I am the OP of this thread. I am sorry for not being able to answer a lot of your questions but the internet in Egypt was blocked for the six past days, I really want to share what happened with us the past few days because the world knows nothing about the chaos in Egypt since last Friday.

I am deeply grateful for all your wishes and kindness in my last thread, although I've seen most of your comments just now, you guys made me feel that the police is still throwing us with tear bombs.

I am going to give you a live report on the last few days and hopefully I will answer all your questions along the way.

This started on Tuesday when I went to a protest for a democratic change in Egypt, I really can't claim I'm a political activist, I can just claim to be a normal Egyptian fed up with the corruption I see everyday, everywhere, affecting everybody.

I wouldn't consider myself poor, but I wouldn't consider myself rich either, but I would consider myself one of the privileged citizens in Egypt for having steady income, a car and living in a relatively high-class suburb.

I've slept on the street for the first time in my life on Tuesday 25 January, when more than 20K protestors stood in "Al Tahreer" square in Egypt protesting corruption in Egypt, it was one of the best days in my life, I've seen the true face of Egypt, there were people of all ages, sexes and classes in protests that day, I've seen the poor, the rich, the striving minority, Christians, Muslims, opposition and even Army men.

Moving on to Wednesday 26 January, I already provided details on my arrest, I was arrested at the protests and was released after 12 hours, in the dawn of the next day.

Thursday was kind of a slow day, I was at home recovering of my wounds from being beaten badly by the police, I wrote my first AMA here on reddit, to my amazement it jumped to the frontpage, I wasn't expecting near that kind of response but I thank you guys for that, apart from some tear bombs being thrown by the police not much action that day, apart from reddit action of course. Facebook, twitter, Aljazeera, BBC, and a couple of other sites were blocked Thursday night.

The big event was on Friday at noon, and I note that by then Egypt has been thrown into complete solitary confinement, everything was cut down; the internet, mobile signal, Messaging services and even some landlines.

I walked nearly 50 Kms that day, thinking of it I can say that I've walked in the past week further than what I've walked in my entire life.

I walked from one suburb to the other, the protest was getting more people every minute, we reached the point where I couldn't see the beginning or the end of the march from an elevated position, it was a huge march but it was only one of tens or hundreds of similar marches in Cairo that day.

Near downtown it was obvious that there was an intense presence of police forces and when we reached the suburb of "Attaba" the police forces became unbelievably violent, they were throwing tens of tear bombs at the crowds and children were suffocating, I carried a trapped girl on my shoulders while running and vomiting heavily because of the tear gas being everywhere, I was shot a couple of times by rubber bullets but kept on running, I actually thought they were shooting live rounds and judging by my last encounter with them I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

As I said before there wasn't much resentment towards the US in Egypt apart from supporting Mubarak's dictatorship, but once some people pointed out the "Made in the U.S." Mark on the tear bomb cans everyone entered a deep state of anger towards both America and Mubarak's regime.

Soon we learned that not only "Attaba" was viciously attacked by the police but everywhere else, and from being there I can testify that the police started the violence in what I have seen myself to be a peaceful march.

Later that day the violence escalated and we were treating the police as our enemies -and they have proven to be so- and Mubarak's arrogant speech got everyone more provoked.

At night we saw the Egyptian heavy artillery roaming the streets, and I'm noting here that Egyptians love their army to death, although no public demands have been answered or met we were happy to see the Army and considered that to be a phenomenal gain.

As the army's presence increased the Police were escaping the protestors' violence -which the police initiated and provoked- and after the burning down of most police stations all the criminals escaped -some claim by the police themselves- and Cairo had thousands of thugs and criminals on the streets and a complete absence of police forces, I see that as a major treachery from the police, please contact me with what I should do if you happen to know any legal actions that should be done, I will leave you guys for a couple of hours I have to go get me some food and when I'm back I will post details about my life after the police vanished from Cairo and answer all your questions.

Edit: Continuing

I must note a couple of random things, On Friday I got shot by rubber bullets and another kind of bullets that splits mid-air into hundreds of metal pieces and hurts a lot on impact, I saw death twenty feet away, I felt scared like I have never felt before in my life, I saw a building collapsing in front of my eyes and my respiratory system now runs on oxygen and tear gas.

Later that day I heard of thugs being released into the streets and I was terrified for my family, I went home to find people gathered and taking shifts to guard our neighborhood, I took place at the top of a 15-story building as a lookout for thugs that come in groups armed with AK47s and pistols stolen from the police stations, I stood in place till dawn and I saw an army vehicle opening fire on one of these armed mobs a couple of blocks away, it was terrifying and some of my neighbors nearly opened fire a couple of times on individual thugs.

Saturday and Sunday were the worst, due to the absence of the police force a couple of prisons were attacked and a lot of convicts got away, I heard a lot of bullets being fired that day, a couple of armed thugs were arrested downtown and proven to be police officers, which increased the state of hatred we all felt towards them.

I was a ground trooper the next few days, I got my ancient air-gun out and took shifts walking down the streets, I was given a walkie-talkie and was in touch with the neighborhood leader, a couple of thugs threw molotov cocktails on our cars and fired a couple of rounds but were arrested and handed to the army.

Till this hour we still have guarding shifts and mine starts in about 5 hours, I just want to note that we took care of our neighborhood better than the police ever did, people were out handing us food and drinks and blankets, I feel proud of every Egyptian that took responsibility these couple of days but a couple of questions are still unanswered: Should we let the police take control of the streets again despite their obvious treason to us Egyptians? What can I do to help in punishing those officers responsible for beating me up?

Important note: As I said there were a lot of Christians in the protests, the protests were not dominated by any political party nor is this by any means an Islamic revolution as the stupid "Fox News" is trying to make it appear, these protests were purely political and social and not religious.

Flickr: Here you will find every picture I took, photos from the past week will be added, when they arrested me they confiscated my memory card so unfortunately not all the pictures are with me, I'll upload what I can.

Important edit: Help! Some of my friends just called to let me know they released hundreds of thugs downtown Cairo under the guidance of police officers and intelligence agents with the sole purpose of infiltrating the protests and lots of protesters were killed, I'm in shock right now and I feel so helpless, PLEASE HELP.

Next friday's protest on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131592436908484

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antioche91 karma

how bad was the torture?

sayyeddy130 karma

Owing to what I've seen on Friday I could say that what happened to me on Wednesday is ignorable, I dont even feel my wounds anymore because I've seen people die, take rubber bullets in the eye, stabbed or burnt alive by molotovs.

PaeTar52 karma

Are the pro-Mubarak protesters just police in disguise or do some citizens generally really like the guy? Seems like they were at some rallys that Al Jazeera covered trying to incite something.

sayyeddy139 karma

The pro-Mubarak protesters are paid protesters, I'm not accusing them, I'm stating that they ARE paid protesters, yesterday nearly 2 million Egyptians gathered in hatred of this regime, it's obvious that the system that uses violence and terror and even takes help of thugs and criminals has no shame in paying protesters into protesting pro-Mubarak. This is just unbelievably provoking and stupid. Edit: I'm saying that the pro-Mubarak protests are stupid and provoking not PaeTar's comment.

lotu7 karma

What is the evidence that the pro-Mubarak protesters are paid? I'm not doubting you as I strongly suspect that they are paid myself. But I only know what I've seen on TV. I saw that some of them had police ids but some one else pointed out that the police have a lot to loose if Mubarak is forced out of prower, so they might be willing to do it for free, also many of them are thugs and would enjoy getting back at the protesters who bested them last week. Do you know of anyone who was offered money to be pro-Mubarak or something like that?

sayyeddy5 karma

People all over Egypt have reported police roaming for pro-Mubarak protesters paying as much as 100$ a head, keep in mind that some people live here in Egypt on less than 100$ a month.

Eszed34 karma

What sort of coordination do you 'neighbourhood watch' people have with the Army? Does the neighbourhood leader have a phone number / radio / carrier pigeon to contact nearest command?

sayyeddy64 karma

Yes, luckily I live in a neighborhood near the ministry of defense, there was a tank and a couple of armored vehicles just down the street, there was complete coordination between us, they even gave us permission to inspection of car trunks and walking pedestrians, I had their numbers and checked in with them every other hour.

tcostart25 karma

Flickr: Here you will find every picture I took

Could you change the license on the pictures to Creative Commons (specifically to CC-BY)? Wikipedia could make use of these images.

sayyeddy26 karma

Of course.

tcostart15 karma

If possible, change that to CC-BY-SA (removing the Non-commercial clause). Wiki-Nazis don't allow NC content anymore.

sayyeddy18 karma

Will do.

sayyeddy22 karma

Help! Some of my friends just called to let me know they released hundreds of thugs downtown Cairo under the guidance of police officers and intelligence agents with the sole purpose of infiltrating the protests and lots of protesters were killed, I'm in shock right now and I feel so helpless, PLEASE HELP.

emr102818 karma

What words would you like me to pass on to people here who don't believe in your cause, or are scared that this uprising will decrease regional stability?

sayyeddy32 karma

I dont know actually, I really would like everyone to know that the acts of violence and terrorism were intentionally done by our police to let people fall victims of their own fear, and run to their homes instead of protesting, Protesters were not the cause of the killings and robberies that day, the police intentionally made this chaos to force Egyptians to willingly allow them back on the streets.

Think4Yourselff10 karma

Did corporeal punishment change any of your beliefs?

sayyeddy24 karma

Not even a little bit.