I hgave over 1.5 million followers.

my new book is now available here:


Please ask me anything .

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slanguage621 karma

Should I buy the book if I like shit that sucks?

dril_VERIFED598 karma


RaleighSea579 karma

How do you decide which words to misspell?

dril_VERIFED719 karma

get OFF my ASS

nefariouslothario550 karma

My first question, what gives you the right?

Second, when will you learn?

dril_VERIFED603 karma

god and never

gohan_sebastian_bach414 karma

i am not shitting recently. what is your advice for getting back to shitting? it was better when i was shitting

dril_VERIFED522 karma

give yourself a disease

Penguinswin3398 karma

How's your budget looking recently? Still getting enough candles?

dril_VERIFED615 karma

Ive reported this crap

Hawkeye2695346 karma

Who do you endorse in the 2020 Dem Primary, CEO Dril?

dril_VERIFED2040 karma

the one thats not a rapist

bsolomo510324 karma

Do you think lenin’s idea of the vanguard party is an effective method to transition into Marx’s ideal version of a communist society?

dril_VERIFED554 karma

I think we need to look at the facts

MercZ11283 karma

Did they ever let you fuck the flag?

dril_VERIFED770 karma

no but i will fuck your awful post. Lets get real

Toasterman247280 karma

How big are your muscles? Are you stronger than me?

dril_VERIFED429 karma

normal sized

whativebeenhiding256 karma

Do you know wint?

dril_VERIFED429 karma

i am him yes

impolaris235 karma

Listen I was smoking a blunt in my room when i heard someone oppening the door and threw it out of the window. My grandma was down there and her hair got on fire. When the fireman got there they got high from the smoke and couldn't put out the fire. Did grandma go to Jah's heaven?

dril_VERIFED326 karma

Im not here to talk about grandma

MrVernonDursley232 karma

What is "Dril" to you? Is it an artstyle? A way of life? A diet-plan?

dril_VERIFED624 karma

a lifestyle brand that nobody thinks is good

thepostliker218 karma

Hi Dril! I'm curious about your writing process. Do you use a pen or a pencil?

dril_VERIFED578 karma

I use the computer

Evil_Steven208 karma

Do you ever get frustrated that you've become internet famous but no one knows the creator behind the famous content?

dril_VERIFED467 karma

Its fine

foxh8er261 karma

some dickhead actually doxxed him once but everyone stays quiet about it like that scene from spiderman 2

dril_VERIFED85 karma

i doxxed myself so amazon would give me permission to publish my other book last year. im some guy named paul dochney who cares big whoop

dasbub206 karma

As a veteran, do you think the military-industrial complex justifies your smelly fart ass?

dril_VERIFED351 karma

you dishonor the uniform by posting this

monroseph180 karma

when will you start doing comedy?

dril_VERIFED487 karma

when God puts a gun to my head

merenui177 karma

hello dril what if seinfeld still tv today?

dril_VERIFED421 karma

Get a life shit head

CaptainKursk157 karma

Are you roommates with Veggietales Facts?

dril_VERIFED302 karma

I dont watch that shit . Its for children

WhoIsAmerica157 karma

What's your personal opinion of Derek Estevez-Olsen?

dril_VERIFED267 karma

A punk!! In over his head

JanetYellensFuckboy50 karma

What about Truthbot? Be honest, don't hold back.

dril_VERIFED86 karma

truth bots soul has been transfered into the body of a dog. he has been punished.

drzootsuit147 karma

What are your demands?

dril_VERIFED405 karma

ask me anything

_Twitchy146 karma

where do you get off?

dril_VERIFED315 karma

go mess up someone elses Ask me anything thread.

lebronswanson128 karma

Have you ever had sex with w/ Qanon ?

dril_VERIFED314 karma

you need to tag this NSFW you dick sucker

ClemiHW127 karma

What's your opinion on the "wint but AI" twitter account ?

dril_VERIFED417 karma

it's fine if people want to have fun with my posts but its stupid its a piece of shit

FratboyGenius146 karma

You're just mad that your job was automated.

dril_VERIFED366 karma

youre mad

Makin-121 karma

Do you have any funny anecdotes about the writing of your previous book Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff: The Quest for the Missing Spoon? Did you enjoy working with Andrew Hussie and KC Green?

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The_Opponent107 karma

Who is your favorite gamer?

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rrrradon95 karma

What wisdom can you give a man who hopes to become like you one day?

dril_VERIFED536 karma

Hmm I dont know maybe I should write a 390 page book about that and sell it for $8.99

TurnerJ590 karma

How many DMs do you get per day, would you estimate?

Also what do you think of @jaboukie?

dril_VERIFED310 karma

people have given up on DMing me because they know that i will rip them a new ass hole. theyre cowards

rag3387 karma

It's been noted that you often post in blocks, at odd times of the day. What timezone do you live in?

dril_VERIFED425 karma

who noted this. Whos been noting all my shit

digitbh87 karma

How much ass is too much ass?

dril_VERIFED240 karma

one ass

dasbub84 karma

is it okay to kiss a woman if she doesn't like wwe?

dril_VERIFED182 karma

Why dony you ask her!

BEERnHOES81 karma

Why have I not herd of you?

dril_VERIFED289 karma

because you dont watch the news jack ass

JohnConquest75 karma

hey shit eater I mod /r/sharktank and you made fun of me in this tweet https://twitter.com/dril/status/1194471646628724736

Would you like to apologize to me?

dril_VERIFED134 karma

they should call the show Shit tank but thats none of my business .

weedcop42073 karma

why do you have a diaper fetish?

dril_VERIFED259 karma

why do you have a toilet fetish

MagomedMagomed66 karma

I’m not buying your book?

dril_VERIFED107 karma


oxwof66 karma

Do your friends and family know your online identity? Do they care?

dril_VERIFED207 karma

I tried to keep it secret and failed after like 7 years. But its fine

Vibranium_NoFeatures64 karma

Are you a terrorist?

dril_VERIFED260 karma

come find out shit mouth

DustyKnackers60 karma

what's your Animal Crossing island called?

dril_VERIFED292 karma

Gun World

DwemerPrince58 karma

How many pushups is enough to be a real dude ?

dril_VERIFED145 karma

....................../´¯/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') ..........................'...../ ..........''............. _.·´ ..........................( ..............................

Bandolero10156 karma

why Jack Nicholson as your twitter avi?

dril_VERIFED209 karma

its just a nice picture

GuacOpera55 karma

Why sell books if you've already become rich and ascended to godhood?

dril_VERIFED193 karma

What can I say... I do it for the Fans. Im the worlds Slave

Trumprapeskidsalot50 karma

What are the boys up to these days?

dril_VERIFED196 karma

Theyre trying to start a band named "Snake Wind "

merrycrow49 karma

Would you rather date a man who was a six foot penis, or a normal shaped man who, instead of a penis, had a tiny man growing out of his crotch?

dril_VERIFED181 karma

and the Mods find this sort of thing acceptable here?

FireisprettyOkay47 karma

What's your favorite memory from childhood?

dril_VERIFED349 karma

the early 2000s, when everyone was making the worst flash animations imaginable and having a ball

Cryogenically45 karma

Is the Dril account operated by one person, or a team of people?

dril_VERIFED217 karma

me. the one guy

bojangles6942041 karma

Does he love hanging out in his little barrel?

dril_VERIFED98 karma


Bo0ombaklak40 karma

How did the idea of Dril come to you?

dril_VERIFED198 karma


MimicalGuy139 karma

Where can i pick up a football?

dril_VERIFED156 karma

dick sporting goods

St1ng39 karma


dril_VERIFED215 karma

Shut the fuck up

Drunksludge36 karma

What shall I plant in the especially shady part of my garden?

dril_VERIFED161 karma

let the dog shit there

Shadow596336 karma

do u be sittin in your truck? respond promptly

dril_VERIFED149 karma

is this Racial ?

kenmoredave33 karma

Can I play WWF No Mercy with you?

dril_VERIFED103 karma

That was the absolute worst game I have ever played

MetalStoofs32 karma

What are your thoughts on the haters and by any means do you allow them to be your motivators?

dril_VERIFED165 karma

i dont like them and the only thing they motivate me to do is run them over with my car

usernameforonesub32 karma

How are you?

dril_VERIFED154 karma

Keeping away from that damn Covid

EmperorKingDuke31 karma

How dare you?

dril_VERIFED122 karma

I'm allowed to do this

dangerotic29 karma

if you could delete one famous artist (any sort of art, from Michelangelo to Britney Spears) from the public consciousness, who would it be and why?

dril_VERIFED163 karma


JanetYellensFuckboy27 karma

Did you get fired from Truthpoint?

dril_VERIFED57 karma


Darth_marsupial26 karma

Have you used Twitter? Do you like Twitter?

dril_VERIFED89 karma

Its not very good

Down1025 karma

Boxers, briefs, jock strap, or commando?

dril_VERIFED137 karma

I like to switch it u p depending on how small my dick is that day.

jbradfield23 karma

what's the worst tweet?

eric_is_a_tool23 karma

Did your wife really fuck the armored man?

dril_VERIFED132 karma

seems like all we ever want to talk about in this world is "WIFE WIFE WIFE"

Chell_the_assassin22 karma

How dare you?

dril_VERIFED55 karma

i already answered this

zachwolf19 karma

Did you create the book art and will you release physical copies?

dril_VERIFED59 karma

yeah i did all the art, and physical copies are tough since this book is huge and in full color. tried a couple options, they both cost way too much and the quality wasnt great either. we'll see what happens but the physical versions probably aren't gonna be ready anytime soon

AstralRehab19 karma

I’ve asked you this HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of times on Twitter, but you can’t escape the question now, Bucko.

You directed 2 Girls 1 Cup, didn’t you?

dril_VERIFED80 karma

too many cups not enough girls

Steel2Titanium18 karma

wasn't the pandemic enough?

dril_VERIFED64 karma


RRaoul_Duke16 karma

Yeah where do you get your ideas from?

dril_VERIFED70 karma

from my twisted world on Crack ...

RonPolyp15 karma

Is it true you have a wooden butthole?

dril_VERIFED37 karma

move allong bitch

wyn-je14 karma

opinion on nutella and strawberry jam?

dril_VERIFED108 karma

something a child would eat and get sick

KnucklesMcGinty12 karma

What's the best food?

dril_VERIFED71 karma

Hot N Spicy

dril_VERIFED73 karma

BBQ Rib's

wizardjules10 karma

who has the worst twitter?

MagomedMagomed10 karma

Eat shit?

dril_VERIFED49 karma

Hah... the trolls out in full force. Or should I say Farce

BuddypalIsOnReddit6 karma

do you eat ass?

dril_VERIFED15 karma

whose ass

stalin_in_panties5 karma


dril_VERIFED19 karma

spam messag.e

zerorules444 karma

When will you LOG OFF???

dril_VERIFED6 karma

why?? What did I do?

vonpapen3 karma

what is the hardest job?

dril_VERIFED13 karma

my job!! Oh god!!