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MistakesTasteGreat3 karma

Why haven't you contacted corporate?

WorriedStraight16 karma

Read the above reply. I've left multiple voicemails and emails, no response.

orcateeth-21 karma

Can you please explain why you are still working there? I would assume that other places are hiring, such as other pizza places and even grocery stores. Do you really want to die over a low-paying job?

WorriedStraight14 karma

Ah yes, one of those that say "just quit!"

I deal with people like you on a daily basis.

ElusiveBob5 karma

I don’t see why that was such an unreasonable question, he qualified it by saying other places seem to be hiring that might have better situations. Is that not something you’ve considered? Is that really the only job available to you right now?

WorriedStraight0 karma

"Do you really want to die over a low-paying job? No? Then go die over ANOTHER low-paying job, like a grocery store, where you'll come in contact with even MORE people!"