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"Thank you for being a bald rock star" - Normal bald guy

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i do what i can.

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How did you and jack black meet?

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In my head, I imagine they both fell out of an angel's twat together, centuries ago.

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Gass taught Black how to play guitar, and the two soon formed a band, the likes of which had never been seen, and they called themselves Tenacious D.

Love that line.

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hey guys this is such an overwhelming turn out thank you all...i am doing my best at answering. give a guy a break and be patient ha ha. thanks

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900 comments in under an hour is pretty tenacious

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okay i love you all but i needs me a lunch break. i promise to jump back on here soons im done!

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Will you guys be doing a movie sequel?

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Describe David Grohl in five words.

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the nicest guy in rock

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How do you play such epic solos high up the fret board on an acoustic guitar? Long arms?

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squeezing the asshole tightly helps.

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oh so that's the secret! the one thing I hadn't tried! thanks.

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When are you going to break away and star as the lead in a romantic comedy that will gross higher then jack's?

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when i write the most b'dass romantic comedy ever.

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Have you ever had to poo real bad while performing a live show?

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yes. it really sucks, cause theres not much you can do about it...

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what is The D up to these days? You still REIGN... supreme!

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recording, my first day w/o jack...thus time for my AMA

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When are you going to put out a new, non-soundtrack D album.

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we are recording now...gearing up for our tour with foo fighters!

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D and the FOO, Tickets please!

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Call it the FooD tour

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Who's your favorite band?

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I love you.

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and i, you.

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How many sweet chicks have you gotten to rub your head?

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infinite number.

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You lucky, lucky son of a gun.

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depends on which head they're rubbing.

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Dude, first off, you're incredible.

Now that that's out of the way, my question: I saw the D play a benefit show for the WM3 in, I think, 2005 at the LA Improv. After the show you were hanging out at the bar near the stairs with, and I don't think I'm exaggerating here, like 5 of the hottest girls that were there that night. You became my hero that night. I guess my question is, have you always pulled tail like that or were you just showing off?

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the women...they flock to my greatness.

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what was your part in the writing process of the songs?

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its a real collaboration between jack and me. we bounce ideas off each other and try to make it ultimate! of course i am the musical genius of the d.

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As a jaded, working musician, I usually hate pretty much every other musician out there (not really, but you know what I mean). That being said. You are a brilliant player and when I discovered the D, I instantly became a fan. Your application of the acoustic guitar, playing what's normally electric stuff is great.

What is your musical background?

Did you always play guitar?

How much of the songwriting process for you is inspiration vs. hard work?

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i play flute and recorder too. the inspiration is hard work, and the hard work is harder. nice to have a partner like jack who can boost morale when the writing is rough.

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What is jack black really like?

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really??? how could he be anything than a great guy. he is like my brother...not just an act.

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We need to start putting you in a cage when celebrities do AMAs on here.

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relevant_rule34 in a cage

Can I call Rule 34 on this?

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You're stuck on a boat with only a backpack of food, Jack Black, and your most precious guitar. The boat is too heavy. What goes over first?

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wow tough decision but i would throw the food over first. jack and i could distract each other, and what's life w/o my most precious guitar? damn tho i love food...

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What do you think about this?

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I think KG turned out okay.

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Do you believe in God?

Also, on a personal level, thank you for the great music you and Jack put out. It has fueled many a campfire singalong for me and my friends. Honestly, one of the coolest moments of my life was a room full of about 30 people screaming Fuck Her Gently at the top of my lungs. Thanks, man. The D reigns supreme.

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um, not so much.

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I meant it as a ref to the "secret" song/skit after City Hall.

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o ha ha totes got it now. i bee leeve in god.

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Do you believe in the existence of sasquatches?

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without a doubt.

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Does Jack Black suck at guitar?

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he does not suck, just not as awesome as me!

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  • Kyle, how do you and Jack come up with those righteous tunes and lyrics? Together, separate, stoned, in the nude, etc...

  • How ad-libbed are the spoken word bits you guys do (for example, in Drive-thru)?

  • Which do you consider yourself foremost: actor, rocker, or performer?

  • If I were to describe yours and Jack's personalities based on the albums, I'd say Jack is Type-A and you are Type-B. Would you say this is true in real life?

  • Lastly, how many cock pushups can you do these days?

Thanks for the AmA!

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most of our songs we come up with in the studio together. one of us gets a brilliant flash of an idea, we spit it out to the other, and it's off and running. the ad-libbed bits are totes ad-libbed. we don't need no stinkin script for our comedic genius. in real life id say yes you would be correct in your personality assessments. as far as cock pushups...i can still do more than you.

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What is your favorite shit to do blazed?

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Who was the inspiration for Wonderboy?

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mr jack black

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Be honest... Have you ever tried doing a cock push-up?

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who, with a cock, has not ever tried? only the manliest among us succeed...

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I saw the Trainwreck open up for Vida Blue in Chicago about 5 years ago, but had no idea who you guys were and spent half your set being very, very confused what was happening, until I recognized you underneath the wig.

What's the story with that band?

Btw, you guys rocked.

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why thank you. trainwreck was uber fun but it seemed like we were hiding behind the false personalities and costumes. we have revamped the line-up and the sound and have been reborn as the KGB, the kyle gass band.

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Proof? A pic of your ass birthmark would suffice.

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i have assmark! proof? check my tweet @gassleak

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I hate to compare you to Jack, but I've always wondered; Who gives better hugs?

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i might be biased with my answer. of course i think i do BUT you should probably have a little hug-off with the two of us and see for yourself.

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all the time. the creepers wont let me be! let me think of a good creeper story and i will get back to you.

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Dude, don't bother, once you've heard one creeper story, you've heard 'em all:

  1. Minding your own business.

  2. Creeper creeps up.

  3. ???

  4. Your house is destroyed.

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I love your Tenacious D album. When are you guys making another one like that? I would buy it (or wait for a friend to buy it, then borrow it) in a heartbeat! Love your stuff.

*EDIT: I noticed you already answered this. Can you just say hi to me so I can show off to my friends?

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Would you consider yourself a Queen man, or are you more of a Styx kind of guy?

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well, they both had their moments...

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I just did a cock push-up!!

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hells yeah broham!

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Well kyle, when are you realeasing your next album.......

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when it is done being recorded and tweaked and perfecto

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How long have you been on Reddit? What are you working on now in your free time? Also, what is your favorite TV SHOW. Thanks!

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love me some storage wars ha ha

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Dude, I get addicted to this show. I fucking hate that guy who's always like "YEEEEEEAAAAAHH."

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Fucking Dave. What an asshole

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Are you secretly in love with Jack Black that you let him get most of the fame or are you seriously a great friend?

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seriously just a great friend. i think jack is amazing and talented...maybe a slight bromance.

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KAGE!! Have you ever had a foreign women rub oil on your head with tribal drums in the background?

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try to do it at least once a month. of course the foreign woman is my massage therapist and the tribal drums are on cd...but still...

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Your awesomosity is through the roof... Since I was a youngin', I've loved the D.

Me question to you, my good sir is, is 'Lee' an actual person?

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'lee' is in fact a real friend of mine.

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Did being in the D help you score mad pussy?

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oh yeah

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I have three questions:

Are you any better at Maximum Overthruster? Is Lee awesome? What is the "fucked up thing you do" from Dude (I totally miss you)?

Also, the PoD is the the most quoted movie in my house, and the roommates have I have probably watched it 50+ times. Keep up the good work!

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my video gaming skills leave much to be desired. Lee is in fact awesome. he's a great guy. and that "fucked up thing" is transforming into Rage Kage and getting super angry over the littlest things.

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Has there ever been any more thought given to doing another TV show, similar to the original HBO series? That was my intro to Tenacious D and it totally blew my mind. The Jesus Ranch episode stands out, probably my favorite D tune along with Exploding Brains.

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Has acting been in your mind a major goal of yours or is it considered a way to pay the bills?

I love your work in film, but was wondering whether or not you would jump deeper into the Hollywood machine given the chance.

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I always considered myself an actor first. Music was seriously an afterthought. Though I couldn't go a day with no music.

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where can I get that Trainwreck shirt from POD?

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the trainwreck site. it's trainwreck with kg...under the merch tab. i will be patiently awaiting your order.