What up Reddit!

This is R.A. the Rugged Man. My new music video "WHO DO WE TRUST?" featuring Immortal Technique is now on YouTube.

Watch it here now: https://youtube.com/watch?v=OqgIKOXykHo

This is my first ever collaboration with Immortal Tech and we get into some deep political content on the track. This is the latest single from my album "ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD", which is now available worldwide. The album also features Chuck D of Public Enemy, Ghostface Killah, Slug of Atmosphere, Ice-T, Brand Nubian, Kool G Rap, Vinnie Paz, Inspectah Deck, M.O.P., DJ Jazzy Jeff, Chris Rivers, A-F-R-O, Onyx, Chino XL, Masta Killa, and more.

Proof. Ask me anything!!

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ratheruggedmanmusic588 karma

Why are moderators deleting/censoring some of my answers ?

ratheruggedmanmusic374 karma

seriously tho !!!! Why?

ratheruggedmanmusic279 karma

someone just tweeted me and said "The moderators aren't actually affiliated with the company, they're just basement dwellers that run a subreddit. Random dudes that don't work for Reddit. Still bullshit, though" So I'm just trying to understand who were deleting the answers? Was it like an automatic bot looking for certain key words? I don't understand

Security_Chief_Odo69 karma

This is a pretty serious accusation. Can you please let us know which comments (what was the text, or a link if you have it) of yours were removed/deleted from this thread? You can send a message directly to the moderators via this link.

From the tools available to me, I do not see evidence that any of your comments were removed or deleted. If comments you posted are not showing up, there may be other issues with Reddit going on, unrelated to Moderation.

ratheruggedmanmusic85 karma

how can I post a screen shot? I'll show you some

Security_Chief_Odo46 karma

I will send you a private message.

Hounmlayn7 karma

So is it sorted?

Security_Chief_Odo29 karma

Mods haven't received private message or modmail from the OP for this issue. Still looking into the logs and other tools to try and see what's going on though.

ratheruggedmanmusic13 karma

I have the screen shots just tell me how to post for the people.

ittozziloP343 karma

A few years ago on Twitter you asked for some producers that people think you should work with. I recommended Kickdrums and was pleasantly surprised to see the track list of your most recent work! What’s your favorite track produced by him??

ratheruggedmanmusic313 karma

wow. He's one of my favorite people to work with now.

InputNameHeir267 karma

Props on All my heroes are dead, in my opinion, the best work of your career.

What's up with A-f-r-o? We've been waiting for him to drop an album for a while now!

ratheruggedmanmusic217 karma

I'm waiting on A-F-R-O to finish, hes been dropping some videos on YouTube in the meantime.

Josh_Doe252 karma

Hey RA, fan for a long time you verse on uncommon valor was the reason i did a full report on agent orange and the issues that stemmed from its use. Anyways brother, I have been a writer for a few years on and off i dont do much with them because i am maybe too critical on myself. Is there any advice you'd have to potentially get past that? Or if you've had any experience with this yourself? Much love to you and your family

ratheruggedmanmusic302 karma

Yeah you gotta let go, just let the shit flow and not overthink it. I don't always apply these rules to myself either.. but being your own worst critics becomes fucking mental torture. Gotta let go and see how it goes instead of deading works in progress

seko1999215 karma

Simple question here RA, how did you get your name RA the Rugged Man?

ratheruggedmanmusic446 karma

R.A. was my middle name .. My pops used to call me that way before HipHop.. and when I was 17 I had a demo tape with a song called THE RUGGED MAN and people thought that was my name so it accidentally stuck.

pOOkies_revenge112 karma

What was your MC name prior to R.A. The Rugged Man?

ratheruggedmanmusic384 karma

when I was 15 my rap name was MASTER MONEY ARE - A haha

mccoyster63 karma

You a certified goat man, no questions just wanted to mention.

ratheruggedmanmusic63 karma


CDC_211 karma

What’s your most memorable moment of touring with Insane Clown Posse?

ratheruggedmanmusic430 karma

Yo! It was just awesome. the clown are hated on but every night was a blast and they put on outstanding live shows and their fans are insanely dope. And ICP's team took care of me and made sure I was alright better than any other tour in years. love them for life

TDH545599 karma

Will we ever hear a Jarv and R.A track?

ratheruggedmanmusic87 karma

I'm pretty sure eventually

AGoel9798 karma

Hey R.A., what is your favorite bar that someone else has spit? And what is your favorite bar that you’ve written?

ratheruggedmanmusic156 karma

ECSTACY from WHODINI just passed. RIP. I been bumping him for decades so I just love listening to the cadence and delivery, it makes any bar out his mouth a favorite..

StashMorash78 karma

Just curious. Who’s someone that you’ve hung out with throughout your time in the music industry that you thought wouldn’t be a good time but turned out to be one? Also thank you for all the beautiful music you’ve created, it’s helped me a lot. Enjoy retirement

ratheruggedmanmusic183 karma

one of the FUNNIEST human beings alive is KILLAH PRIEST... you hear his lyricism and its so serious and full of imagery and knowledge but when you kick it with him were like two giddy kids making elementary school jokes. lol

YouGotsToBangBang78 karma

How was your relationship with biggie? Did you see each other outside of the studio?

ratheruggedmanmusic159 karma

Yeah, that was my man, we'd drive around play our demos to each other, call each other all different hours just to talk some shit. RIP

Luuklilo77 karma

How was working with Immortal Technique? Any stories from the making of this?

ratheruggedmanmusic99 karma

he was an absolute pleasure. For real. And when we shot the video it was in the middle of the whole covid lockdowns and drama and he really looked out to make it all happen

Tenzu966 karma

"I don't want fans who don't know who G Rap is!"

You said this line in Lessons, it got me thinking... have you encountered fans who didn't know G Rap but were super into your music? and if your music has a demographic who do you think it caters to the most?

ratheruggedmanmusic99 karma

yes. I wrote that line 18 years ago so more and more dont know.

wallzgotballz65 karma

Yo RA, big fan- I think it would be dope if you did a czarface album. Have you and INS ever talked about it?

ratheruggedmanmusic79 karma

we did this joint on CZARFACE album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu-QL4mFyJY

elpenumbro60 karma

I always heard a story about you getting signed to jive records and then going in with a shotgun demanding your contract be torn up. Any validity to that? I almost don't want to hear the answer if it's not.

ratheruggedmanmusic126 karma

the story is a lot more interesting than the one you've heard.

tookie2253 karma

Big fan R.A. you are one of the greats.

Any chance you do some more shows in the US once things calm down? Hoping for a date in Florida but seems like you are always overseas.

Love the new album and legends never die is one of my all time favorites.

ratheruggedmanmusic132 karma

I will go anywhere they pay me to go in any country.

DearMilano40 karma

Hey RA, what are some films that made you start looking at life differently?

Also, what's the best restaurant that you've been to?

As a side note, I hit you up a few years ago after I was grieving from a tragedy that happened to my ship that killed a few of my friends/brothers (John S McCain) thank you for your kind words that day.

ratheruggedmanmusic46 karma

RIP to your friends and brothers.

Therealgkmusic38 karma

Did your race mean anything when you started? Any advice for any new rappers? What are good ways to promote your music?

ratheruggedmanmusic66 karma

of course. When I was rapping I was a little kid with a high pitched squeaky voice anywhere I went to rock there wasn't any white kids doing it so of course the race meant something

NifferEUW31 karma

Hey R.A, you absolute legend. All my heroes are dead is a 10/10 album and contender for album of the year.

I have a few questions actually, if thats okay:

  • Is there anything you actually regret during your career?

  • What was the biggest culture shock about living in Germany?

  • Who's one of the more underrated rapper coming out the last few years?

  • Oh, and do you actually watch movies from this decade..?

Hope you and your family is healthy during this pandemic. Take care ya filthy animal.

ratheruggedmanmusic83 karma

  • Is there anything you actually regret during your career?

(Wish I was on top of my business better. I was always about fuck the money, the art is what matters most and I wish I understood its ok to make great art but still invest properly and set yourself up for the future.

  • What was the biggest culture shock about living in Germany?

Old School Germans sometimes are cold and mean. In NY we're dicks and assholes and we say what we feel to your face.. but some Germans are just cold and mean as shit. lol

  • Who's one of the more underrated rapper coming out the last few years?

Justin Freeman, Mad Squablz, Che Noir..... but so many others as well.

  • Oh, and do you actually watch movies from this decade..?


ogidiamin27 karma

Another album?

ratheruggedmanmusic78 karma

NOPE. ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD is most likely my final.

Sclammp27 karma

Is there a 2 man combo in rap better than you and vinnie? I'm convinced not

ratheruggedmanmusic60 karma

Erick and Parish - Run and DMC lol

ihatelag0124 karma

Seeing the enormous amount of features on " ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD " and past projects ,are there any remaining artits you wish to collab with one day?

Out of those,are there any which you wish to feature with but think will likely never happen?

On the same note,I know you fuck with K.A.A.N,any chance of you two dropping something at some point?

Also,is the show in Romania still happening?

ratheruggedmanmusic56 karma

KAAN sent me a joint to hop on. Its in the works

Jimmygimme24 karma

Hey R.A, in the new video with Immortal Technique is that a picture of Gary Webb from the CIA/Crack/Freeway articles for San Jose Mercury? If so it’s cool you cut him in, I think his reporting on the whole thing was just under appreciated and not as respected as it should have been for showing how our own government was poisoning our population with drugs to help control the outcome of other countries elections.

ratheruggedmanmusic46 karma

Yup , you caught that. Gary Webb was the man. Two bullets to commit suicide???

cameraguy8820 karma

RA, first of all let me say this, you’re music is fucking amazing, a friend put me on to you and haven’t stopped listening since. And on that note, when all this shit is over, are you planning on coming back to the UK? The same friend seen you in Glasgow a while back and to this day said it was the best gig he’s ever been to. Would love to see if he’s talking shit or not 😂. Keep it up dude

ratheruggedmanmusic30 karma

that my job as an MC to rock harder than anyone else and make sure the crowd feel the same.

RobZilla1000120 karma

How crazy was it to be referenced in the beef with Mac Lethal and Tom MacDonald?

ratheruggedmanmusic64 karma

not at all. I thought the mention was childish as shit like 8th grade kiddie gossip

jkopps917 karma

Hey R.A., my girlfriend introduced me to your music and I have become a HUGE fan. Really think you do hip-hop the right way man! We have a son who is blind and developmentally disabled and one of the things we wonder is, with your family history of disability, why/how you use the word r*tard or variations of it? For us it has become a word that is so difficult to not be agitated with. Hopefully the question comes off as genuine and not as an insult. And could you see yourself doing a full collab album with Vinnie Paz given the amount of creative chemistry you seem to have? Keep putting out dope shit!

ratheruggedmanmusic44 karma

I understand. Yeah, my upbringing and household is just different than yours. The word mentally retarded wasn't looked at as some "bad word" in the 1980's. The words and terminologies all change and suddenly ones that were natural all the sudden are the wrong ones and offensive. In Fact the first time I even heard it wasn't the correct terminology is when I recorded the real life story of my sister Dee Dee who was blind and couldn't walk and I used that terminology and people were offended that I referred to her like that. Keep in mind this is my little sister one of the people I loved more than any human being that ever lived.

Sahlyss16 karma

What lessons did you learn working with Frank Henenlotter?

ratheruggedmanmusic23 karma

The man is a genius, one of my best friends, and mentor since I'm a teenager.. Sometimes working with people you are that close to and look up to isnt always easy.. He's one of the smartest human beings alive as well

ocean_spray15 karma

Is Immortal Technique ever gonna drop The Middle Passage? Tell us the truth!

ratheruggedmanmusic35 karma

Me and Tech made a banger on MIDDLE PASSAGE. Cant wait for it to drop

UnfulfilledDesire13 karma

- Ever since Chris Rivers was on your show that time, I was hoping to hear a track with the two of you. I know he appeared on Slayers Club, but any plans on a full track with the two of you?

- Along with you, Aesop Rock dropped a great album in 2020. Seems this far in to both of your careers, you're looking as strong/possibly stronger than ever. Any plans on a track with him?

- Always hoped to see a track with you and Lupe, but I'm most doubtful about this one as he's not too in to features. Also your styles were very different, but some tracks on All My Heroes Are Dead I believe would mesh with his style very well (living through a screen, malice). Is a collab even a remote possibility? lol

ratheruggedmanmusic33 karma

Honestly I think me and LUPE would make a tremendous song together. I'm not sure if he's up on my work or a fan of it.

Equilibrist11 karma

Hey, R.A.! I have a more fun question for you: if you had to give a one song demo of yourself as an artist from your body of work, what song would you choose?

ratheruggedmanmusic17 karma

First Born

theboss55510 karma

RA I was wondering John thorburn ( hopefully pronounced correctly), is this your father? Just wondering because of uncommon Valor. Just trying to put the pieces together thanks

ratheruggedmanmusic20 karma

yes Staff Sgt John Andrew Thorburn is my father.

mcfunisher10 karma

Big Howard Stern fan here, I seem to remember you calling into the show back in early 2000's, was that you or an imposter?

ratheruggedmanmusic25 karma

imposter.. Sean the White Rapper.

tuckstar9 karma

Why does Bloodshed Hua Hoo make me so happy?

ratheruggedmanmusic33 karma

cuz you're a psychopath. lol

Chaziy8 karma

whats your favorite Kool G Rap album?

ratheruggedmanmusic21 karma

WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE .... maybe some of my favorite songs are on ROAD TO THE RICHES and ROOTS OF EVIL

Shackelbot6 karma

Who surprised you most in your career, I’m not talking about just artists. Like everything you’ve been through who went above and beyond and really sticks out in your head?

ratheruggedmanmusic25 karma

Well I never knew BIGGIE would become one of the most famous well known iconic figures in HipHop history that was def above and beyond. Also WUTANG CLAN and MOBB DEEP really went to the TOP of the whole game.

joeyiscool146 karma

Who’s your favorite porn star?

ratheruggedmanmusic27 karma

Long Jeanne Silver

Robonautics4 karma

Hey RA, How did you get to connect with The Notorious BIG and what is the most unknown things about you ?

ratheruggedmanmusic10 karma

We were in the same scene. Trackmasters introduced me to Biggie before any of us were well known and we all stayed cool for years

fromagnumman4 karma

Favorite Larry Cohen Movie?

ratheruggedmanmusic12 karma

man, his whole catalog. My 3 year old son loves THE STUFF. He wants me to show it to him all the time.

RoamingTofu6664 karma


What are some training methods and techniques that you would suggest to new, young rappers who want to improve their skills on the mic?

ratheruggedmanmusic11 karma

practice, practice, practice. Get off other rappers dicks and sounds... be innovative and original

pOOkies_revenge4 karma

What's your take on Merkules? Would you collab on a track with him?

ratheruggedmanmusic10 karma

I know Merk since he's a little kid. We talked about it for years but dudes have their own lives and sometime it never connects

brown-ale4 karma

As an older hip-hop head, your recent album was a blast to listen to last year.

Your posse cut Slayers Club is still on constant rotation for me whenever I hit the gym. What is the story behind this track and getting all these emcees on a track like this?

Who else did you want to feature on your album that didn't make the final cut?

Also your thoughts on DOOM and a favorite verse of his?

ratheruggedmanmusic20 karma

Who else did you want to feature on your album that didn't make the final cut?

Big Daddy Kane, Run the Jewels, LL Cool J are some I would've liked and was in contact with

maloboosie4 karma

Are we getting a Crustified Dibbs album??

ratheruggedmanmusic13 karma

I'm not sure my next move. ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD might be my last album

senorsyphilis4 karma

Who do you listen to for some catchy flows and hooks, and who are some of your go-to’s for some pure bars. Also are you a fan of r&b at all?

ratheruggedmanmusic9 karma

I'm a huge R&B head. My favorite genre. I probably listen to more R&B than any other type of music

PhaserStun3 karma

what do you look for when selecting a beat to rap to?

ratheruggedmanmusic3 karma

depends what I'm working on... but what will fit the song best, what will fit the album best.

speedk0re3 karma

Fellow WM graduate here.

What was your favorite store at the Smithaven Mall?

ratheruggedmanmusic9 karma

as a little kid the arcade and hot dogs at Orange Julius

mrploppers3 karma

What was it like getting shutdown by the cops at The Gathering of The Juggalos?

ratheruggedmanmusic9 karma

I was angry as fuck the night of but I got so much love for it by ICP famlee and so many people hit me up to tell me it was a legendary night so looking back I'm happy it went down like that. People will remember that I'm not letting you shut me down easy.

Rome_Ham3 karma

Was there ever a point in your music career where you felt as if it wasn't working out or you weren't going to make it? If so, how did you get past those feelings?

ratheruggedmanmusic7 karma

never in my life till they stopped artists from touring in 2020. lol

IAmDiti3 karma

Hey R.A... years ago when I listened to your song " The people champ" in the video clip in your arm you have an Albanian flag.. whats the meaning behind that? why the Albanian flag I'm really curious because I'm Albanian too :)

ratheruggedmanmusic6 karma

the fighter in the gym was Albanian and had that dope colorful robe so I asked him if I can wear it for those shots.

[deleted]3 karma


ratheruggedmanmusic21 karma

1) I think my influence is noticeable even with the blackballing. A lot of the biggest artists ever have my balls in their mouth biting me shit. lol

2) My kids already know who their daddy is. Rocked stages with me, saw the fans, saw the videos.

3) I love Canadian HipHop from Michie Mee to my boy Classified. My little homie Nova just dropped some shit with her man Tom.

Mahertian2203 karma

Have you ever tried to get on Rogan? Loved you on tinfoil hat. P.S. this is the dude with the legendary loser tattoo that you posted

ratheruggedmanmusic6 karma

Everyone always asking when will I go on ROGAN but I dont have that connect. If folks want me on they gotta hit up JOE and his producers

perungoldeneyes3 karma

Hey R.A., what film(s) have you watched the most in your life?

ratheruggedmanmusic8 karma

When I was a kid there was a VHS tape of Carpenter's CHRISTINE so I watched it a bunch of times.

60thPresident3 karma

R.A. who was the other man in uncommon valor? The one that wasn't down to mow down and kill? Was it just a foil for your dad's thoughts in the war or did he have a buddy that really wasn't too into it?

ratheruggedmanmusic8 karma

I think Vinnie Paz character was just based on several soldiers in that war who felt that way not one in particular

ChocolateTimbs3 karma

What up R.A. – will you ever drop a Legendary Classics Vol. 2?

ratheruggedmanmusic6 karma

something similar

Muznik4023 karma

What was your favorite part of making bad biology?

ratheruggedmanmusic8 karma

we end up selling it 10 countries and traveling to some nice places with the film. JAPAN was a highlight

puns-n-roses3 karma

How do you relax? What's are your favorite things to do?

ratheruggedmanmusic10 karma

anything that distracts me from eating a bullet

JDMcReddit3 karma

Do you still chill in Gordon Heights?

ratheruggedmanmusic7 karma

I still kick it with my old Gordon Heights crew from time to time but haven't been out in the heights in a minute

narcoschmolo3 karma

Hey Rugged Man. Love your work. Your Halo remix got me through a lot when I needed it.

What's a hobby of yours that people wouldn't expect?

Peace be unto you and yours.

ratheruggedmanmusic7 karma

I guess its not a hobby but I'm like a full on video / film editor

ajp103043 karma

What do you like listen to music on? Do you spend a lot of money on speakers, headphones etc? I can't imagine spending all those hours crafting in the studio to then listen to music on shit equipment at home.

ratheruggedmanmusic11 karma

my equipment sucks. I goto a pro studio to make music and try not to listen to my own shit at home.

Jojatod981 karma

Hey RA been a massive fan for years now, my question is if there is anyone you would like to collaborate with that people wouldn't necessarily think you would?

ratheruggedmanmusic3 karma

Cupcake or Azealia Banks

asianmotherscreaming1 karma

Is night of the bloody apes ever going to be released/available on streaming? If I had the vinyl of Every Record Label Sucks Dick it would make my year

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

there is a copy of EVERY RECORD SUCKS DICK on the LEGENDARY CLASSICS vinyl album

ChickenWiddle1 karma

Aussie here, keen to know how you discovered our beatboxer Tom Thum and if there's any other Aussie artists you like?

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

There was a HipHop girl I knew in Australia who knew TOM and TOM was doing a show in NYC so I took my little sister and niece to see the show and thats the first time we met each other when the show was done.

falalalano1 karma

Is it true you took a shit on stage once?

ratheruggedmanmusic2 karma

I took a shit in a lot of places I shouldn't have but never the stage.

Tetsuooo81 karma

Hey RA. All My Heroes Are Dead is one of my all-time fave hip-hop albums! I was wondering if you ever considered Chip Fu as a feature? Given all the other OG lyrical monsters on there.

Chip Fu was one of the first and he's even better now IMHO. Any chance of ever doing a track together? Or maybe you don't get along or something lol

ratheruggedmanmusic2 karma

I hit up Chip about something I'm working on

ricobravo821 karma

I’ve seen you in 3 cities in US and one in Canada. What are your favorite cities to perform in?

ratheruggedmanmusic2 karma

2021 any city that will let me perform is my favorite.

FujinWoW1 karma

R u fulltime rapper or rap is your side job?

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

Rap been my full-time job for 3 decades. HipHop has been beautiful to me

gerald_robber1 karma

I'd LOVE to find out what kind of energy was in the studio when you and JMT made Uncommon Valor. Was that planned to do a song about Vietnam? Or did it occur naturally?

ratheruggedmanmusic3 karma

PAZ sent me the theme ahead of time and then we recorded it together Sony studio NYC

PigCopsFatTits1 karma

Do you believe in aliens?

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

I dont know if ALIENS give a shit about Earth but I'm confident there's life forms beside us out there. We're such a small tiny little shit rock compared to the rest of whatever the fuck is out there

ButterYourShit1 karma

If you're so legendary how come I've never heard of you?

Impossible-Matter6501 karma

Did you watch Brandon Cronenberg’s movie Possessor? I haven’t gotten around to it yet but I heard it was great

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

I haven't but I heard good things about it

Oeboekanoeboe1 karma

Hey R.A. what do you do with your spare time? I like to think about rappers just living normal lives like mos def trying to find a good tomato when grocery shopping.

Edit: Fyi i just thought i should add this, my favourite song of yours has to be definition of a rap flow and can i ask whatsup with the ending of it? Why shopping list? Oh and fyi my favourite from 'all my heros are dead' was legendary loser but great job on the whole project!

Couldnt take a shit without lawyers litigating it. Fucking love it haha

ratheruggedmanmusic3 karma

my spare times is strictly DAD life .. I got a 5and 3 year old and that consumes all of your spare time

HarryStraddler1 karma

RA, I can't stop listening to Golden Oldies lately, it's fantastic! What's your favorite thing you've created recently?

ratheruggedmanmusic3 karma

the entire album ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD. I am very proud of it.

shanebakerstudios1 karma

Gift of Gab was an incredible video/song. How did the idea for that video come about?

ratheruggedmanmusic2 karma

Yo! for some reason twitter just up and BANNED Gift of GAB... he's about to drop new music and need his social networks back

JediMind_791 karma

What are your plans for a tour once all this covid shit is over? I was super stoked a year ago when All My Hero's Are Dead came out, knowing you would tour right after then shit got all fucked up. I would love to see a show with you and Vinnie Paz/JMT any chance that could happen?

ratheruggedmanmusic2 karma

I had planned to do 150 shows the year of dropping ALL HEROES ARE DEAD but then 2020 hit us with this bullshit... so I'll do a show any where they send me at this point.

Foolish_yogi1 karma

FUCK!!! R.A! You spit like madman and I'm excited you're doing this AMA just so I can tell you that!

Been listening to this on youtube, my fave tracks are Gotta Be Dope and Malice of Mammon. Great work work man!

Would love to see a collab with you and RTJ. Any thoughts or future ideas about something like that?

Wishing you the best man, keep up the great work and being a fucking rhyming savant 😎

ratheruggedmanmusic2 karma

thank you sir

kDub3611 karma

Rumor has it that you have a girl and kid that live in Germany 🇩🇪 is that true? One of my buddies knows you through the snowgoons and mila highlife.

ratheruggedmanmusic3 karma

I live in BERLIN and raising my children here.

justinc791 karma

Any chance of a sequel to BAD BIOLOGY or any other film projects in the pipeline?

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

No Bad Biology sequel.. yes,.. working on some new film projects

thefaketunasteak1 karma

Why did brother Ali fall off? He was sick then he just stopped making music. Also how do you feel about Justin Trudeau lol

ratheruggedmanmusic6 karma

Brother Ali didnt fall off. He just put out a dope album that EVIDENCE produced

it0xin1 karma

How do you balance your life as Crustified Dibbs and dad at the same time? Btw, Was really fresh seeing you chillin with your 2 kids on Netfest last year.

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

Crustified DAD is a tough job but someone gotta do it

chestermcChessface1 karma

Have you ever heard of legendary UK rapper "Lowkey"? Check out "Terrorist" or even the song he did with Tech called "Voices of the Voiceless". It's dope. He should do a remix for the new track you guys did!

ratheruggedmanmusic2 karma

I never heard Lowkey yet but I must check him. I know he's part of Artists for Assange. #FreeAssange

speedyspeedboy421 karma

You doing any more work with Michal Menert? I loved the track you jumped in on his "Space Jazz" album.

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

I love Mike Menert. Definitely will work again

chestermcChessface1 karma

Have you considered reaching out to Eminem to drop some jewels on how to be from the golden era but make an album in the 2020s, sounding modern and highly skilled BUT still with that classic sound? It's like he loves that old school shit but then rocks garbage beats with Young M.A and shit... Show him RA!!! And also some healthy competition haha

ratheruggedmanmusic2 karma

I can't show a grow man what to do. I'm happy with the shit I make that what matters to me.

ChooChooMFA1 karma

What's the craziest shit you've done?

ratheruggedmanmusic5 karma

snitching on myself in a Reddit thread thats why I'm not.

crackedup19791 karma

How dificult was it writing Uncommon Valor and are you planning on working with Vinnie Paz again any time soon?

ratheruggedmanmusic3 karma

Vinnie Paz is on my latest album ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD... and I just worked with him on a song for his upcoming album..

gutterchrist1 karma

Any truth to what Mac Lethal said? lol

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

Nova and Tom are the homies. Mac brought it to a 7th grade cheap shot. corny line.

Rome_Ham1 karma

How do you feel about the current social climate, and what are your feelings towards "cancel culture"?

ratheruggedmanmusic2 karma

cancel culture is corny.

Sclammp1 karma

How do you get over the fear of spitting in front of other people?

ratheruggedmanmusic1 karma

I never had that fear so I dont have advice for that. I'm guessing its the same as jumping in cold water. Hop in and just get used to it. If you cant then MC'ing aint for you