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montanagrizfan3 karma

How come they aren't as juicy as they used to be?

scorpofalltrades4 karma

Could be how long they've been sitting out (check the time on the back if applicable) or donenes. The chicken itself is the same afaik

Anonymous37-13 karma

Dear Rotisserie Worker at Costco,

I have a chunk of pork in my mouth and I'm not planning on chewing it or swallowing it. Do you have any idea if it's possible for my saliva to dissolve the chunk and, if it is possible, can you say how long it will take for my saliva to dissolve the piece of pork?

Yours truly,


scorpofalltrades11 karma

No, we can only dissolve starch and some fats. Report back though.

Poofengle-20 karma

So how much would only a half fucked chicken cost me?

scorpofalltrades21 karma

$4.99 baybee, we don't sell fucked chicken