My short bio: Hey everyone! I am Kenzie Reeves! I am a tiny-pint sized princess who stars in XXX movies!

Ask me anything!

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Thanks for hanging out with me! I loved all your questions so much <3

Thank you to for having me as their February 2020 Bang Babe!

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TreehouseOfHonor89 karma

Will you go to prom with me?

realKenzieReeves258 karma

Ok I looked this up and unfortunately unless you are 18+ and video/paperwork evidence, I have to decline. If you were to get that, i would be down.

Principal, school board, video sex involved.

bangsteve68 karma

socks on or off when you have sex in your personal life?

realKenzieReeves119 karma

Off! I feel so trapped if i'm wearing socks while fucking! Even if I am drunk or tired I will remove my socks!

worm220039 karma

Girth or Length?

realKenzieReeves91 karma

That's a tough one, that is like asking me for anal or vaginal.

If I have to choose, it's length.

Broadband-40 karma

You set yourself up for this one. Anal or vaginal. Why?

realKenzieReeves102 karma

Anal. Just because my ass can it much better than my vagina. My asshole can just take a beating.

knightstroke37 karma

Have you always been good at deepthroating or has it been a skill you acquired also how do it feel when you're doing it?

realKenzieReeves88 karma

So I literally have always had weird throat muscles. When I was in school when I was younger I could control my tonsils and make them the point where I was about to get my tonsils out. I did the surgery even though I might not have needed it ;) But after that I didn't have a gag reflux! When I deepthroating it feels like you are underwater. You take one final breath and it all cums down ;)

vanderbeek2134 karma

Is there any scene or anything that based on premise, story, etc. Was off the table or extremely difficult to shoot?

realKenzieReeves86 karma

I had one scene that was in this old warehouse - it was a shower scene. We had to be in the shower for the whole scene. The hot water went out and this was a very very logistically challenging scene. The water was ice cold and the whole shower was concrete.

Loushius34 karma

With the rise of adult actors and actresses starting to live stream, have you given any consideration to starting up on Twitch or any other platform? If so, when can we expect the stream to start?

realKenzieReeves35 karma

I am actually thinking about doing something for my OnlyFans subscribers, where I am thinking about doing a themed show for 30 minutes once per week. It will be a LIVE show!

peakinn32 karma

What movie would you love to make a porn parody out of?

realKenzieReeves82 karma

I don't want to say because I already wrote the script for it. It's a whole movie.

realKenzieReeves58 karma

Stay tuned ;)

jstrummer829 karma

Do you prefer guys who are packing more heat down below, or are you open to all shapes and sizes?

realKenzieReeves71 karma

If you look at any of my exes - I don't have a type. I am attracted to, you, you are mine. If you accept me for me and all my flaws, looks are fake.

0luis20022 karma

How old are you?

realKenzieReeves68 karma

I am 22 I will be 23 on July 7th! 23 is a normal young age, but in porn it's a completely different age!

regere21 karma

Hi. Love your work. Some questions:

  1. What's the story behind your porn name?
  2. What are your thoughts on age of consent?
  3. What specifically is it that gives you that shocked, almost confounded expression, and when was the last time you experienced it for real during sex?

realKenzieReeves49 karma

  1. I always wanted for my name to be Reeves, after Keanu Reeves. He's humble and lives with such simplicity even though he has all this wealth. I wanted my name to reflect upon who I am as a person. Kenzie - I tried to do Aria for my first week or porn and everyone kept pronouncing it incorrectly! Kenzie was my second choice and it's very bubbly and rolls of the tongue.

  2. No comment.

  3. I have very shallow holes. My vagina and my asshole are very stretchy but they are shallow. When I am having sex and the guy goes really deep, I am expressive with my face in general! Whatever mood and I am everyone knows!

KoBronJordan18 karma

What’s your natural hair color??

realKenzieReeves43 karma

My natural hair color is dark dark dark brown. I started wearing wigs about 8 months ago, but I used to dye it religiously (blonde). My hair was so damaged so I did a ton of research and I now get it done about every 5-7 days.

DrRevilo18 karma

Would you personally prefer it if condoms were used to a larger extent in the business?

realKenzieReeves40 karma


YuilltideCarol16 karma

Do you have any strange hobbies? (Besides Porn)

realKenzieReeves39 karma

I love horseback riding! I like bedazzling stuff too. If you see me at Michaels come and say hi!

realKenzieReeves51 karma

I like trying different restaurants and smoking weed on the beach.

_Daryl_Dixon_14 karma

What’s your favorite scene and why?

realKenzieReeves42 karma

I think that depends! Sometimes it's sex and sometimes it's just the storyline. The human pinata scene...look it up ;)

LimePeel9612 karma

Hi Kenzie! What’s your favourite song rn?

realKenzieReeves19 karma

My favorite song right now would have to be...Fake Smile by Ariana Grande.

CandybarJohnson10 karma

What goes through your head just before you start a scene?

realKenzieReeves33 karma

Honestly by then I am feeling up who I am working with. I mostly just want to get it started because I am horny as fuck. The eye lock between us is "in"

aceCaptainSlow9 karma

Did you have a mentor in the business or did you carve your own path?

realKenzieReeves15 karma

Honestly when I first got in I tried to do my best to space out the buildup and anticipation of the big milestones in my career. I look at who is doing well, look at them as role models and find my own style in light! My inspiration is the motivation of other girls and be myself.

DeliciousBreak8 karma

What is your favorite dog breed and why is it the corgi?

realKenzieReeves19 karma

Doberman or a pitbull or a pomski. I like french bulldogs too!

oakes19928 karma

You’ve done a lot of scenes and a lot of different kinds of content so far, but what have you not done yet that you want to do?

Also, where in the world do you want to visit that you haven’t gotten a chance to?

realKenzieReeves32 karma

I have no done a DP yet or a blowbang or a G/G DP. I want to do something with a lot of dicks where it's all going in both my holes. I want whatever I do to be 100% real. I don't want my fans to see anything that isn't my best.

knightstroke8 karma

Is there any male or female talents that you want to work with that you haven't yet?

realKenzieReeves29 karma

I would love to work with Kimmy Granger for a BGG. I want to have her teach me lessons on how to ride that dick.

Another person would be Nicolette Shea. She is my goal on what I want to eventually look like and become. I love her look, she is a barbie doll I never had.

For guys - Chris Diamond, his dick is very pretty. I have creeped a little bit on his scenes ;) When I show up to set and that male talent has more energy than I do, I think he would insane energy.

knightstroke7 karma

How often do you get recognized in public?

realKenzieReeves30 karma

I actually get recognized a lot! I didn't think I would, but mostly in airports or uber rides. Those are the two places. I really like it and most of the time I don't have makeup on and I might not look as done up. Everyone I have met has been so sweet!

9lbmoustache6 karma

Is a hotdog considered a sandwich?

I mean, theoretically it’s a piece of meat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) between two pieces of bread with your choice of toppings.

realKenzieReeves31 karma

Uhm, I don't think so. Hotdog is it's own form. It's not a traditional sandwich, it's a new age sandwich.

I eat hotdogs at nude beaches and baseball games.

justgetonyourknees4 karma

What are your thoughts on so many scenes ending in a facial?

realKenzieReeves17 karma

I think that if you are in a position where the facial makes sense - that is natural and great. I think the position matters the most here. Even like cumming on pussy lips, buttcheeks or tits..make it happen!

tosimitsu3 karma

is BTS fun? or they are just promo videos that producers involved to put in extras.

realKenzieReeves10 karma

I love being on set. I enjoy scripts and I am a big sucker for them. I enjoy throwing myself into a whole different character, I love doing that.