I'm writing this post from Liberation Square, the heart and center of the Egyptian revolution.

If you dont know it already we're rising against military ruling in the same way we have risen against Mubarak's regime, we've taken our protests to the streets in main cities since the dawn of the 19th of November, I've been away from my home for about 28 hours now.

We've been hit extensively with rubber bullets and tear gas. Also some explosives that explode mid-air spreading thousands of metallic particles that pop protesters' eyes and burns a lot on impact, I dont know why the police keep using the same old mentality that we're supposed to have changed.

The sole purpose of this Egyptian rise is to end the military ruling and recognize the army as a vital structure of our country but not above the law.

Edit: You can check my past AMAs since the rise of the Egyptian revolution here and here

I'm open to any questions you might have, if I dont answer for a while I'll be probably heading for an indoor shelter away from all this suffocating tear gas. AMA

Edit: I'll be heading to some place to charge my laptop and cellphone and probably get some medical supplies to help those who are injured, I'll be back as soon as I can.

EDIT: (5pm Cairo time) I have to go now the army is officially attacking protesters here I cant be sure when I'll be back

Edit: (5:30pm Cairo time) The military police violently cleared liberation square, torching all cars and motorcycles in the vicinity, I'm wounded in my neck and knee by some of those metallic explosives, it's not so bad though, I'm going home to shower and regain strength and go back in a couple of hours. I wont be able to answer any questions for a couple of hours, wish us luck.

Edit: (7:45pm Cairo time) I'm heading back to the square, thanks for all the wishes and nice comments, I'll be answering some more questions if internet is still up when I get there.

Edit: (Nov. 21 12:00 PM Cairo time) We've been facing police and military police brutality for 16 hours, I've seen more than 5 people dead by gun shots, there are reportedly 10 dead from yesterday's events alone, fuck the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, we're not letting you control this country anymore, I'm leaving here either dead or after the resignation of those motherfuckers.

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folly0589 karma

I'm an expat living in Maadi. Are you hoping the revolution turns Egypt's government secular or Muslim? Edit: Wording

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folly0551 karma

After Friday's protest, what do you fear more, a Salafi government/president or continued military rule?

sayyeddy112 karma

Continued military rule.

bababenjo69 karma

Is public anger the same as it was when you guys rose against Mubaarak?

sayyeddy128 karma

It's even more than before, prices are high, major inflation, tourism jobs were lost, but more importantly we're suffering everyday from the Police withdrawal from many cities and their ultimate hatred to this revolution, take money and security from people and they'll be pretty angry.

uhuhshesaid44 karma

What do you think the military could do at this point to appease the protesters? With elections coming up, are there certain steps you'd like to see them take? Besides, of course, the obvious of the police not attacking those in Tahrir Sq, is there any concrete proclamation or actions you're looking to achieve?

sayyeddy90 karma

A defined date for elections of the next president, a constitution that doesn't shield the military from public oversight, immediate resignation of the current government held by PM Essam Sharaf and a fair investigation of the overuse of violence against protesters and putting whoever responsible in front of the public opinion.

dulceetdecorumnonest32 karma

Do all the protesters share these demands, more or less?

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rmm4517731 karma

When you say " pop protestors eyes" you don't mean that their eyes literally pop open do you? I'm just a little confused by your choice of wording.

sayyeddy67 karma

The pieces of metal enter and destroy the protesters' eye.

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sayyeddy60 karma

We, the Egyptian youth, haven't run out of energy, but I think people got more motivated after 3 deaths and 1000 injuries.

chad131225 karma

Advice or thoughts on the American protests? And good luck, stay safe!

sayyeddy84 karma

Advice: Be prepared and don't be afraid. Thoughts: Good for you Americans trying to reclaim your country, you're risking everything for a brighter future, I hope you get it.

dulceetdecorumnonest20 karma

Are you following the foreign news coverage on this (particularly Western outlets, since that's what I'm reading), and if so, is there anything you think they're getting wrong?

sayyeddy38 karma

I'm not currently following foreign news sources, but I wouldn't be surprised of anything considering that even some Egyptian news sources aren't truthful, but to my amazement I find CNN's coverage to be very good.

PuTongHua18 karma

How is the political climate developing? Do you think recent events are strengthening the Islamist parties? What sort of results do you expect from the elections?

sayyeddy25 karma

If anything it's weakening them, the Muslim Brotherhood has denied its members of participating in this protest, if we make any political gains; it should be clear to everyone that they didn't participate and affect them negatively.

uhuhshesaid16 karma

How is life moving in broader Cairo? I know during the Mubarak protests, Cairo's internet and neighborhoods were essentially shut down. Do you see these protests possibly escalating to that point? Or is most of Cairo going about daily business?

sayyeddy26 karma

I've heard there was a curfew in places near Liberation Square last night, schools and universities near the area have been shut down too, but cellphone networks and internet are working. Also in major cities there has been lots of clashes so I'm guessing lots of people haven't gone to work today, including me.

gambatteeee13 karma

Do you have a few minutes sometime for a quick interview? We can keep it anonymous if you like.

sayyeddy14 karma

No problem at all, message me with the details.

interstick10 karma

Another Egyptian here. I'm going to join you tomorrow morning, god willing. In what general area are you protesting? (Don't mention any specifics, though)

sayyeddy6 karma

I'm at the barricade beside Omar Makram mosque, send me a message if you'd like us to meet.

Butthash11673 karma

Would you recommend an American tourist continue with plans to travel to Cairo in early December*

sayyeddy11 karma

Too early to tell, but my advice is no, not now, but please come later, when all of this is sorted out.

fireinthesky72 karma

Not meaning this question in a condescending way, but genuinely curious:

Why did so many people think that handing power over to the military after Mubarak stepped down was a good idea, as opposed to a civilian-led transitional council as was seen in Tunisia and Libya? Do you believe that getting them out of power and installing a genuinely democratic government will be easier or harder than ousting Mubarak?

sayyeddy5 karma

You're absolutely right, we were foolish, first time revolutionists, we're trying to make it right now though.

deeps9181 karma

How is the internet in Egypt? Is there Wifi in Liberation Square or are you using a data card?

sayyeddy1 karma

There is wifi, people living around the square have been kind enough to remove their passwords since last Friday.