Hi everyone! It's Lindsay Czarniak. I am here today to talk about my new podcast, The Artist and the Athlete.

Each episode of The Artist and The Athlete pairs an iconic sports figure alongside a renowned musician for an intimate, wide-ranging conversation that explores their path to success, their process, and their passions when away from the big stage. Join me each week as I goes behind-the-scenes with some of the biggest names in sports and music like Eddie Vedder, Anthony Rizzo, Alanis Morissette, Danica Patrick, Brad Paisley, Clayton Kershaw, and more!

Check out episode 1, featuring Clayton Kershaw & Brad Paisley, on Apple Podcasts! https://www.apple.co/lindsayczarniak

Ask Me Anything!

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PaulieNumbers37 karma

Hi Lindsay! I remember watching you on NBC4 Washington before you made it to the big leagues with George Michael. What lasting memory did working with George stick with you the most? Thank you so much!

LindsayCzarniak49 karma

I have so many amazing memories of George. One of my fondest memories is what he would say to me before we started the show...he would knock on the wall and say "Czarniak, Don't F*** it up!" Miss him and what he taught me

BluePinky25 karma

Do NFL head coaches really want to talk while hustling off to the locker room at halftime or is it just something they're contractually obligated to do?

LindsayCzarniak44 karma

great question... honest answer is I'm sure they don't love doing it but I can tell you from experience they are used to it. One of the most engaging was Jon Gruden this year, as well as Bruce Arians.

ottoe5722 karma

Thank you for doing an AMA. What sport do you wish had larger coverage? Why doesn't it?

LindsayCzarniak38 karma

fishing. I'm serious

jett880619 karma

With Jaime Little doing the ARCA broadcast, it seems like women are getting a fairer shot in broadcasting. Do you feel like that's true? What else can these big companies do to make it better?

LindsayCzarniak29 karma

I'm SO HAPPY for Jamie! she is such a rockstar and I can tell you from working with her for Indy 500 coverage - she is one of the very best in the business at her job. doesn't matter man or woman - I have admired her knowledge an work ethic for a long time. I think women are getting more opportunity - still not enough but I think it also takes us to stand up and say "I want that"

Swackhammer_13 karma

Hi Lindsay! You can pick one place to grab a bite on campus at JMU, what are you picking??

LindsayCzarniak22 karma

D Hall!!!!

dibpetebailey13 karma

How did you enjoy your time in Harrisonburg?

LindsayCzarniak17 karma

LOVED my time in the 'burg. Don't get back enough!

Drpaxtie13 karma

Hi Lindsay! Who in the sports world is hilarious off camera?

LindsayCzarniak38 karma

great question....Shaq! but you probably knew that.

d-cent11 karma

Do you ever get any harsh/over the line pressure from Fox to slant things a certain way? Do they criticize that you're husband works for NBC?

LindsayCzarniak16 karma

never. FOX sports has been great.

dizzy9219 karma

Are you going to have the Sports Junkies as guests?

LindsayCzarniak15 karma

those are my guys!!!! maybe as consultants:)

N2F797 karma

What episode will we get Jimmie Johnson and the Avett Brothers?

LindsayCzarniak11 karma

Love that episode so much! Early March!

howiejriii6 karma

How do you get athletes and musicians to come on your show? Is it usually your team reaching out to them or vice versa?

LindsayCzarniak7 karma

It's a combo but it's been such a blessing to partner with SONY in this. The booking has been an awesome team effort

Niz996 karma

What's the biggest perk of the job?

LindsayCzarniak6 karma

definitely interacting with awesome people. this project in particular with SONY has introduced me to a team of some of the most creative people I've ever worked with

MInclined5 karma

How would you advise a photog in local broadcast to get to the level you're at? Thanks for doing this!

LindsayCzarniak10 karma

I would stay start from the ground up - asking colleagues and mentors. If you don't have a mentor, start picking brains of people at your local shop for how you can reach out to someone at that level who makes those decisions. whenever I don't know the next step, I think of who I can reach out to the has experience that I can ask

rawrberry_3 karma

Hello Lindsay, What athlete and musician pair do you believe will have the most chemistry?

LindsayCzarniak5 karma

Ray Lewis and Kirk Franklin had a special bond but also this first episode with Clayton Kershaw and Brad Paisley - I don't think any other musician could've led Clayton to sing at the top of his lungs. they've all had a unique chemistry

freaking_dumbass3 karma

Is your podcast available for free on Spotify? 😐

LindsayCzarniak5 karma


LindsayCzarniak-3 karma

Thanks so much for joining me here, guys! I have to run but please check out the podcast! I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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LindsayCzarniak3 karma

can you play the guitar?

r00t1-7 karma


LindsayCzarniak4 karma

I think both are awesome