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BombaOTM9 karma

So what’s your diet now?

Furisado14 karma

No gluten no added sugar and i try to keep omega 6 oils low, like canola oil and sunflower seed oil. Coffee has become a come and go thing.

neveryoumind5 karma

Not that I know anything, but I thought Omega-6 was good for you, particularly the brain.

Furisado4 karma

In balance with omega 3 as it is most people ingest way too much of it, i have taken omega 3 pills for this reason and it helped.

MuddyShoes14587 karma

Nice work. Will you try to get any faster or will you focus on continuing to heal?

Furisado8 karma

Running has become part of how i feel better I do want to get faster and continue racing.

hummingbird-6 karma

Why do you think the sauna helped you so much at first?

Furisado5 karma

I think it helps with inflammation greatly, which is what i think the problem is and why changing your diet can help you so tremendously.

jay3sbr4 karma

How bad were your withdrawal symptoms from eliminating sugar from your diet?

Furisado8 karma

Bad at first the want to binge is strong, much easier to wean yourself periodically than to go cold turkey. I also had binge withdraw symptoms from bread to this day i can taken in by the smell of toast.

markten24 karma

How did you come out of all of this?

Furisado3 karma

Still trying to figure how to process all of it, going from being stuck in your room 24/7 and feeling normal is a very huge difference.

PotatoSalad4thaBlock4 karma

Does any music motivate you while you do your thing?

Furisado6 karma

I dont listen to music while running no.