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melorous27 karma

You were so inspired by 20 upvotes that you wrote a book. Can you teach me this motivational superpower?

regularcookbookAMA33 karma

man your statement was so powerful it inspired me to write a second one

mnmike61223 karma

Are you selling a hard copy? Would make a great holiday gift!

regularcookbookAMA21 karma

Right now, no, but I'm thinking about reaching out to Amazon to get a hard copy created, it's a weird process I'm still unfamiliar with.

mk3610919 karma

I almost bought it then realized its a kindle only, this would be the great as a gift or a joke to leave on my kitchen counter in one of those cookbook stands

regularcookbookAMA17 karma

That was the idea, leave it in the kitchen for company to find, there's a quote in the book "sneak blueberries into your grandma's purse" and that always gets me goin

CMLVI18 karma

So my friends and I went pretty in depth on the "is a hotdog a sandwich" discussion and realized there was a spectrum of bread related food vehicles, starting with the classic open-ended sandwich and going as far as calzones, with all sides enclosed. While the hotdog might not be a sandwich, we think it lies specifically within the spectrum, next to things like hoagies where you have one open side along the horizontal axis.

As the published writer of the critically acclaimed "Regular Cookbook", where do you stand on our assessment of this?

regularcookbookAMA35 karma

just like cereal is technically soup, hotdogs are sandwiches, thank you for your question

greenmountainboy9 karma


regularcookbookAMA22 karma

Breakfast mostly

hooter11126 karma

Question #1 , how many books do you think you’re going to sell because of this post? Is book sales the main reason for this post?

regularcookbookAMA32 karma

None I think, the book is pretty bad

revlayle11 karma

That's the spirit!

regularcookbookAMA17 karma

It was a Christmas joke, of course it'll be a #1 NY times best seller

eldiabloconqueso4 karma

My coworker eats cold bread with cold butter. In your regular option, how does that make you feel?

regularcookbookAMA13 karma

in my personal option, i think its pretty good so does my wife

BangSlamtime6 karma

A nice thick slice of bread with a lashing of good butter is delicious

regularcookbookAMA4 karma

a delicious lashing

MustardKingCustard3 karma

What's 10 inches long and makes every woman scream?

regularcookbookAMA15 karma

a hunstman spider, easy, next

ColdDesert772 karma

What was the gist of the original post?

regularcookbookAMA10 karma

it was a crudely drawn image of a pan with a piece of bread and an egg in the middle, it was bad, thank you for asking

mattpsu791 karma

What should I have for dinner tonight?

regularcookbookAMA4 karma

hunstman spiders, next

HookersForDahl20170 karma

Reddit just gifted me 250 coins, I'm way more famous than you. Who wants some gold?

mattpsu792 karma

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be Reddit rich

HookersForDahl20173 karma

I just realized 250 coins isn't enough for gold