Hi Reddit, Candi Milo here. I've been blessed to have an amazing career doing what I love, creating voices and entertaining others. I'm glad to be a part of your childhood. I had a unique childhood growing up, and it made me the woman I am today. I've seen failures and successes, and I triumphed over adversity and persevered. I'm publishing my memoir "Surviving the Odd". I also want to talk about what its like to be the "clean up girl", meaning I do multiple voices on episodes of new shows coming up: StoryBots. Interrupting Chicken. Curious George. Looney Tunes.

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I have a question: Coco Coco Coco co coco Coco Coco Coco?

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Co-cocococo-co? Oh, Cocococococo!!!!

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THANK YOU!!!! How did you manage keeping a straight face while recording the lines for possibly 2 of the funniest characters on the show (Cheese of course!)

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Oh my goodness, the group records?!?!?!?! With Tom Kenny doing Eduardo and Cheese yelling at him. We couldn't stop laughing. Miss those days!

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Good evening Reddit!

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What’s the best way to get into voice acting? Do you recommend starting with an agent? Or just going on auditions? Or starting with radio?

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The best way to start is to read aloud - children's stories - and do all the voices. Then catalogue them in your head, so you access them hen you need to.If you are an actor already - you need to make a demo. Those are the first steps.

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Candi Milo here!

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What was/ is your favorite role and why?

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Cheese, The Flea, Goat (From Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket), Teacher from Cow & Chicken - because they are all part of me and there were times that the writing was so dang funny that I couldn't say the words!!!!!!

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What was the best/worst character you've ever played (in your opinion) and why?

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The best job I think I did in voice matching was to take over for my GOOD friend Chis Kavanaugh as Dexter in Dexter's Lab. It was also the worst job ever. I had my own comedy and my own timing - and they wanted a robot to mimic Chrissie's timing - which was impossible. So it was tough... Do I sound whiny?!

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You arent whiney, every gig has it's ups and downs. What was your least favorite independent role? (If you dont mind me asking a second question)

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Swear to you, I love what I do. I haven't had a bad gig. Just weird situations, you know. Want to hear something fun? I was at the very end of my pregnancy when I worked on Cool World and the creator Ralph Bakshi got me a rolling dolly so I could lie down and roll around on the set and throw voices to Brad Pitt and Gabriel Byrne. Not a bad ay's work! 😂

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That sounds amazing.

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What advice would you give someone who is interested in Voice Acting but has no idea how to even begin working with their interest?

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Voice acting is first and foremost acting. Take a low cost acting class and learn the language of the art. And then begin to read aloud to yourself and kids. Watch cartoons and listen to who you like. Do not spend big money.

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Thank you so much for your time, have a wonderful night!

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❤️ Thanks this was so fun.