We star in the intoxicating drama, which was directed by Jerry Ciccoritti (“Schitt's Creek”) and produced by film lead Leslie Hope (“Lost in Space”), based on writer, tintype photographer and Lie Exposed star Jeff Kober’s (“Sons of Anarchy”) provocative play, Pornography.

Hit “play” on the Lie Exposed trailer below to learn more! Trailer: https://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/lie-exposed/

We’ve both had the privilege of working on a number of TV series and films throughout our careers. We’ve played a wide range of characters, including William Compton in Showtime’s “The Tudors” (Ried), Dyson in “Lost Girl” (Ried), Axel in Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” (Ried), Anne Shirley in the Anne of Green Gables TV movies (Follows), Lily in “Heartland” (Follows), Queen Catherine de'Medici in “Reign” (Follows) and more. We’ve even expanded our roles in the industry to direct things like The Epitaph (Ried) and the Netflix series “October Faction” (Follows). Get your questions ready!


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KrisHoldenRied468 karma

Hello! Is this where I’m supposed to be? Or is there a video portion?

LieExposedAMA247 karma

Yes, Kris this is where you're supposed to be!


philosiraptor202 karma

You two are both terrific. The Umbrella Academy was excellent this season, and i cackled whenever the Swedes were onscreen. I’m a huge fan of Megan’s OG performance as Anne of Green Gables and can’t wait to show it to my kids, soon.

Here’s a question: how do you feel that onscreen media will change permanently post-pandemic, both in how it’s produced and how it’s received?

LieExposedAMA85 karma

It's hard to say exactly how and when we will return to "normalcy," however I certainly think we see a huge appetite for content right now and lots of different formats and styles that are coming in to fill that space. I think we're looking a more serial style story-telling, shorter seasons, character driven content. People really want to get wrapped up in the world of something and go on a journey with compelling characters. And then of course there's Tik Tok and all the user generated content out there that people are consuming voraciously in small bites every day. It will be interesting to see if that continues to democratize the world of storytelling, bringing exciting new voices to the fore, or just get commodified more and more.



LieExposedAMA36 karma

Hey there Philosiraptor! Nice name :) well I think our industry is shifting more to TV/streaming. Which changes the landscape of production. But which means more content!!

maybe54194 karma

Megan, your Anne is one of my all-time favorite performances! Do you have any favorite behind-the-scenes stories from Anne of Green Gables?

LieExposedAMA103 karma

I just feel so incredibly lucky to have worked with Colleen Dewhurst. She was such a great grand lady of the theatre and SO down to earth. A example for a young actor to witness.

LieExposedAMA65 karma

Thanks everybody!

Signing off now. Please continue to support Independent Filmmaking. A great way to ensure we continue to tell new, honest and interesting stories.


LieExposedAMA46 karma

Hey there. Just so you know it’s Megan and Kris who are writing these responses. So you’re actually talking to us

LieExposedAMA30 karma

Ok all I have a puppy jumping on me and I’m afraid he’s going to pee in the kitchen. Gotta go!!! Thanks! Go check LieExposed!!

LieExposedAMA29 karma

Ok. Any questions?

agrunther21 karma

What was your favorite thing about filming Reign?

LieExposedAMA53 karma

I loved my character and I loved all the outrageous things I got to do as Catherine. And I absolutely LOVED my costumes.

Expensive_Ordinary8318 karma

What was one of the more challenging things that you experienced when working on this film?

LieExposedAMA24 karma

Since Megan and I were an isolated storyline, we had a hard time knowing what the style of the film was. We just had to put something out there and trust in the director.

LieExposedAMA21 karma

When you have such a short time to come in and work on a project, it can be a fun challenge to just dive in and commit to the world of the piece.


itsmeitsmesmeee17 karma

Why were the later seasons of Tudors so rushed?

LieExposedAMA28 karma

I”m not sure since I wasn’t there. But it usually would have to do with budget.

superfluous_t16 karma

What did you enjoy most about working on the umbrella academy? Just finished a binge of it tonight and it's absotlely fantastic. Great characters throughout.

LieExposedAMA29 karma

Umbrella was great fun. Glad you enjoyed it. To be honest, I loved not speaking!! It really let me focus on the core of acting: being present. And it is a great production team and cast.

LieExposedAMA14 karma

Trying this!

riddlebetch10 karma

LOVE the trailer! Can you tell me what you love most about your characters? How is it different from other stuff you've done?

LieExposedAMA14 karma

Well it’s a very intimate movie. So that led to intense performances. Megan and I had an isolated storyline, so we only really worked with each other.

LieExposedAMA13 karma

I had a lot of fun working with Kris. I kind of feel like we're the comic interlude of the film. I was really impressed with Leslie producing and starring in her own film. It was great to work with her as well.


Chtorrr6 karma

What is the very best dessert?

LieExposedAMA12 karma

I'm a big chocolate fan myself


RunDNA5 karma

Megan, who is your favourite onscreen Anne (besides yourself)?

LieExposedAMA28 karma

I recently had the chance to Direct Amy Beth in another film, and I would say she's my favorite other Anne!

FoggyAndRipley4 karma

Heartland? I'm living stateside in Colorado for the last decade or so, but High River is my hometown. How did you like it out there?

LieExposedAMA7 karma

It's beautiful

Dependent-Sense39121 karma

Hi! Can’t wait to watch this film. Any fun moments on set?

LieExposedAMA7 karma

We had to do a photoshoot for the film, and we got to pose in front of this amazing old tin type camera. I love photography so I really enjoyed that.