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1ag0b38 karma

How do you feel about where you are right now? Are you comfortable with what will happen? Angry? Anxious? Afraid? Content? Happy?

Duffy69964638 karma

Honestly I'm quite content. I know whatever happens I'll have the love of my life next to me and whatever comes next I can handle.

KoalaAggressive970216 karma

What do you like to read, if you read at all?

Duffy6996464 karma

I haven't had a lot of time to read lately, but usually I'm a sc-fi fan! I loved 1984 and Dune.

OsirizSmash3 karma

Was the mother in law at the wedding? Or even invited?

Duffy699646-17 karma

She was there, came around eventually when she realised we were serious about it. Still not a fan of the shaved head but aye what can you do?

ironMikeV12 karma

Do you play video games? If so, what are you into?

Duffy699646-4 karma

I'm a big video game fan! Recently got watch dogs legion and COD Cold War which have been a lot of fun. I'll play anything really if its on xbox.

Onuma12 karma

What do you think you'll miss out on most of all, and what have you enjoyed most of all since your prognosis was given?

Duffy699646-5 karma

I guess I'm missing out on the traditional high school experience that's talked about all the time, never been to a dance or a party and it seems stupid but I'd say that. As for favorite things since the prognosis, having more freedom than ever. Not worrying about what's next just living in the moment.

AskHowToPronounceGif1 karma

What is your favorite tv show? And what's been the most surprising thing about van life?

Duffy699646-8 karma

We don’t get too much time to watch tv however, when we have the occasional time to do so I love watching South Park. We love having a laugh together and it’s nice to relax for a bit. As for van life I think the most surprising thing is that it does take a lot of time to plan where we’re going next.

grandstaff1 karma

What's your favorite of the places you've visited so far?

Duffy6996461 karma

I absolutely loved all of the Pacific North West. The towns we've driven through have been so quaint and the natures unbeatable. Definitely check out Portland if you get the chance.