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I’m back! Hello again, dear Redditors. Dropping a line because my show Create Together is out now. As some of you may have seen in my last AMA, Create Together is a short form mini-series presented by YouTube Originals about people coping with this strange time by staying creative together. The episode that just came out today features a high school music teacher from El Paso who’s creating something really special for his graduating seniors.

We made this show on HITRECORD, a community for creative collaboration that I started a long time ago with my brother, Dan, and the collaboration is still ongoing. Anyone’s welcome to participate. If you’re interested, you can come to our site or download our app: iOS / Android

Let’s talk! About the show, life, whatever’s on your mind. Ask me anything...

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Alright, everybody. Thanks again for the conversation. Hope to make some art with you some time soon. Or talk some more shit next time around :)

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la_femme_gela2146 karma

When you were getting ready to shoot Mysterious Skin you stayed in Kansas City for about a week or so. My boyfriend said he met you randomly at a Royals game and you ended up staying with him and his roommate during that time. He said you were very cool and actually helped get him out of a driving infraction. Do you recall this-Is he telling me the truth?? Did you enjoy your time in Kansas City?

hitrecordjoe_4530 karma

Definitely. Is his name Todd? I could be misremembering, it was a long time ago. But yeah, I went to Kansas when I was prepping for Mysterious Skin. That's where the novelist, Scott Heim, is really from, Hutchinson, Kansas. So I flew into Kansas City, and rented a car, and was looking around for something to do, and couldn't find anybody. Kansas City was a ghost town. I was like, "this place is dead." So I got on the highway and headed out of town, and I passed the stadium. Which was packed. And I was like, "oh, this is where everybody is." So I pulled off, and headed in. Game was sold out. It was against the St. Louis Cardinals, so there was a cross-town rivalry. I couldn't get in. Then a couple of super nice people (including Todd, unless I have his name wrong) helped sneak me in through an unwatched gate. We watched the rest of the game together. And we ended up hanging out for a few days. I stayed with them. We went and had BBQ. I ended up recording everybody's voice. I discovered there's not really one singular Kansas accent, but I was able to cobble something together. Please say hi for me. Hugely fond memories!

la_femme_gela2802 karma

It is Todd!! You’re amazing and I’m showing Todd now. Thank you for this reply! ❤️

wojar710 karma

Awesome story! I’m impressed that he remembers your friend’s name! Tell Todd i said hi!

la_femme_gela1077 karma

I showed Todd. He said hello back! :)

hitrecordjoe_1618 karma


noitsnotatuba1074 karma

What’s your favorite movie that you’ve been in, and why is it 10 Things I Hate About You?

hitrecordjoe_1357 karma

Because of the marching band, and in particular, the tuba player.

ntc2e693 karma

What is your favorite memory from filming Angels in the Outfield?

hitrecordjoe_1361 karma

rollerblading around the Oakland Coliseum with Tony Danza.

ntc2e574 karma

damnit i miss the 90’s

hitrecordjoe_515 karma



Do you wish the “Robin” persona would have went a little further in The Dark Knight Rises?

hitrecordjoe_1548 karma

I actually don't. I know it's become the norm to view movies (and especially super hero movies) as episodic. But I think there's something really nice about stories that conclude. Don't get me wrong, I love episodic storytelling. I'm in the middle of making a series right now for Apple, called Mr. Corman. But I think the end of Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is a great ending. And it would change it if it continued. It wouldn't be an ending anymore.

MrBooMunky602 karma

Out of all the movies and TV shows that you've ever done, which one had the steepest learning curve? Was there ever a time where you had to learn a skill that you were completely unfamiliar with?

hitrecordjoe_1556 karma

Probably The Walk. I learned to really walk on a wire. Philippe Petit taught me himself in an intense 8-day workshop. Then I kept practicing after that as well. I could really do it. Certainly never did it 110 stories in the air, like he did, I was usually about 12 feet off the ground. But I did learn to do it. Very satisfying, because you can't focus on anything else, so it forces your mind into a flow-state.

TheClayroo528 karma

Hey, how are you doing today?

hitrecordjoe_687 karma

Pretty good. Grateful. How are you?

TheClayroo432 karma

Not too bad. Can't complain.

hitrecordjoe_698 karma


tabili517 karma

I really enjoyed 50/50! Are there any upcoming projects with you and Seth?

hitrecordjoe_657 karma

Thanks, glad you liked that movie. Seth and Evan did an episode of the podcast I made recently. Lemme find a link...

(EDIT) Here it is:

HopeGonzalez453 karma

What would you like to be remembered about you?

hitrecordjoe_1753 karma

Stuff that very few people know about. Or my butt, I'd like to be remembered for my great ass. It's pretty great.

halocadillac446 karma

What was it like working with Heath Ledger? What's one of your favorite memories from working with him on 10 Things I Hate About You?

hitrecordjoe_1249 karma

Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, so forgive me for repeating myself, but I remember riding in the back of his car and hearing OK Computer for the first time. For you young'ns, that's an album by Radiohead, and arguably the triumphant conclusion of guitar-based rock music.

actualrockgod_412 karma

what's your to go song on karaoke?

hitrecordjoe_632 karma

that's cheating. (purple rain)

tictac1211388 karma

How have you been spending your quarantine? Are you feeling stir crazy like the rest of us? Eat any good food lately?

hitrecordjoe_930 karma

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't mind being done with quarantine. That said, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to stay home. Not everyone can.

purelai377 karma

Have you watched any non-English language movies or programs recently, and have any stood out to you?

hitrecordjoe_565 karma

李子柒 Liziqi

slowgonomo241 karma


I had no idea what this was but ended up watching 20 minutes and am hooked. Thank you!

hitrecordjoe_272 karma

yeah, it's mesmerizing

MarioNapolet331 karma

What was it like working with Christopher Nolan on Inception and The Dark Knight Rises? His new movie, TENET, is due out in a few months and have been watching a lot of his stuff lately.

hitrecordjoe_688 karma

Chris never sat down. He'd sit at lunch. But when we were shooting, he stood the whole time. Principled guy, that Mr. Nolan. Very principled.

ntc2e331 karma

Have you created music with any other famous actor/actresses other than Zooey Deschanel?

hitrecordjoe_531 karma

Anne Hathaway sang at one of our HITRECORD shows. Lemme find that link...

(Edit) Found it:

actvedreamer319 karma

On that 70s show, what do you think would happen between Buddy and Eric if you stayed on the show?

hitrecordjoe_944 karma

It would probably be sorta like those 50 shades books, but hotter

NicNole296 karma

My biggest regret in life is that I stopped playing piano when I started high school as it was ‘too nerdy’. Are there any similar decisions you made in your past that you look back on and would have done differently?

hitrecordjoe_818 karma

Yes, tons of them. I think that's unavoidable. And ultimately, I'm grateful to be where I'm at, so I can't really fault any of my past selves. Btw, just start playing piano again. I know, easier said then done, but it's easy to create hang-ups for ourselves like "Oh, I stopped in highschool, so now it's too late, I can't play now," but all of those hang-ups are our own fabrication. You can totally play now.

hafsaz282 karma

What advice would you give to someone who is an aspiring actor who is just starting out without a ton of experience? Also, what advice would you give to your younger self? Thank you for creating HITRECORD, it truly helps me stay creative!

hitrecordjoe_969 karma

One of the biggest things I think you can do to practice skills as an actor is actually really simple -- read out loud. Do it a lot. Doesn't have to be a scene. Although those are great. But you can read anything. Read this reddit page. Read the ingredients of your cereal. Just practice getting words up off the page and coming out of your mouth. It's a muscle. All the other stuff about acting, creating your character, finding sincere emotions, etc, all of that is what you want to be focussing on when you're really doing it. You don't want to be focussing on being able to say your lines. So you need to practice a lot to get it so that saying lines is easy. You don't have to think about that. Then you can focus on the harder stuff.

Fwiw, doing voice-acting prompts on HITRECORD is a great way to practice this. The app makes it really easy to record yourself at the same time as your reading a piece of writing. Then you can listen to yourself, and listen to how other people do it too. Plus you're contributing to a project that can potentially turn into a larger piece of art.

cobaltcollapse208 karma

Can you tell me a joke?

hitrecordjoe_501 karma


Sunawa179 karma

What has been your favorite role to be in? Or if thats too broad, favorite kid role and favorite adult role?

hitrecordjoe_337 karma

Holy Matrimony. Don Jon.

premiumleadpencil178 karma

whatre some albums that inspire you musically?

hitrecordjoe_348 karma

Fiona Apple's new one is great. Been digging some Erik Satie too.

Zomg_A_Chicken165 karma

Do you put pineapple on your pizza?

hitrecordjoe_440 karma

I don't usually order that, but I'll definitely eat it. I don't think I've ever really had any pizza I didn't like.

DaChumbucket161 karma

Favourite flavour ice cream?

hitrecordjoe_334 karma

chocolate, the darkest I can find

neuralalchemist148 karma

Do you ever feel like Mysterious Skin is overlooked due to the subjects it touches upon? (Personally, I loved the movie--so dark and wonderful with a perfectly cathartic ending).

hitrecordjoe_259 karma

I don't think of it as overlooked exactly, because I got/get a lot of recognition for it. But sure, it's not a mainstream movie. Never was gonna be. And yes, like you say, that's because of the subject matter, but also because it handles the subject matter in a complicated way, whereas most sensitive topics must be reduced to simple terms in order to enter the mainstream.

blue_vacation147 karma

As a high school senior, I just want to say thank you for doing this project. It really means a lot.

What was your graduation like? Did you go to prom?

hitrecordjoe_428 karma

I actually didn't get to participate in a graduation ceremony either. For very different reasons than the Class of 2020, and I'm not complaining. But yeah. I did high school sorta piecemeal, in 5 years, since I was working as an actor. So when my friends all graduated, I still had a few more units to do. I also didn't go to prom, because I was a vehement non-conformist and a masochist.

gcom1146 karma

I have loved watching some of your interviews in French, and you speak very well in all of them! How and why did you come to learn la belle langue française?

hitrecordjoe_201 karma

Jacques Prévert, Jacques Brel, et Anna Karina. Merci <3

gscampbell90123 karma

Hey Joe! You have been one of my biggest inspiration for getting into creating my brand and my content. I am currently going through a divorce and it feels like my thoughts and creativeness are gone. Do you have any advice to help get through this and get back in my game? Much love! #alwayscreate 🔴

hitrecordjoe_261 karma

I can't imagine how hard a divorce must be. Well, this is advice I give to a lot of questions about creativity, but I think it really applies here, if you're having trouble finding the energy yourself -- don't do it by yourself. I find it pretty hard to be creative when it's just me working on a project. I've done it, but it's harder. Of course there are challenges that come along with collaboration as well. But I find that feeding off the energy of other people is a huge driver for me. Always has been.

SilverSurferbrah108 karma

any plans to return to Columbia University?

hitrecordjoe_305 karma

Well, no. Had a great time there (and Barnard), read some good books, met some life-long friends. And if I were gonna live a million years, sure, going back to school sounds great. But, yeah, no.

SilverSurferbrah104 karma

What would HESHER do during quarantine?????

hitrecordjoe_177 karma

He'd probably catch Covid and give it to as many people as he could

Dr_Cocktopus100 karma

Hi there Golden rabbit, do you still wear mismatching socks?

hitrecordjoe_145 karma


PetPsychicDetective83 karma

What's the type of project you most want to see come out of HITRECORD, but that maybe hasn't materialized yet? Is there a scale you're aspiring to that you haven't hit yet?

hitrecordjoe_110 karma

Right now there's tons of really great projects around sort of whimsical writing and people doing voice-acting performances of the writing. I love those. But I always appreciate an eclectic variety, so of course, I'm craving the exact opposite. I'd love to see more dialogue. Weird, funny, dark, whatever, any kind of dialogue. With written dialogue, then we could do voice-acting prompts around dialogue, in addition to all the great whimsical monologues. Of course, we've done tons of dialogue over the years, I'd just like to see more of it right now, especially because the voice-acting UI on our app just got really good.

MrBooMunky77 karma

If someone were to narrate your life, who would you want to be the narrator? Alive or dead.

hitrecordjoe_179 karma

My kids

SilverSurferbrah69 karma

Serious question: have you done at least one Bane impression while you've been wearing a mask?

hitrecordjoe_75 karma

Boblikanvertigo sounds sorta like Bane, and I've been doing him a lot

i_d_s_p_i_s_p_o_p_d68 karma

Could you explain how time travel works in your movie Looper?

hitrecordjoe_207 karma

No, I decidedly could not. I think the explanation you get in the movie itself is what it is.

Amontano259 karma

What makes you truly happy in this world ??? If there’s another job you could do what would it be ?

hitrecordjoe_153 karma

My dad was a journalist in his first career. I've always been drawn to that. My mom was a teacher at one point. I really love the idea of teaching. Something I really might want to do at some point. I'm making a show for Apple right now called Mr. Corman where my character teaches 5th grade a public school in the San Fernando Valley

skytreader9159 karma

How do you keep yourself mentaly healthy during this pandemic? Also what is the toughest challenge making this show?

hitrecordjoe_79 karma

The answers to your two questions are the same :) For me, it's been about staying creative, and doing it together with other people. That's what the show is about. And the hardest part of making this particular show was that we've been doing it in the midst of this strange and stressful time. I think all of us, both on the production team, and in the HITRECORD community, we've all been coping together by making this show together.

elchupacabros54 karma

How and what do I post on that webseries? I have a video where I play you in one of your scenes. Can I send it to you on here or there for your approval? :)

hitrecordjoe_85 karma

Ha, that's awesome, which scene? You should link it here. We don't put copyright material on HITRECORD, because we're really big on remix and proper attribution. But there's plenty of stuff for actors to do. Like I said in another reply just now, there's lots of great voice-acting prompts that I think are excellent for developing your skill as an actor, and often lead to great short films, etc

Simple_Dude43 karma

Ça va ?

hitrecordjoe_59 karma


KingEuronIIIGreyjoy41 karma

Hi Joseph, thanks for doing this AMA! I asked you last time about your Passover (and thanks for the response!); my question is, do you have any funny Jewish stories to share from your life?

hitrecordjoe_66 karma


Averagecomplainer30 karma

Favorite band?

hitrecordjoe_44 karma

Y La Bamba

RosellaWeigand28 karma

Which is more challenging -- starting a project or finishing a project? Please explain your answer. :-) (this can apply to hitRECord or other projects you've worked on)

hitrecordjoe_54 karma

Finishing is much harder. Although it's true that starting is no small thing. As I've said, to me the biggest differentiator is doing it with other people. And this isn't just true of HITRECORD, although, yes, that's the whole point of HITRECORD. But throughout my entire creative life, when I involve other people in a project, it has a MUCH higher likelihood of getting finished than if I try to do it alone.

Grodeur15 karma

How fun is it working with the genius Rian Johnson? 😄

hitrecordjoe_32 karma

I already shouted my podcast out once, but fuck it, let's do it again. Rian's episode is really good. Finding link...

(edit) Link found: