At the end of January I lost my job because of Covid-19, they laid everyone off, or "furloughed" as they called it, but they never re-opened. I now make a full time income and work from home!


Edit: alright, it's 5 am here, I'm going to get some sleep. thank you all for the awesome questions and support!! I will answer more when I wake up :)

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anji1234339 karma

What was your career before Only Fans?

Also, do you think you’ll stick to this permanently even after COVID?

lucylyrica375247 karma

I will definitely continue doing this indefinitely. My career before switching to this was in the medical marijuana field.

Absolutedisgrace424 karma

Have you considered what you'll do after onlyfans dries up? I imagine its a fairly cutthroat field and someone in their 20s will have a easier time at it than when you are in your 30s, 40s etc. I imagine you aren't likely to retire early, so what will you do with yourself then?

lucylyrica371073 karma

Oh I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket. I'm going to school the whole time im doing this. I realize nothing lasts forever and thats fine. I've got a plan :)

Manoso12582 karma

How much are you making now?

lucylyrica374498 karma

Between $3,000 to $6,000 per month depending on the month, on average, some months less, some months more

eshowers1453 karma

So if you have a bf/gf do you plan to continue doing this? At what point do you want you want to go back to a private life? Curious the mentality here.

lucylyrica372413 karma

Hello eshowers, I'm actually already married to my highschool sweet heart! We're very happy together and he's supportive in anything I want to do with my life. As far as going back to a private life, I don't mind either way.

eshowers261 karma

Well props to you then. I don’t think I could handle my wife “posing” like that. Good luck to you ✌️

lucylyrica37156 karma

Thank you!

balfazahr192 karma

Can you elaborate on how you two deal with jealously and whatever other elements of your career that would normally be very trying, if not insurmountable, to more traditional type relationships?

I know it can be dealt with, ive heard many stories of sex workers maintaining happy, healthy relationships - but ive never heard much on the specifics of how those challenges are dealt with. And it honestly baffles me. I dont think i could ever be in a serious relationship with a sex worker just cause of the jealousy that her shared intimacy would instill in me

lucylyrica37556 karma

I can try to put it into words but honestly, like most things in life, it just comes with experience. We were both very jealous and possessive people when we first started dating. We would assign ridiculous stipulations and boundaries onto each other like ''oh don't hug that one friend or it's cheating!'' and couples are right to assign boundaries if they're rational ones. That being said boundaries should be dictated according to the feelings and maturity of the relationship and should be respected by both parties. Since we've been through so many terrible and wonderful times together, and we trust each other so much, these types of scenarios don't phase us anymore. If he said tomorrow that he wanted me to stop I would stop that very second and delete everything without question.... not because I'm 'too submissive' or 'don't know how to think for myself' but because I trust him.

lucylyrica37587 karma

Now feeling possessive usually comes from the feeling of lack of control, right? well he knows he has control over the situation and I know I have that same control if, for example, I were to say ''quit your job right now!'' I'm not going to do that but we both trust each other and know where we stand.

TLDR: if you have a strong enough relationship with someone, and trust them enough, then scenarios that would once make you jealous seem trivial.

saturdaybloom1267 karma

Do you have to show your face on your OnlyFans? I know you said you don’t mind but I was wondering if there are users on the site who go that route. Or is that something that ‘clashes’ with how OF works?

lucylyrica371653 karma

No, I don't believe it's a requirement to show your face. I actually think I've seen some who prefer to either blur their face or wear a mask. I think there are actually even niches for that sort of thing. I have considered not showing my face but it felt more natural for me to just bare all. I wouldn't say it clashes, but I know there are a lot of viewers who prefer to see the woman's face. My advice would be to do what makes you comfortable because, as corny as it sounds, when you're true to your own level of comfort then you're more likely to flourish and less likely to burn out.

Run-OnWriter1078 karma

What's the cash flow like? I mean, is the bulk of profit from sugar daddies or 'whales'? Or is it more in the amount of clients, with smaller payments/donations?

lucylyrica371096 karma

It depends.... from what I've experienced so far the bulk is tips/subs. It really does depend on the week though it pivots back and forth depending on a few differing factors such as advertising and how much I've actually posted for the week.

Animedingo752 karma

Is there a market for anyone on only fans? Like can literally anyone do it or is it really just for conventionally attractive people

lucylyrica37581 karma

I mean attractive is a subjective term.... but I have seen successful creators of all shapes, sizes, genders, races, styles, kinks, etc and it always makes me happy to see that the positive correlation between effort and success is much more true than the more popular belief that you have to be society's perfect example of beauty to see any success.

TLDR: There is a market for anyone but you have to work hard.

negotiatinginthenude475 karma

I’ve considered doing this myself. Got into stock trading after I was laid off and have done well enough. I’m a type 1 diabetic so my monthly expenses are fucking ridiculous so I have sold some nudes to finance that in the past. I guess my question is has anyone from your real life found you yet? Would it bother you or nah? I feel like I wouldn’t care if people I knew saw me naked, but I’d be a bit more apprehensive about more explicit situations. Cheers to you for making it work!

lucylyrica37352 karma

i've actually tried to get into stock trading as well but I guess I don't have the talent for it. that's awesome that you've made it work yeah I mean my friends and family know what i'm doing. I honestly don't mind who sees my nudes. being naked just feels natural to me. thank you for the comment :)

UrFine_Societyisfckd192 karma

Does your SO take pictures/assist you in recording? Have you drawn a line in the sand as to what would make them uncomfortable?

lucylyrica37238 karma

Yeah he helps sometimes (usually I have a camera stand) although he drives me nuts with the Austin Powers photographer routine B( We haven't really made any boundaries so far... maybe we will in the future, and that's just fine, but were pretty open and relaxed with each other.

MacReady031176 karma

How many hours a week would you say you work? Curious if its time consuming or laid back?

lucylyrica37266 karma

It's actually a mix, you have to take time out of every day to take pictures, or go somewhere and do a photo op. It can be extremely time consuming but if you like going outside and taking photos or you like interacting with people it's nice. I did photography as a side business before I started too, so I enjoy it.

It's a lot of work, but in comparison to some careers it's not that much work at all.

Hours a week: Between 20-55 ish

vanstaples45164 karma

Do the lewd artists make just as much as nude? How do you set your prices? How many followers do you need before you start making decent money?

lucylyrica37205 karma

Do the lewd artists make just as much as nude? How do you set your prices? How many followers do you need before you start making decent money?

I've seen artists of all types (nude/clothed/kinky/innocent.... etc) make all different kinds of money. I think it has less to do with the category of content and more to do with the quality of the content and how much work you're willing to put in. The the most successful artists I've seen were the ones who had the best lighting, cameras, and angles. Of course you don't have to have a fancy/expensive setup but I have seen a direct and positive correlation between hours invested and amount of success.

It's hard to say how to set your prices. I'd say have a look at the site and maybe make a friend there that has been in the bussiness for a while. in my experience almost every girl I have spoken to has been very friendly and helpful.

Also You could make a lot of money if you only had 1 follower or a little if you had many. My best advice is to post daily.

LowGcifer70 karma

In a job like this, there’s clearly a lot of naysayers and negativity compared to other jobs. How do you deal with that? I know I probably couldn’t handle the amount of negativity that’d be thrown at me.

lucylyrica37141 karma

I've had plethora of service industry jobs (as well as a very.... unique childhood) that made me develop very thick skin... especially to the type of people that didn't get enough attention as children and just say nasty things as a projection of how they actually feel about themselves. I feel for them. They probably need more love than anyone. I mean there are days where I just get tired of seeing so much negativity but then I remember that the most intelligent, emphatic, wholesome, compassionate people are usually the ones that you don't see very often because they're usually the quietest... but there are just as many of them as there are negative people. its just the negative ones that are the loudest. I just know that people are inherently good no matter what they say out loud, or what I've experienced to the contrary.

Caramel_Chew_Chew63 karma

Do you play Smash? If so, who do you main?

lucylyrica3779 karma

oh! oh! oh! ok if it's for N64 I was a jerk and went Kirby. If its GameCube I went samus. If its the switch I didn't play as much but I liked donkey kong for the nostalgia factor :)

carefree_dude61 karma

What are your long term career goals? Do you plan on staying in the adult entertainment industry or work towards something else?

lucylyrica3775 karma

I mean I enjoy Being on Onlyfans but long term I see myself continuing my scholastic career beyond my current degree and getting into a career in mycology or microbiology. Maybe I will stay here for a long time but it really depends on which way is best at helping me care for my loved ones long term.

stereoworld46 karma

When filling out application forms/surveys, what do you put for occupation?

lucylyrica37141 karma

I can't remember.... but I think you put down model.

Fun fact (kind of messed up fact): did you know that certain restaurants/establishments hire their servers/dancers as models? why? because if they gain too much weight or don't wear enough makeup, or just generally seem too slovenly they can easily, and most importantly, legally, be fired for not complying to the stipulations of their hiring terms.

I don't know why this question made me think of that fact but I thought it prudent to type it here XD

ShadowStormDrift6 karma

If I think about my SO doing this is get real instinctually territorial. Kind of like a "mine, don't touch". This works for us.

How does your SO respond to this? Is it like a kink you both share?

lucylyrica376 karma

We have a really open and honest line of communication and a foundation of trust. We have been through a lot of terrible times and those times refined the foundation of our relationship to the point where we don't get possessive anymore. occasionally we get jealous, (anybody who cares about another is going to get jealous sometimes) and in those times it's important that we re-establish and re-assure how we feel about each other. I guess I really do get a kick out of showing my body off and I think he enjoys seeing nudes of me online. The most important thing though is not the kink but the communication and trust between the two. It's absolutely a partnership of sorts.

KittenLina5 karma

I lost my job in January because of Covid but I probably have nowhere near the body to do something like that.... Was it difficult getting people to notice the account? What’d you have to do for support?

lucylyrica376 karma

I mean you don't have to have a certain body/gender/race anything really to be successful or make money. I've seen people of all shapes and sizes succeed on Onlyfans. When I was first curious about making an account I went to all of the onlyfans pages on reddit to see what ''types'' of people are making accounts and I was pleasantly surprised to see such a variety.... I also used a couple of those accounts in order to advertise my account.

thinkdeep5 karma

Thought about enrolling in a few photography classes?

lucylyrica371 karma

Actually yeah, it couldn't hurt. I love photography but I've got a lot to learn about lighting, camera settings, and angles.

BigTxFrank-91 karma

At what point are we supposed to give a shit?

You went from retail to porn. Congrats! Both are just fine but I don't give a shit about you any more than the checker in Walmart.

lucylyrica3719 karma

Whenever you want to I suppose, thanks for the comment.