I am a 17 year old male teenager who's currently at his 2nd year in highschool. I also have CP. I got lots of minor issues, but mainly, I'm bound to a wheelchair. I thought it'd be fun to do a ama thingy. You can ask me anything about my disability, my daily life, or, really, anything you want!

Here's a picture of me with my family and friends during a summer vacation as my proof: https://imgyukle.com/i/nhsv1H

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SepirizFG412 karma

Ever landed a sick drift?

IbrahimKDemirsoy516 karma

Every single day.

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Do you still cop bullying from others during school or have people learnt to accept? Thanks for this AMA btw :)

IbrahimKDemirsoy493 karma

I Don't really get bullied, tbh. The most I deal with is emotional distances that people put due to prejudgments, but we quickly get along once I showed them that I'm just like them. And you're welcome!

nathanielawesome12 karma

Where are you from?

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Have you ever used CP as an excuse to avoid getting into trouble for a mistake or a wrong-doing?

IbrahimKDemirsoy748 karma

I usually use it as an execuse to skip school. I tell them that I need to use meds that I forgot to take with me, I gotta go to hospital etc. I feel bad doing it, but I still do it...

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Chin up my dude, my gf has CP as well and life is tough! I first struggled with helping her too much and she hated not feeling independent enough, what are ways we can help you out but not be overbearing?

IbrahimKDemirsoy193 karma

To be honest, it depends on the individual. I, personally, don't mind asking and\or getting help. But some people might feel embrassed. I think the best way is, don't be pushy about it. Analyze the situations well that you understand when she actually needs help, or you just overreact.

Good luck!

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How do you spend your free time?

IbrahimKDemirsoy241 karma

Reading, writing, sleeping. But mostly Netflix and chill.

Rex_Cox2020113 karma

What do you eat for breakfast, Walt Jr.?

IbrahimKDemirsoy281 karma

Blue meth. Also, it's Flynn.

Here_ToHelp_112 karma

What's something (adventure wise) you absolutely would have attempted to do if you didn't have CP?

IbrahimKDemirsoy156 karma

I'd like to go on a road trip on my own.

zpowell11 karma

Hey OP, you’re a real smart dude, especially for being a 17 year old.

Where’s your destination on this road trip?

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What gives fuel to your fire to live?

IbrahimKDemirsoy384 karma

Life is shit. We all know that. But crying and whinning won't change anything. I got an amazing mother, few friends who truly care about me. I'm good at writing poems and stories. I aspire to be a novelist or an animator. And even if I didn't have any of those, I'd still make an effort to live. I'm not gonna waste my time on lashing out on world, people, my peers, or women, or anyone because of my imperfections. I'm not an incel (no offense)

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You got anything published? I'd love to read it!

IbrahimKDemirsoy12 karma

Not yet. He he.

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How’s the sex? Does your thing still work? I know this may sound ignorant but I don’t know much about cp and was just legit wondering?

IbrahimKDemirsoy136 karma

I'm virgin. But my penis works normally. There's literally no reason for me to not being able to have sex.

New-Vlad77 karma

A counterweight to questions about what you'd do if you don't have CP: what are pros of having it compared to regular human?

IbrahimKDemirsoy262 karma

I can travel very long distances without getting tired of walking :d

antisocialsocialboi56 karma

What would you do if you ever have a chance of walking on your legs again? Also, what's the most hurtful thing someone as ever said to you? Even I don't know you, I still love you(no homo).

IbrahimKDemirsoy150 karma

A quick note: I was born this way. I've never walked independently. But if I walked, I would take a looong walk on the beach during a sunset.

When I was very little, a woman didn't want her daughter to be near me. I heard her say, "don't ask anything from that boy."

To this day, I still don't know what's wrong with that lady.

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Hey! I'm in PT school right now and we just finished a big unit on CP and I'm curious to know more about your condition, after reading the rest of your responses.

Do you still participate in any physical therapy? If so, how often?

How is your mobility with your chair? Do you find you're able to navigate the world OK? Any challenges that come to mind with that?

Do you know your GMFCS classification? (1-5)

Do you do any extra curricular stuff at school?

Thanks for doing the AMA! I think things like this really help to educate folks on different conditions, and that "different" is not bad or scary.

IbrahimKDemirsoy78 karma

Yes. Almost everyday.

It kinda depends on the country. I live in Turkey. I don't wanna get into politics, but our president and his policies suck, so most of our cities are not the best for wheelchair users. Unfinished, dirty roads, too many buildings being made without considering us, etc etc.

I never learned actually. I know it sounds weird but I don't really like to dwell on my condition so much. My mom knows all about the technical part. Sometimes I ask her about these stuff. But I already spend too much time on therapy, medical centers, hospitals and stuff. I just wanna be a regular teenager outside all that.

Nope, I hate school :p

Thank you so much for kind words!

TheFreakingPrincess40 karma

How do you feel about those that differentiate between saying "disabled person" vs "person with disabilities" vs "differently abled"? Do you consider yourself disabled?

IbrahimKDemirsoy152 karma

I don't like being overly-PC. None of those are offensive unless you use them to offend.

Yes, I'm disabled. Because this condition of mine disallows me to do things that a regular person is capable of doing. And that causes me, minor or major, problems on a daily basis.

Just don't say retard and we're all buddies.

Jaymeight39 karma

Hey dude, hope all is well!

Context: Niece has quadriplegia and is possibly the happiest little human I know! She cannot speak to us, we communicate just on eyes, closed questions and sometimes Makaton.

I wondered, what was the one thing you discovered later on in life that could've helped you in your earlier stages of development?

IbrahimKDemirsoy48 karma

"Don't be so afraid of talking to people. People are not that judgmental. You just don't know how to talk in a healthy way."

0llienks34 karma

If you could let people know one thing about having cerebral palsy, what would it be?

IbrahimKDemirsoy84 karma

Everyone is different. EVERYONE. Do not assume thing based on things you saw on tv or something. Ask the person about their condition, politely. Learn what they need, what they want, what they don't want. Communicate. Also, it's not genetic.

Uni_Boober29 karma

What do you find to be your biggest hurdle everyday? Aside from mobility/walking, what would be something(s) that would make life easier for you?

Thanks for sharing!!

IbrahimKDemirsoy101 karma

People feeling like they have to start a small talk even if they don't want to, just because they see me alone.

Just stop. Or make out with me. I'd be down with that.

huskman27 karma

How often do you get Breaking Bad referenced to you?

IbrahimKDemirsoy105 karma

A jack-ass comes at me and tries to make BB references as if it's funny and you think that of me? No, I'M THE ONE WHO MAKES REFERENCES!

Waterproof_soap24 karma

What are your plans after high school? My daughter has moderate CP and is in her first year of HS. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, any tips?

IbrahimKDemirsoy38 karma

I don't got 100 percent figured out plan, tbh. I just wanna get out of town, go to college and stuff. You know, living life.

If your daughter can use her hands, she can do most things on her own. Seriously, people don't know how useful their hands are.

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IbrahimKDemirsoy40 karma

Meh. I don't romanticize it nor hate it. It's like that weird cousin you have to meet every holiday. Annoying but bareable.

DatElonMusketeer19 karma

Hey, thank you for taking the time to do this AMA!

As a sufferer of CP myself (born 3 months prem, bleed on the left side & perm weakness down the right side of my body) is have a few questions if you don’t mind?

I struggle with really bad pain in my lower back, my hips, knees & I also suffer from general stiffness almost everyday, I sometimes don’t leave the house for weeks due to the pain!

May I ask, do you suffer from any joint/bodily pains due to your CP? For context, I’m 24 & I’d say young in health. I’m 6 foot, skinny, not the most active person but I try to do my bit. As apprised to me being an old man & just suffering with old age pains from the CP.

Have a lovely day :)

IbrahimKDemirsoy22 karma

I don't suffer pain directly, but my body is a little weaker than average people so it causes pain in certain places when I try to do certain movements.

My right leg hurts for a week now but I have no idea if it's 'cause of my condition.

Squola17 karma

Do you play videogames?

IbrahimKDemirsoy17 karma


Hawken106 karma

What's your favorite game bro

IbrahimKDemirsoy9 karma

Hmm. I guess Persona series in general.

US-Mattress12 karma

My son has CP and he went through school having many surgeries and living in a wheelchair for several years of his life while recuperating. So, as a parent of a kid with CP, my question is how have your friend's parents treated you?

My son's friend's parents have run the gamut of bending over backward to allow him to have a normal life to treating him with stigma like his condition was contagious.

IbrahimKDemirsoy5 karma

I don't know many of their parents, tbh.

Sorry to hear that...

Damonatar10 karma

How does cerebral palsy effect the brain?

GrammerNaughtzy10 karma


IbrahimKDemirsoy28 karma

I can't play game consoles because I can't control my left hand good enough.

Too many stairs.

GrammerNaughtzy15 karma


IbrahimKDemirsoy11 karma

I'll check it out. Thanks!

IAmHarmony7 karma

First AmA question so I hope it hasn't been asked

How expensive is healthcare for you and other people with CP? I know you're 17 so you might be on CHIP so hopefully it's not bad. Would someone with CP expect to pay absurd amounts for things that generally aren't expensive? (Like insulin for a Diabetic)

Thanks man, the mental health community stands with you!

IbrahimKDemirsoy7 karma

Only surgeries and special treatments are too expensive. The rest is not that bad. We get by.

You're welcome!

majdkhoja6 karma

Do you want to go to college? If yes what major

IbrahimKDemirsoy21 karma

Yes. International relations.

midoni40616 karma

You and your story are so inspiring. Is there someone who inspires you??

IbrahimKDemirsoy24 karma

Yep. A Close friend of mine who's at his early 20s right now. He showed me what kind of person I wanted to be. I love that dude.

Also Hideaki Anno.

midoni40615 karma

Great! Have a great day.

IbrahimKDemirsoy6 karma

You too!

Unhappyvoldemort6 karma

I know three people with CB. One was my uncle who was a complete badass. He did not let his condition hold him back.

The second person id like to mention is my FIL's step daughter. She's about to hit 18 and this poor girl has the brain of a 6 year old. This is because her mother treats her like one. I know this for a fact because I'll watch the girl struggle (but with determination) to do a task that she is capable of and then her mom will immediately step in to do it for her. Or the one that sticks with me most is when the girl attempted to join in on an adult conversation and her mother told her to go play with her "blocks." Toddler blocks.

I hate to see someone's potential lost because their parent tells them they are not capable. What's your opinion on this? If you are in special education classes, do you see this among your classmates? Edit: how often do people treat you with high caution?

The third person with CB that I'm close to has been a customer of mine for years. The first time we met him and his wife almost cried in the store. The wife told me it's rare that someone makes eye contact, talks directly to, and tries to understand her husband's speech. I almost cried because I saw the true joy on their faces. I cannot imagine being treated that way regularly.

IbrahimKDemirsoy5 karma

Maybe you should talk to her about it. Try to explain what she's doing is damaging her. Maybe, if necessary, call some authorities?

I don't really know what to say, man. Sorry...

jumpsteadeh5 karma


IbrahimKDemirsoy6 karma

Not so often, actually. And no.

mcfarrow5 karma

Hey, how are you doing today?

IbrahimKDemirsoy10 karma

It was an awesome day!

Rhuwa4 karma

Have you seen Breaking Bad and, if so, how did you feel about the narrative with Walt Jr. and his condition?

IbrahimKDemirsoy10 karma

It was nice. But I prefer Hank's journey.

spooksYT4 karma


When you're at school do you have an Education Assistant giving you a hand (helping to write notes, getting around etc)? If so, what's it like?

IbrahimKDemirsoy6 karma

Mostly my friends help.

Lazar7043 karma

Im sorry if this has been asked, but how do your peers treat you?

IbrahimKDemirsoy6 karma

Mostly very gently.

typicalmusician3 karma

What's your favorite food? :)

IbrahimKDemirsoy3 karma


klevenisms2043 karma

how do you get to and from school?

IbrahimKDemirsoy18 karma

My school is literally one block away from my house.

operator1392 karma

Do you identify with Walter's son from Breaking Bad a lot?

IbrahimKDemirsoy3 karma

More or less, yeah.

agent47brother2 karma

Hello awesome human Are u cool with people making jokes about ur condition ?

IbrahimKDemirsoy3 karma


sayshannonigans2 karma

My nephew has CP due to complications during birth, I haven't met anyone else in my life with CP so I truly appreciate you for doing this!

How has your experience with CP changed from when you were a child until now? What advice or guidance would you offer to a younger person with CP?

IbrahimKDemirsoy8 karma

I was really scared and angry. Extremely anti-social. I brokethrough that with the help of my loved ones.

My advice: it's ok to be angry. Just don't be angry at specific people. Don't hate people. Hate the world. Hate life. Then channel that hatred into something more productive. Like art. Trust me, life is more than worth living.

McJumbos2 karma

what video games do you enjoy playing?

IbrahimKDemirsoy3 karma

I really love J-RPGs.

LadyDankness2 karma

What is a common thing you do very differently than someone who doesn’t have CP? I love your charm ❤️

IbrahimKDemirsoy5 karma

I always type with one hand. No matter the circumtances...

Dick_In_A_Tardis2 karma

Play any videogames? Edit: saw that got asked already so I'll expand, what games do you play and in what platform? Any favorites? Coolest mechanic you've ever come across?

IbrahimKDemirsoy3 karma

I love J-RPGs. Persona, Fire Emblem, and Undertale's mechanics are just awesome AF!

GrimCreations2 karma

What’s your favorite genre of movies or books?

IbrahimKDemirsoy2 karma

Scifi and fantasy.

GrimCreations2 karma

Good man! Same here. Any particular favorites?

IbrahimKDemirsoy4 karma


tankgirly2 karma

Hi there! Thanks for doing an ama! My son is 6 and has moderate CP. Just finished serial casting/Botox to help with his toe walking. Right now, pt is kind of a struggle. I don't think he quite grasps how working hard at it will help him do more, and how crucial it is for him to keep the mobility that he has. But he's still a little guy so we try to be as gentle as we can. My question is, was there a point growing up for you that pt became something that you embraced instead of fought? Do you enjoy and work really hard at it, or is it something you do as little of as you can get away with? We basically let him have as much video game time as he wants (he's really into Minecraft and Fortnite) but we do want to encourage him to be more active when he can. Hoping to help him embrace physical exercise, like stretching and stuff, as he gets older so he doesn't lose the mobility he has. Any tips on that? Thank you!

IbrahimKDemirsoy3 karma

I Don't think I can advise on that. Maybe you should talk to a pedagogue?


jobadiahh2 karma

Really awesome of you to be so candid and answer all these questions. I read through every question and still want to ask something because you’re very open with your answers, but want it to be different but also something good to ask.

I won’t ask for a single favorite artist or group, because that’s always hard to choose just one. But who makes music that you like to listen to?

IbrahimKDemirsoy3 karma

Cloud Cult.

Maverick55991 karma

does your dad make meth?

IbrahimKDemirsoy2 karma


ENG-zwei1 karma

I think some people with cerebral palsy still need to wear diapers, correct? How do you feel about that?

IbrahimKDemirsoy3 karma

Some people might need that. I can't speak for anyone.

Shitty_Swimmer-4 karma

Are you a virgin?

IbrahimKDemirsoy2 karma