Thanks to all. I’m signing off now.

I’m Derek DelGaudio, a writer and performer, primarily known for my highly acclaimed theater show, and now award-winning film, In & Of Itself (currently streaming on Hulu). I served as the Artist-in-Residence for Walt Disney Imagineering and co-founded the performance art collective, A. BANDIT. My debut book, AMORALMAN, was just published by Knopf.

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Capital-Rooster534105 karma

What did Nathan Fielder do to get listed in the Thank You's of IAOI?

prhauthors54 karma

He provided a shoulder to cry on while I was creating the show.

Mattmhamilton102 karma

Whats your relationship to cards these days? Are you still learning new things? Just curious since they've been a huge part of your life.

PS. I was Mr. Tomorrow/Yesterday on April 9th/10th 2017. Loved seeing it again on Hulu but will never forget experiencing it live.

prhauthors72 karma

I've only touched cards once since the show ended in 2018.

wicked_crayfish23 karma

May I ask why?

prhauthors16 karma

Other things are holding my attention.

kipling20075 karma

Was there ever a concern that the book in in and of itself would get lost or not come back? Or if someone accidentally would spill coffee on it?

prhauthors146 karma

It was stressful, yes. But, everyday, I believed it would come back. It was the closest thing to true faith I've ever had.

funtax69 karma

I was absolutely fascinated by "In & Of Itself". Adapting a stage performance to film can be extremely difficult, but I felt like this was one of the most successful adaptations I've seen because it leaned into things you can do with film that are not available live. The narrative is obviously incredibly personal, and the structure and presentation were impressive achievements both technically and in terms of the overarching vision of it as a film. Just a wonderful use of film as a tool for expanded storytelling.

It reminded of Orson Welles' "F for Fake" in some ways. I'm curious if there were any films that might have inspired you?

prhauthors62 karma

F for Fake is certainly one. Citizen Kane is great. The Princess Bride. The original Wonka. Love the Cohen Brothers. Scorsese. PTA. The list goes on and on.

FreshMutton60 karma

When you found out that Marina Abramović was in the audience, what made you decide to whisper something (I will not ask what) to her?

prhauthors82 karma


swami4354 karma

Do you have any plans to publish the book from I&OI?

prhauthors67 karma

No plans. But never say never.

notshawnvaughn42 karma

I saw "In and Of Itself" live, and each piece of your show was so complex I can't imagine pulling it off every night for months on end. But you also must have had full control of every element, beyond what we could tell as your audience.

So what was more stressful, going into each night of your one man show, or going into a high stakes card game?

prhauthors76 karma

Different kinds of stress. In the long run, the show took more of a toll on me. Although, I must say, I certainly did not have control of every element of the show. In fact, I made sure I didn't. Uncertainty was an important element of the experience.

"Life is on the wire. Everything else is just waiting." - Karl Wallenda

DifficultFee538 karma

You called David Blaine a brother (as seen on TV).

Who do you consider your mentor in magic?

prhauthors46 karma

I've had many. Michael Weber. Eric Mead. David Williamson. Jason England.

jonjb434 karma

What type of magic still makes you go "wow"?

WellYouWould34 karma

Of all of the I AM cards in I&OI, which ones were most commonly selected?

prhauthors28 karma

Mother. Father. Son. Daughter. Unicorn.

MidwesternTransplant33 karma

Do you remember which "I AM" card your mom pulled?

prhauthors72 karma

Yeah: Mom

BrimsteadESQ28 karma

I&OI (stage and screen) and AMORALMAN are fantastic! In the film version, during the finale, you approach one gentleman and refer to him as "My Teacher." Is that Walt from the Colorado Springs magic shop?

prhauthors73 karma

No, that's a Mr. Yesterday. (He read from the book in the film and offered many wisdoms in his entry). He is a Teacher. And that day, he was my teacher.

VegetableDog805828 karma

I really loved the show and one thing I wondered was is that really bill gates at the final scene?

prhauthors105 karma

If it wasn't Bill, it was an impersonator with a *very* impressive security detail.

MidwesternTransplant25 karma

Which of the chambers from "In & Of Itself" came into focus first? Which was the hardest to crack?

prhauthors51 karma

The Rouletista was the first. The toughest to crack conceptually, believe it or not, was the scale.

tolivewithout23 karma

With the show and book out in the world, what story do you tell yourself now?

prhauthors36 karma

I ask myself this question everyday.

MidwesternTransplant20 karma

Were Ronnie from "Amoralman" and Wolf from "In & Of Itself" the same person?

prhauthors27 karma

No. Wolf and Ronnie are two different people. Although, in IAOI, their stories are blurred. I never saw Ronnie touch a gun.

WhyWontYouLetMeGo19 karma

Hey Derek - Thanks for doing this. Just finished AMORALMAN. Loved it and finished it within 2 days. Excited to hear what comes next from you.

My question(s) for you: After writing AMORALMAN, did you receive any pushback or comments from Leo or Max for "giving away" their secrets? Have you kept in touch with any major people from the book and your childhood?

prhauthors24 karma

No word from Leo or Max. Not yet. Yes, I've kept in touch with almost everyone I mention in the book. Including Ms. Rachwitz (

Nanruns17 karma

Two impactful live shows were In & Of Itself and American Utopia. I feel as if there’s a through line between these two experiences (identity and ability to change) . Have you seen American Utopia and any thoughts on synergy w your show?

prhauthors32 karma

I didn't see American Utopia until it was on HBO. I thought it was good, but not nearly as powerful as Stop Making Sense.

CBR8515 karma

I really enjoyed watching the Hulu adaptation, and have since told everyone I know to watch it as well. My question is, was there a back up plan if the book wasn't returned?

prhauthors13 karma

The back plan was telling the truth. Fortunately it never came to that.

KingCake211214 karma

Loved the film and loving the book! I was curious about your musical tastes?

prhauthors59 karma

I'm all over the place. Been listening to Run The Jewels a lot lately.

gregvan9313 karma

Who are the Shadow Boys?

prhauthors19 karma

A small group of friends who've helped me develop as an artist and as a human.

IamSamGamgee9 karma

I saw In and Of Itself in NYC and loved it—and love how AMORALMAN goes further into your history. Do you think you'd ever turn AMORALMAN into a show?

prhauthors12 karma

Thanks for reading! I can't see it as a stage show. So, unlikely.