Hi, I'm Geoff Keighley, Producer of the Game Awards. Watch our show this Thursday 12/10 streaming live on over 45 platforms. Head to thegameawards.com to vote for your favorite games now! Ask me anything.

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ProfessionalWeeb01228 karma

Are you Ohhhhh so excited for the event this Thursday Geoff?

geoffmk176 karma

I am!

GeneralSpacey109 karma

Can you give a ballpark estimate of how many games are going to be announced at TGA?

geoffmk223 karma

I think there are a good dozen+ games that will be announced/revealed at the show for the first time.

evansquirtle122105 karma

will the announcers and special guests pre record their messages or will it be traditional on a stage?

geoffmk189 karma

It's going to be a combination of things -- some people live, some live on zoom, some pre-taped. Given the pandemic this is sort of evolving daily.

SageWaterDragon98 karma

Why does the Player's Voice category show the current voting percentages? Looking at Twitter and other social media, it seems like all that does is encourage brigading, undermining the eventual winner of that category.

geoffmk104 karma

We only do it in that category -- it's an experiment, a different approach with a bracket system and showing voting. Social engineering, etc is something we are mindful of and part of the reason the main show categories only have 10% fan voting.

RyticulaMoff87 karma

How is it that you can keep reveals from leaking out for an incredible amount of time? Also, if you could personally nominate any game for TGAs which game would it be from this year? If I could nominate any game it'd be Bugsnax just for the fun of it.

geoffmk78 karma

We have an awesome team that wants to surprise everyone!

Cybotico74 karma

Was there ever an upset at the game awards that truly shocked you?

geoffmk158 karma

Good question! I remember Splatoon won best Multiplayer game one year, that was pretty cool/shocking!

RedditNChilll61 karma

Hey Geoff, big fan of the show. There is one question I had for years:

Why do you host this show on a thursday? For europeans its in the middle of the night on friday, so most of us can´t watch because of work / school. Wouldn´t it make more sense for it to be on a friday?

geoffmk79 karma

It's always tough to figure out the best time -- we did move the show up 2 hours this year, so it's a little earlier in Europe. We picked the date a long time ago pre-COVID.

crowbar1161 karma

  1. Why is Half-Life: Alyx not nominated for GOTY?
  2. Why is Among Us nominated for best multiplayer (and other categories), even though it didn't come out this year?
  3. Why is Demon's Souls not nominated in any category? It has very good reviews and hype, seems weird. Is the release date a factor?

geoffmk107 karma

  1. You'd have to ask the jury that votes on the awards. I love Alyx and would have put it on my ballot if I voted. The fact that it's a VR-only game makes it harder.
  2. Among Us is eligible in all categories, it's a game that continues to grow and improve with new updates. All ongoing games are eligible in all categories, it's up to the judges to decide if they are worthy on nomination in any given year. In a lot of ways that game didn't really get "discovered" until this year.
  3. Ask to jury on that one. It's a great game!

Bruce_053948 karma

well I always ask this but has any material relating to this game awards been leaked already?

geoffmk69 karma

Nope, nothing from our main show has been leaked that I know of so far.

semajvc37 karma

What reveal has been the most shocking to you knowing that it will take place on your show?

geoffmk95 karma

Joker in Smash was pretty cool! Xbox reveal last year.

Xawfire36 karma

Ehi geoff! I'll follow the game awards from italy, can't wait! Two questions for you:

1) Will you give a little bit more room at the player's voice award? Last year every award got this huge presentation, while "player's voice" was assigned in like ten seconds. It's our awards, so i feel like it should be a little be more relevant!

2) What game did you enjoy the most this year and why?

geoffmk47 karma

We always try to balance the different awards every year and cycle through unique ones -- it's always tough. This year it was hard with Player's Voice because we didn't know the final nominees until yesterday. And the way we are producing the show, virtually, meant we had to firm up the categories and guests a lot earlier.

Half-Life: Alyx is probably my favorite game of the year, but I also havent' played a lot of the November games yet.

MoronicaForever30 karma

I saw 5 reveals for the 2020 Pre-Show, do you have a total on the number of main show reveals?

geoffmk50 karma

I think around 12-15 or so?

Mimimai1229 karma

Is there any new games being announce at the events that will be bigger than last year?

geoffmk60 karma

That's always a subjective question -- what do you mean by "bigger"? Sort of depends on what kind of games you like. We have announcements from big triple-A games and also smaller titles too.

dancingphlower26 karma

Hi Geoff, what are you looking forward to doing once the Awards are over?

geoffmk66 karma

Getting some sleep! This has been a tough one.

Bloodstargeneral25 karma

With G4 now being back in full swing, any chance we will see any Presence from them this year or in the future?

geoffmk49 karma

Maybe? Not this year. I've talked to them a bit, think they are still figuring out their plans overall.

RollingSilver23 karma

Hey Geoff, in your opinion, is their a 'megaton' announcement in this years Game Awards?

geoffmk74 karma

That's a loaded question! One man's megaton is another man's disappointment. I think we have some fun stuff lined up, but I'll let you all judge that on Thursday night :)

Dudewithtoejam18 karma

Every year The Game Awards seems to top itself EVERY year, what would you say your favourite year has been so far?

geoffmk42 karma

Hard to say, I really liked our 2018 show with Reggie/Phil/Shawn opening, the RDR2 performance, etc. That one was really special.

EliteManny717 karma

Hey Geoff! What difficulties did the pandemic cause when setting up the show? (Other than the pandemic causing this year's game awards to be virtual)

geoffmk35 karma

Well it's a lot of things -- just a lot of stress with the uncertainty of everything. We want to keep everyone safe, but still bring together the community around the world. It's definitely the most difficult TGA we've produced.

TheAlphaBeatZzZ17 karma

Hey Geoff, how do you think the future game shows will play out once the pandemic stops ?

geoffmk36 karma

I think things will continue to be more virtual -- and global. Last year we started The Game Festival to bring you guys game demos at home. And we're doing that again, and also streaming demos with no downloads with Nvidia.

The days of regional consumer/trade shows are changing -- we're really focused on bringing the world together around games digitally.

just_another_reddit15 karma

I know you're impartial about the show and don't vote towards any of the categories. But what games do you want to win? What would you be happy to see recognised?

Also, are there any presenters on your dream list you'd love to get on the show in the future?

geoffmk21 karma

We have one presenter for the show that has been a dream of mine to have at the show -- we'll be announcing them soon!

dsau31014 karma

You may have talked about this before, but how will the awards be handed this year? Will they be made physically, or will they just be awarded 'digitally'?

geoffmk33 karma

Nominees will be joining us live via Zoom -- but it will all be fully live in the main show, meaning we aren't telling anyone in advance who wins.

tgreene1512 karma

What happened to the Industry Icon award last year and will it return this year?

geoffmk31 karma

It won't return this year. It will next year hopefully. We really want to do that properly and it felt cheap to do it without a big in person audience to celebrate the individual.

Just_Produce_970710 karma

Hey Geoff, my friends and family watch the game awards live every year. What’s your favorite part of the planning processes?

geoffmk19 karma

It's probably right about now when I see the finished reveals!

MeAndMyHandss9 karma

When did you start planning this years show?

geoffmk17 karma

In january

jdevo919 karma

Will presenters be live in studio with you or remote via Zoom/etc?

geoffmk11 karma

Sort of a combination of things -- it's evolving and changing daily tbh.

Ezermb8 karma

Will we ever be able to see the numbers of nominations a nominee got that made it eligible for the award? It would be cool to see how close a game got to be nominated over another one for a category.

geoffmk21 karma

I'm not sure if we'd ever show that -- we could, but I am also mindful of the lower scoring games. Most traditional awards shows don't reveal the number of votes for nominees or winners.

Charizard-X8 karma

Hi Geoff, this year it was said that TGA was gonna being streamed from LA, London and Tokyo this year. How this is gonna work exactly with game nominations and worldwide announcements/premieres ?

geoffmk17 karma

Our main stage is in Los Angeles, and then nominees will join us virtually. We have the London Philharmonic joining us from London, and then something cool from Tokyo as well.

kng_20187 karma

Hi Geoff, can you tell us how long the show will be?

geoffmk13 karma

Probably around 2.5 hours for the main show I think, similar to past years.

Getlucky123416 karma

With COVID-19 being an issue, how different will this year's Game Awards be compared to previous years? Will it be completely virtual or will there just be a smaller audience social distancing?

Also, thanks for putting this event together every year, the Game Awards are always a joy to watch.

geoffmk10 karma

No live in person audience at all this year. It's just not safe.

ItsZant5 karma

Hey Geoff! I know these days are busy for you but in the downtime months do you get time to sit and actually play some video games?

geoffmk24 karma

I do, I can't wait to go back to that next week! I'm going to play Miles Morales first I think.

TDD_SL33pY5 karma

Will there be a live feed for the winners of each category so we can see/ share their joy (I assume you cant invite everyone over amirite)?

geoffmk11 karma

Correct, for the main show categories the nominees will all be joining us live and the winner will accept live.

Legend0fAMyth2 karma

Why are the fan votes only 10%? Shouldn't it be 50/50?

geoffmk4 karma

This is the system we've used and it seems to work pretty well. We have the Player's Voice award that is 100% fan voted. Voting continues through end of today.