EDIT: 6:30pm GMT/1:30pm EST - We're finishing up now. Thank you so much for your time! It's been great fun. We'll definitely do this again, and we'll leave more time for questions (beyond the 3-4 hours here). I'd recommend joining our huge community, we post there daily: https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/

Hello Reddit!

We're some of the people who make Old School RuneScape. Earlier this week our entire game studio (Jagex) began working remotely, so we thought we'd use this time to answer any questions you might have. It'll help keep us sane!

In 2013 Old School RuneScape was released. This was a recreation of RuneScape as it was in 2007. Since then there have been weekly content patches, lots of big expansions, and in 2018 we even ported the game to iOS and Android mobile devices.

You can ask us anything, but we'd request that you visit our Support Centre (https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb) if you have any specific issues about your RuneScape account or things like that.

Thank you for your time!

Answering your questions today will be...

Proof: https://twitter.com/OldSchoolRS/status/1240706879350697984

Play our game at https://oldschool.runescape.com (or find us on the App Store and Play Store - 'Old School RuneScape').

Join our huge sub-reddit, we post there daily: https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/

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Kats-R-Us1410 karma

Have there been loads more people playing recently with all the quarintined people?

JagexSween1809 karma

Big increase. It's great that we can help make so many people happy at this weird time!

newquestidewa948 karma

Are you all working from home or "working" from home and playing runescape?

JagexSween1940 karma


rickkicks853 karma

What’s your all time favorite track? RS is LOADED with bangers. Mudskipper Melody for me.

JagexSween532 karma

I love 'Riverside', it reminds me of Dragonball!

joshhills524 karma

Where in Gielinor would each of you choose to stave off the apocalypse, and why?

JagexSween324 karma

I'd go to the Fisher Realm. Presumably it'd be safe from the apocalypse and you can grow food!

PickleShtick42 karma

I always thought it was a great place. Any plans to expand on it?

JagexSween83 karma

There's nothing in the works, but I wouldn't mind a new opportunity to fill the game with more Monty Python gags!

Cynth_ia244 karma

Who is having the worst time working at home?

What can Jagex learn from this situation? What kind of tasks are really hard to do at home?

JagexSween69 karma

I can't say who is having the worst time, I'm hopeful we're all handling it well, we're constantly in touch!

I'm personally enjoying it, I'm not having to commute for 2-3 hours each day!

Jagex have been nothing short of amazing at facilitating this for us, my work is basically unaffected so far.

Mrcorn5000114 karma

What inspired you to recreate the old runescape? How did you start?

JagexSween240 karma

A lot of players weren't happy with some of RuneScape's changes, and that led to a huge community petition. Jagex then polled whether we should bring back an older version - the webpage is still live here! http://services.runescape.com/m=poll/rs2007-server

samwise80040 karma

Who is your favourite ex-jmod and why is it mod wolf?

JagexSween65 karma

Mod Ayiza is still a close friend of mine.

mazrim_lol33 karma

I added this separately as not sure you would all be comfortable answering it.

How do you feel career prospects are at Jagex? It is no secret a large number of jmods have left especially with the low salary to skills the company seems to offer.

What would you try to say to someone working in London on a more "boring" but career orientated path in tech to convince them to move to Cambridge.

Runescript seems unappealing to pick up, salaries seem low and glassdoors paints a poor picture of management.

JagexSween88 karma

I've found great career prospects at Jagex. Staff turnover, especially in the games industry, is high and that's normal. What's different about Jagex is how public-facing we are, so you'd actually notice us leaving.

You don't need to move to Cambridge, you can juggle working remotely and commuting (presumably more so in the future).

I've no complaints about my salary, and I'd always recommend taking glassdoor reviews with a pinch of salt.

Cufantce22 karma

Who are your individual favourite content creators on youtube/twitch?

JagexSween88 karma

J1mmy, Gunschilli, and 25 buttholes immediately spring to mind!

Joan_of_ack4 karma

Can I get a job? I’d love to move to London (USA citizen, will do anything to move), and I love RuneScape and it’s community.

Sr WebDev with 5 years experience in websites at scale. General programming 8 years.

Other than that, what keyboards do you use as a daily driver? I’m partial to the hhkb!

JagexSween5 karma

Take a look and see if anything catches your eye! We always want to make new friends :)


A_Dawg252 karma

Other than working from home, has Jagex implemented any additional precautions to protecting their employees?

Also, have you considered providing any additional educational information to your players / consumers to protect themselves such as with in game messages, announcements, etc?

JagexSween3 karma

Lots! We implemented self-quarantine guidelines a number of weeks back and we increased the level of cleaning around the studio.

We'll continue to reiterate expert health advice, and our in-game news messaging links to this post: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/an-update-for-our-community?oldschool=1.

hunchoblackjack1 karma

Do you guys have any update on the proposed clan changes yet?

JagexSween2 karma

We shared a bit of progress last week here: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/gielinor-gazette-march-2020?oldschool=1#

Clans: The core engine work to introduce basic clan functionality is well underway. In fact, Mod Boko just managed to create the first Old School clan (by clan... it's just a clan profile right now, but it’s a start!). Once the core porting of the system is complete, content development will begin.

Killerdo1 karma

Do you guys think other games can successfully implement OS versions like RS did, with continuous content updates? Last year we saw wow classic, and a lot of OSRS was mentioned, but so far they didn't bring any new content.

JagexSween2 karma

I do think so, but it's worth noting that these types of classic versions (OSRS/WoW Classic) only really blossom when there's a level of disillusion with a game's playerbase. I guess the ideal scenario would be a level of consistency to keep the trust and love of a game's playerbase?

I've seen some WAR and SWG private servers thriving. I know LOTRO are doing great things with their staggered-release servers.