Now is your chance to ask me anything! I wanted to add something funny to say here, but I couldn’t think of anything... Have a question on what it’s like wearing full face prosthetics for the role? Or what it was like working with the cast and getting to know them? Or even what I like to do with my time? Ask away folks!


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abigail_shapiro54 karma

Thank you everyone for joining me! I loved answering your questions! And I can't wait for you guys to see the rest of season 2. Y'all are in for a wild time. WOOT!

Markus_April9736 karma

Hi Abigail. Firstly might I say, I’m loving you so much as Dorothy. You are truly the highlight of this season for me. My question for you is, what has been your favourite moment been on the Doom Patrol set and why?

abigail_shapiro54 karma

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! It’s hard to choose a favorite moment because there are so many, but one of my favorites was when we shot the car scene with me Robotman. It was the first day of filming and I had never acted in front of the camera before (this is my first on camera role) so it was definitely exciting. I also always have so much fun working with Riley (Shanahan). And Brendan Fraser came to set that day, and it was cool to meet him because some of his movies are what inspired me to become and actor.

agrunther24 karma

What is your favorite part of filming with Diane, April, Joivan, Matthew, Riley, and Timothy? Also, what can you say about Dorothy’s relationship with Candlemaker?

abigail_shapiro31 karma

I loved working with all of them because they are such great people and they all have so much empath. I love them all so much and I miss them.

The Candlemaker is manipulative af and they definitely have a difficult relationship.

justscottaustin20 karma


You are freaking amazing!! Keep acting!

My favorite episode was with you "awake after bedtime" with Danny The Street.

How is working with Tim Dalton and Brendan Fraser?

Wow. So many questions. Such a great show.

You're an amazing addition.

I need to see ALL THE EPISDODES NOW!! Is Alan back? What are your powers? Are you ever going To Wish??


abigail_shapiro29 karma

I just turned 20 a few weeks ago. (I look super young for my age) And THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I loved working with Tim. We would joke around a lot and were always cackling. And I didn't get to work with Brendan that much but the times he visited set he was so nice and kind. Riley Shanahan, who is Robotman as a robot, I LOVED working with. We got along so well and had a lot in common because we both have a theatre background.

abigail_shapiro17 karma

Alan is not back :( I really want to meet him one day because he's incredible. Dorothy's powers are that she can manifest anything she can imagine. She has imaginary friends who are not all good. And has the power to destroy the world.

And wishes are made...

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Firstly I wanted to say what a great job you've done. Season 1 of Doom Patrol was great and it would have been easy for the quality of the show to decline but your arrival has not allowed that to happen.

What I wanted to ask you was your experience working with actors like Timothy Dalton, Diane Guerrero and April Bowlby. How easy was it to transition into such a stacked cast?

Also, was that you playing young Niles in the flashback in episode 3?

abigail_shapiro21 karma

It was amazing getting to work with them - especially on my first tv gig. They were so welcoming and I learned so much from them. Tim and I would joke around and laugh a lot. Diane and April are ICONS and I look up to them so much.

And... yes... that was me :)

rolymh16 karma

Hi! You are fantastic as Dorothy and your British accent is amazing! I’m British myself, and it is very convincing. Was it difficult keeping up the accent with the fake teeth? And did Timothy Dalton help with it at all?

abigail_shapiro23 karma

Thank you!!! I was SO worried about the accent and did as much research as I could to be as authentic as possible. It was SUPER difficult doing the accent with the fake teeth at first but I got used to it as the season went on. And yes Tim did help! And Joivan helped a lot too and gave me a lot of good advice which I'm so thankful for.

ExpandRT14 karma

Hi! Lovely work on the season so far, and your character is amazing. How long would it take to make you look the part? Thanks in advance!!

abigail_shapiro18 karma

Thank you so much! I love playing Dorothy. The make up process was quite challenging. It took about 2-3 so that was definitely a long time to be sitting in the make up chair!

criticalrants13 karma

What are some of your favorite memories from set, and what is it like being on the set of Doom Patrol?

P.S. You’ve done such an amazing job this season! Despite the rest of the cast being absolutely captivating, you’ve still managed to steal the show! You should be really proud of your performance :)

abigail_shapiro16 karma

I have SOO many great memories on set.

There are some I can't share bc of spoilers :(

The scene in episode 5 with Baby Doll and Dorothy playing outside was so fun to film. It was such a great day and I love working with Diane.

Also that mansion we filmed in was definitely haunted. You can feel it.

_thatxx11 karma

If you'll have a chance to add another Dorothy's friend, what will they be like? What's their power and what do they look like? Also name.

abigail_shapiro26 karma

A friend named chloe who has a horse head bc she's a horse girl.

elreyhorus10 karma

How has coronavirus disrupted filming and production of TV and films (particularly with coronavirus cases increasing in California and Georgia)?

abigail_shapiro31 karma

We had to end filming a bit early - luckily we were basically done though so it didn’t really affect Doom Patrol much. I know a lot of TV shows and films had to postpone their release dates and some even had to cancel. It’s a scary time because so many people in the entertainment industry are out of work and struggling. But I think this time has given the world a moment to appreciate television and film much more and take it less for granted because for some people, it’s the only thing keeping them going during quarantine.

sivirmain10 karma

Anyway jokes aside; do you feel like you relate to Dorothy in any way? Ps: she’s one of my favourite characters this season

abigail_shapiro61 karma

Yes I do relate to her in some ways. She was born with a facial defect and I was born with a rare disorder called Cleidiocranial Dysplasia (CCD) which is a one-in-a-million bone disorder that affects the bones and teeth. I relate to her because I grew up feeling ugly and different because of this. It's tough as a girl because the female beauty standard is almost impossible to reach!

Speaking of rare disorders, I encourage you guys to go support an act that was recently introduced in February 2019 called the Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act (ELSA). It states that anyone with a congenital anomaly of some sort will be able to get the medical treatment they need covered by insurance! As of right now, people with rare disorders struggle to get the treatment they need to function properly or cannot get it at all because insurance won’t cover the treatment! Call your local representatives and support ELSA because it will help a LOT of people.

TheLethalProtector10 karma

Just watched a few episodes of S02. Loving this series💖💖How was it like working with the cast?

abigail_shapiro8 karma

I loved working with everyone so much! They were all so welcoming. It was great to get to know them as people to. I look up to this cast so much as an actor and as a person. We'd all try to hang out on the weekends when we weren't working. One time we went zip lining which was fun!

Kniving7778 karma

How do you film the scenes when you're talking to Dorothy's "friends"? Is it kinda like a monologue thing or is there someone on the other end playing their roles?

abigail_shapiro11 karma

One of the Assistant Directors usually said the lines! Sometimes there is someone playing their roles in a CGI suit. Darling come home was completely there, played by Vanessa Cater, her face was completely CGI though.

Hershel was not there, so when I was talking to Hershel I was talking to air which was actually a lot of fun.

drakorulez1018 karma

How long does it usually take for your facial prosthetics to get ready? Or is it all CGI? If it is prosthetics—is it comfortable?

Edit: didn't read your post completely 😅

abigail_shapiro10 karma

It takes about 2-3 hours and yes it was very uncomfortable at first but I got used to it! By the end of filming it wasn't difficult anymore!

pcour28 karma

Came to ask if they let you a round when Brendan is on a cursing rant, but just found out your 20 and not 12 so my new question is do you get type cast?

abigail_shapiro12 karma

Sometimes! Not too often. When I was in theatre school I mostly played adults and characters that were older than me! It's a lot of fun playing someone a lot younger because I get to let my inner child run free.

justscottaustin7 karma

Had a fan boy moment ago.

Is there any way you can get April and Joivan and Matt and Dianne and Brendan and Tim and Alan to join you for one of these?

the one time I met him, he asked me to call him Tim

abigail_shapiro8 karma

I have no idea man. Maybe one day! That would be SO FUN!

Beebo4all7 karma

A big theme of doom patrol is fitting in and these misfits finding their place in the world where people don’t accept them. Do you think Dorothy at the end of the season is able to find her place? Did you know about the comics before you got the part?

abigail_shapiro11 karma

You will see..... :)

And no I did not know about the comics before I got the part. I loved reading them after I got the part and while I started doing research. Honestly I wasn't a comic book fan before this and Doom Patrol has given me a whole new appreciation for the art of comics.

thatLoganGuyArt6 karma

What was it like working with Diane Guerrero on set? Any funny stories about the two of you working or filming together? You have been great this season!

abigail_shapiro16 karma

She is the most iconic person I've ever met. I loved working with her so much and she fully committed and is such a hard worker. She deserves ALL of the awards and MORE! She is also such a good person and has such an inspiring story. She isn't afraid to stand up for herself and make a difference in the world. I look up to her so much.

Yes there were some funny moments. We filmed a cute little video of Dorothy and Baby Doll as if they had a youtube channel lol!

And thank you so much!!!!

I_wear_feet5 karma

Would you say your job is fun? And can you tell me some Easter eggs that will be in season two of Doom Patrol?

abigail_shapiro14 karma

YES. my job is very fun. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do with my life so I’m so grateful. Easter eggs… There are definitely some in the chief’s drawings… so look out there…

AdriMtz274 karma

What’s it like working on Doom Patrol? Do you have any funny behind the scene stories or any favorite cast members you enjoy working with?

abigail_shapiro8 karma

I had the time of my life working on Doom Patrol! I am SO grateful! Yeah I have a bunch of funny moments on set! One example was the first day I met everyone. We were having a table read and right before the table read we each had a meeting with Jeremy Carver and Chris Manley. After one of us would come out of the meeting we'd be like "did you get the part?" and they would be like "YEES" and we'd all jump around cheering. Haha!

I loved working with everyone - I can't pick a favorite!

rlextherobot4 karma

Did you research the role by reading Dorothy's appearances in various Doom Patrol comics? If so how did that inform your (excellent) performance?

abigail_shapiro13 karma

Yes! I read the Grant Morrison and Rachel Pollack. I literally annotated the comics and used as much as I could. I also took inspiration from Dorothy Gale in Wizard of Oz because Dorothy Spinner was based on Dorothy Gale.

YuckyMonkeyMusic3 karma

Had you watched Doom Patrol Season 1 before you got the job for season 2? What previous connection to the character did you have?

Who was your favorite cast mate to work with?

Was it a challenge to act while wearing prosthetics?

I also just want to thank you for doing this and for being so great on Doom Patrol, which is one of my favorite shows. Dorothy is one my favorite characters this season and you are an incredible actress!

abigail_shapiro7 karma

I did not watch season 1 until after I got the callback. I immediately fell in love with the show because it had all of those WEIRD, hilarious moments, but it also wasn't afraid to explore the darker side of our humanity. Also these characters are SO relatable because of how imperfect they are. Their imperfections make them more human.

I can't pick a favorite - that's too hard!

It was definitely a challenge at first! I wore giant fake teeth along with the full face prosthetics (and fake ears), so I had a lot of diction problems in the beginning. They were also quite uncomfortable at first. As the season went on it became easier to speak and move my face more naturally and the prosthetics became less uncomfortable because the make up team helped me find right products and skin care routine to help heal my skin! By the last few episodes it was no longer difficult!

And thank YOU so so so much for watching the show. I'm literally pinching myself everyday because I get to be a part of it. I'm incredibly grateful.

Gecks213 karma

Who is your favourite out of Dorothy's imaginary friends?also your fantastic in the show btw!!

abigail_shapiro7 karma

Manny is my favorite :)


ultrabarz3 karma

Whats your guilty pleasure?

abigail_shapiro15 karma

Watching Portlandia

DetecJack3 karma

We are now at the episode that follows baby dolly and dorothy friendship which ends up something interesting

-My question is how fun was two fully grown adult pretends to be child and everything?

-Tell us the truth, the REAL reason why you auditioned for doom patrol, i can think many great scene that are too good not to hop on the train, why did you join the gang?

-if you could make a wish (following doom patrol world and rules, so its dangerous wish) what would you wish for?

abigail_shapiro3 karma

It was SO MUCH FUN. We got to let ourselves become our inner child and run around and scream and laugh like little kids which we never get to do in real life.

I didn't know much about the show when I auditioned. The sides for the self tape were very intriguing and very well written so I decided to send in the self tape as a way to get more practice as an actor. I never thought I would get the role. I am SO GLAD I did! This has been an experience of a lifetime and it's what I've always wanted to do with my life so I am incredibly grateful.

I would wish to save the life of someone I love.

optimisticpsychic3 karma

What other DC Universe show would you like to see your character on if it was possible?

abigail_shapiro6 karma

I have no idea! Maybe Stargirl or Titans?

ThomasL113 karma

Who is your favourite cast member to work with? Is there a particular scene you love and will remember for a long time? P.S Great work on the show <3

abigail_shapiro8 karma

I can't choose a favorite! I'm WAY to indecisive lol! I love the scene where I sang. That was so cool to film. And during that scene, everyone comes together as a community to resuscitate Danny's heart which I thought was very empowering and heartfelt.

And thank you :)

NoFapperDeluxe2 karma

Are you related to Ben Shapiro?

abigail_shapiro10 karma

I am NOT related to him. Shapiro is a SUPER common last name. I've met 2 other Shapiro's that I'm not related to! Abigail is a common name too. I definitely do not have a unique name haha!

Benjamin_Grimm2 karma

Have you read the Grant Morrison/Richard Case comics where Dorothy was introduced and have they informed how you approach the character?

abigail_shapiro4 karma

Yes! I read the Grant Morrison comics. I used a lot of the way she was drawn to influence my physicality.

lyronia2 karma

I'm currently wat hing season 1 of Doom Patrol, so I haven't yet met your character. I don't really have a question for you, Abigail, just wanted to say that I'm super excited to meet Dorothy!

So my comment doesn't get deleted, though, were you a fan of the show before you were cast?

abigail_shapiro5 karma

Thank you!

And I didn't start watching the show until I got the callback but I quickly fell in love with it! I'm so grateful to be a part of it!

lazyn312 karma

Which food could you eat forever?

abigail_shapiro6 karma

Chia seed pudding

I know... kinda weird lol

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abigail_shapiro8 karma

It was honestly pretty cool. It took about 2-3 hours. I wore a prosthetic chin, nose, forehead, ears, fake facial hair and fake teeth. The two guys that did the prosthetic make up everyday, Derek and Eric Garcia (the most iconic twin duo EVER) are so good at what they do and I honestly felt honored to be a sort of canvas for their art. There were times when it was difficult. Wearing full face prosthetics almost everyday was really rough on my skin. But luckily the make up team helped me find the right products and routine so that towards the end of filming my skin wasn’t really hurting anymore!

kirubes-1 karma

Are u anyway related to ben Shapiro ?

abigail_shapiro8 karma

Nope I am NOT related to him... I just have a super common name