Hey Reddit, Jeff Dunham here. The gang and I are currently traveling the world on our “Jeff Dunham: Seriously!?” tour. While we had a little free time, I wanted to answer your questions! AMA.

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angiecook6338 karma

How stoned were you to come up with Peanut??

JeffDunhamOfficial31 karma


Next question...

Catmandingo20 karma

Hi Jeff! Have you ever considered trying to be funny?

JeffDunhamOfficial109 karma

Yes, but I keep tripping over my ticket sales.

And by the way, your mother loved my performance.

site_admin19 karma

Hey Jeff! What is the hardest thing (sound, pattern, routine, etc.) to "ventriloquize," and if possible, explain why it is so difficult?

JeffDunhamOfficial51 karma

Well, not to get too technical, the difficult letters are BFMPVW and Y. All those are tough to say without moving your lips! The ventriloquist gets around it by substituting sounds that sound LIKE those, and then mastering the fake sound to sound most like the sound. B is said with a D; M is said with an N, etc.

TheGrabbinDragon16 karma

Loved Achmed when I was younger, do people still like him, or have they complained about his character being stereotypical or racist in any way?

JeffDunhamOfficial50 karma

The fans that show up to the live shows LOVE him. He is a failed terrorist that has fallen in love with all the great ”trapping” of the free world... Shopping, movies, cars, etc.... But he still feels like he needs to be a terror. Achmed is very conflicted. Makes for great comedy. anyone who comes to a show realizes it’s all good stupid fun.

KingShitOfTurdIsland15 karma

What is something that you are passionate about other than what you do for a living?

JeffDunhamOfficial15 karma

My family is number one... But then there’s building the dummies, cars, collecting vintage toys, and did I say my family?

JeffDunhamOfficial14 karma

Hey... I’m here! Ask away!

airforcefalco10 karma

I've heard you're big into 3D printing since you make your puppets. What sort of setup do you have?

JeffDunhamOfficial15 karma

I have a ten year old machine (Dimension SST 1200es) that I have done all my printing with in that time and I love it. The layers are 20 thousandths thick, but I’m okay with that, because the platform is so much larger than most... It will do 10“ x 10“ x 12”, and that’s perfect for a dummy head.

cjcmommy012310 karma

Have any of your girls expressed interest in learning how to be a ventriloquist?

JeffDunhamOfficial7 karma

No, and I’m fine with that! They are all three doing really well with their own unique endeavors. Thanks for asking!

Dashveed9 karma

When writing jokes, do you try and zone in to certain characters one at a time, or just let the material come to you and fit it to characters that way? Big fan of your stuff!

JeffDunhamOfficial16 karma

Great question. I focus focus focus on one character at a time when writing or creating bits for them. That allows me to get into their heads and stay in character as I write for them. On the other hand, a great joke is a great joke, and sometimes I just have to decide who would tell that joke the best.

know_one_nose_X8 karma

Does Walter prefer boxers or briefs?

JeffDunhamOfficial11 karma


Just kidding. Gross. Briefs FOR SURE! And WHITE. Nothing but WHITE. So sad.

slom685 karma

What would you recommend to someone who is interested in being a ventriloquist?

JeffDunhamOfficial11 karma


Just kidding! Get a dummy; get a mirror; watch our YouTube videos on how to be a ventriloquist, and then practice, practice, practice. OH, and then learn how to be funny. THAT is WAY more difficult.

saymynamebastien4 karma

It's been 20 minutes and you haven't replied to a single question. Are you just waiting for the right questions or did you die?

JeffDunhamOfficial7 karma

I didn’t die... I think your Internet did.

MaeAnnMarie2 karma

Do you ever go on stage and NOT feel like you wanted to perform that night? What helps you through it?

JeffDunhamOfficial10 karma

Great, great, question. It can be just like any job... Sometimes you feel like it; sometimes you don’t. But honestly, after about a minute of laughs and all those people WANTING to laugh, something always kicks in and I have a blast every single show. I know that folks have paid good, hard earned money for their tickets, and it’s my job to make sure they walk away that night having had the most fun I could possibly give them.

chewee1232 karma

What ever happened to Melvin the superhero? He hasn’t been on stage in a while.

JeffDunhamOfficial5 karma

MELVIN! He DOES need to come back. I’ve actually been thinking about it and yes, I will probably bring him back at some point. Thanks for asking!

not_abby_2 karma

are your dreams as weird as your puppets? if so, describe a dream you think was the weirdest

JeffDunhamOfficial6 karma

I dreamed I had a real job... Once. It was terrifying.

DrDizzle932 karma

If your comedy career started today as opposed to the 90's, what would you do differently?

JeffDunhamOfficial7 karma

Oh man, that is a very difficult and great question... (And my professional career actually began in the ‘80s...). I don’t envy the folks coming up today in the standup world... So many limitations and judgmental people. I think the ONLY thing I would do differently would be to.... I actually don’t have a clue. Such a tough question... Impossible. I’m just incredibly thankful for my fans today.

g_nine_O_nine2 karma

Morning from Down Under!!! What's the furthest Achmed's leg has ever gone into the audience? Has anyone ever tried to not give it back?

JeffDunhamOfficial3 karma

LOL. It’s yet to fly into an audience! I would pull a few MMA moves to get that thing back if someone tried to run off with it! Achmed would KEEL them!

Don_Cheech2 karma

Who’s your favorite comedian ?

JeffDunhamOfficial13 karma

Since my junior high days, it has absolutely always been Steve Martin for so many reasons. Lewis Black still kills me, and before we found out all the bad stuff, as a child it was Bill Cosby. Today, Joe Rogan kills me. So damned honest and unfiltered. GREAT.

Destiny_Lynn19951 karma

Why doesn't Peanut where any clothes?

JeffDunhamOfficial4 karma

He does! He has one shoe!!

Popular_Cod1 karma

Hey Jeff! Me and my friend enjoyed your show in Tampa Saturday night. My question is, why didn’t little Jeff make an appearance and will he be at any other tours?

JeffDunhamOfficial6 karma

Thanks for the great question... The main guys, Peanut, Walter, Bubba J, and Achmed are always in the show. I love introducing new characters now and then and rotating them in and out. Little Jeff may be back one day... Right now it’s Rich and Happy, and a NEW guy will probably be on the bill in a couple of weeks!

lovemydank0 karma

How did you manage success, despite being so painfully unfunny?

JeffDunhamOfficial19 karma

Come on Mom, leave me alone!