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MikeyA0429 karma

How will guilds fully work (or at least how do you plan on them to work)? I would like to know as I’m a guild leader and more information would be nice. Like will there be player caps on guilds etc.

youtnodknoem6 karma

So basically for guilds we have a standard structure in it already that will allow you to cofound guilds, see guild lists, have guild ranks, promote, demote, the works. At Beta and possibly launch, guilds will mostly be social organizations with guild chat and ways to party up with each other

However, we have lots of plans to expand the functionality of guilds to include lots of interesting guild specific content and mechanics once we've nailed the core functionality down.

Underlayss9 karma

Will there be a Skill tree in the game ? or a more natural way of learning skill like reading scrolls or training on a dummy for swordsmen ?

youtnodknoem5 karma

There will definitely be a skill tree in the game, we're not quite ready to uncover what that will look like yet, but it's going to feel quite a bit different from other MMOs.

What I can say is skills will level up over time and become stronger and there will be tons of opportunities to customize how you play your characters

BunnyPerson6 karma

What do you say to the people who say you aren't showing enough footage and are only trying to raise money on early access?

youtnodknoem4 karma

Btw if you missed the stream we did 30 minutes of uncut gameplay on twitch which we'll be uploading to our YouTube channel once it's ready.

Iegobrickhead5 karma

i have 4 questions, 1. will there be microtransactions 2. will there be a pet system where you can buy and own pets? 3. will this game have colorblind settings? 4. will there be a thing you can use almost as a watch? (example: friends list, events, etc etc).

youtnodknoem4 karma

Hi! Going to answer first question. There won't be any MTX at launch but we will probably introduce cosmetics and other special items that can be purchased down the line. Just remember we will never be p2w and we'll always do our best to make sure the game is affordable for everyone.

mangomad3215 karma

In OrbusVR, the movements of others people are horrible (there is a lot of latency etc.), how is the time respond in Zenith?

youtnodknoem4 karma

We're going to do our best to minimize latency in the game -- this is always a complex problem for MMOs, but we're using SpatialOS as our backend which enables us to build highly complex, simulated worlds.

Wimpy11214 karma

Hi! How much of the ”full game” can we expert from this alpha? And when does the kickstarter folks names come up on the website?

youtnodknoem4 karma

We'll update the names as soon as we can -- it's been super busy. Currently working on the web portal where we'll do all of our kickstarter validation and stuff.

The Alpha should contain roughly 20 hours of gameplay for most people, if I'm being conservative.( much more if you want to max out, try all the classes, find everything, etc)

BlackCrownBoar3 karma

Hello! Very excited for the game! I was wondering how many classes is “ideal” for Zenith in your opinion? (Including the tank/DPS/support for each role)

youtnodknoem3 karma

Each of the sub roles are so unique that they would be other classes in any other game FYI heh.

In terms of the high level archetype classes, we currently have 2 announced (and 3 roles each so basically 6 playstyles) with at least another one on the way for a total of 9 playstyles.