to funnier shows.

mara197983 karma

my daughter wants to be a cartoonist and she really liked this one..what can I do as a parent to help her get there. (she's 9)

CerpinTaxes191 karma

Get her a pencil and some paper.

If she wants it enough that's all she'll need.

No amount of probing or fancy expensive equipment will give her any more drive or ability to do something artistic for a living, unless she wants to be a digital artist that is.

You could save up and pay for her Art school fees though, man that would have been awesome...

Signed -

A struggling artist.

thewondercat192 karma

Agreed. Just continue being supportive. Art lessons and books certainly help, but only if she has the drive to read them and learn from them. Tell her to keep it up!

JeffBlock2012215 karma

A sexy babe at Occupy Wall Street holding a sign that says "Occupy Me - $300 per hour!"

thewondercat560 karma

Can't say no to drawin' pretty ladies!

JeffBlock2012265 karma

your drawing reminded me - years ago I saw a photo of teenagers doing a community car wash, and one "creative" young girl held the car wash sign in front of her, like in your drawing, with her shorts dropped to her ankles - of course she had a bathing suit on, but I wonder how many car crashes she caused just 100 feet past her as drivers turned their heads...

thewondercat220 karma

Haha, now that's marketing! Thanks Jeff, all the best.

mingus_mayhem207 karma

No request, but I decided to color the "Spongebob Me Gusta" sketch!

thewondercat66 karma

This is AMAZING!

[deleted]190 karma

What tools do you use to draw so quickly?

thewondercat424 karma

A Wacom Cintiq. It's strange- almost no one in animation draws production art on paper anymore. A Cintiq is like a big digital piece of paper:

We all still like pencils but Cintiqs allow you to produce work much faster.

Swamp32370 karma

That's not a response with a drawing!


Nazashi204 karma

I noticed your shirt is off... Do you always draw without clothes on?

thewondercat411 karma

yeah man, I gotta let the creativity flow, ya know?!

PolishxThunder169 karma

Can I get a marine from SC2 to yell "I'm not doing it, send an SCV"

thewondercat432 karma

PolishxThunder56 karma

Haha, thanks a lot man!

thewondercat352 karma

You're welcome! I'd charge you for it but you have not enough minerals.

nalta145 karma

What is your favorite cartoon (Not necessarily on Nick)?

thewondercat681 karma

Adventure Time. :)

thisguyinc219 karma

Can you draw Finn/Fry & Jake/Bender? Like what you did with your Ren & Stimpy / Bevis & Butthead mash-up.

thewondercat1071 karma

This was fun and result is weeeeird:

MilesRose143 karma

This may already have been asked, but how about a Freddie Mercury being a badass? I guess the usual for him.

thewondercat480 karma

I like how you assumed it may have already been asked:

On second look, this drawing looks like Johnny Knoxville:

Zeiqix142 karma

What shows do you do storyboards for? Are any of them particularly interesting to draw for?

Edit: Also, can you draw a visual representation of the phrase "fetch that dog"?

Zeiqix70 karma

Awesome drawing! Thanks for the answer.

thewondercat104 karma

Oh and btw, they are definitely interesting to work on, and fun too! Working with other cartoonists on cartoons is a pretty great job.

3happybeachballs67 karma

I'm about to graduate with a BA in Film studies, I minored in digital arts and a lot of the work i do heavily features 2d animation. I've also studied art and creative writing. Any career advice? I'd really like to work in 2d cartoons.

thewondercat117 karma

Great to hear- sounds like you're a hard-worker and making the right decisions. That's half the battle. The other half is getting your work up to a professional quality (if it's not already) and getting it in front of directors who can ultimately hire you. Moving out to LA is definitely a good step in doing this. Best of luck!

ColinCancer12 karma

Do you have a favorite cartoonist? Did you get into drawing via comic books, caricatures, or some other way?

I'd like to see a beer can with wings.

thewondercat32 karma

Right now, I'm obsessed with Jordi Bernet.

Here's your angel beer: