Gianna Michaels here, 4x AVN winner, back for another AMA! I had a fucking blast last time I was here, and can't wait for a second round. Don't be shy, ask me anything!


I'll be here to answer your questions from 7 PM - 8 PM EST, so ask away!

EDIT: hey guys, i'm taking a break to do a live show on CamSoda, I'll be back afterwards to answer more questions!

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PrintPineapple6634 karma

Did you pick up Halo on PC yet?

camsoda_com3819 karma

lol..... no. you?

vcortese3170 karma

What stands out as things you had to do in your career to get where you are today? What were some pivotal career moments?

camsoda_com5720 karma

i had to suck ALOTTTT of dicks. My jaw is tired thinking about it. lol

FuckYeahPhotography3622 karma

Jaw pain really blows.

camsoda_com3170 karma

hahahahhahahahhaha ur hilarious

BosscoreGaming22 karma

Yeah, jaw pain sucks

camsoda_com15 karma


emmiillyyx3067 karma

How has your career affected dating life for you?

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djedwardsmith2976 karma

If you could pick one experience you've had in porn that you would recommend the average person should try at least once, what would it be?

camsoda_com4124 karma

latex. dom/submissive stuff only with someone you trust that wants to cause you pleasure.

CreepyMosquitoEater2793 karma

How many on film orgasm are real for you, can you give an estimated percentage?

camsoda_com3225 karma

80% real other times just didnt have one only gave one or 2 :)

reshromem2791 karma


camsoda_com2625 karma

well i think you all will determine which direction it goes. what do u enjoy most? VR.... Possibly

senatoracadia2445 karma

I met you at a horror con once (and you were super nice), do you ever do those anymore?

camsoda_com1855 karma

i should

GatorGuy52365 karma

What’s the hardest part of your job?

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SacredSix2272 karma

What did you dream of being when you were a young girl?

camsoda_com2859 karma

social worker

someoneelsesfriend1870 karma

Do you have a hobby of yours that you're really passionate about, but that you don't think people would expect you to have, and if so what is it?

camsoda_com2611 karma

scrapbooking lol

djedwardsmith1818 karma

Were you ever pressured in the industry to slim down?

I sincerely hope not, you're amazing

camsoda_com1697 karma

no never

Juanpepin11741 karma

Can you please comeback already? Can you do a scene a year?

camsoda_com2662 karma

what kind of scene do u want me to do for you babe

BigTime11271739 karma

How often do you have sex not porn related?

camsoda_com2429 karma

wasnt happening much at all 95% my action was all filmed

OhGawDuhhh1076 karma

Hi, Ms. Michaels 👋🏼
What is office drama like in the porn industry?
Thanks 👍🏼

camsoda_com3592 karma

i dont wanna work w that limp dick motherfucker my jaw hurts. he can never get his dick hard. Ewwwww girl i worked with so n so and he had white cottage cheese in his dick skin. OMG!!!!! are we ever going to start filming. Why is this taking so long. Did he just fart? man did he just go take a shit n not wash his hands im going to need to go ask him to babywipe and wash his ass and hands. NO SHOWS. people running hella late.

sha_man994 karma

I just wanted to say you and Mysti May were ALWAYS my favorite duo. Any juicy or hilarious behind the scene stories from “Service Animals” or any other scenes you shared? Thank you for all the years of entertainment btw! ;-)’

camsoda_com1103 karma

I still speak to her to this day. I will bring up that memory.

sha_man375 karma

Awesome! Any reason the two of you didn’t do more scenes together? The limited scenes y’all did together is STILL some of the hottest stuff I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Give her my love and thanks too please!

camsoda_com519 karma

the studios just didnt book us together much

Nicelysedated907 karma

Ever plan on doing a VR scene?

camsoda_com1093 karma

are you loving the VR porn? Maybe!!!!!!

Datwagg63898 karma

Big fan! Thanks for the AMA. What is your most favorite memory in your career?

camsoda_com1626 karma

traveling to europe working with everyone. noone spoke the same language only BODY LANGUAGE :P

cranky_sparkle803 karma

How many men have you slept with in total? Do porn stars make better lovers than average joe's?

camsoda_com1622 karma

i stopped counting................ hahahahaha it went from 1 to IDK REAL QUICK

Joe_Lieberman_2019790 karma

What's the craziest thing to happen backstage?

camsoda_com1267 karma

really bad smells lol.....

nasa123356a448 karma

You always looked like you were having so much fun on camera but could also bring it when it was time to ride hard. Obvious question but do you think you'll be back doing scenes again?

camsoda_com411 karma

i miss filming for sure

SilentBandit432 karma

On your average porn shoot how long does it usually take to get filming done? Also have there ever been moments in porn that weren't scripted but more improvised and it still got filmed?

You're a fucking awesome person btw (Pun may be intended)

camsoda_com569 karma

depended on the company and crew and type of porn being filmed. 2hours to 18hours

followmecuz407 karma

Sriracha or Tabassco?

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ImOnRedditMaaan404 karma

Have you ever done a “had sex with a fan” film?

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camsoda_com517 karma

yes!!!!! there was one a company put together along time ago

selkiesx372 karma

Who is your favorite male actor to work with?

camsoda_com564 karma

i always enjoyed justin slayer. mick blu. manuel ferrera. lex.

Kneph256 karma

What made you decide to hang up your hat and leave the industry in favor of doing your own independent content?

Also what’s your favorite milkshake flavor?

Just wanna say you were a big part of my early teens and 20s and it’s really cool that you’re doing this.

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slumdog-millionaire253 karma

I'm going to assume you thoroughly enjoy what you do because that's the impression I get, what do you think is the difference between someone like you and girls who try it but find it's not for them aside from a bad experience?

camsoda_com297 karma

good question. i dont have a great answer. creating porno magic is not easy and not for everyone.

Majink6209 karma

You were at the top of the industry at one point. Now youre nowhere to be seen. What happened?

camsoda_com490 karma

I havent filmed a scene in over 10years that tends to happen. I hope youre enjoying all the videos out there though

ScarJoFan1178 karma

What are your plans for camsoda tonight? Is this a one time thing or do you plan to have several shows in the near future?

camsoda_com286 karma

welllllllllllllll................... im going to shave my bush and bring you some christmas joy!!!!hahahahhaha

rainier_thunderbird156 karma

Seeing as you are from Seattle, what do you (or would you) order from Dick’s Drive-In?

camsoda_com250 karma

like 5 cheeseburgers. fries w tartar. chocolate milk shake

Yeaahhnah106 karma

Are you gonna post any new content on snapchat, manyvids, patreon etc.?

camsoda_com151 karma

check out my snapchat on ill set up a patreon. ill look into many vids. Yes I am going to create new stuff for you guys!!!!

SDparty101 karma

Thongs, grannies, boyshorts, or do you ever go commando?

camsoda_com120 karma

all of the above

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Shredzy8388 karma

What kind of music do you listen to?

camsoda_com130 karma

ALLLLLLL country. oldies hip hop jazzzz spanish etc,,,

benegnthr66 karma

Are you still in contact with Carmella Bing? Always loved your scenes together!

camsoda_com80 karma

no but she was always fun

iamDonJohnson33 karma

Hey, what do you think the "next big phase" of porn is? Right now, everyone's a "Step-Something", but where do you see this going? Thanks!

Edit: typo

camsoda_com81 karma

hope it just goes back to gonzo just fucking porn.

conchoso24 karma

Did you ever go full natural bush and/or hairy pits in any scene in your career? I've only ever seen hairy top and shaved bottom.

camsoda_com46 karma

no film like this. but today on camsoda i have the bush and pits come watch me play with em

IdlemasterKikuchi18 karma

Any new projects you are working on? I enjoy your work, very exciting and erotic!

camsoda_com35 karma in LIVE on CAMSODA.COM today 5-6pm pst. keep up with me on twitter @therealgianna

DSupreme807 karma

Will you please do an episode on 👀🙏🏾

camsoda_com12 karma

Ive yet to be invited

niryro5 karma

Yellow or purple?

camsoda_com4 karma


Mr_Durden_9784 karma

After taking so many enormous dicks is it possible to receive pleasure now from an average 5 or 6 incher? Or are regular guys pretty much off the table at this point?

camsoda_com7 karma


Salzberger4 karma

One thing about your scenes is that you always seem to be having an absolute blast, you genuinely seem to be enjoying yourself. What percentage of scenes would you say you are actually having a great time versus how many were just another day at the office?

camsoda_com10 karma

i was having lots of fun!!!! there where days at the office but then you start to fuck with the crew or your co-star to get things exciting :P

miamiboy922 karma

If you had to pick a dick size range of over or under 7.5inch which way would you go? Bigger or smaller?

camsoda_com3 karma

honestly depends on who its attached to