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TheD1v1s1on555 karma

Ever consider selling organs?

2kool4jewschool127 karma


Single_Core14 karma

Did you ever encounter physical violence / issues with other sellers / local drug gangs ... ? I would assume the online business is alot safer then going on the street and dealing drugs with the risk of getting shot/stabbed/...

2kool4jewschool16 karma

I was never really out on the street - my higher up was as a majority of his business was high volume weed. He expanded into coke and heroin because the money was good.

Yes, there are a lot less hassles on the net - but you still have to have street connections if you want a good product that you’ll make decent margins on

biiigboyyy13 karma

How did you justify to yourself that selling heroin was okay? Were you ever a user yourself?

2kool4jewschool31 karma

Yeah, i used H after i started selling it and got curious. Bad move

crb19xx10 karma

You’ve stated that your record will be a hindrance for the remainder of your life, can you speak more to that and/or provide specific examples of how it has impacted you already?

2kool4jewschool24 karma

Federal Felonies are on your record forever. This affects your ability to get a job, housing, voting privileges, etc